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May 03, 2024



I have wondered the same thing! How do people manage that don’t knit ?


I always tell my patients that I see knitting, crocheting, or reading that fiber lovers and readers never mind having to wait. I am always most grateful for yarn on my needles during car rides!


Road trips, for sure. Not only for when I'm a passenger, but for evenings or other moments when I'm doing nothing.


As I started knitting regularly while a student at IU, and have knitted my way through so many different things, it is difficult to pick one or two. All kinds of kid stuff, good times, difficult sad times, trips, especially air travel. You are totally right about the focusing and it really works at Board (bored) meetings, Zoom meetings. Waiting rooms would be impossible without knitting or a great book. At times, it is a good conversation starter. Happy weekend!!

Pat Phythian

I'm a knitter, but I don't take my knitting to events. I enjoy watching the events. I don't watch TV, movies etc. at home when knitting. I like to think about the knitting.
I alwyas have a book with me for places like the doctor's office and I even find time to read at family Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Oh how I wish that I had known how to knit when my kids played soccer and tennis. I would have been a much nicer person. It’s not like I would have seen more of the games/matches or maybe I would have. All I did was watch the clock.

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