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December 15, 2023



I'm always looking for good pattern suggestions for minis (advent sets or scraps) or patterns for quick gifts for teachers or swaps.


What is the most important project you ever knitted?


Yes! Both are great questions to include. Any others?


What’s your favorite cast on or bind off?


Did you knit more or less this year than in 2022?

Did your preferences changed in the color, fibers, and/or yarn weights you chose for your 2023 stash collection?


How about your favorite designer that also offers OffRav
designs? or your favorite one skein pattern?

Jackie Myers

When will you start your Christmas knitting for 2024?


What is your next big project you are getting ready to start on in 3024

Jodie W.

Do you do any other fiber crafts besides knitting?

Marilyn Robinson

My most favorite project was the Sound Track sweater KAL I did making a complete sweater for myself in 30 days and it fits perfectly.


The full length fingering weight and mohair cardigan I made for my daughter! She wears it in her home office on a daily basis!!!

Nancy Buehler

My favorite knit was 3 little Halloween projects: a pumpkin, a spider and a piece of candy corn because they were the first things I knit using my mom’s needles. (She asked me to take her needles after she passed away - and I know she knew I would- and I “taught myself by using library books). They were an emotional knit as well because my mom’s birthday was on Halloween.

Penny Kline

I was finishing up a toddler size blanket in bright pink yarn for my stash of donation blankets when my only granddaughter was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia. She was 6 and scared. I raced to visit her and brought the blanket with me to give to her. It became her security blanket that she cuddled up with even after she came home. She is now 23, married and has stashed away her cuddle blanket waiting for her first baby and has said it doesn’t matter if she has a boy or girl, this blanket will be handed down to her first born.


I enjoy looking at all the beautiful yarn! I live 300 miles from a yarn shop😳


Have you ever knit something for someone and they didn't like it?

Elena Huetson

My favorite item I've ever made was a crocheted blanket for my son. I loved it so much that when it got stolen I made it again to replace the original. That meant waiting 3 months for the yarn to come from Malabrigo.


My most recent memorable knit was a shawl (won’t mention the pattern name for reasons that will become obvious in a moment). A knitting friend and I both fell in love with the pattern and both of us treated ourselves to some luxury yarn. We started our 2-person KAL full of enthusiasm, but then life got in the way for my friend and she started to get behind. I found the pattern very challenging but was loving the result and so plugged away. In the meantime, my friend was hating hers. When I finished mine, she loved it and so I gave it to her (I’m a process knitter and am rarely attached to FOs). My friend finally finished hers and ended up gifting it to her sister.


My most memorable knit was a traditional cobweb weight christening gown for my youngest son. The hardest thing I ever made. I had to be apart from my family for most of the pregnancy and it helped me get through

Marianne Griffith

Were you able to finish your Christmas knitting?

Helga Olsen

My son only wears my hand knit socks (he is 42 and wears a size 13)Last year he went to buy a new suit and the salesman asked if he could interest him in socks. My son answered “I only wear my mother’s hand knit socks”. For christmas I made him ONE DOZEN PAIRS of NAVY blue socks. It was definitely a labor of love.
I have three children, three in-law children and three granddaughters and they get new socks every year, as well as my daughter in law’s mother and sister

Kim Townsend

My favorite knit this year was the Rowan KAL Christmas blanket. I started it August 17th and finished it in October.


I love decorating for Christmas! It’s wonderful displaying Christmas decorations that were gifted to me or made by my family!! I 😍the gift certificate idea! 😍🎄

Danielle N.

Who gets to match all the bits and pieces of your neat kits?

Danielle N.

Who gets to match all the bits and pieces of your neat kits?

Vicki Maynes

I have a collection of ceramic trees that I display. Some are old, some, handmade, some new and one made by my mil many years ago.

Amy Stewart

Always have a tree up for decorating and usually a big blow-up dragon with a candy cane in the front garden. This year a blow-up dinosaur with a holiday package has joined the dragon!

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