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December 21, 2023


Labrista wadkins

I’ve started more than I completed but I’ve finished around 20.


I'm not sure, maybe 10? I finished a couple of sweaters that languished for awhile. Made several hats for gifts, and some socks. I have so many wips though, my goal this year is to finish projects, not start new ones :)

Rachael Lewandowski

I’ve only finished about five


Not nearly as many as I would have liked... maybe 7 finished items, and I have 4 or 5 things right now in various states of completion. But I also probably spun a lot more yarn this year than usual.

Haley Kae

11, plus a few sips that need a little tlc


61, if I count each dish cloth as 1. I knit 50 dish cloths this year, still need to knit 2 more.


3 or 4. Lost a lot of MOJO this year.
(accidentally posted on home decor one too)


Very few this year. Off the top of my head, maybe 5? One was a very large crocheted blanket.

amey wallace

everyone in my family and close friends circle gets a pair of socks for chriatmas, so that 18 pairs finished. I also completed one shawl, two baby hats and a cowl... sad to report I have not finished the two sweaters I was making for my neices. lol.


I’ve done a dozen gift things, hats scarves slippers socks, the past couple months as well as frog a few projects that had been tucked into totebags because they weren’t turning out right.


I've completed between 12 and 20 items. We welcomed a new baby to our family, and she received a lot of knitted and crocheted items from me.


I have completed about 10 projects this year....mainly shawls.

Ashley O'Malley

I’ve finished 53!

Michelle B

I've finished quite a but this year, knitting in any spare moment. I mostly knit socks. I always have a wip with me and love that I can take almost anywhere. I made about two dozen pairs of socks this year.


I'm on pace to finish a pair of socks by Christmas for my sister, but other than that, I've probably completed under 10 things total all year, including a super fast headband in super bulky Rasta.


Per Ravelry: 30 however, I did a craft fair this year so some of the finished projects actually had multiples made (20 gift card pouches, 6 owl ornaments, 6 fox softies, etc). I was a lot of knitting I don't typically complete but it was a fun and creative way to work through some accumulated scrap yarns.

Kathryn Aragon

1 cowl, 8 spa cloths, 20 hats done; and 1 blanket almost done (hopefully it will be finished in time to wrap).


3 sweaters
3 hats
11 pairs of socks
2 scarves

That's what I remember off the top of my head (I'm bad at keeping track).

Jenn H

Hmm almost 30 projects? I know there's more but I've been terrible with properly tagging my projects in ravelry!

Nicole S

I’ve finished 39 projects this year (mostly socks and dishcloths).

Teresa Knittingdancer

I have completed 40 projects this year.


Oh gosh…maybe 7? This is why I started journaling my wips for 2024:)


Only three or four — sadly, I was too busy to knit this year!

Natalie j

5 projects completed!

Rene Bowman

I don’t think I’ve even counted. I know I’ve made at least a dozen blankets, several sweaters, some table runners and dish cloths, some socks and hats and scarves. I’d say at least 30 completed items but maybe more.


Um, 5 I think. One was a blanket.

Karen Gordon

I have finished 6. Although I still need to block 2 of them. And I have 2 WIPs that most likely will not be finished before Jan.


I’m probably around 20 or so. The one that took the longest - a sweater.

Chelsea Bardales

I’ve easily completed over 100 projects this year if you count each single item. I’ve just finished making 65 crocheted bookmarks for my son’s two classes as a Holiday/moving away gift. It was probably the hardest task I’ve set myself this year but so worth it!


I finished 4 knit projects and 5 crochet projects.

Sabrina Snyder

Probably about 20. Not as many as I normally do. It's been an extremely rough year for me. Let's hope 2024 is a better knitting year.


I love yarn and it was a year full of knitting. I've completed 20-25 projects this year!

Shelli Lawson

This year is my first knitting socks and I will be finishing my 5th pair today.

Nicole Acuna

I completed 17 so far this year and I’m proud of myself because in 22 I only got 3 in.


I have completed 30 knitted items and about 15 counted cross stitch items

Andrea Doringo

I have finished maybe 6. Two sweaters, a shawl, a hat and two sets of socks.

Deborah K

I keep a knitting journal and I haven’t counted yet. Since I retired I have averaged 50 projects. The numbers are helped the last two years by knitting smaller items for a grandson. 😀

Joan Seely

I’ve finished about 29 projects, including 2 sweaters for myself, 6 toddler/baby sweaters a pair of socks, cowls, shawls, dishcloths and gnomes

Geraldine Scott

I surprised myself the other day when I was digging through my closet looking for knitting needles, and found a whole stack of finished socks! I'm guessing I've completed 10 projects this year? I really do need to keep better track in 2024!

Emily Cossins

I do a few crafts but I’ve made a few dishcloths, one or two pairs of socks and I have a cowl on the needles that might get finished this year.

Amy Lee

A grand total of two! Two in the works but won’t be done until next year.


Its been a crazy year with a cross country move that feels like it has taken months. So only a few projects finished this year but I'm excited to finally unpack next week and get reacquainted with my stash!

Lucas Renée Rosenberg

Finished about 8 pairs of socks, but my total number of finished projects is 12. sooo hats to get through sweaters now that i’m in sock mode!


20ish projects this year. It was my year of knitting for the family we make.

sue swartz herr

I’ve probably done at least 52 projects. My latest was a huge blessing/prayer shawl for my sister to give to a recent widow. I simply can’t stop the making!

Susan Mercy

23 projects started and finished in 2023, plus one more that definitely will be finished before 2023 ends. A couple of WIPs will carry into 2024 but they’ll be done by the end of January.


This year was not very productive but I've made a few sweaters for myself and 10-12 different things for my daughter:) Also a lot of small things for my husband (socks, hats, balaclavas).

Rachel King

I keep a journal of my projects, so I know I've completed 17 projects for certain. There may be a few I forgot to write down, though!

K. Sasser

Last count was over 20! My favorite was the Safe at Home afghan. I actually made two and then cranked oodles of socks on my antique sock machine.

Olive E.

16 completed projects, 3 WIP! 13 of all of those projects are socks. I also have been able to weave a few small tapestries.


Ten or twelve? I’m not sure as I knit all the time!

Lisa Traveis

42 coffee cozies for friends and family using MALABRIGO yarn 😊

Julie Bair

I *might* finish one pair of socks, if I get the foot of the second sock completed next week. 🧦 🧶🫣 I injured my wrist knitting the Qualifier for Sock Madness 2022 and am still dealing with it. I have to take it slow and take lots of breaks. 😢


Good question! Although, some of these were carryovers from 2022: 3 sweaters, 1 hat, a pair of fingerless mittens, a pair of socks, and one mitten. Getting started on that second mitten now.

Alexandra  Woods

Real new projects,about 5/6, but wips and previous abandoned about 4 more! Love my knitting, am not fast but my sanity place wherever I can. Love Fingering/dk yarns, Temperance Shawl last fall was terrific gift from great knitting friends! Alex

Connie Bennett

At least a dozen pair of socks, a cowl, and a sweater. I have outpurchased sock yarn this year and need to bump up my sock knitting count 💕

Denise Dodd

Seven! Considering one was a sweater, that’s not too bad - right?

Diane Jespersen

Hmmm. I don't keep track. I've had some bigger projects this year, so 5 or 6 maybe. It's not about how much I knit. It's about the process
of knitting.

Devin Burnett

Not more than 6 or 7, this has been a spinning year for me. I want to knit more socks for myself in 2024!


I’ve finished 3 king size crocheted blankets and 2 pairs of socks. I might have finished a few other projects that I’ve forgotten. This is why I’m going to be keeping a craft bullet journal in 2024! I forget too much. 2024 is going to be the year of socks for me. I plan on knitting at least 1 pair every month.


I’ve completed about 30 projects this year . I have 5 Wips which is unusual for me. I’m normally. Monogamous knitter. I plan on having at least 2 of those finished before the new year. 🤞

Amanda Maas

Somehow I finished 11 projects this year, soon to be 12. After all of the craziness this year, I'm still trying to figure out where I had the time.

Marilyn Jones

Let's see...I have started many projects...I kinda have ADHD... starting is fun, then I see some other pattern! Lost cause. I have finished 4 baby blankets for Project Linus.... along with sewing about 20 quilts for them!


Well according to my ravelry account I have completed 34 projects this year. These are socks and scarves. I have made stuff for me and also for gifts for friends. Now that doesnt count all the stuff I have sent to the frog pond which is many.

Melissa Friedrich

I think I have completed about 35 projects this year, it includes a lot of gift knits from socks to hats and mittens. I haven’t tried the Rasta yarn but it looks so fun and fast! Love the NYE sock sets too!


I completed 16 things. I just counted. I am so happy.😀 I always feel like I am working on something new before finishing anything! Lol


I have made 14 pairs of socks, 9 shawls/scarfs and 10 Christmas ornaments. I am retiring at the end of the year so I am hoping to knit even more in 2024!

Ruth Swarthout

This year I have finished 3 sweaters alot of hats to give away 2 pairs of socks a a shawl nit alot of things now how much yarn have I bought 😀 tons for future projects. My plan is to complete and try and finish what I start we'll see how that goes use up my stash.

Dana Patterson

Finished 8 start-to-finish and 3 very old WIPs. One was even Makabrigo Arroyo. I love that yarn. That was almost one per month, wasn’t it? Whew!


I think 6. I scarf and a cowl early in the year, then a sweater. I made 3 Christmas stockings for a new generation in my family. These are from the old (70 year?) Bernat kit with the names knit in the top and the two Santa faces, etc. Wool and the heat of summer slowed me down so much! The picture of those hanging in their home made it totally worth it.


Since I knit almost everyday, I would guess that I have finished 20+ blankets, sweaters and accessories this year for myself and as gifts.


I’ll be happy if I can finish 2 or 3. However, I might switch to some little projects (cat toys, baby slippers) so that I can feel like I’m making more progress. My teaching/research job has a heavy workload.

Kelli F

I have finished around 16 knit projects in 2023. 8 pairs of socks, 2 pair of mitts, 3 sweaters, and 3 shawls. I may also finish my Advent project, a cardigan...I think it is kind of unlikely. I did a lot of spinning in 2023 as well and that and a full time+ job interfered with my knitting time!


At least 15 knitting projects but I’ve been weaving too. There could be some that didn’t get entered in ravelry. Trying to stay organized in 2024.


Well I had a market that I was a vendor at, so I probably completed around 30 or so projects this year. Most of those were smaller items though. I did complete three pair of socks and two virus shawls for myself/friends, those were larger projects.

Dana Snyder

I’ve probably finished around 20 things. I know I did a gnome, hats some shawls and three using Rasta and a couple pair of bulky socks using the Mineville DK with nylon you had a few years ago. I stocked up cause I found a pattern using two strands of it and my dad and hubs love them! I’m working on hats now using the Mecha. I’m on my 5th and 6th ones. Plan on making a total of 11. I don’t have to have them all done by Christmas. I won’t see my parents till the 26th and my brother till sometime after that. I also knitted a sweater for my mom. I’m sure there are several more things I finished. I’m bad about not weaving in the ends and blocking so I end up with a pile of things to finish in the summer when I’m off.


I finished 24--this was my first year of getting back to knitting. Merry Christmas everyone!


Sadly, I completed only 1...


I think probably just two were completed, my Sidsumarskapa and yet another pair of felted slippers, but I've cast on and have been working on so many projects! I'm am so into knitting at the moment.😁


Four hats and four cowls, not finished at least 3!


I started more than I finished — but I finished 34, including 2 sweaters and a 12-block afghan.


I have finished 36 so far according to my project tracker. One blanket, a bunch of scarves and shawls, and a lot of hats. I have a few more projects waiting with ends to weave in. I know I have finished a bunch of amigurumi too, but I need a better system to track their progress. That's a problem for future me to figure out.

Niki Vogler

Maybe 6 projects this year - my knitting has been kind of in a funk.

Linda S

Well over 100,don,t panic, all hats and I am retired. My goal was to use up most of the fingering weight yarn that had accumulated. So the fun was in putting together four different colored strands and then making marled hats. Also used up quantities of Lion Brand in thicker yarn. All to be donated to shelters and given to relatives as gifts. Goal for the coming year, use up the smalls that I have in stash.


My knitting mojo has just started to return - two blankets and one pair of socks. Only three projects but I have bought yarn and make plans.

Debora GilrCasado

Just learning how to do socks. I have at least 7 projects on needles but only 4 done.


Maybe 10-15 completed. Can we not talk about the begin but unfinished projects?


I knit about 20 projects this year. Mostly socks and hats... have given almost all away. I have a pair of socks to finish for me but that will be done 2024.


25 with about 10 of those being socks!

Vivian Johnson

I have completed about 5 pairs of socks and started about 5 more. I have completed 1 shawl and started 2 more. I have finished about 4 wash cloths want to cast on more before year end. I finished my husbands sweater and hope to finish 2 more for Christmas and start one more for hubby. I finished several lap afghans this year and will be making more next year. Completed 15 8” squares for a blanket.


Wow I don’t actually keep track except for hats I donate. Probably a dozen, hoping to finish 2 more hats this month too


Oh boy...probably 5 maybe 6 items. This is the thing, my brain won't allow me to work on more than 1 project at a time...just can't do it! Then to top it off, a couple of projects were taken apart and started over maybe 2 or 3 times!!!! I have bought more yarn you think I need help or is anyone else out there like me?


7! And one more that should make it off the needles before NYE.

Linda Rominger

I’ve finished 17. My goal was 15, so hurrah! Final project of the year are some Christmas ornaments. Favorite project was a Waiting For the Rain shawl with Dream in Color Collosal in Rain on Me from SSY

Beth Hollmann

I have finished at least one thing! Ha! I get start-itis and then move on to new projects. Surely I made a couple of hats too!


I average about 2 a month. This year it included a large afghan, and some much smaller toys. I'm going with 25 completed...but who really knows?? Lol


About 40 mini stockings and probably 30 other projects ranging from hats to fingerless gloves to blankets

Jennifer Walker

14 by the time it’s all said and done!! And about 20 ongoing! 😆

Elizabeth Black

More than 20. Not sure how many. For a while I was knitting 2 chemo hats per week. Knit some shawls And I’m working on a baby blanket now.

Geri Heagy

I might have done between 30-40. A lot of charity knitting for church this summer!

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