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December 20, 2023



Not. Often. I knit an afghan and have yarn for another. A long time ago I crocheted a mini Christmas tree. I plan to knit coasters with yarn I have.
That’s it. Thank you.


I like to knit ornaments. I am currently working on a blanket/throw for my mom.


I have knitted a blanket and some kitchen towels and hot pads.

I really prefer knitting shawls, sweaters, and socks.


This year I took crochet classes at the rec center. I made a snowman for the mantle and I made crochet baskets from left over scraps of sock yarn. Most of the baskets are going to be used for Christmas presents but I am definitely making more for home decor catch alls!

Rachel King

I've crocheted pillows, blankets, a huge rug for the basement, and even a few wall hangings. I love decorating with crochet!


I have several blankets that I crocheted for myself,and I have a tapestry in the works to hang in a weird alcove in my apartment. I also have knit a Santa hat topper for my Christmas tree.

Elizabeth DeLong

I have and use knit dish rags in fun colors and sometimes shapes 🤣!


I made holiday dishcloths. A great knit pattern is Granny Waves, and a festive crochet pattern is the Merry Berry Dishcloth. Wishing everyone here a happy holiday season!

Cara Louise

I have my walls adorned year round with numerous brightly colored mandalas, and some framed doilies my grandmother made over 60 years ago. I also make and use daily placemats, coasters, blankets, washcloths, and dishcloths. I don't make things to hide them away for most of the year.

Rita Wesley

I have knitted or crocheted a couple of afghans, but mostly like making shawls, scarves, cowls, and sweaters. Most of these items are given to friends - for me the joy is in the process, not keeping the finished product.


I want to and have purchased yarn for a blanket and some pillow covers, but I still haven’t gotten around to them yet. My knitting queue is a mile long and I’m easily distracted.

Mary E Long

Yes, I enjoy making pillows, throws and seasonal decor to decorate with.🌲🌲🌲🌲

Nancy Tella

I have knitted tree ornaments and holiday stockings in the past. Apparently I would like to make more things as I have recently purchased or favorited several holiday decorative items in Ravelry in the past few weeks.


I made a crochet afghan that one a prize at my state fair! but mostly i knit socks, cowls, and shawls.


I knit garlands from the large stash of sparkle yarn that I've somehow acquired. Knit garlands last for years (unlike the purchased garlands that get squished in storage)

Stephanie V

A few years ago I made a lovely cabled snowman who still stands by the fireplace at Christmas. The grandkids think he is funny because he is just finishing his scarf with knitting needles and a ball of yarn. I like it because that was always me at Christmas - finishing the last gift or two on Christmas Eve.

Deb Adams

I have a few puffy star ornaments that I made hanging on our tree.

Laurie Bowman

I have crocheted many blankets and stars for my tree!

Amy Lee

I am almost done knitting an afghan! I also love my dish cloths I knit and use at home as well as give away to family and friends.


I've knit a mitered square blanket that I love to toss on the bed on really cold nights. And I've recently yarn bombed one of the bollards that protect the tree in front of my house from people who can't park. Does that count?

Samantha T

Blankets are the closest I get.


I have made a few ornaments for the tree, and a couple blankets for the house. My plan is to make more blankets and to try a sweater this year.

Kelli F

I have several knit and cchet home decor projects that I want to make very badly but I have limited time and get very distracted by sweaters and ponchos and socks! I do have a crochet blanket in the works right now though.


I don't really knit decor items, although I am planning to cast on a blanket in 2024 and I love the knitted potholders that my mom makes.

Jann A Johanson

The most wanted gift for Christmas is knitted dishcloths and crocheted scrubbies.
Merry Christmas1


Have knitted baby blankets and many

Deborah K

I made a circular shawl once and decided I loved it so much I hung it on the wall. I get compliments all the time.


Nope! I prefer garments


I have crocheted several dishcloths for my home.

Brittany Cook

I have made quite a few blankets for myself! They're my favorite thing to make! I've made a few holiday bear as well!

Debra Cohen

I have knit a few pillows and 2knitted blankets for myself…and some afghans for other members of my family. It is rewarding to visit and still see them in use.

Shirley N

I have knit several afghans and lap blankets. Here in Minnesota, it’s nice to have something soft and warm to cuddle up in during the winter.

Amy Chapman

I have made Snowflake ornaments for my tree and a few cat toys. Funny thing is my little dog likes the small cat toys more than my big cat does. I have one knitted blanket completed, but not being used. I will probably end up gifting it.

Caroline Lloyd

Oh yes. I love to make thick, cozy afghans!

Spooky Spiders

No, but I always admire others'! A crochet lace tablecloth, a blanket gifted from a neighbor. My mom has several heirloom lace tablecloths and a framed doily made by her grandfather!

Gail new

I make a lot of blankets for my home, and I crochet some Christmas ornaments


I like to make crochet and knit ornaments around Christmas time. And I've also made a good of afghans to have around the house.


I don’t knit much for my home. I tend to give everything I make away.

jackie limoncelli

Knit some Christmas ornaments for my grandkids and have lots of afghans around the house. Kitchen towels and washcloths, too.


I knit washcloths that I use to wash my face and to wash dishes. I've made a couple knit pillows for our living room, and I've made several knit or knitting-related ornaments. I knit a garland of Christmas lights for a friend, and that was too much i-cord for me to ever do again for myself!

Kathryn Aragon

It seems like everything I make goes to family and friends, or is meant for donation. But this year I'm making a blanket for my home! My knitting and reading corner is decorated with a painting my grandfather made for me many years ago, and my cozy blanket is knit in colors to coordinate with his artwork. Hope to finish it by December 31st.....


I do. Besides the face cloths there is holiday garland, gnomes that stay out year round and a couple of blankets.


I love to knit tiny mittens, sweaters and socks as ornaments for my Christmas trees and I gift them to friends and family. They make cute tie ons for Christmas packages too. Pattern by Susan B. Anderson.
Sock pattern by Summer Lee

Nancy Buehler

I have knit strings of lights and also Christmas stockings for family members. There are also some crocheted ornaments that were a gift to me from my mom.

Tori Young

I'll make blankets, not sure if that counts as decor. Both knit and crochet though!


I have knit gnomes that I stash around the house in surprising places ;)


I knitted an angel ornament and some Christmas balls by Arne and Carlos!😇🎅🏻🎄


I do not knit or crochet items for my home. I have in the past crocheted afghans but I prefer smaller projects now and something I can carry with me.

Olive Wood

This year I knit a few people close to me tiny sweater ornaments and they turned out so cute I had to knit one for myself!the only other thing I’ve knit for my home is dishcloths. Eventually I will be enough scrap to make a blanket for my home.


No, but I’d like to make a blanket!


A couple of years ago I knit a Christmas tree skirt. I have also knit mini socks for the tree. I really want to knit stockings but somehow always forget to leave time to do that!


I got on the knitted gnome bandwagon years ago and I also have knitted bears and even a moose n


I don't knit much home decor; I prefer making clothing like sweaters, socks, hats, and scarves.


I do knit and crochet (and also sew) decor for my house!


I have knitted many Christmas ornaments over the years. Then a few years ago I got onto the gnome bandwagon. Now I have an entire mantle and an additional shelf full of them. Right now I’m working on a mystery gnome KAL, plus knitting snowy trees to accompany them. It’s too much fun to stop!

Labrista wadkins

I have crocheted many ornaments for the Christmas tree and done several blankets to put on the beds.


I have made a few blankets, and I aspire to making more home decorations!

Teresa Mc

I occasionally knit or crochet dishcloths but usually I stick with sock knitting.


I knit/craft a new ornament every year, and my tree has only handmade ornaments on it. At some point in time I have also knit blankets, hot mats, and coasters. I want to make pillows, but never seem to do it. Maybe this year is the year of the knit pillow.

Sam erickson

If its made of string i can knitt it and even if its not made of string i can probably make it with string!

Melanie Russell

I see decor, but have not knitted decor


I’ve made many decor items over the years. My family’s favorite are the crocheted afghans. They are loved by everyone in the house, but especially by our younger dog Greta!

Sabrina Snyder

I am currently working on Christmas stockings for my children, their spouses, and my grandchildren(including the one coming the 1st week of January). I had hoped to have all 8 done by now. However, I have had some major personal issues this year. So, that is not going to happen. I hope to get the current grandkids done for this year.

Teresa Knittingdancer

I knitted a miniature stocking this year.


I made a mitered square afghan from sock yarn scraps. I have plans to knit a pillow top.


In the past I have knit and crocheted blankets and holiday pillows from a pattern my friend gifted me.
Its been so long ago I believe she found the patterns in a woman’s magazine.


I've done the holiday gnome-along for the past few years, so knitted gnomes have become part of our holiday decorations. There are also a few knitted ornaments on our tree.

Karen D

Each year I knit something small for my five siblings for Christmas. Usually it’s an ornament for their Christmas tree, but also drink coasters, kitchen dishcloths… I have knit icord garland for our tree, and throw blankets.

Rene Bowman

I make Holiday blankets and pillows and potholders. I have made holiday table runners for gifts.


Aside from making blankets, when I first learned how to crochet, I have never knitted or crocheted a project to decorate my home as an adult. Now you got me all sorts of inspired, thinking of what I could use around the house! For Halloween, my mom made a bunch of us some crocheted glow-in-the-dark ghosts!


Yes! Blankets and advent calendars and Christmas stockings.


I’ve crocheted afghans before, but nothing holiday related. One of these days…


i an knitting a couch blanket just now. my daughter has made lots of ornaments for our tree from felt to fused beads to stitched ones.


I have done both in the past but not much recently.

Dana Snyder

I have knit a lot of ornaments! I love making decorations! I haven’t made any this year but I have a lot I want to do! I got myself into making hats right now so maybe once I get those finished I’ll get back to ornaments!


I've knitted several blankets, knitted and crocheted many dish/wash cloths and also crocheted some drink coasters. I've also knitted some small Christmas decorations.

Kristin Cantwell

I knit a different Xmas ornament for friends and family each year!


I’ve knit several ornaments, coasters, and a collection of gnomes that keep us company.


I made Christmas ornaments, afghans. Love to knit.


I plan to Tunisian crochet a blanket this winter for my home.


I have good intentions but haven't made anything other than dish towels for gifts I did make some wash cloths with Christmas motifs. I did buy yarn to make a blanket. So maybe I should started


I love my crochet scrap yarn baskets. I made so many early on when I was learning crochet and now I use them to hold stuffed animals, my wips, my stash... I have plans to make so many more things, like holiday decorations and the occasional blanket.


I've made a few blankets, some ornamnets, and a few little toys that I have displayed on my bookshelves.

Elizabeth o

I do! I have some Gnomes, and will be knitting a throw pillow soon. Also I need to finish my blanket!

Paddy Coan

I haven’t done Holiday knitting for the home. I am too busy gift knitting accessories. I am intrigued by the small sweaters and mini socks. That may be something I would try.


Nope. My knitting time skews heavily toward socks.

Michelle B.

I crocheted my husband a blanket, but I think that's the only home decor I have. I do have *plans* to make a few more blankets for my home.

Donna Stevens

Very rarely, but I have crocheted a couple of throw pillows and a granny square blanket. I’ve also knit countless dish clothes over the years!


This year I knit a Mountain Colors throw for my new bedroom. The colors were perfect and the knitting was delightful. This is the first item knit for my house ever.


Blankets and dishcloths are as far as I've gotten with knitting home goods.


I’ve made gnomes for holiday decorations and I’m currently working on a temperature blanket.

Katherine  S.

I've made a few Christmas ornaments which I really love. Otherwise, during the year I've made a table runner in summer colors and some place mats.


I’m currently working on a gnome MKAL and am having so much fun!


I’ve lost count of how many afghans and dog blankets I’ve made. 🙂


Many years ago I crocheted snowflakes for the Christmas tree. They come out every year and add that finishing touch to the rree. And dishcloths..many of those!


Crocheting coasters in all the colours is so fun

karen l mattingly

I've considered knitting a blanket for years but never get around to it!


Several things! Right now, I have stockings up that I made for the kids and an Advent calendar garland with mini mittens that I made with leftover sock yarn. I stuff each one with candy for the kids.


I knit wash cloths and crocheted afghans. I never did anything very difficult.


I have never crocheted a granny square before but my plan for the new year is to crochet granny square seat covers for my wooden dining room chairs.

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