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December 18, 2023


Shirley N

I did send out cards again this year, mostly because I like receiving them from friends and family we don’t see often. Every year I say I won’t go through all that trouble, but then I give in and send the cards.


I dont send out cards or anything like that. What I do is just post on facebook etc. The important friends and family I have are on there. And I dont remember the last time I got a xmas card. I guess my friends and family are all techie

Rachel King

I don't typically send out cards, but I do receive a few from close family and friends, and I always enjoy them!


I do not send out cards, and haven't really ever in my adult life. Truthtold, I have a huge aversion to greeting cards as I feel guilty throwing the ones I receive out, but also don't want them collecting. So, I just don't do it.


We send out store-bought Christmas cards every year. We write a little letter to go with it, too. It’s not too long or involved, just a quick update on our family. In recent years it has focused mainly on our grandchildren. I enjoy receiving Christmas cards, too. And at the end of the season I like to cut some of them up to make gift tags for future Christmases.


I send out a few each year especially to people out of town.


I do send out holiday cards every year, with a picture of my family, but I don't always have time to write personal notes. I enjoy getting photo cards from my friends so that I can see how their families have grown and changed too. It's nice to keep that connection, even if we haven't talked in a while...


I used to send a lot of Christmas cards, but now only send to close family or friends. Every year I receive a beautiful, hand-printed card with a unique design from a friend, and I've kept these year after year with the intent of one day framing them. Thanks so much for the chance to win these amazing prices, and happy holidays to you!

Jamie Inman

It depends on the year for me. Some years I send it cards, other years I don't. It typically depends on how much time I have and how festive I feel. I haven't sent out any in a while. However, if someone sends me a card, I will make sure to send one in return. It is the least I can do.


We used to. It is so crazy now it tends to be at the bottom of the list and we never get there.

Courtney Havenwood

I love receiving cards … but I’m not that great about sending them!

Michelle St Jacques-LeBlanc

I like to send out holiday cards, but I always forget, I love getting them!

Laura linneman

I’m not a card person unless it’s photo cards!


I love to send and receive Christmas cards. I also make greeting cards and enjoy that. I love getting cards from people I may have not talked to in awhile but still in contact with...


No more Christmas cards for me. I used to send some out, but in recent years, it's missed the to-do list during an already too busy time of year. I do love seeing all the pretty card designs though!

Labrista wadkins

We never have sent cards because of the craziness of the season.

Teri P

Until my son went to college, I sent out cards yearly. One year I even made the cards. I sewed little quilted Christmas trees and put them on the front. That was a lot of fun.
Since then, I haven’t sent cards, but I still like receiving them. My real estate guy sends the best cards!

Rachel Morrison

Sadly, I do not....I am a procrastinator and never get around to it

Tori Young

I tend to alternate years with sending cards. I only know a handful of people, so I'm still working on the same 2 boxes I purchased in 2019 & 2020 🤣 I may do a photo card next year, with my fur kids & me though!


Photo cards all the way!

Deborah K

I haven’t sent any cards for a few years. Life got in the way and I use to feel guilty.


My partner and I are not big on sending cards, but I do have a few friends who enjoy scrapbooking and collecting special prints, so I make an effort to find interesting or cute designs to send to them with a small note. Any cards I receive in turn, I keep in an antique jewelry box on my shelf. I do appreciate when someone thinks of me enough to write me a card.


Each year we send out Christmas cards to all family and friends the first week in December and I like receiving Christmas cards to display as Christmas decorations.


Fewer and fewer folks are sending cards - myself included. I do enjoy the photo cards from family and friends.


I do send cards. But fewer each year....

Susan Speight

I do send some, but I’m rather terrible at sending cards. I get easily distracted with WIPs and focus on those instead of cards.


We haven’t sent cards in years. Unfortunately with social media I think we are losing the art of written letters and cards.

Teresa Knittingdancer

I send out about 60 Christmas cards every year.
I also send out about 30 birthday cards every year.
Every holiday I send my great niece and nephew a card with some money in it.
I have always enjoying sending cards and receiving cards.


I love holiday cards! I send them out and love receiving them.


I used to send cards, but haven't for the last two years. I'm noticing that this year, maybe this is the year everyone stops sending them - only received a couple this year.


I used to send cards. Often waited until Spring and 'replied' after receiving cards from friends/family. But with the cost of postage and the time involved, that has stopped.


I send cards and we receive a few.

Michelle Morgan

I will send cards to close family members and close friends!


I love seeing how much the children and/or grandchildren have grown on the family photo cards I receive. They are always so amazing.


I get a few cards but don’t send them myself. Grew up with a strong tradition of sending cards.

Molly Grimm

Aw I love your card! We usually don't send them out, but I love receiving them in the mail!

Niki Vogler

I used to send them every year, but sadly many years of retail christmases put a stop to that, and I never restarted. I love receiving them!


We love getting cards and is usually send them out. Not sure if it will happen this year, though.

Jennifer Walker

Unfortunately I don’t send out Christmas cards. I really should! I love getting them. Maybe that will be my goal for next year!!


I don’t send out cards but LOVE receiving the “newsy” holiday letters!


I used to send out lots of cards each year and I haven’t sent many the last couple years. Christmas is a hard season now and it’s hard to get into the spirit. I have never really written a lot inside the cards, but in this day of just preprinting cards and printing address labels I do prefer to handwrite everything.

Emily Cossins

Depends on the year but most of the time we send out cards. Sometimes we do the picture cards and sometimes I make cards.

Amber Strait

I used to every year when my kids were younger but now that they are older we just got out of the habit. I do however enjoy getting Christmas cards from others 🎄

Cara Louise

I used to send cards every year, and even included a different crocheted snowflake ornament. After about 20-odd years and several hundred snowflakes I just realized it wasn't bringing me joy anymore.


I send out a few cards to family and older friends.

Jazmine E Davila

I've never sent out Christmas cards but I have received a few from family. I've loved receiving them and always tell myself next year we will do it. It has yet to happen but fingers crossed it will next year.

Debora GilrCasado

I would love to send out letters but I never have enough time so we call each year.


I love when people send a card or letter to connect with me. I don’t send cards for the holidays and try to reach these people on their birthday or other times during the year.


I wish I was a card sending person, because I do like getting them in the mail! I haven’t sent cards in several years, except to a few people.
Next year for sure!

karen l mattingly

I don't anymore. It just seems kind of wasteful.

Dana Snyder

I used to try to send them out but this time of year is so crazy busy at school combined with trying to knit gifts, card have been pushed aside. I always get one from my parents and a few others. My tradition is making an annual Christmas CD. I started it in 2006 and it has turned into a tradition everyone looks forward too! This year, I chose the songs from our trivia night last week. We won!!! I think that’s better than a card!!


I don't send cards but love getting them. Usually they are sparkly and so pretty. I love sparkles.

Nicole Acuna

My mom got me in the habit of sending cards and I think it’s very important it’s a way to let loved ones know you care and it’s a tradition each year. I also love receiving them as well

Maggie Byers

I do send out cards to friends and family. It's always nice to keep in touch. 🎄🧑🏻‍🎄


I grew up with my family always receiving and sending Christmas cards and my Mom still does and really enjoys doing so. I just personally never got into it.

Brittany Cook

I love getting cards in the mail. I've been wanting to start sending out cards, but don't really have anyone to send them to.


I’m horrible at getting anything out on time so I rarely send holiday cards 🤣 I love getting holiday cards from friends and family, especially the photo ones. I have a friend from high school that always lets her kid pick the theme of the card and have saved them for the past seven years.

Renee Sawyer

I used to send out 100 handmade cards but I have gotten lazy. Now I send a handful and a few e-cards.

Nicole S

I don’t usually send out holiday cards - I never got into the habit. I do make a point of texting certain people to keep in touch over the holidays. I think I’d be more likely to if I was in a position to do family photos.

I like receiving photo cards, especially from people whose kids are growing up so quickly, and I like receiving cards where have taken the time to write a bit about their year, but a commercial card that’s just been signed seems a bit wasteful.

Amy Lee

I have in the past, but no longer send them out. It was a tradition I enjoyed and miss.


I send out Christmas cards almost every year with a few years those being photo cards. I love to get photo cards from those I haven't seen in awhile so I get to see their kids growing up!

Denise McDonald

I love getting Christmas cards from far away loved ones especially the ones with photos to see the kids growing and love the ones with little letters added telling the goings on for the year.


We use to send out cards, then a yearly newsletter but then we started to not get any cards/newsletter. Most of my cards were sent to Canada and that got expensive.


I don’t usually send out Christmas cards but I sent a few this year. Thought some people might need an extra bit of love this year.


For many years I sent out cards and notes but life has gotten in the way. I love receiving the photo cards but the best are cards with a note. Trying to figure out how to do half-sized letters on the computer.

Michelle Ciechna

This is my first year to not send out holiday cards, and I feel guilty every time I get a card. Maybe next year I will. Have been making it a bit more personal by calling friends to chat a bit. I did a Christmas card newsletter once and kind of felt like I was bragging, so I stopped. Would love this Hedgehog advent!!!

Barbara Christensen

I sometimes send cards but depends on motivation and if I have any in the house when the motivation hits :)


I never find time to send out cards but always enjoy receiving them, especially the picture ones!


For years, I did. Now, connect through social media.
Enjoy the cards I receive.

Erin McG

I do post out holiday cards! My online knitting group has a small card exchange and it lifts my heart during the holidays.


I don’t send paper cards, but do a few e-cards with personal messages. We do receive a few and especially like the photo cards of our family that sprawls coast to coast.


Yes sending some out today. The amount we receive and send is getting smaller because of the cost

Lennette D

I like to send cards and receive them. I usually buy two or three options each year. I usually go for cute cards with a cover I like. I also have one happy holidays option for those who don't celebrate Christmas.


I love seeing photos of everyone! Watching all the little ones grow up and getting the updates of changes, big events and travel adventures.

Barb Beyer

I don't send cards anymore.

Becky Creighton

I stopped sending cards years ago as a way to cut back on the busyness of the Christmas season. I do enjoy getting a few cards.

Geraldine Scott

Christmas cards kinda fell by the wayside during COVID, but this year we got dressed up on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and our daughter took a picture, and, ta-da! We sent out picture Christmas cards this year! Actually felt good! It's always fun to receive picture cards in the mail and see how much the kiddos have grown since last year!

Katherine S,

I send cards every year, I hand make them. I have noticed a decline in receiving cards and this year adjusted my list accordingly for the first time.


I love sending cards each year. One of the joys is looking for those unique cards each year.

Sue N.

I send all the ones for my company so my personal ones suffer. I used to send more, but have slowed way down.


I participate in a card exchange with a bunch of online knitters I send and receive cards from all over the world.


I haven't sent out any "real" cards in years and receive very few, mostly from businesses. I exchange greetings with some friends via electronic cards or use email to send seasonal cartoons. Love seeing your cards on line and watching your sons grow.

Lindsey Lemon

We send out store bought holiday cards with a special note in each. If we did more family photos, we might do personalized ones but it’s hard with littles. So a box of store made cards sent out is how we roll.


I don't send out cards since it's just me and no husband or children. I remember my mom sending out cards though when my siblings and I were all kids and at home. She did those "newsletters" with pictures. Fun to reread them after all these years.


I don't send out cards anymore but used to when my kids were small. And I don't get too many but I do enjoy the ones that arrive!


Sadly I do not send out Christmas cards.


We do send holiday cards but not promises that they’ll be in your mailbox by Christmas!


I love receiving cards, but have to admit that I never get around to sending them out myself! By the time we come around to considering it, it always feels too late in the season to arrive in time.

Nancy Tella

Every year I make an effort to send out Christmas cards. I find the perfect cards, buy the stamps and oftentimes that’s as far as I get. This year’s excuse is that I can’t find my holiday return address labels. God firbid I hand write that information. But of course you know that the minute I finish writing them the labels will turn up. However I plan to give it a try either today or tomorrow. 🙂


I send out a few cards, mostly to friends who are older. I just tried to mail my last four for this year, but the mailbox was stuffed full! I’ll have to try again later today.


We send out a holiday picture card every year. One year we didn't and got complaints because people wanted to see a picture of our dog!


Each year for me is different. Some years I do send them, others I don't get them out. But I certainly love getting the Christmas cards in the mail.


I do like to send out holiday cards and I love receiving them.

Gail new

I love sending out cards and receiving them! Right now it's just me and my husband, but we have added our dog to them now as well (she is easily the most photogenic of us all)

Ellen Kucharik

I do send cards at Christmas. It is a great way to catch up.

Mary Hansen

I do not send out Xmas cards. Seems a waste of paper. Instead I text some friends, zoom with others and call some all during the year.Mary Hansen


I send out cards, usually generic cards but sometimes we have family photo cards made.


I send out holiday cards as well, although mine haven't arrived from Shutterfly yet! Guess no one will get them before Christmas. I also exchange cards with an online group who all like Outlander, so that's fun, and all those cards have been sent!


I do send cards, but only to family. Cute ones to the little grandkids and funny ones to everyone else. I have to read lots of cards to find the right ones since the cards are bought individually. I do put a check in each. This way some thought is put into each card and everyone gets something they're happy with.


I do receive a few cards from my neighbours. Mostly send emails and texts and lots of phone calls

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