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May 15, 2023



Project: "Rose Cottage Cowl" pattern by Helen Stewart, in Tosh DK colorway "Badlands" Great results, be sure to use markers.


My favorite Tosh project is a pair of leafy mittens in Tosh DK Amber Trinket - it's my favorite Tosh colorway, and I've used it for several projects. There are so many surprising colors that make up the whole - each stich is more beautiful than the last!


I haven't used any Madelinetosh yet.

But I keep wanting to use TML+Copper in Porcelain - I think it would be the perfect subtle background for combining with something speckled and colorful.


My favorite Madelinetosh project is the Canon Beach cowl I knit with Madtosh Sock in the Baltic color way.

Bonnie This Loop is my favorite Madelinetosh project. The colorway Spectrum is my very favorite. I bought a skein that I never knit up just so I would always have a skein!

Susan Mercy

My favorite Tosh projects are gnomes from Imagined Landscapes, knit with custom Tosh colors…closely followed by Christmas ornaments. I love the Tosh colors and the way the yarn feels in my hands.


My favorite project using Madelinetosh is Caladenia Shawl

Teri P

My favorite project is the one I’m working on right now; with the RK every day sweater. I am using Madelinetosh Work Sock Sport and warm shades of pink to stripe it up.

Denise Stockstill

My favorite project that I made with Madelinetosh is Archer by Elizabeth Doherty. It is made with sock weight and feels divine.


I knitted a lovely, beaded Drawing Board Shawl by Sivia Harding using some Tosh Merino Light.


I knit two Chardon Cowls in Tosh Vintage last year--one as a gift and one for me because I liked the gift so much. Have also knit a shawl out of Twist Light. Love that MadTosh.


One of my very first sock projects with a hand died yarn was with Madeline Tosh Twist Light in a color called asphalt. I added red heals and toes. They're still one of my favorite pairs and I just wore them yesterday!


Given that I've knit more hats overall than any other type of thing, it has to be a hat too. I've knit MT hats from fingering to super bulky, but the favorite was Family Tree Beanie in madelinetosh Sock.

Kat Gatzke

I’ll my favorite Madelinetosh project so far is a hat I knit for my boyfriend in the old 80/10/10 Worsted in a fabulous blue colorway called Folklore.


I tend to hoard tosh more than I knit it.. I collect sweater quantities and knit hats or socks from single skeins. My favorite was a Cuba street hat, made from a skein of Dubrovnik (that and tart are probably my favorite colors) and a bunch of dk minis.

Rebecca Lovell

I love my Arrowleaf Socks that I knit in Tosh Merino Light in No Farewell.

Susannah Morlock

Love Madeline Tosh yarn! I am almost finished with "Lil Triangle" by Julie Knits in Paris and one of the two yarns is "Submerse" by MadTosh. It is gorgeous! Happy Birthday also :)

Jennifer McCarthy

I just started making a Twofer Tank using 2 shades of Madelintosh pink and it’s so fun to knit!


I love simple vanilla socks with afterthought heels and simple garter stitch shawls such as the Yamika. Any MT yarn I get is most likely to grow up to be one of those items.
Looking forward to the celebrations!
Happy early birthday!


Madelinetosh was one of the first yarns I knit with when I started using fingering weight.
I made a pair of basket weave patterned socks and a pair of fingerless gloves.
I love the colors and ejoy the names they come up with for the colorways.
My favorite color is Margeaux.
If I had a daughter, she would be named Margeaux.


My favorite is a hat in Holi Festival, as it was called when I bought and made it!

Debra Cohen

I have used so much Tosh yarn to knit so many socks I have lost track!
There is probably a scarf or cowl in there too. Love all the colors and their wearability.


I haven’t knitted with any Tosh yarn yet, but I would love to try some SHROOM W A VIEW.


I’m currently knitting the Summer Wind infinity scarf in Tosh Frontier Stars. Frontier Stars is my favorite Tosh color because it evokes memories of the Pronghorn Antelope grazing in the Montana prairie grasses. I miss them from when I lived in eastern Montana. The Frontier Stars color in Merino Light knits up so light, delicate, and lacy in the Summer Wind pattern. When I saw this color for the first time, I immediately knew I had to have it in the Merino Light for this pattern.

Sabrina Snyder

I made a lovely pair of socks using their sock yarn.

Kaitlyn McGahee

So I have my first project with madeline tosh yarn upcoming and I am super excited about it! For the last few years I have been living several states away from home for school, which has been really hard being so far away from my mom and my family. During that time we dealt with covid and my mom being diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and so one major thing that kept us connected was knitting. She gave me the gift of teaching me both how to crochet and knit, and so we kept sharing our WIPs and were so excited when it was safe for me to come back and visit and she felt well enough to go yarn shopping at a new store near her. She gifted me a skein of madeline tosh fingering weight in Cotton Candy, and I added a skein of 'Wino Forever' with a few other colors in my stash and they are soon to become my very first stephen west shawl! I loved the idea of having something to wear that reminds me of her and how much I love what all she has taught me.


I have used MT for a number of basic socks - no pattern really. My favorite color though is Boredom- I love the rainbow blotches

Heather Fairman

I made Ysolda’s Leith hat for my husband out of Tosh DK in color Edison Bulb so people can see him when he’s walking the dogs early in the morning. He loves it, and that makes me very happy!


Double Time- a new DK weight cardi from Libby Jonson of Truly Myrtle designs. Knit in Antique Lace and a deep stash Ella Rae , purchased from SSYC maybe 10 years back.

Emilie McFeely

Looks like my favorite Madelinetosh projects have been the Bubbles Beanie Hat by Leanne Prouse! I've knit it at least 5 times using Madelinetosh A.S.A.P. yarn in various colors. I'm in the middle of knitting up a Julie's Wrap by Joji Locatelli in Pashmina...that yarn is probably my favorite!

Amber Strait

Vanilla socks by the crazy sock lady. I’ve made several pairs from many different MT yarns! I’ve known how to knit for a long time but just recently learned to knit socks and I’m hooked! MT is one of my favs to knit with 🧶

Jodie Walton

I have not had a chance to knit a project with Tosh yet. I love your Danger Will Robinson hat. Blues are always my favorite, pretty much any kind of blue and I’m guaranteed to love it!

Karen M

I have not yet knit with Tosh but the Translation color makes my heart sing!


One of my very first shawl projects was a Find Your Fade using Mad Tosh Vintage. So soft and squishy. My absolute favorite color is Danger Will Robinson.

Amy W

My favorite Madelinetosh project is hard to pick. . . it's my favorite yarn and most stashed. However, I do LOVE my Arboreal Sweater knit out of High Twist DK in Leaf Fall (swoon) and Tart.


I, too, haven’t had the opportunity to knit with Tosh, yet. But I’d love to use the DK weight and knit in the colorway Spectrum for the shawl pattern: “The Age of Brass and Steam”.

Happy Early Birthday!

Beverly Anderson

Wow, it's so hard to pick just one project, since Madelinetosh is my favorite yarn and I use it a lot. :) But the Oak Park scarf by Laura Aylor that I knit for an old friend of mine is definitely a favorite. He is a huge Frank Lloyd Wright fan, and the tonal Tosh Merino Light I used in shades of grays and red gave a watercolor effect to the color blocking, and the black outlines around each section really made it look like stained glass. Frank Lloyd Wright might have gone with a more muted red, but I loved the color pop of the vivid Tart colorway against the monochrome. It's really different than most of my other knitting projects. It's very modular and full of start contrast. What a great pattern. I love it and he does too. He wears it with his long black overcoat on special occasions.

MsBlondieKnits (Karen)

My Comfort Fade Cardi. I had such a hard time deciding on colors bc I love them all!

Lisa C

So difficult to choose just one favourite but the matching hats I made my grandddaughter and her cousin a couple of years ago when they were 2yo in Barbara Deserves Better were so very cute.

I also love the headband, scarf, fingerless mitts set I made her the next year in Strawberry Fade, and she was still wearing them a year later. 💕


I love the Close to You shawl. It’s my one skein go to project for any special fingering weight yarn. My favorite MT color way is Sunup.

Dana Snyder

I’ve used Madeline Tosh and love it! I got the skein for local yarn shop day and am getting ready to start it. I’m using it now for a blanket and have made hats and shawls. I love all the colors they offer! The bases are great too! Of course I’ve used Tosh Work Sock doe socks and a sweater!!

Laura B

My very first MadTosh project was Pterotactyl by Marc Smollin with Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in Eduardian Velvet (since discontinued) paired with MJ Opulent Fingering in black. It was possibly my very favorite shawl! The colors and drape- not to mention the feel- was an experience unlike any other! Despite my knitting buds not being so excited with the colors it turned out fabulous! However, it was not meant to be. If you don’t want to read of a knitterista’s heartbreak STOP READING HERE.
I’d set the shawl aside to start on a new project leaving blocking for another time without considering what consequences lay in wait. One year later I opened the bin to block one of the many projects stashed. No less than 11 finished objects were ravaged beyond repair by the yarn killer MOTHS! There isn’t a man alive that could shrewd my heart to pieces the way my intolerable procrastination did that fateful day! I want badly to make another but my heart is still mending. Hopefully someday soon I can pick up my needles and begin anew, or maybe another beautiful design will call to me instead. Rest assured I have since learned my lesson in the hardest way I can imagine- please learn from my awful choices!

Sarah S

One of my favorite Madelinetosh colors is Margeaux. I love the rich purple blended with blues and pinks!


I made the Out-Stranding shawl using Madelinetosh. I love it and the colors I did it in, very summery colors. My favorite color is Glazed Pecan.


My most worn shawl is in Twist Light. I used colors Kitten and Pecan Hull for subtle brown colorwork in Kirsten Kapur’s Thistle Rambles. It’s so yummy and durable.


My favorite project with Madeline Tosh is socks for obvious reasons lol. But I’ve fallen in love with May’s Hue of the Moment Discotheque. I’m hoping it’s somewhere in that gorgeous shipment pictured above - I’m itching to cast on the LYS Day Tosh Vinea Scarf pattern with it.

Patsy Coats

I love the color Elizabeth Taylor, because who doesn’t love Elizabeth Taylor.


My favorite project knit with Madtosh yarn is a pair of socks using Twist Light in the Wash House them - so soft!

Vicki Maynes

Have you considered carrying Purl Talk's line called You Socks Thing? I think that might be a great addition to your offerings.


I have not knitted with Madtosh yarn, but New Moon is a beautiful color combination.


Madtosh is one of my favorite yarns. I've made several shawls and a good number of sweaters with various weights, among them are Tempest, Breathing space and Afterlight. The colors are always sharp and they wear well, looking good no matter how much wear they get. And they get a lot of wear.


Tosh dk on #6 needles for hats, smooth and bouncy, a pleasure to knit with. Yarn stands up to wearing and keeps looking good.Favorite hat pattern Snowflakes on Mulberries by Amy Klimt. Also like Tosh merino light on #2 needles to make fingerless gloves, yarn stands up to daily use, enough yardage in one skein to make gloves and cap! Colors are beautiful.

Diana Lichvarik

Such lovely colors. I'm in the blue/gray category because that's what fits in my wardrobe. Most often fingerless mitts and scarves.

Jan F

Have never knit with Madelinetosh yarn. Today, the colorway Wetever grabbed my attention.

Brittany Cook

I made leg warmers with Tosh DK Slimer! They are so vibrant and squishy. I love them and they definitely get alot of compliments.


I really haven't used that much Mt yarn in my knitting. I've bought the last 3 years of The 12 Days of MT, which have been fun and have made an all time favorite hat from Work Sock Mercantile, and also a hat and cowl from Sock Monster Mash.


A very old project but still a favorite- Color Affection shawl. I think any 2 or 3 skein shawl with Madeline Tosh is fun and half the fun is picking the combos! The colors mix so beautifully!! I also got a skein of the LYS color Bonaire to make my brother a hat for Christmas. Probably will use Bankhead hat pattern.


For years I skirted around the MT yarns because they seemed too expensive. One May the LYS had boxes of the stuff on sale at different price points & here was my chance...happy birthday to me (May baby).It was like racing to an oasis in the desert.
The first hank I grabbed was labeled OOAK & was similar to Holi day or Umbrella Sky totally out of my comfort zone but I never looked back. I used it to make Speckled Space socks & to this day, they're still my all time favs.

Elaine Skorich

Haven't worked with Tosh yarns yet (but I drool over and pet them when I can). My favorite color is any green/blue mix from the softest sea foam to the darkest black forest and any teal in between.


Haven’t knit with MT yet. My fave colours right now are bright yellows so my fave colour is chamomile.


My favourite MadTosh project is my What the Fade shawl - I've made two because I loved the first one so much - TML is my favourite.

Paula payne

I have just purchased several skeins of madelinetosh light to make the find your fade shawl by Andrea Mowry. Dubrovnik, Danger Will Robinson and Time to Pretend. I have just had my eyes opened to hand dyed yarns. They are so beautiful. Just looking at them brings me joy. Where have I been all these years. I have so many shawls I want to make now.

Ann S

I made the cabled Zaniah hat with an MT DK. It was from the MadTosh 12 Days of Christmas box. It was an engaging pattern with a very nice yarn.


I started the Starflake Shawl by Stephen West. But haven’t finished it yet. In fact, now that I’m writing this, I need to get back to working on it because it’s going to be beautiful.

Jenn H

I knit my favorite shawl ever out of tosh twist light. Faded linen . It's my go to!


Hi...I made a really beautiful cowl from Madeline tosh yarn...wear it all the time. Made one for mom too

Sarah D

I love Madelinetosh Yarn. Honestly if I had to choose one yarn manufacturer/dyer to use for the rest of my life, it would definitely be Madelinetosh!!! I have knit quite a few shawls in their Tosh Merino Light yarn, and I love all of them!

raquel m.

I made a pair of socks with Murakami, so beautiful!


I haven't used.....yet, but that Eucalptus 2342 is tempting me for the "Workday Scarf"....


I made a pair of fingerless mitts with Earl Grey in Tosh Twist Light.

Nicole S

I haven't knit a project with Madelinetosh yet. It's tough to choose a favourite, but right now I think mine might be Norway Spruce.


I've just started the Rock It Tee,, in Tosh fingering & lace yarns. I've made other scarves and a sweater in Tosh Merino Light and love knitting with this yarn.


Madelinetosh is some of my favorite yarn. It's rough to choose a favorite project I've made in their yarn, but I think it would be the "a girl's best friend" shawl by Isabell Kraemer. I used MoLight for all three colors, and it's so light, soft, and fluffy. I get compliments every time I wear it.


As with any yarn, I mostly knit socks. But I’d like to start knitting hats. Lately I find myself drawn to yarns that are mostly a neutral color or 2 with splashes of a bright color like 5 letter word or Bone Coral.


My favorite Tosh project has to be BlueSand Cardigan. It is just a lovely pattern with beautiful details and the color combos are endless. I love Madelinetosh so much I even named my cat Tosh after Madeleinetosh yarns. 😻


I love Tosh yarn. My projects with it has mostly been socks, but I am mostly a sock knitter.


My favorite project knit with TML is the Spector sweater by Joji Locatelli. I've used TML in many projects including a shawl in the color Teal Feather and marled the color Natural with a speckled yarn to make a pullover. I've also used the DK for a large afghan. It's so soft.

Jacquie Krauskopf

Right now I’m working on the Fichu bleu shawl with mad tosh and loving it! I also love knitting socks wit mad tosh sock!


I made a winter neck warmer with 3 colours of MadTosh Euro Sock, using the pattern “Flying Solo” by Yana Petrova. The wool is held double and the colours create a gradient look. It was very nice to work with, and I look forward to using it again.

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