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March 27, 2023



That yarn looks as happy as you☺️

Mary Kay Ross

Assume you are joking about the 150th anniversary of the Kentucky Derby. The Woodford Reserve bottles are beautiful. I have gifted them to family and friends. Looks like it was a very fun outing.

Donna T

Love the color combination of your sock. I often knit mistake rib socks. I find that the simple rib pattern works really well with striping yarn or really any. Kind of yarn. It results in an interesting but not distracting appearance. I’ve never knit a mistake rib cowl but this shows the mistake rob in the round & I just might knit one:


Wow you must be a fast knitter! What a great idea to take on distillery tours.

Anonymous Please

That looks like a cool trip! I don't imbibe, but the chemistry of the process intrigues me. I agree with you that Opal's colors and vibrancy make it hard to stop knitting. I work full-time, do gig work and have several school age kids too, so I feel ya on knitting often being placed on the backburner. However, knitting and crocheting are my self-care (besides showering haha). I will knit and take walks or knit in the car if I'm the passenger. I try to take at least 15 minutes every day to knit or crochet.

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