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March 31, 2023


Kate C

I knit while watching TV, while waiting on hold, in waiting rooms. I've had people tell me I must have a lot of spare time if I can do so much knitting. I find this funny because they are in the same waiting room but they are playing with their phone.

Donna T

I agree with Kate. I knit far less now that I am retired because of pain from my fibromyalgia. I actually knit more before I retired. Then I always had my sock knitting with me. I knit a little on the train to & from work. The trip is only 15-20 minutes so I only got about as much done on the train as I did on my 2 15 minute breaks. But added together that’s an hour a day of knitting. I occasionally got some knitting done on my lunch “hour” which was really only half an hour. I worked out after work most days so I only got a little if any knitting done in the evening. But I did always knit in the car (& still do): I don’t drive so I’m always a passenger. I think the main “trick” to getting a lot of knitting accomplished is to mostly knit small projects like socks & hats or items that are composed of small portions that are sewn together like blankets. And to always have your knitting with you. That’s the most important thing.


I walk and knit at the same time! I walk at a 3mph pace or so and knit hats and socks. I just do the heel flap & turn and the toe decreases or crown decreases at home while seated.

Dana Snyder

I knit anytime I’m sitting watching TV, before bed, or sitting on the deck. I also always have a small project in my bag so I have it in the car if there’s traffic and I even take it to work and sneak a few rows during lunch or my planning (I’m a teacher) if I need a brain break. I knit a lot! I’ve even been known to knit on line at the grocery store or pharmacy. There is no place off limits!


Depends on the day, but anywhere from 1-4 hours total is what I’d guess.

I knit during lecture-style presentation meetings, as it helps me concentrate on what folks are saying (an interesting article about this just posted in the NY Times). Always simple things like vanilla socks where I don’t need to pay attention to a pattern.

At home, I knit while watching TV but more often while reading. I can’t stand audiobooks so I taught myself to knit without looking at my hands, so I can read ebooks on my laptop or tablet.


I knit while I watch TV because I'd fall asleep if I didn't. I also knit whenever and whereever I have to wait--in waiting rooms, exam rooms, restaurants, train stations, etc. And, of course, I knit at knitting group or if I spend time with a knitting friend. I became one of the people who is glued to their phone playing games but realized I missed my knitting time so am withdrawing from the phone and gearing up my knitting


First - Megan, can you give a link or reference to that article? I've long known how that works - perfectly for me!

As my projects each has a dedicated bag, it is easy to grab one and have everything needed.

I've knitted my way through a lot of Board meetings (always patterns that can be put down in an instant) and Zoom calls have also worked lately. Travel time is perfect for making good progress and there was a lot of that until 2020 for my non-profit work and business, until 2020.

Starting the day with doing a set number of rows always works, as well as the same at lunch time. Evening depends on what time dinner happens, which is rather flexible according to schedules beyond my control. I used to read also, but two of my dogs are big cuddlers so that doesn't work well with reading and knitting!


So many places. I used to knit floating in our pool, in the tub, in any line or waiting room, on my exercise bike if going slowly, walking, sporting events, riding in the car/flying to name a few. Any place you can read, watch tv, or play on your phone you can knit. I always have multiple projects in different stages so I can grab and go as the size and my attention fit the location.

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