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February 03, 2023



When did you stop putting your ID on your photos?


We still do on some. But Google docks websites and our rankings for having "overlay images" like watermarks. Sadly, we all live in Google's world now and have to do what they want to be ranked well their platform. It's an ever changing algorithm, but we do what we have to to keep up.
So it's easier for not-honorable businesses to steal some of our images, at least until I see it or someone tells us and we take care of it.


Would a an ID that is actually part of the picture work, or can that be photoshopped out? People stink sometimes! 😐 anyways also check out #assignedpooling on Instagram for other ideas to use this cool technique.


Yep, we've tried that, and another yarn shop (a formerly well known one too!) just cut around our water mark, leaving a white rectangle in the bottom right of the stolen photo. Odd but true. That was an easy one to prove, for sure. I mean, who does that? lol.

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