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January 20, 2023



Knit a lighter weight hat in a cotton yarn for those warmer days. 😀 I wear my hair very short (a baby step from buzzed) but don't keep it up as well as I should. Those light hats see me through that awkward stage.

Donna Norris

I have three hand knit hats I have made the past few years, and you have to have the pom-pom. Love my hats :-).

Donna T

I love to knit hats. I’m not sure why - maybe because you see results so soon. But then the other things I love to knit are socks which take longer to see results. Maybe there’s just something about small projects that appeals to me. Or (& I suspect this is closer to the truth) I love to knit both socks & hats because they require little to no finishing. Could be why the Wonderful Wallaby is my favorite sweater to knit.


I'm in my mid-40s and get the occasional gray in my strawberry blond hair. I love knitting hats but haven't made many in the past year because I keep knitting socks!

Susan Hill

I'm addicted to knitting and wearing the pompom hats. I live in the Bay Area of Northern California and it's cool enough almost all year to wear a hat. I also love the self-striping knitting of socks. Needless to say I have an abundance of both and wear them most of the time. I was out to breakfast just the other day and a woman stopped at my table to tell me she loved my hat. Not only made me so happy but I got to tell her I knitted it myself.


I'm seconding the comment that, clearly, you need to knit yourself some more hats--sockweight, laceweight--to cover the full range of your temps. There's a great shop where you can get all kinds of sock yarn ... ;-)

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