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December 15, 2022


Beverly Shearon

I want to ride my bike more to focus on health. For knitting I want to learn to do intarsia so I can do that Noro heart scarf. I love knitting socks so the Opal yarns would be a wonderful gift


I am making a commitment to complete works I've done. I have many that need to be blocked, sewn together, or finished so I want to start there. I've also always wanted to make a sweater but not while I'm still working. That is for retirement!

Patricia clonch

I want to complete the many projectsbon needles and specifically a sweater.


I had not made a resolution but inspired by this contest,I resolve to finish 2 hibernating projects.


My resolution is to knit more for myself - maybe this year I actually will!


my resolution is start Christmas knitting in January. I always have great ideas of giving knitted gifts and time gets away from me and I haven't done near what I thought. So... not wait until October to start Christmas knitting..


I'm taking a class to try to perfect my knitting. No more messy cast ones for me!

Kim Holbrook

I am going to start 2023 resolved to walk more, to be intentional and joyful about it and also to move Sock knitting up in my queue!

Jerrilynn Bayless

I resolve to only sign up fir SSYS subscriptions. I love getting yarn each month, but usually only like the SSYS ones and my stash is getting big. I went up and had a run thru last night to squelch a temptation. Lol. Personally, to cut back on the sweets more and tame the sweet tooth.

Paula Meisters

This new year I also want to knit with more stash. I have so much! I also want to finish my unfinished projects.! Some have been sitting around for decades! Also, I want to learn to spin and crochet, and I WILL finish writing my book!! As for non knitting resolutions, I haven’t made one for years. I never remember them for more than a week, lol. Happy Holidays everyone!!


My resolution is to be more kind to myself. Hopefully that includes more knitting and quilting. My first purchases from Simply Sock Yarn were Opal yarns. Enjoyed knitting socks with them and all are still holding up well!


My theme of the year is "treat yo self." Work and step-family life has beaten me down in 2022, so in 2023, it's going to be all about ME!!


My resolution is to only knit with yarn I love - no more hoarding the good yarn while I knit with stuff I don’t really like!

Sharon Stone

I resolve to take steps in the direction of my dreams and not wait for things to drop at my feet. A friend said if you want something, you have to do something. Even little steps can bring results. I'm making a list and will see how many things on that list happen by the end of 2023.

laura lok

no resolutions just work harder at more creativity time


Resolution for 2023, I want to try and knit stuff I havent done before, more of a challenge. I also want to crochet more learn aspects I havent done with a goal of making a granny square blanket.


No resolutions. Never have made one.

Labrista wadkins

Take better care of myself.


Ooh I have decided to try and knit a sweater, make a quilt, and maybe try a granny square blanket next year. I have several bins of yarn that are sweater quantity because i just cannot resist. So finally going to use it.


I love the Opal Beauty 11151. I have loved all my Opal knits.

In 2023, I want to continue to work on less screen time. In 2022 I found that this goal has led to more knitting, reading, running, and just overall more good things that really fill me up.


No resolutions for me.

Stephanie Warn

I have a knitting resolution to make myself a luscious pair of cashmere gloves. My non knitting resolution is to spend more quality time with my loved ones. I lost my grandmother this week at the age of 95 and we were very close. So I’m going to keep up that closeness.


I was going to say no to resolutions but after reading the blog I guess I will try to learn brioche, double knitting and complete another Stephen West shawl

Paula Rowe

I'm going to search my stash and knit it before starting a new project, says no one ever 😀


I only make one “resolution” a year, and it’s always something fun. This year? Make myself another Lopi sweater. So easy to keep! So little room for being critical of self.


I make them then forget them! However, I need to rein in the stash in 2023.


I would like to get more exercise.
I get so engrossed in knitting that the time flies.
This year I learned to knit toe-up socks, so I'm having fun with my sock yarn. Yay!!
After 2020 I started knitting sweaters and love the top-down ones.
I teach sock and sweater classes at LYS.
Love the Wonderland Yarn for socks.
Merry Christmas!!


My knitting resolution is to stop doom scrolling so much when I'm stressed and get back to knitting as my stress relief.

Non knitting resolution is take a class or two. Would love to try spinning on a wheel, and how to use the fancy settings on my Brother sewing machine.

Josie Linzner

For the New Year I plan to prioritize myself, by taking regular walks, doing some strength training and taking more regular time to knit. I’m also going to be teaching Beginner Knitting classes.

Sue N

I want to knit at least one sweater from stash on the knitting side. On the personal side, I want to say 'yes' to more adventures!

Hilda C

I don't do formal resolutions but instead work on a goal. (I know just a play on words.) For this upcoming year I'm going to continue to use up my stash yarns and keep the purchasing of new yarn to a minimum (ha, ha said the person who just purchased 6 balls of sock yarn.)

Wendy Chase

In the New Year I'm working on finding a better balance between work and the other parts of my life. I've been working from home the past 3 years and it feels like it never stops. Going to focus a little more on my health by starting a yoga practice. And definitely more time for my knitting and other crafts! It's so relaxing. I'm interested in that really dark color in the Rainforest collection for one choice. I usually go for the brights with high contrast.


I want to knit more from my stash. I am a long time knitter and now teaching my self to crochet. And continue to work on healthy eating and exercise


My New Year knitting resolution is to use almost exclusively yarn from my stash for projects and to knit replacements for the socks that wore out this year.


I want to clear my needles of older projects before casting on anything new.

Diane Jespersen

I recently started babysitting my grandson a little. I want to be better at not sitting and staring at him all day. There must be a way to get a few things done, too. I did it with my daughter! ❤️

Terry O'Brien

I want to finish my Ganseys sweater and knit more socks!


My initial answer was no, but there are some good ideas here, so maybe! I've been eying those Van Gogh yarns for a while.

Susan Tischendorf

I plan to use the yarn in my yarn room first. Although this is the third year for that resolution 😁


I would really like to learn brioche. There are so many luscious hat patterns, and many say beginner friendly. And if I spend less time w a screen lI should be able to do that, right?


I plan to master color work,,,,but still love socks so ut could be socks with color work designs,

Jen Simoneau

Start the handmade gifts in January! My family all loves to get handknit socks!


No real resolutions but I do plan lots of knitting!


For 2023, I hope to knit more than just socks, my knitting go to. Opal sock yarn is an all time fave 😊. I want to try knitting a sweater. I’d like to exercise more and I’d like to travel. We will see how it goes!


I want to learn how to do a decent Kitchener closure. Really all the colors are beautiful but love the Van Gogh collection!


No New Year's resolutions. Just resolve to be healthier, involved and mindful every day

Rachael Rogers

I am going to organize my stash by weight and make a list of all the different needles I own. I will offer yarn that I’m not going to use to my knitting friends.

Chris Meier

To create a ‘heritage’ project for each of my children—that’s a handmade item (throw, scarf, socks) uniquely theirs.


I plan to spend more time weaving! I finally got a fringe twister, so looking forward to incorporating that into my weaving. I also just got an Inkle loom, so hoping to give that a try in the New Year. So much yarn, so little time!:)

Teresa Knittingdancer

I usually don't make resolutions. I like the color #1192 in the first batch of Opal sock yarn colors.


No I don’t do resolutions

Rose Birchall

No new resolutions. Just to continue knitting.

Diana Rucker

My resolution is to focus more on self care and healthier eating. Funny how that becomes a higher priority as we age. And, of course, to knit more socks!


I don’t have any specific New Year’s resolutions. I do want to finish a sweater I started last summer though.


I'm resolving to be more physically active, even if that means just walking around the block or up and down my block some days. I really became a couch potato during the covid lockdown, and it did not make my body happy--arthritic joint pain and stiffness set in badly. The more I move, the better I feel so I'm going to make more of an effort in 2023 and gain back some of the stamina I used to have. As for knitting, I tried to limit myself to two wips at a time (one that can travel with me and a more challenging one for at home). I fell off that wagon a month or so ago. I'm going to finish my current projects and climb back on that wagon. Fingers crossed!

Donna Silverberg

My husband , son and I are headed to Amsterdam in the Spring. I have been thinking about knitting Starry Nights for us!! We saw Van Goghs Immersive experience and can’t wait to go to his Museum!!

Sandra Sprouse

I would really like to finish some of my WIPs!

Maria M

I would like to actually finish the socks I have in my wip basket. At the moment I have 3 lonely socks just waiting for their partners to be knit up.
Also, I really got back into running this year which has left my poor rowing machine feel a bit unloved. I’m planning/hoping to find a way to incorporate rowing back into my fitness program.


No resolutions here! Just want to be more understanding and patient. Praying for "more togetherness" for all of us!

Laurie Bowman

I probably will not make a resolution for the new year since I never hold to them anyway!


To try and knit at least one pair of socks a month !

Laura Quisenberry

I started 2022 so well eating wise and lost 30 pounds. Currently I have fell off the wagon on eating well and need to get back on track. So I want to start fresh in the New Year with eating well, for my health.
I have a temperature blanket that I want to finish in the beginning of 2023. I started this past year and then got on a knitting sock frenzy! The temperature blanket was supposed to be a 35th Anniversary gift to my husband---I am crocheting the temperature of our first year of marriage. I don't think he will be super excited about it; but it has been fun.
I loved reading your post. I so relate to the love of knitting. I always look forward to creating with yarn. It is my happy place.
As for the Opal yarn. I would be thrilled with any color. I have not tried opal yarn yet. I do love the VanGogh Starry Night. I love blues.


Often in yoga 🧘🏻‍♀️ set my intention as practicing kindness and an acceptance and I think that will make a good goals for 2023. For knitting goals I would like to make more mitts and socks. And crochet goals are to keep learning and make something with granny squares.


No specific resolutions for me. Just general goals to be mindful and joyful overall, and to keep learning in my knitting. Especially conquering contiguous set-in sleeves that fit well. Thank you again for the chances to win!

Joette Krusinga

My resolution is to try to knit down my stash! I love buying yarn and the SSY subscriptions are so addictive, but I need to equal my input to my output!


My resolution is to knit from stash. I want to finish a sweater and a stuffed animal for my granddaughter.

Jodie Walton

I need to make a knitting/crochet resolution! I have a great yarn stash and I tend to work on something a bunch and then put it down and take forever to get back to it.


No formal resolutions, but I can relate to most of the other comments about finishing WIP, using up some of my stash (which at this point is bordering on hoarding), starting Christmas knitting earlier in the year, and making something for myself. But would love to add 3 balls of Opal to my at home wool warehouse🤪.

Rebecca S.

I gave up on New Year’s resolutions a long time ago. I’d rather make commitments to change throughout the year as things come up!


I want to move more.

Nicole S

At this point I'm not planning to make any resolutions this year.


No resolutions. Just want to get through the next year without another pandemic, or some other crazy upheaval thing.


I resolve to slow down and get more rest in 2023. That way if I take a nap, I'll feel like I'm accomplishing my resolution. 😁 I might actually be able to keep this resolution.


No, I don't really like resolutions. They just feel like too much pressure. I sometimes pick a word of the year though.


This year I resolve to try more difficult patterns. I’ve been looking at some Japanese twisted stitch patterns that are amazing.


Nope no resolutions for me this year - I’m not good at sticking to them anyhow lol!


Not one for resolutions, just a hopeful intention to focus on joy (and decluttering). Love making Opal socks, that Regenwald collection looks nice.


I was diagnosed with cancer exactly one year ago today (now cancer free!) and exercise is one of the few things that I can do to try to prevent recurrence. So I have intentions to stay consistent with my strength training and walking routines.

Kelly Nalley

Resolution for crafting every year seems to be to start gifts in January. I do not like the feeling of being rushed at the end of the year for gifts. Another one is to knit and crochet more for charity.


My intention is to organize my stash of yarn. I also plan to gift a portion of it to a worthy cause.


With retirement approaching in the spring,my resolutions include paying off debts, saving more & only buying necessities, which of course includes expanding my yarn stash. Organizing said stash & culling skeins that no longer give me joy. Is that a thing? Also, spending less phone time so there is more knitting time. It's gonna be a win, win, win new year.


My resolution for 2023 is to spend more time knitting and less time scrolling . And to plant pumpkins next spring! I always wish I had come October, time to fix that. Trying brioche is also on my list, but it might have to wait until retirement since I like to knit vanilla socks and fingerless mitts with self-patterning yarns


I resolve to build strength. As I get older I feel this is more important than weight loss. I also plan on spending the first few
Months clearing out the WIPS

Susan Bell

No Solutions to resolve any resolutions as that would mean to re-resolve repeat solutions to old resolutions.



Probably the most helpful resolution I could make would be to stop reading trashy novels and work on various craft and decorating projects instead.

Appreciate the contest - do the Opal yarns look good in projects other than socks? I CAN knit socks but just prefer all the other things.


To get out more with hubby. Day trips together...just spend more time together DOING. Knitting wise I want to do more charity knitting.

Brittany Cook

I usually don't have resolutions because I am not very good at keeping them! However, I am wanting to get my weight a little more under control and have about 12 more pounds to reach my next big weight goal! My knitting goal for always is to get the number of WIPs down... My mental health is always a big struggle for me, and knitting is a calming point. I, too, like to have simple, relaxing projects that let the yarn speak for itself. Nothing too complicated. I am currently working on my very first pair of socks, and it is just awesome to watch the yarn work it's magic, and also very relaxing. I can watch Christmas movies and knit to help with my mental health.

My resolutions are always on-going because I feel like a failure if I don't meet them in time for the next year. They're always something to work on!!

Anita Coymen

This coming year I will focus on HOPE. This is going to be interesting. I want to understand what it means to hope and am excited for this word God has given me.
My knitting goal is to knit every single day, as knitting is therapy!


I need to finish projects, and possibly make more things for me.

Wendy Joverp

My resolution is to do more volunteer work in the upcoming year. Knitting resolution is to finally knit my husband a sweater, which of course he wants in fingering weight yarn - how many stitches on the needles is that going to be?!

Filomena Hack

Definitely knit more “me” items. Knit from my stash. Finish wips.


I rarely make New Years resolutions, but I do plan to keep knitting simple patterns. Knitting is my therapy - it's how I keep my sanity. I recently told a friend I was a "meditative knitter", and I love the Opal yarns since the self-patterning does all the work!

Lyra Ward

My resolutions are to get up and walk more despite my back problems, in the hopes that walking will at least make me generally stronger. And if I haven’t cast on a new sock project BEFORE the New Year, I’ll do it on New Year’s Eve!

Anne Reaves

I find moderate resolutions helpful. This year it’s to continue exercising, working on ufos, and writing more.


My Knitting resolution is to knit from my beautiful stash for at least the first 6 months of the year!


My resolution is to learn how to crochet.


I am leaning more towards the "word of the year" approach, and looking for balance. I the last couple of years, I have pushed hard to lose weight and became a runner, but ended up focusing so much on that, knitting took a backseat. I just went back to part-time work after being a stay at home mom for 15 years, so that is another thing I will have to work to balance.

yolanda v

No resolutions...that's too much pressure! lol Take care of myself. I would like to knit a garment, spin some of my fiber stash, sew a quilt and spend as much time in nature as I can. A veggie/herb garden is on my list too.


I can't say I do resolutions; they're mainly just plans to improve. Use my stash more. Knit more socks. Don't be afraid to try new stitches. (I'm coming for YOU, kitchener stitch.) I also want to honor the things I have rather than always look to get something new. However, when something new truly speaks to me, I'm willing to make exceptions. I'm not sure where that puts this Opal yarn, though, since I made socks from the Starry Night colorway and they're probably my favorite socks of all time!

Janet Miller

My knitting resolution is to knit more Opal. It is my favorite knit. I’m wondering how it would look in a shawlette. Is it soft enough? My personal resolution is to take better self-care. During the pandemic, being shut in and depressed, I lost the desire to indulge myself, and I let things go. I’m going to pay more attention to my hair, skin, etc. I know it will make me feel better about myself.

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