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December 22, 2022



Socks are my go to single skein project!


You can never go wrong with just a basic pair of socks! I also enjoy making cowls using a basic chevron pattern, especially if there's striping involved.


I love any of Anneh Fletcher’s simple sock patterns as a go-to project.


Socks for sure. I love the Vanilla Latte and SKYP patterns. Or a classic Oslo hat (either 1 strand DK or a fingering and lace weight together)


Socks and socks but shawls and cowls along with a baby item or to work very nicely with 1 skein.


I'm afraid I have the most boring answer but I love knitting socks with self striping yarn. They keep me interested and they're handy to keep in my bag!

Michelle Clark

Socks are perfect one skein projects. Right now I am loving Socks on a Plane. It is easy to memorize and kind of addictive. I will knit it again soon.

Kelly Galvin

My favorite is usually what I'm currently working on! Right now that is the Cider House socks by Summer Lee Knits and they are so stinking cute!!!

Dana Snyder

I love the Pensive cowl. It’s a one skein cowl and takes just a little more than a regular 400 gram skein so I use the colossal sock and it’s perfect! One new project I love and will be making more of are Andrea Mowry’s Bear socks. It was the Thanksgiving weekend sock challenge which I completed this year using two skeins of MadTosh Jollyville. I love them! They’re thick, cozy and super festive!

Christy Meyer

I love sock knitting for an easy portable “take a long” project. Heel toe do si do by Thecrazysocklady is one of my favorites. I’m looking to try a colorwork cowl in the future ( I know it’s not one skein)


Two of my favorite projects this year took very little yarn. A pair of "Thunder and Lightning" short socks,free pattern on Ravelry, only took a 50 gram skein. Since I bought 2 skeins, I'll be making another pair.
I had three skeins of a silver lace weight linen yarn i'd bought a few years ago to make a tunic, then changed to a shell. Then frogged again and put in time out. This year I made Helen Srewart's Rewilding shawl with 2 of the skeins. I used exactly 2 skeins, but I doubled the yarn, so probably I probably could have made it with one. Love, love, love it and I will definitely be making it again.

Beverly Shearon

I love doing the Fractal Danger Scarf. That would look so good in these yarns you are giving away.


Crochet texting gloves using sock yarn

Marilyn H

The Areas Shawl by Martina Behm. It's easy (hey, I made it!j. Two skeins fingering and the possibilities are endless. Someone at knitting group made it and added 2 contrast stripes on the long side. Very dramatic. I always get compliments on my pink/green one.


I absolutely love Kraut socks by General Hogbuffer.


I can't choose favorites! I do love a nice sock pattern. There are so many patterns, a few with color work, waiting in my knitting queue.


I love making socks but I want to start making mittens. I don't know why I'm so afraid of them.


I love knitting a vanilla sock. My favorite to knit and wear is Turtle Dove II by Espace Tricot. I have it ready for a Christmas Eve cast on.


The Reyna Shawl by Noora Backlund and Simple Skyp Socks by Adrienne Ku.

Tina Niesen

I have made three sweaters for my grandkids using the Good old raglan pattern. It’s an easy knit with German short rows which I learned how to do this year. Such an easy quick knit!


I've made a ton of vanilla socks, both for myself and to give to others; it's great to use up one skein for a pair and still have a little left over for scrappy projects. Once my gift knitting is done and I've finished a few UFOs, though, I have the Joji Locatelli Lone Skein Shawl project I've been dying to make, using a skein I was gifted at Rhinebeck. I can't wait to see how it'll look!

Janet Miller

Self-patterning socks! Easy enough to daydream while knitting, a blank canvas to customize your favorite techniques and fit, and interesting to watch the color and pattern changes appear. Perfect for me!


I love just a plain simple sock knit with self striping or patterning yarn. Just lock me in a room and let me go. I have my own mental sock recipe that I can do from memory.


Socks, socks and more socks!

Laure T

Although I've only knit it once (so far), I love the Emiliana shawl. I have yarn for a couple more versions!

Labrista wadkins

Any kind of sock or dishcloth.


Hats are my go to single skein project!

Filomena Hack

Socks, Shawlettes, cowls, and hats


I love a plain, simple knit sock!

Anna Sue McDaniel

My favorite two skein project is, Good Vibes shawl by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne. Fun short rows and feather and fan! It’s a breeze to work on and great for variegated yarn.


A shawl is great if you are making it up as you go (gasp). Always fun when trying new stitch patterns.


Simple crochet cowl is my favorite go-to when you have only 1 skein.


Hats are my go-to and I've made the Sockhead Slouch Hat the most.

Sockhead Slouch Hat


I love making hats and socks with one skein. Hats are quick and practical but socks feel like an extra special personalized gift.


I'm looking forward to knitting more two-color Hitchhikers!


This year I’m obsessed with Oslo hat pattern. Last year sport yarn gloves

Heidi Klaeboe

Although I always have socks on the go, the Tin Can Knits World's Simplest Mittens is a pattern I love knitting - it's so versatile in sizes and yarn weight, and mittens are quicker to knit than socks, som as a last minute present, it's always a winner.


Hats and socks are it for me. I want to get away from vanilla socks this year to try other options.


Socks and hats --mostly plain vanilla because I like to have the pattern memorized for tv or mindless, relaxing knitting


Socks are my favorite one skein project. I’m able to get a pair for me and a shorty pair for my daughter. And even at 13 she gets so excited to get a new pair of handmade socks.

Julie Koss

Definitely a basic vanilla sock pattern but am also loving fingerless mittens. Fire Pitt Mitts on Revelry is a super easy fast knit.

Melanie Russell

Zulu’s Petals is a cowl I’ve made several times. Fun, quick,and great results!


I tend to fall back on the pattern Socks on a Plane.


I just finished (and I'm sure you're sick of hearing me say it) the Silent Night Cowl with two colors of Malabrigo Rios and I will cast on the second using the same colors in opposite order. I also have fallen in love with the headband this season. I've made two using Malabrigo Rasta and the Saturna headband pattern. My favorite sock pattern is Rose City Rollers because they're quick and I really don't care for longer socks. And, any one or two color Casapinka. I made a Breathe and Hope and loved it so much I cast on a second one, which has sat in timeout because I can cast on, but I can't finish.

Lynda Quirion

Socks, every time, because you can never have too many 😉


I like the coles river kerchief by TL Yarncrafts!

Kristi Baran

I love making socks, especially as gifts! My next project that I would want to try is a shawl, though.

Jody Laake

I can’t get enough of knitting socks! But i also like to work up a seed stitch cowl or a striped scarf and then my love of knitting hats has been rekindled big time by Hat Club!

Jan F

My favorite 2 skein project was Brain Frieze by Susan Ashcroft.

I’ve yet to make Mary-Ann Lammers’ Roadrunner DK cowl, but it looks like fun!

Susan Mercy

I don’t have a pattern that I knit over and over, because I get bored easily and don’t like making the same thing all the time!

I do have a pattern I I’m looking forward to knitting: the Allsorts Cape from Ambah O’Brien.

Nancy T.

I don't often make more than one of something, unless you count plain vanilla socks which always seem to be on the needles. I have, however, made more than one of Martina Behm's "Hitchhiker" pattern. Every version that I have made looks so different, and I have never seen a Hitchhiker that I didn't love.

Patricia clonch

Socks r my favorite for 1-2 skeins


Socks are definitely my go-to one skein project. Aside from plain vanilla or ribbed socks, I often use the Petty Harbor or Simple Skyp patterns. I just recently knit the Citrus Sunrise shortie socks, though, and absolutely loved the pattern, so I bet I’ll be making a few of these.

For two skeins, I’ve made fhe Making Advances shawl 3 times. It is simple to knit but the stripes break up the monotony, and it works well with speckled yarns or a variegated + a semisolid.

Geraldine Scott

After much gift knitting that wasn't socks, I'm enjoying getting back into sock knitting. I also have the Heddle Shawl by Hardybarn Designs kitted up and ready to go...

Paula Meisters

I have many one skein projects. Hats, cowls, scarves, and bags. Since I design my own and generally can only afford to buy 1 or 2 skeins at a time, I design around the quantity based on yardage. I also like to take a one skein favorite and sort through my stash for other skeins that go with to design a larger shawl or sweater. That’s the most fun.

Paula Rowe

Socks or hats


I don’t like to knit something more than once. I have however knit Basic Baby Hat a few times.

Lisa Halsema

I am planning to cast on a Sophie shawl in the new year. I think it’ll be a good pattern to make in several colors for gifts.

Diane Jespersen

Droplet Capelet by Denise Bayron (Bayron Handmade). I can't get enough of it. It's perfect in a variegated or solid fingering. You can use one skein or make it bigger by adding a second skein. I get tons of compliments every time I wear them! Now doing one in black silk for special occasions.


I just started a shawl first time, for my 87 old mother because she asked if I could make one. She gets cold easily and like a wrap around her shoulder. I would live to make one for her with this live yarn. ❤


I always have socks on the needles in a take with me bag.


Socks! A couple of summers ago I used a Japanese twisted knit repeat to make a pair of socks that ended up having a wonky rib. I really liked the result and have been considering repeating it on my next project.

Ruth Swarthout

There are so many patterns out there but I would love to knit some of andrea mowrys shawl patterns and her drk socks patterns seems that good yarn is so expensive its gard to make a choice. Barbra Benson has some good patterns also


My favorite is a plain vanilla sock pattern knit with beautiful yarn.


I love the “Jessica Jones Double Wrap Cowl” on Ravelry, I’ve made dozens. I find it a mindless knit that I can do anywhere.


Musselburgh hat is such a fun and easy knit for one skein or two to do stripes. Yes, it's kinda mindless, but the way the next color pops up keeps me going. And people love to receive them ❤


Currently knitting my second Willow Cowl. Such a simple, yet effective, knit

Kris LaVenia

I am going to knit a second Breathe and Hope shawl (Casapinka pattern) because I love the name, the pattern is fun, easy, but not boring at all. And it's one of the shawls I've knit that is easy for me to style and wear. It's a 2 skein project.

For one skein projects, I have a couple of favorites. One is Breeze Louise (Laura Dobratz) & it's wonderful for a quick gift knit (one skein). Another is the Copilot cowl (make sure to use a stretchy bind off). These are both free on Ravelry.

Chris Meier

I’m an outlier. I knit socks but I’m also a weaver and I love to weave scarves from sock yarn. T


I love the Free Your Fade Shawl by Andrea Mowry. It has eyelets and a picot bind off. It can be made in different yarn weights and you can stop whenever it is the size you want. Pattern calls for 3 skeins but have made it using two.


I usually do socks and hats from 1 skein. And then I have leftovers for which I need to do something with. One day I'll get to that. If anyone has suggestions for scraps let me know.


I love to make cowls… any simple pattern with fingering weight held double.


I love to make vanilla socks or just a basic fingerless mitts out of random gorgeous hand dyed skeins. I alscows. A chevron scarf. My Favorite Scarf Ever is a freebie on Rav that I have made a couple of times.


I love making socks! KnittingExpat’s sock patterns are my favorite!

Becky Holmes

I love that phi shawl too! I made it a few years ago and wear it a lot. I need to make another one!


I loved making the Engrain shawl with two skeins fingering. It’s squishy garter with a nice icord edge. Fun mindless knitting


Vanilla socks are usually my go-to one skein project or maybe Hermione’s everyday socks if I want something with a little interest.


Vanilla latte socks, zick zack scarf (uses two) and sockhead hat and cowl!


One skein always means hats or socks for me. Easy to grab and go too. Bankhead hat is my go to beanie and right now I am really into Jelly Roll socks by Catherine Bryner.


Oooh! The Phi Shawl is already on my list, thanks for the reminder! I’m also thinking of The Big Stitch Beanie and I’d do a third Akira Shawl in a heartbeat.

Kim Holbrook

I love the Reyna shawl! It only takes one skein and the pattern is free!

Teri P

I have several projects in mind for a single skein. The one I am most anxious to knit is the Heddle shawl by Jo Shaw/hardybarnknits.


I don't have a favorite pattern - I just search Ravelry for a new cowl, infinity scarf or shawl pattern whenever I want to knit one of the fingering weight single skeins in stash.

Nicole Acuna

It’s hard to choose a fav project but I do enjoy the sprocket socks by pip & pin in 2 colors :)


I have recently enjoyed making the Sophie Scarf by Petite Knit. And I’m looking forward to making a pair of ribbed socks for myself!


A Christmas tradition I inherited from my Great Grandmother - a simple wash rag pattern she would knit for family and friends every year. Everyone would be excited for a new batch of wash clothes, and I remember when I finally had my first apartment and received my very own set. When she passed away, I received her knitting bag with her tools, yarn and pattern and happily carry on the holiday washcloth tradition, feeling al of her love and beloved Holiday memories as I knit each one. 🥰


I like the long-time sock yarns (Opal, Regia, etc.) for socks. I know they will be hard-wearing and last a long time. Single skeins of most hand-dyed fingering yarns become hats, cowls, mitts, and such. Two skeins will in all likelihood become shawls. I love snuggling in shawls. They provide both physical and mental warmth. One of my favorite designs is Stephen West's Daybreak Shawl, one of his earliest patterns but recently redesigned in garter stitch. That is on my to-do list. It's a simple but elegant design.

Rachel Mills

Prikkedilla Socks by Lena Kvile is a favorite for 2 contrasting skeins of sock yarn. They are colorwork socks with a polka dot pattern and a garter stitch heel.

Brianna Elliott

A scarf


I also love the Phi shawl. I love the math of it. I am a sub and will take it if I am in a math class and the kids will explain the Fibonacci equation to me . Such fun. I need one for me since I have given them away. This yarn would feel so good around my neck.

Diana Byrum

I am going to knit several of theSophie’s Shawl pattern to give as gifts.


I love Joji Locatelli's Venezia shawl, would love to make it! Just think it's a bit above my skill level!

Lynn B

The Shift and a Verse in Color - cowls. Fun to knit and make great
Gifts. Wear my “Shift” a lot.


What a hard question! Can Everything be an answer?

Lately I have been making lots of baby sweaters and hats which is highly satisfying and small and uses up to 2 skeins depending upon the size.


This year I made Zarya and the 22 Cowl. Both were really nice 2 skein projects.

Karen Fridy

Socks are a favorite. But I've been looking for a 2 color shawl to knit and the one you've posted looks fab! Adding it to the list!


I love Ann Budd's Diagonal Rib sock pattern. I've knit it dozens of times.

Barb Logie

I have never knit socks! Maybe it should be a New Year’s resolution! I’m a hat Sprig and Oak Trail by Alana Davkos, any of Wooly Wormheads sideways hats, like Azusa or Toph. Divide by Emily Greene…the list goes on!

Sue Garcia

I love the Close to You shawl. It is simple and fun and has a nice drape.

Rohna Harkless

I like to knit a hat!

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