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December 18, 2022


Dana Snyder

My favorite project this year has been the year of gnomes! I have finished at least one gnome a month all year! Sometimes more!! I still have some I want to do so I may continue it next year cause I enjoyed it so much! I love a prize and I will get one since I entered one each month!

Lisa L

Probably my favorite project has been my For the Love of Brioche sweater in handspun yarn. I still need to sew the second pocket and attach the buttons, but it looks great and is super cozy.


I love the color combo you created! I think my favorite project is my current one. They were going to be my Christmas socks but my youngest really wanted a pair for himself so they are now his lol. I have one almost finished. They are reindeer socks and the link is attached to the free ravelry pattern. I’m still working on the gauge and holding the yarn for color work projects but it’s still a fun learning process!


I backed the Kickstarter for the nano 2 so I've started electric spinning. I seem to naturally create shock weight yarns

Nicole Acuna

I think it has to be the Sprocket socks I made 2 pairs already and working on a 3rd lol.


I made a mosaic shawl. It w as a MAL through my LYS. It was so much fun to do along with others. I love how it turned out.


I have been making simple fingerless mitts and sharing them with friends.


My favorite project this year has been knitting socks for coworkers/friends and my bosses. I have made socks for xmas this year and for birthdays. These people love my socks and there is enjoyment in making socks. Never thought I would be known for something like that


Favorite project this year was the Station Wagon Blanket (pattern at I completed in time for my sister’s birthday. I used different colors and a more “finished” looking seam technique, but love this project.


I made a pair of Bear Paw socks by Andrea Mowry. They were fast and keep my feet warm in the evenings. The pattern uses a fingering weight yarn held double so it is a good way to use up tons of fingering weight yarns I have in my stash.


My favorite projects were two baby blankets - one says Good Night Moon and the other is of Baby Yoda. Parents-to-be liked them a lot. I've also been doing a lot of knitting for the soon to be born baby.


My favorite project was not knitting (although I have made many pairs of socks). I finished an entirely hand pieced full sized quilt for my daughter made of 1.5 inch hexagons!


There are so many to choose from, but the one that makes me feel like a rockstar when I wear it is my Big Zipper Cowl. The zipper means I can put it on and take it off without messing up my hair, plus it really makes it look awesome!


I enjoyed knitting “As You Wish, an Incomceivable MKAL”

One of my favorite movies is The Princess Bride.

Tina Niesen

One of my favorite patterns this past year was the waiting for rain shawl.


I just started the Alpine Meadows Shawl pattern by Samantha Troia and I'm in love! Simple, mindless knitting, perfect for watching Christmas movies and it's knitting up beautifully. I hope to have it finished for a late January Disney trip, which I won't, but I can dream!!!

Susanna Eve

I’m knitting a bandanna cowl not in green but this is an awesome pattern and fund raiser by romi it’s the autonomy cowl not sure how to link here

Rose Birchall

Fingerless mitts that I made for Christmas presents.


I've knit six of Jason's Cashmere Hat by Sweet Fiber as quick Christmas presents. It's a fast knit and the fit is perfect.
Now it's time to knit one or two for myself.


Gift wise: a Fantastitch blanket for my bestie’s baby on the way. Selfish knit: probably my DRK birch sweater or a cardigan I’m making on the fly!


I haven’t finished it yet, but I have my very first sweater on my needles!! I’m knitting Flax by Tincan Knits and I’m using Shepard’s Wool in the Lilac colorway. I only have the sleeves and hem left. It’s so soft and squishy!! I can’t wait to finish it, but I have a little gift knitting left to do. 🙈🙊

Paula Meisters

My favorite project this year was actually started by my mother in 2011. She was talked into making a shadow knitted sweatshirt (hood, pocket and all) for one of my nephews for Christmas that year. However she passed away before it was finished. There was no pattern with it so my sister-in-law stored it in her knitting closet for 11 years. My nephew kept bugging one of us to finish it. He really wanted that sweatshirt! So last march I told her to dig it out and I’d see what I could do. I had to redesign the pocket, design the hood, figure out the decreases for the sleeves and knit over half of the sweatshirt. Mom had a pattern but it was nowhere to be found. Also, we couldn’t find half of the yarn so I had to order more. Luckily it was Brown Sheep yarn and they still carried it and the color was black. It matched perfectly. I gave it to him in April for his birthday. He was more than thrilled. It turned out perfectly. Fits him and his personality perfectly. I wish I could send a picture. The smile on his face was priceless.

Geraldine Scott

My favorite project this year was the Coming Together Shawl by Paper Daisy Creations. This was a fun, educational knit, but not overwhelming, with a great end result! It is finished, but needs blocking....


I made Ambah O’Brian’s Kentia Hat - twice! Spincycle Dream State and Malabrigo Rios - it knits up so quickly, and the pattern is so much fun!

Sabrina Snyder

I don't really have a favorite. If I have to choose I think I would choose socks for my grandson. I dyed the yarn from a picture he made of socks during his library storytime. He told the librarian the picture was pretend. His Grammie makes him real socks. Then he sent me the picture and asked for socks like the picture. By the way, he was three at the time.


A simple assemectrical shaw with yarn that I dyed with avacodo. The yarn dyed in two different shades so I am alternating rows with full skeins. It will be plenty warm somday🙂

Gaylyn B

My favorite project this year, though started last year and put in hibernation for multiple months, was Ambah O'Brien's Betwixt shawl. SSYC helped pick out the three colors and it turned out terrific!

Rohna Harkless

My favorite project this year was knitting a beanie for a friend who had lost her hair due to cancer treatment. She loved it !


I knit a baby blanket for my grand niece Kate in the DIC "Kiss me Kate"color. Her mom loves it as a favorite naptime blanket

Jody Laake

My favorite project this year was an unexpected surprise for me. I had purchased a couple skeins of Tosh Sock and Twist Light from Simply Socks’ Socktober Fest. When I started working with them I enjoyed the colors so much I knew I had to order more. I always make socks as Christmas gifts and usually get requests for specific colors along the way. Just as I had decided I definitely needed more of those Socktober skeins, I got a request for orange. There you go - the perfect excuse to buy Hang the DJ lol! I used an ordinary rib pattern I’ve made lots of times and I just enjoyed the way that yarn felt in my hands and how the colors worked up so much I couldn’t believe it! In fact, my friend is getting a different orange pair and Hang the DJ is staying right here with me!


Favorite project this year….(there have been a few) but one was a shawl by Isabel Kraemer, Slip Stitch Party (SSP) in DK. Beautiful colors, large shawl and warm. The other and most gratifying was finishing a sweater for a fellow knitter who could no longer knit. Quite a challenge, but worth the satisfaction❤️.


My favorite project this year was Tied Knots using Madeline Tosh Silk Merino. I enjoy knitting cables and the feel of the yarn was so wonderful that I didn't want to stop! Thank you for sharing the ideas on your blog and choosing the wonderful color of Tosh for me!

Morgan James

Currently working on a Knotty But Nice hat. Pattern and be found here:

Barb Logie

My favourite project was the Rhinebeck hat by was tedious and sometimes frustrating, sometimes like the Neverending story, but truly unique once it was done… I made another!

Hilda C

My favorite project was socks (Heel Toe Doe Si Doe by Crazy Sock Lady) using Cascade yarn I purchased at SSYC. They're bright; green, orange, yellow, purple stripes, and I love them.

Jennifer McCarthy

I’ve been enjoying knitting all the socks this year - I really don’t have a favorite. I’m starting to try some patterns, too, just to change it up a bit.

Jenn H

Test knit for ysolda teague, the Nectar Blanket. Being able to complete a 2k+ yard seamed blanket in a month made me oddly happy!


Whichever project is currently n my needles is my favourite. Currently it is mittens.

Debra Scholl

My favorite project this year is done for Christmas. A drop stitch pattern of striped socks. Love them and went so fast only doing a few rows at a time.


I am doing hats for my grandchildren from the Hat Club yarns. The kids love them. They are so cute with the pom poms.

Filomena Hack

Enjoying working on my granny crochet shawl and always socks.

Brittany Cook

Oh so many projects to choose which are my favorite! I made 13 baby blankets for the kiddos in my in-home daycare. I also made a simple cowl, but I made it with yarn I bought while on a trip from a little local shop. Right now I am working on making my very first pair of socks using your beginner sock pattern and the signature sparkle from west yorkshite spinners in fairy lights sparkle! I have just turned the heel and in the middle of making the gusset on my first one! I have bought so much sock yarn, and I can't wait to make more pretty socks!


My favorite project was the Stephen West KAL Twists and Turns. I really learned a lot and his tutorials are fantastic. Still have to finish the last section


I loved trying to knit my first sweater - and finishing it! It fits and I love wearing it!

Marilyn H

Definitely the Felix cardigan which I made with LettLopi my favourite yarn. It's knit in a loose gauge and is an easy pattern to make and to wear. Also, the fact that I actually finished it puts it to the top of the list for favourites I knit this year. May make another one.


My favorite project is the Betty & Judy Lodge sweater pattern from Poison Grrls. Instead of holly, I’m figuring out how to make 3 trees. This is the first time I’ve done any color work but I’m excited because the Malabrigo Rios in Las Firstas is such a beautiful yarn!

Becky L.

My Stunt Sweater -, though it’s still on the needles (hoping to finish before the new year!).

I modified it to include a mosaic pattern and learned how to Norwegian purl to make my added on ribbing go faster. Special because I made it my own AND learned something new.

Peggy P

A Vanilla Sweater kit from Wooly Thistle in hot pink Rauma wool. On sz 7's! I haven't knit a sweater in at least 20 years and this came with video instruction which was very needed. I haven't knit something that wasn't fingering weight in a long time and was delighted with the faster progress!

Kim Holbrook

Whatever is on my needles is usually my favorite. I love my current project, the Killer Queen Cowl!

Sandra Sprouse

I am learning to crochet and I started the Squared Up Baby Jacket. I saw one at a LYS and it is so stinking cute! My next class is this Thursday… I can’t wait to finish it!

Virginia Harnischfeger

I made 3 Musselburgh hats as gifts with Malabrigo Metamorphosis. Loved the color play. Each end has a different look as the color pattern changed through the length of the skein. The gift recipients will have their choice of which color pattern they wish to display on the outside. It’s like two hats in one.

Diana Rucker

My favorite things to knit are socks & hats. I love socks with texture. My fav sock of the year is Rhinebeck Roomies by Kay Litton. Love the texture, plus it makes them warmer. Made with Less Traveled yarn which I won on the TX Hill Country Yarn Crawl. They will keep my feet super warm on my Arne & Carlos Cruise in Feb (so excited!).

Kathy in Kansas

My favorite project this year would have to be the pair of slippers I made for my sister's husband because on the day I finished them, she texted me that he had shown her with a sad face the hole that was starting in the bottom of the pair I made him last year. Nice timing, right?


It’s hard to pick a favourite, but I’m currently knitting a pair of thrum mittens for my sister which is a new thing for me after over 40 years of knitting. So although it’s a slower project, it’s nice to try something different.


I knit an octopus out of Rowan felted tweed for a friend. It now clings to the fig tree in her living room.


My favorite has to be the Silent Night Cowl, because it was a fun knit, my first stranded color work, and a gift for someone special.


I started a Stash down sweater -- it's sock weight held with a solid worsted color to make a marled effect yarn in all the colors.


Elizabeth Zimmerman designed a hat that is basically a hat inside a hat or a hat with two layers of knit fabric. It starts with a provisional cast-on. You knit one hat in stockinette stitch then pick up stitches at the cast-on and knit the other. I've made the hat in fingering weight yarn many times but came up with my favorite version this year--four inches of ribbing to start so the hat clings better to my head and keeps my ears warm.


Had to laugh when I saw that someone else just finished six of Jason's Cashmere Hats - I just finished seven of them. Love that pattern!

But I think my favorite is Knit Picks Split Back Tank using their Lindy Chain. I had to add texture to keep it from biasing so that complication added some fun to the project. I still have to crochet around the armholes and neckline but should be done in plenty of time for summer.


Any colorwork item, working on a Northern Lights Yoked sweater now.


My favorite project so far is the tall socks I knit for my 9-year-old daughter. They’re not perfect, but she loves them to pieces! :)


Favorite project this year was a pair (that's right...2 socks) of doggie socks using a Ravelry pattern, Baby Tube Socks & West Yorkshire Spinners Candy Cane yarn with contrasting cuffs & toes in Cayenne.
We have no babies in the family so these cute little numbers seemed especially fun.
My daughter's dog is always stealing her handknit socks so I made these hoping he would leave hers alone, which I'm trying to finish in time. If he actually WEARS them I guess I'll need to whip up another pair.


I haven't kept track of my projects much this year, but I think my favorite is the sockhead hat I knit with a cake of Malabrigo's metamorphosis fingering weight yarn. The gradient was pleasing.


Several pairs of vanilla socks.


I have a love/hate relationship with my favorite project. My paralegal daughter requested a Dissent pullover in authentic black and white. The colorwork was delightful and so satisfying...the miles of black fingering stockinette NOT so much. I have had to take some sock breaks for my sanity.

Becky Creighton

I made the Kassiani shawl. I have wanted to make a half pi shawl for a long time.

Kris LaVenia

I think my favorite project this year was my Breathe and Hope shawl (project here:

This was my first Casapinka pattern & it was a very fun knit...not boring but also not stressful. And the yarns I used were both great to work with and new to me. I've worn this so many times since I finished it and it's easy to style & goes with a lot of things I wear so that's been great, too. I've found that some of the shawls I knit are beautiful but not so easy to style or wear (always adjusting it throughout the day or trying to keep it in place, etc.).


I've knit a few 2x2 ribbed hats in fingering weight yarn this year. It's a simple knit, and I love the pattern the decreases make. My favorite is one I did in November for my partner. It was out of Urth Uneek Fingering yarn, and the striping and colors are incredible. There's the Rav link if you want to see photos.


I knit a striped pair of socks using a monthly subscription sock set so each month the socks got two stripes and I adore them!

Geri Heagy

My favorite project this year was a baby blanket using the pattern Bounce by Tin Can Knits. It turned out so nice and was fun to make.

Carol Rice

My favorite project this year was the pair of socks I knitted for my mother-in-law for Christmas, using a wool/silk blend that I had stashed away quite awhile ago for this purpose. The pattern I used is Avalon, from "The Eclectic Sole", a book she gave me as a gift a few years back. It has now come around full circle . . . :)


Many favorites, but enjoying my holiday doodle cowl by Jamie Lomax. I made it reversible according to her it is Christmas on one side and winter on the other!!

Deb Adams

Just finished a pair os socks I have been working on since the spring. Bright pink sock yarn but so fine. Took me so much longer than a usual pair of socks.

Nancy T.

I am really enjoying knitting my advent stripe socks from Freckled Whimsy this season, but I think I would have to say my favorite project for this year has been my Baccarat Banque sweater. I really like the colors in the color work and the yarn is super soft. I still have a few ends to weave in before wearing it, but it will definitely be a toasty warm sweater.


2pair of shorty socks made with cotton yarn. First time using cotton and first time changing colors life during the knitting. Loved how the colors turned out.


Favorite project this year was dishcloths…i made and sold so many!


Sillyheart Shawl in Emma’s Christmas sock set was my favorite. Can’t wait to make another. And a close second would be the Hearld shawl in the Malabrigo Metamorphosis sock.


Socks are always my favorite. I enjoy knitting baby blankets. And I am teaching myself to crochet, and I really like the crochet blanket that I am making


My favorite project this year is a Christmas stocking for my new granddaughter, Ruth. It was a struggle for my daughter to conceive, and this baby was an answer to many prayers.

You can see it here:

Diane Jespersen

I'm making a Christmas stocking for my first grandchild. Since he's the apple of my eye, this has to be my favorite project. And it's the one on my needles. That's always my favorite


Made some pumpkins and gnome that turned out so cute!


Hats. I made a lot of hats this year!

Karen Falkenberg Bolton

My favorite project is the Christmas stocking I am working on now. It’s for my great niece born in March! All these color changes have been a challenge but Santa’s likeness is pretty good!

Terry O'Brien

I'm working on a Gansey sweater. It has been a challenge but the body is complete and it fits perfectly. I have to finish the sleeves after the new year.5

Marilyn Rybarczyk

My favorite pattern to knit this year as been the Sophie Scarves — the
small size. They are simple to knit so very good for tv knitting. I think
they’re kind of addicting to knit. There are two sizes in the pattern. I
think it’s a good stash buster too. The pattern is on Ravelry.


My favorite this year was the Marlogram cowl I made in February-March:

I cast on just before my mom had to have surgery for a life-threatening condition she had only a small chance of recovering from. Her surgeon was skilled and she was lucky, but it was a long road back to health. I knit this cowl in fits and starts as I was taking care of her, and its very simple repetitive pattern was exactly what I needed and was capable of. And wearing it reminds me now not of being afraid but of the joy and gratitude we ultimately felt.

Cindy Peabody

I just started knitting hats fo homeless shelter. It will be on going project through 2023.

Jeanne Bush

Andrea Mowry's Sparks socks. It's great fun with a self-striping yarn and a solid.


It’s been all socks for me this year and my favorite pattern is the Blueberry Socks by Sandy Turner (on Ravelry). Easy and quick to knit up, but they have enough pattern to be interesting. I like to do contrasting toes and heels to add a little more pizazz.

Ashley Mattes

Socks! I've made 4 pair of socks this year and it's been so fun!


Socks for myself…love that moment you finish the second one.

Julie Koss

My favorite project hands down was my first pair of socks. I bought a sock set during Christmas in July determined to learn. Took a bit but I “got” it and am now addicted!


Favorite Flannel by Alicia Plummer. It was a knit along with friends .


I have knit hats before- but I joined the SSYC Hat Club and I have been so in love with the hats- lots of hat presents this year!!

Anne Reaves

My favorite project started (and finished) this year is The Stare, a hat designed by Katie Pomper. I love that cat face rising above the brim!


My favorite pattern this year is a sweater from the 2001 issue of Knitters magazine. Why? Because the yarn and pattern had been languishing in a project bag since 2001 (embarrassing!) and I made it a goal to get it done during my LYS annual Fall Finishing Frenzy. I didn’t quite make the deadline (the knitting was done but not the seaming), but I just finished and blocked this week. Yay!

Laurie Grant

I did my first colorwork sweater this year. It was so much fun! Next year is to knit something with cables. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday

Terri Kelly

This year I knitted 16 pairs of socks. Gave most of them away. I am currently knitting my 204th pair of socks. I started knitting socks back in 2004. I love to give them away and create Happy Feet to those that receive them!❤️🧶🧦


I started a Birkin Sweater. I only have the sleeves to go!


I’ve been knitting a basic pair of socks by Crazy Sock Lady using 2 short circulars, learning the technique and feeling successful, hooray! And now have started a baby blanket for my future grandchild.

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