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December 19, 2022



I believe I finished one crochet blanket for my dad who was recently diagnosed with cancer, but that's it this year. Starts are another story! I finished more quilts and sewing projects... Three baby quilts, two dresses and two skirts. I have plans to do better in 2023!


35! With a few more that will be cast off before the new year…Of the 35, some were older WIPs from pre-2022 and I definitely have new WIPs from 2022 that still won’t be finished in 2023. The life of a knitter…

I feel like I had a good amount of finished projects: sweaters, hats, baby blankets, socks, washcloths, etc. One of my favorite things about being a knitter if we can channel our WIPs to what feels right at the time. Sometimes a thinking sweater other times a mindless dishcloth.


This year I attempted to knit hats and a scarf for my four good friends. I planned to have them over on Friday and feed them chili, give them their presents and send them home with homemade dark chocolate balls. It was an ambitious undertaking. The week before I had one hat and one scarf completed and blocked. Last week was the most stressful week of my life as I had two more hats to complete and pom poms to sew into all three of them, not to mention cook the chili and make the chocolate balls. Oh and did I mention my full-time teaching job? Well - goal was accomplished, everyone was extremely blessed and they have been sending me photos of them about town with their pom-pom hats! It was such a joy to see them enjoy the knitted gifts. BTW the last two hats were size 15 Needles lol


I lost track! But that’s a good problem to have I guess. I’ve been really trying to complete WIPs (one from 2001!) and made good progress. The most meaningful project is a recently completed blanket for my 18 yr old grandson whose mom has been estranged from me for the past 11 years and kept the grandkids away as well. Now that he’s of age, he reached out and I am overjoyed. This blanket was a gift from the heart.


I’ve made over 55 projects this year including dishcloths for gifts, hats for grandchildren, 2 sweaters and multiple socks for me and 20 pairs of knitted knickers for charity. I love my knitting!

Julie T/MI

I’ve completed about twenty things this year — socks, sweaters, hats, and a blanket! I’m a pretty fast knitter, but have been working full time so a bit slower than my normal output. 😀


I have completed only about 15. That is fewer than usual for me. I just didn't feel the mojo I guess, it was a year that really tapped me. But it's starting to be fun again ❤🥳


I’m not sure exactly how many. I think I finished only one sweater this year and quite a few pairs of socks. Really feeling working on socks this year much more than normal. I’m proud of myself with one previous sweater that I always found to be too short, I picked off the cast off and added an inch to it. Much more wearable now!


I write down each time I finish an item. As of today I have finished 72 things Socks, hats, mittens, gnomes , National park beanies , charity knitting, and a few baby items.


I actually finished 4 projects this year!!!


This year I managed to corral all my unfinished objects into one location so that I can start working on finishing them. However, I do feel like I started and finished a lot this year compared to years past. Sockhead hats; fingerless mitts; crocheted amigurumi; cowls; headbands. I even finished an old pair of socks.

Lisa L

I don't usually keep track of how many projects I knit, so I had to look through my project photos for this.

I completely knitted:
1 lace, beaded shawl (and another that needs ends woven in and blocking)
10 pairs of socks
2 sweaters (nearly 3, one just needs buttons & blocking)
1 hat

I finished:
1 hat
2 pairs of socks
1 sweater (and 1 that needs ends woven in & blocking)

That's a lot of knitting! Wow!


I finished 7 projects this year including two sweaters for me. I finished larger projects than past years.

Dana Snyder

I have finished a few shawls a couple sweaters, several hats and pairs of socks and 20+ gnomes. I’m not sure exactly how many I’ve finished for sure but I know I’ve started more than I have finished. I’m terrible about that and always having to buy more needles. My dad and the hubs loves the thick socks I make them. I use 2 strands of other the work sock or the mwp DK with nylon you had a while back. I’m debating if I have time to make my brother a pair. They don’t take much time.


Well I have completed 43 projects this year works out to 1 more than last year. Looking at Ravelry it is mostly socks and some of those I have played with different patterns plus some have are gifts for friends and bosses at my job. People love my socks. :)


Most of the projects I finished this year were smaller, instant gratification ones.
Hats, cowls, shawlettes, mittens and socks. I did knit 2 sweaters and 2 humongous MKAL shawls, Sweet Georgia's Autumn Dahlia and Casapinka's Sharon Air.

Kris LaVenia

I think in 2022 I've started/cast on as many projects that are still WIPs as those I've been able to complete. I mainly finished socks this year. A couple of shawls are done and a hat with bulky yarn that was really quick. I find that I can fall in love with a project, buy the yarn, and grab the pattern all in lightning speed! But casting on is a bit slower...and finishing is more of a glacial pace!

Pat phythian

2 sweaters and 4 pairs of socks.

Sarah Hembree

Ugh! This year I’ve only finished a handful of projects - and most of them small. I just haven’t had much oomph.


I finished 25 items which is my usual amount. Small projects mostly like hats and shawls but no socks or sweaters….some bigger wraps though.

Teresa Knittingdancer

I have finished 37 projects and will have 2 more pairs of socks finished before the end of the year.
I knit mostly socks, cowls, and hats this year.


I keep a list - and this year I finished 42 projects (many were small, like hats or mittens).

Jerrilynn Bayless

Biggest project was 12aat socks. Did a 2aat and the Stephen West Twist & Turns shawl. Finishing up a project my son thought up of 2 strips of his favorite colors. Something about a sword and these on a display. He bought the yarn himself @ SSYC on our way to Cedar Point!


24 projects + 20+ dishcloths.
I knit fewer yards than other years. This was my first year being retired so I should have knit more but I tackled other projects.


I had to check Ravelry because my memory is lousy! Looks like I "finished" 5 projects (all but the weaving in of ends), frogged 1 project and have several being actively worked on (and several more in time-out). Tomorrow I'll be weaving in ends on seven hats (all Jason's Cashmere Hat pattern so I counted as one project) and washing them in anticipation of Christmas giving. I'm mostly a hat, cowl and shawl knitter but I'm almost done with a linen top that will be wonderful for summer.


I'm not sure. I'd guess about 20.

Gaylyn B

I never keep count. I keep forgetting to write the project down when I finish. I did feel great about picking out a turtleneck sweater that was too tight and reworking it. Yay!!!!

Rohna Harkless

I’ve definitely started more projects than I’ve finished in 2022! I finished the Breathe and Hope (I think that was the title) shawl from Casapinka and my first pair pair of socks! I also knitted a hat in Pima cotton for a friend who lost her hair from cancer treatment. A few months later I found that I, too, was diagnosed with breast cancer, which led to knitting a hat for myself. After I wore it a few times I had to admit that I did the decrease too early, so I did some hat surgery and fixed the problem. It’s a very cute cloche now. :)


It's been an average year for me, with 22+ projects this year, of all sizes. Large things like a a cardigan, cabeled wrap, and a colorwork tapestry... And then several pairs if mittens, hats, and socks.
I keep knitting with me on the go and have 4 kids in activities, so I get time to sit and knit :)

Barbara J.

Don't have an exact count of completed projects but a few pairs of socks plus hats for family and charity. The number of FOs has been down the past few years as well as the size of the projects. Seems somewhat counter-intuitive but my knitting mojo was low despite the increase in at-home time.

Tina Niesen

Not quite sure how many but multiple shawls/wraps, a few kids pullovers, cowls! To many projects so little time..darn work gets in the way, it’s overrated lol.

Susan Tischendorf

I finished mostly sweaters for family About 20

Filomena Hack

My FO we’re about 5pairs of socks. Two blankets. Shawl. 5 hats and a cowl. More than last year.


I've only finished 3 projects. 😞 This has unfortunately been my norm for the past couple of years. Hoping this year I'm better at finishing (and that brings us back to the 3rd day of sock yarn).


I'm feeling like I knit a lot but don't have much to show as I try to remember what I've finished. I can think of two cowls (one was a gift), three hats, a wrap, a couple pairs of socks. It feels like not much to show for a full year. But then a baby blanket, socks, and two shawls are in progress, and too many things waiting for me to weave in ends and block. Maybe I did accomplish a bit.


I have made a lot of projects this year! I used to only make things I had a specific purpose for. This year I just needed to make things so I would make things and then find purposes or owners.

Sue N

Wow, 35 - more than I expected! Did a lot of mittens for charity and Imagined Landscapes Gnome of the Month, and, of course, socks so had a pretty high proportion of small things, though.

Carol Rice

I have finished 4 projects in all, 3 pairs of socks, and one that I had put away from some time ago - a cowl. There will be one more finished project as I am working on a pair of socks that will be done for Christmas. Also, it may not count for knitting, but I do other crafts besides and completed 2 cross stitch gifts, as well!
Finally, I spent a week untangling a skein of very 'tangly' yarn that became problematic during winding. The yarn was a gift to my daughter, one that she selected, and it became a rat's nest disaster. Untangling the mess it turned into was probably the most difficult project I undertook, craft wise, and I'm counting it!


I didn't keep track, but I did knit 26 pairs of socks for ME. All for ME! Plus a bunch of smaller things, including mini stockings for advent calendars, a few hats and cowls, etc.

Geri Heagy

I finished several pairs of shortie socks, a blanket, a baby sweater, and am frantically trying to finish up a hat before Christmas!

Nicole Acuna

14 knits this year definitely way more then previous years - accessories socks and sweaters have been my go to


Lots of socks but fewer than last year because we got a puppy!

Paula Meisters

Well. This seems impossible but I completed 45 projects this year, start to finish and started but haven’t completed 11 others. I’ve done large shawls, small shawls, sweaters, hats, scarves, a Christmas stocking, a Christmas ornament, a dog sweater, and cowls. I guess a little of everything. In yarn weights mostly fingering or fingering doubled with a few things in bulky yarns. Most of what I’ve done this year are my own designs. Very rarely do I use a pattern. I also write up the pattern when I finish the project. I still have 2 weeks in this year and plan to do a couple more things before the new year.

Kim Collins

I’ve finished at least 10 pairs of socks for myself, and 7 dishcloths.
Just finished a pair of mitts and working on another pair of socks for a Christmas gift.

Christina Daugherty

I've finished 10 pairs of socks, 3 hats and a scarf. Not much but slow and steady :)


I finished 20 project this year (according to Rav). A mix of socks and hats with a couple of sweaters. I'm working on two sweaters right now and hope to have all least one of them finished by New Years.

Hilda C

I'm thinking I've completed a few more than usual. Lots of hats of course for charity, dishcloths, socks, socks and more socks, a baby blanket and an almost finished vest (just shoulder shaping left.)


I finished 18 so far this year. This is about average for me. Usually 1-2 blankets. 2-4 sweaters, and many hats, scarves, gloves, scarves and shawls.
I have used all different yarn weights from lace to aran/bulky. Nothing super bulky or jumbo this year. I'm enjoying sport and DK yarns right now

Anne Reaves

Only four, but I’ll probably finish several more before the 1st—like last year. I have lace shawls and other time-consuming projects under way.

Ashley Mattes

Around 20! Which is awesome for me. One large blanket with fingering weight yarn, 4 pairs of socks, and multiple little makes like little amiguri, hats, scarves, etc.

Donna Tyson

I was journaling my projects but that fell by the wayside…. I know I’ve made at least 20 pairs of socks(They’re my jam) I’ve made a few hats, still in progress a log cabin blanket, three sweaters still on needles, and several scarves. I’ve had a fantastic knitting year!!! 🧶

Labrista wadkins

I finished several pairs of socks and made 40 facecloths to put in gift bags for the shoebox kids gift program.


I usually finish around a dozen projects annually and 2022 was no different. Some socks, a couple of shawls, and a sweater. Hopefully more will be accomplished in 2023.


I haven't been knitting for a couple of years, but started on socks in August when I was on vacation. Since then, I've completed 18 pairs of socks and 2 sweaters. :)


I am very much a sock knitter and I enjoy just doing a plain or easy repeat pattern. I got 4 pairs of socks done and 5 hats.. I am on a hat kick right now...


I don't ever keep count of how many things I've made. Guess I'd say that it's been about average: a couple of sweaters, several pairs of socks, and several hats.

Wendy Chase

I think I've completed about 7 projects. I'm not very good at keeping track. But there was definitely a sweater for my husband, a hat for my daughter, a pair of socks for a newborn, mittens, and most recently some Christmas tree ornaments.


Ravelry says I finished 67, but I know it's more than that because some smaller projects I don't always log.

Patricia clonch

Finished 12 projects. Mix of hats, socks, shawls, mitts.

J roth

Only socks this year


I definitely completed less projects this year than in previous ones. I did make a few pairs of socks, finished a sweater, and made several hats though. I took a pottery class in the spring and fell hard for it, so I've been splitting my attention between hobbies :)

Kim Holbrook

I’ve finished 8 projects this year, mostly shawls. First in line for 2023 is a sweater, a big undertaking for me!

Deb Temple

I lost count how many I did this year. 3 shawls, several socks, my 1st stranded and did a hat, fingerless gloves. Working on a sweater now 1st in decades- also has stranded area.


Only finished 5 knitting projects this year's which is less than normal.


It’s always “not nearly as much as I’d like” but it wasn’t too bad. I made mostly gifts but I did squeeze in a few tops and accessories for myself.


I knit a lot. I think I finished 49 projects if I counted correctly from my Ravelry page. I knit on my lunch hours, when I need to wait anywhere, and in the evenings. I did a lot of hats and plain socks, but I also did a set of 4 stockings for my niece who bought her first home, a sweater for me (Bayview Cardigan), and finally, FINALLY finished a Persian Dreams blanket. That's the project I'm most proud of, not just for 2022 but for the 14 years I've been knitting.


I am new to knitting so I’m still slow and still making projects I end up not liking. I made 2 sweaters with cheap acrylic that are basically unwearable, 4 summer tops of which only 2 will stay in rotation, and 2 good wool tops that I’ve made since September that I am so proud of and will wear for years!

L Smith

I like to knit smaller projects that don’t have fitting issues. This year I have been knitting cowls and scarves, and I believe I have finished 3, which is fewer completed projects than past years.

Michelle Mourousias

I completed four sweaters, a pair of gloves, a pair of socks, two doilys, four afghans and four coasters. This was a much more productive year than usual

Laurie Bowman

I would say probably a dozen or more - didn’t count!


I have finished 30 so far this year. A few more than last year because I retired this year. All smaller projects. Hats and mitts and socks and a few shawls. A good knitting year.

Morgan James

I've been making a lot of smaller projects this year. Potholders, dishcloths and coasters. I have some larger ongoing projects on needles too, of course


Ravelry tells me I finished 28 projects. 25 pairs of socks. A mix of shorty and with a leg, 1 sweater 1 shawl, 1 hat. I do have a pair of socks and a blanket that should be finished by December 31st. Normal for me for the last few years.


I usually finish a pair of socks each month, but not this year. I made 2 vests, 4 hats, 4 sweaters, 1 shawl and only 4 pair of socks. 2022 I have knit fewer socks but still acquired sock yarn as though I was making 12+ pairs.


I didn’t keep track, but now I wish I would have! Lots of smaller projects this year since my kids are very young. I have a large scrappy blanket in mind for next year though!

Carla Kempert

I definitely finished more this year than last year. Every year I start out determined to finish WIPs and not start new until the "old" stuff is done. This year, however, I got it in my head that my sister and her family needed new socks, and I was visiting in July; with 10 days to go, I could knit 4 pairs of socks, right? I only got 3 done (my niece got a head scarf instead) but 3 UFOs done in 10 days is pretty darn good for me. Plus a couple of sweaters, a huge shawl, and a pullover I got to wear to Rhinebeck, so for me 2022 was a good FO year!

Kathy Hooker

I have completed 15 projects this year. Not as many as I have in the past few years.
They were headbands, hats, gnomes and baby blankets.
Next years plans include sweaters, shawls scarves and socks... All the S's

Kate S

I honestly don't know. I have completed many pairs of socks, three (sewn) quilts, and a few garments. Seems like a regular amount :)


I’ve made 4 baby sweaters, 2 shawls, 1 set of finger mitts, a pair of socks, a top for myself and 2 hats. Small stuff this year… plan to finish a sweater or two for myself in the new year!


Finished 15 things that I recorded. More that are started, or that I didn't bother to write down


On Ravelry it looks like I complete 13 projects, but a couple of those included multiple things in one project, so about 17. Pretty good. I was knitting for other people towards the end of the year.


I've finished 8 projects this year - which is much fewer than previous years, sadly. Oh well, I did get some long-standing projects off the needles (like the sweater I started for my husband before the pandemic) and I'm pretty happy about that.


As of today, I have finished 65 projects this year! This is WAY more than usual. I can hardly believe it!

For one thing, I had two new babies in the family to knit for this year, and I have been participating in the Year of Gnomes KAL, making at least one gnome per month all year long.

I don’t expect to keep up this pace in the new year. For one thing, I miss knitting sweaters for me, so I hope to get back to that in 2023.


I have finished 25 items, mostly baby hats and blanket for charity. And I have also finished 9 pairs of socks.


I believe it has been 5-6 projects. Mostly shawls, a few hats and cowls.

Paula Rowe

I've been taking care of my daughter and in the last 6 weeks I've knitted 3 hats, a pair of mittens, a pair of socks and started a sweater. WHEW!!!


I don't keep track of how many projects I get done. I'm almost never not knitting - gifts, hats for charity, shawls with my travel souvenir yarn. Yarn is my thing!

Ali Alldredge

4, but they have all been since November…I lost my mojo for the last fees years, but I am back, baby!

Geraldine Scott

Hmmm...good question! I crocheted one blanket, made three double-loop cowls, several socks. I'm guessing it's a bit more than other years!

Rose Bunnell

Let's see... 20 or so dish cloths... 3 shawls, a baby blanket, several pairs of socks... average year of knitting... trying to finish 2 ufo's to each new cast on project! LOL. I didn't get to the Christmas hot pads I wanted to start, so will start them after the holidays for next year.
I crochet, too, so had several crocheted items, too. I enjoy having small projects to work on in the car, dr.'s office... anytime i am just waiting.
Big projects can get overwhelming, if I get stuck or frustrated, I'll pick up some "mindless" knitting to figure out the other project.
Have to make more socks, as I can't buy them to fit.


I have knitted less this year as I moved in the spring and it took a little while to get all my yarn and goodies unpacked. However, that was the first after the kitchen stuff to get unpacked. I did get 6 hats made for the grandkids and a pair of socks. Hopefully this coming year will bring more yarn to my needles and gifts to my family and friends.


I have finished at least 10projects this past year. Maybe more, guess I should keep track of that. Some big and some small.

Terri Kelly

81 projects. 55 were Wondrous Dishcloths. 15 pairs of socks and 2 pairs of baby size socks to put in shadow boxes. I finished the Polesdan Scarf. The Combinatorics Shawl. A Norwegian Hat. Silver Dollar Cowl. Land of Sweets Cowl.

Jody Laake

Hands down I made more socks than anything else. Really don’t have an idea as to how many pairs but I’m Kitchenering and finishing Christmas gifts today and I’m on my seventh pair - no wonder I always think I don’t have enough needles lol! I did get the urge to knit up some hats and cowls though thanks to Simply Socks Hat Club and some of the beautiful posts from Simply Socks’ fans on Ravelry. I think I’ve knit a little more this year than last but it’s a close call.

Joelle Medina

Only about 5 or 6 projects this year- a sweater, a couple pair of socks, a scarf and a hat. My mojo was a bit low over the summer and work has been keeping me extra busy!

Leann Demeduk

I wish I would keep better track of my projects. I think I've probably finished 4 or 5 things - mostly cowls and shawls. I still want to find the perfect sweater pattern/yarn combo to do in the next year - and some socks. I haven't knit any socks in awhile and I have my knit 2 socks at a time book out to get inspired!


Wow! If only I’d kept track, I’ve always wished I’d recorded my knitting projects. I remember I knit a baby blanket for my new great nephew and finished an old WIP baby blanket and started a third. I also knit him 4 toques, 3 pairs of mittens and a pair of socks. A pair of mittens for one sister-in-law and a cowl for another, a toque for my sister, and a toque for my daughter and her husband and his niece and nephew. Plus cowls for a few friends, knitted and felted hot matts for my niece, my sister-in-laws and sister, knit and felted bowl holders for my husband and knit a toque and mitts for my friend’s new granddaughter. I also started socks for my husband for Christmas, but I think they’ll be a New Year’s gift. There could be more, maybe I’ll start keeping track in 2023!

Nicole S

So far this year I've finished 41 projects, all of them on the smaller side. This is similar to last year - lots of socks, plus some other smaller projects like dishcloths and gnomes (I'd like to knit more sweaters but I hardly ever seem to get around to it).


Fifty-one! Cowls, socks, mittens shawls...but mostly Izzy dolls to go with board books for toddlers or gnomes for the year of gnomes. I have two sweaters that won't make the finish line until next year!

Jodie Walton

Completed a blanket, now working on another blanket, and I have LOTS of socks to get working on! I’m also excited about the yarn I just received for the hat club. I need to get busy!

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