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December 21, 2022


Terry O'Brien

I volunteer at our church every Monday morning. In addition, I knit 20 pairs of socks for Knit the Rainbow.

Diane Jespersen

I am the rep at our church for our local food pantry. This year we did a Noisy Offering every month..... Empty your pockets of all your change for the food bank. The need for help with food in my community has increased so much since the pandemic started and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. Every little bit helps.


I have a couple of organizations I regularly support throughout the year: Cross Catholics who provide housing, food, education for people in other countries as a mission, and Faith and Works which supports Catholic Charities in my area. And at Christmas time my department at the hospital adopts as many kids as we can to buy them Christmas gifts. This year we got to adopt 9 children from our hospital employees who can't give their kids a good Christmas.


I take my BIL places, help my mom who is in assisted living, give blood, volunteer for my local bike advocacy’s annual bike ride by running a rest stop, loading trucks & serving as one of the event coordinators.


Participating in Knitted Knockers. For those who don’t know, women who have had a mastectomy receive a knitted prosthetic. All knockers are knit by volunteers and given to recipients merely for the asking. I don’t know the women who have received the pairs I have knitted, but hope the recipients feel the love that is headed their way during a challenging time.


I baked 3 dozen muffins to go to the soup kitchen on Christmas day.


I knit surprise socks for my wife. Also, donated graphic design services.


My charities this year all seem to be about food. World Central Kitchen,St.Mary's Food Bank, and Seed Money are the main ones. More neighborhood oriented has been buying coffee for election workers, making meals for sick neighbors, and helping to publize a new nonprofit food business for a former neighborhood restrantuer.

Mary Kay

I try to donate each month to local organizations that offer shelter, clothing and food to our homeless population. It’s also nice to see that my granddaughter recently paid for groceries when elderly couples credit card was denied. We never know who’s watching our acts of kindness.


I try to be of service as much as possible, doing small tasks to help out family, friends, and members of the community. I also donate most of my knitted goods to a local shelter because, really, I probably have more than enough hats and socks to last several lifetimes!

Deborah G.

I knit warm items and randomly gift them to folks I see who might need that extra bit of warmth....I have an Uncle who is nearly 80 that I adore, and I try to spoil him as much as possible with the little things, like his favorite popcorn, favorite meals, fixing things so he won't have to...I try to live my life just doing what I can for people around me, because EVERYONE out there is going through something, and it costs so very little to be kind...

Jan F

I’ve been helping out my sister with paying for her cancer treatments. Her insurance is not very helpful, and she’s unemployed. I’ve also made a number of comforts (about 10”x15” mini-blankets), and inspired others to make many more, for a sexually abused clinic for children in Hazard KY. And now we’re trying to make enough to give every child in the 6 KY counties that were flooded, a comfort!


A teenager at my church suffers from fetal alcohol syndrome, and I gave her a cowl that I'd previously made because it matched the coat she wears perfectly.
She then asked me to make an embarrassing hat for her brother, so I made the 1st of many Dead Fish Hats... It's a fun free pattern on Ravelry. I used different eyes so it doesn't look dead, because really! Who wants to wear a dead fish on their head?
He made fish lips with his face as he posed for a picture, so I don't think he was embarrassed, but she was thrilled!
Knitting for the win!


My 31 yo daughter's car died back in March, and I've been sharing my car with her ever since. She has it at least 3 days every week so she can do the things she needs a car for.

Peggy P

My LYS collects hats, mittens, etc. (for donation) and I am happy to add to their boxes all year long - and it is a great excuse to drop in there & see what's new!


We are currently fostering a dog who came from less than ideal living conditions.


We are caregivers for an elderly relative and most of my energy goes in that direction but I try to be the person who gives heartfelt compliments when people are helpful.

And we have shared the garden bounty - jars of pickled okra and various jams to both family and professionals who have been especially kind.

Becky Holmes

I tried to be available to listen to people in my life who need support. Rather than being "too busy to talk" I tried to go for coffee, talk on the phone, or just be present for people who are struggling.

Kim Holbrook

This has been a year of intentionally doing small kindnesses at every opportunity—making eye contact, saying thank you, taking a few moments to engage in a bit of conversation and making food for friends going through a rough patch. It’s been helpful to me to truly be with people. Our usual end of year monetary giving does good in NE INDIANA I hope but the little things have meant the most in my life this year.


Donated hats snd gloves to church for homeless


There are two new babies in my family, and I knitted a lot of stuff for them.
My husband and I support the Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, Planned Parenthood, and our college with financial donations.


I’ve been kind and welcoming to new people at our church.

Filomena Hack

Helped a dear friend who lost her her husband quite suddenly.


The biggest thing I did this year was use two vacation days to drive a friend’s 86-year-old mother to Indy so her dog could be seen by a specialist and have surgery. I have an older neighbor that we cook for and check in. And, I’ve made small donations here and there as my budget allowed. I’m sure there’s more but that’s what stands out.

Brenna Delosier

Starting come in with my small dog, Jellybean, to spend the days with my 95 year old grandma who has the beginning of dementia. She misses dogs of her own so I bring my dog by to brighten her day.


I don't want to focus on me, I want to focus on something kind done for me. Recently, I fell and broke my wrist and foot. No knitting! :( Someone that I work with sent me a care package from a company that sends soup. I couldn't believe this person did this for me. She is going through cancer treatment herself right now. I can't believe she thought about me when she is going through so much herself. One of the kindest things anyone has ever done for me!


I have a student who was diagnosed with a large brain tumor. I gave money her Go Fund Me to help with food and travel expenses while she’s getting treatment.

Carolyn Zewe

I was caregiver to my mother before she passed away earlier this year. I try to do little kindnesses every day. I picked up poop left behind at the dog park this morning, I don’t know if that counts. 😊


I regularly put items in the little free library and little free pantries in my neighborhood.


We are a cat family and this year, in addition to donating items to cat shelters, we adopted a very sick cat who was dumped by his family. He seems to be doing well with us (and our other cats), and our goal is to keep him happy and comfortable for as long as we get to care for him. He loves to be near his people and follows us around all day shouting for food.


I just read an article yesterday in the New York Times about how doing kind things for other people, volunteering, etc. is actually proven to make you feel less lonely. I have certainly found that to be true, as well as met friends this way.

I volunteer with my city’s large food bank, which this year as in 2020 has been a very necessary resource for many people. Unpacking and sorting the supplies is kind of meditative, like doing a bunch of garter stitch :)

(And, friendly reminder, it’s better to support your local food bank with money and/or time. We can buy nutrient-dense, stable foods in quantity which is much cheaper, so your money will go farther to help more people than cans of food)


One I did just this week is I took plates of homemade Christmas cookies to a bunch of neighbors.
I also was able to give away (as opposed to selling it) our outgrown crib to a refugee family from Ukraine.


I've tried to send support to a guinea pig rescue. So many people buy these pets and then don't have any regard for them when their kids tire of them. They are very sweet animals and deserve better.


I started teaching beginning knitting at our local library again after a long pause due to the pandemic. It’s at no cost to participants with all yarn and needles donated. Love to inspire new knitters.

Rohna Harkless

I knitted a hat for a friend who lost her hair from chemo. She was delighted and I really enjoyed doing it .


I sat in on a couple Latin classes this semester (I am a college instructor, and doing this re-connects me with what it is like to learn something brand new). I brought home-made cookies to the students of those classes (gluten-free, because two of the students had celiac).


I knit a bunch of hats and cowls and gave them to a refugee organization this year. It is a great way to experiment with patterns and colours, and then have the items go where they are needed.

Sara Moening

I shovel the sidewalk from my house all the way to the end of the block and then a path to the road for all the kids on our block to get to the bus. My favorite thing to do though is to be cheerful to my coworkers. Everyone needs a smile or a kind word.

Brittany Cook

I, like many others I'm sure, have struggled financially this year, but I always try to donate to local charities. It's usually my spare change! I also want to get into knitting for a charity, but I am at a loss at where to start. I don't have alot of time to devote to knitting, but maybe I could make a project a month for a charity.


I sent 51 handknit hats to the Freestore in Braddock PA right around Thanksgiving. (Last year I sent 100). I make them from stash and leftover yarns from other projects. Whenever I leave this life, I want to be remembered as someone who tried her best to make this world a little warmer and more colorful. After all, somebody always needs a hat. :-)

Lynn B

Money donations to World Central Kitchen, local soup kitchen, dog
Rescue and hour west and local PBS.

Kris LaVenia

I worked with a local school district to offer knitting instruction to school personnel as a way to build community and manage stress. The participants loved the group and said it was very helpful for them in their work roles. I collaborated with Project Knitwell on this and they are amazing to work with/alongside. I also donated to Project Knitwell because their mission is really beautiful imo.

Sabrina Snyder

I don't think this is really helping, but, I am currently with my daughter and her family. They say I am always willing to watch and feed her and her kids. Even at the drop of a hat. I think I am being rewarded.


I started donating blood this year. Trying to find my spot to volunteer in the new year. I try to pay attention to everyday kindness also. I am grateful to see all the ideas here in how to help.


This year we made an effort to donate locally. The majority of our donations went to the local soup kitchen and the food pantry (separate entities).
Our church, along with other area churches, helped to fill wish lists from the local schools at the beginning of the school year. The goal was to keep down the amount of out of pocket for supplies for teachers. We were easily able to purchase a couple of cases of Kleenex from Dollar Tree. I bet there’s a school near anyone here that would love some extra boxes when they get back after the holidays. Thank you for this post - it was the reminder we need to get more!
What made us happiest was covering band fees for a great kid (and great parents!). Definitely not a true non-profit, but another way to work locally.
Mostly we were grateful to be able to do this.


A group of us got together and went out to eat. We intentionally went with extra cash money to leave with the restaurant manager to give to their employees who may need a little extra help this season.


As a younger member of a very small community that is comprised of mostly senior citizens, there are SO many ways to help out. I have given many hours to my church, civic organizations, fair association, and elderly neighbors. I also donated my time and skills to create a new website for our local arts association.

Tina Niesen

I love to surprise my neighbors with little gifts throughout the year! I have also been helping my dad who has had health issues this year by taking him to his appts, cleaning, etc!


What I do varies from year to year. This year it was new backpacks for one of the Boys & Girls Clubs in the area as part of their back-to-school event.

Pat Phythian

After the withdrawal from Afghanistan I started donating to Women for Afghan Women.


I knit hats for those less fortunate and shawls for hospital patients. I volunteer at our church and
donate clothing at Arc.
I like to tip generously at restaurants.


I serve on the executive committee for the PTO at my child's school. Monetary donations to multiple organizations.

Julie Koss

I agree about giving and makes you feel so good to do for others. I have a couple of charities we donate to monthly. I always try to do something for my neighbors. They are all older and no family around. Anything from food to helping them when working outside, my husband and I try to be available for them.


I did dog sitting for a friend so her family could take a vacation.

Lisa L

I knitted socks for friends who are struggling with depression, the death of a parent, etc..

Pam Bacci

My husband and I have been active with Lake County Honor Flight for several years. We originally did some volunteer work and fundraising but then decided to go all in and volunteer as guardians to taking deserving veterans to Washington DC. We each served as guardians in October 2019 and we were honored again to serve as guardians this past year in October.


We have porch pirates here in the city. My neighbors and I watch out for each other. If we see a package left on a doorstep we msg and then take in the package. Today I grabbed two packages and my neighbors stopped by to get them and chat for a bit. We also have a group msg to share info or to ask for help if needed. And if a porch pirate shd grab a package before us, we have cameras snd download the video for the police. It's a nice way to care for each other.

Gaylyn B

I sold a vehicle I didn't want any longer. I donated 4.5% of my profit to the local food bank. They are always in need.
I also donated $200 to a fund my bank was sponsoring for those in need immediately after the hurricane in Florida. Having lived through Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans I know how overwhelming and frightening living through that aftermath is.
I also like holding open doors for people with their hands full at the grocery store. Just a very small act but easily done.

Teresa Knittingdancer

I knitted socks and other things and gave to people. I also cooked dishes for friends who had surgery.


I once heard someone say, "If there's something you feel like you need in your life, give it to someone else." It actually works. If I feel lonely, I go seek out someone who seems lonely. If I'm hungry, I bake/cook for my family. If I'm broke, I donate to a good cause; it actually makes me feel richer. I've tried to put that into practice as much as possible this year. No matter what you feel like you lack, there's someone out there who wishes they were where you are.


I've tried to donate more to our local food pantry - food prices are so high and the need seems greater than ever.


Since I have been ill this year and not able to do things physically for others, we helped financially. Our church is struggling financially this year, so we made a larger than usual donation for the year. Also increased our donation to an organization that provides scholarships to diocesan Catholic schools for intellectually talented students who could not otherwise afford an education that will prepare them well for college.

Paula Meisters

So, my SO is from South Africa and his best friend is over there. I knit exclusively with high quality yarn and fine soft fiber. His friend’s wife knits but she uses very inexpensive acrylic yarn to make her husbands socks, which only last a couple of months. I have a large stash which includes a lot of Merino/nylon sock yarn. I also have a lot of merino/silk which is very luxurious. I sent her some sock yarn and some of the other for her. She was ecstatic. She made a sweater and a shawl and socks for her husband. It was colors they both love.


This year the food pantries have been having a difficult time. My family has been donating time to help out. My department at work has also organized multiple food drives. Hopefully it has made a difference


I love baking and cooking.
This past year, I made several meals for our fellow church members that had surgery.
My favorite delivery was to our church organist. She had hip surgery. She loves my scones, so I added a plate of those when I delivered her dinner.

Sue Garcia

This year I donated many items to a thrift shop that gives their proceeds to scholarships for students who want to be teachers.


I took a friend, who hurt her leg and was having surgery, her favorite soup from a local restaurant when she was unable to go to lunch with us. I also knit hats that get donated to one of local charities.


I like to give warm, handwoven, soft-fibered, personally designed scarves to people that have made a difference in my life ... my sister, my CSA farmer, my daughters, my good friend who's handy with tools ... do a little to return their kindnesses to me. I would give a scare to the DH, but he's not a scarf-kinda guy!


This year we opened our wallet more for charity, I knit and crocheted some loveys out of, GASP!, acrylic, for Toys For Tots and we adopted a kitten from HumaneFW. Which actually helped us as much as it did Penny.

Susan Mercy

As a musician, I donate my time providing music at church and for other organizations.


This year an elderly man from our church lost his wife of 50+ years. My kids have played chess with this sweet man over the years, but this year we made it a point to have him over to our house to play chess at least once a week. The gift of time isn't expensive, but companionship is something we all need.


One small thing we do is to clean out our neighbor's curbside storm drain whenever we clean the leaves out of our own. Another thing I do each year is to knit hats for local organizations offering services to people experiencing homelessness. There is a big unhoused population here. Hopefully even small gestures could make a difference for someone else.

Hilda C

This year we continued to give monetarily to the local food bank. We also donated to a local thrift store which helps those in hospice care. Hunger is an issue for me. Having never gone hungry myself I know there are plenty of people who go hungry every day so that their kids have something to eat.


I donated money to three local charities - more than last year. I also made and donated knitted hats to North Hills Community Outreach for their winter clothing drive.

Dana Snyder

Sadly, my job didn’t give me much time to do much charity work this semester but I did make a gnome and a hat for a friend who is going through chemo.


I taught a friend to knit! Well, me and YouTube. She just completed her 1st sweater for her granddaughter.


I knit hats and mittens for an organization that works with homeless teens (words I hate to see together) in the town in Maine where I used to live.

Labrista wadkins

I made 40 wash clothes to go to charity.

Kathy in Kansas

I regularity give snacks or candy to retail workers who look like they're about done peopling.

Susanna Eve

I donate smaller amounts often to non profit animal rescues.


We donate to the United Way.


I tried to buy some extra groceries each month to put in the Forward Indiana food pantries around town and art supplies in the free art cabinet in downtown Fort Wayne.


I've set up a recurring donation to a couple charities that we support. Everyone who works at nonprofits tells me that recurring donations are so helpful, because it's regular cash flow.


I've been donating clothes to a local church that collects them and also donating books to a used bookstore that opened during covid to give special needs young adults a job experience.


My husband and I have many hobbies--woodworking, soap making, knitting, basket weaving to name a few. We donate much of what we make to various charities or fundraisers in our area and also where our son lives. I will also randomly give a friend a bar of soap, some maple syrup from our land or a small knitted item "just because". We volunteer weekly at the local food pantry and other places too. We love to give back and are thankful we have the time and resources to do so.


I knit two special gifts.

Sandra Sprouse

My husband’s aunt has cancer, so the family collected $1500 for her to help with their financial needs.


Without going into detail, small acts can mean a lot.
Next week is when I do my year end charitable donations for both local and national.

Nicole Acuna

I’ve donated knit hats and scarves to my local family success center and I’m a full time caregiver to my dad :)

sherrie mckee

My husband and I deliver Meals on Wheels 1x week. I knit warm things for Hope Town.


I’ve regularly supported the food pantry that my campus division set up for students in need - no questions asked, they can fill a bag of food or toiletries. So many of our students have incredible needs and it’s hard to learn when you are hungry (or tired from working multiple jobs).


If it counts, we rescued/adopted a kitten. I've also donated a lot of clothing and coats my family wasn't using.

Sue N

I knit mittens for a local elementary school with a high proportion of kiddos in need. They’re a nice break from socks and still small enough to be carry-along knitting.


I make annual donations to various charities, particularly those that are helping people in need, food banks, etc. I also do some charity knitting that is given to a children's home.

Jenn H

Care for my aging mil


I can’t think of any major things but I like to do little things: sweep a coworker’s classroom, help out wherever I can. I helped organize a food drive and winter coat drive for our school.

Chris Meier

This spring, I joined Moms Demand Action, a grass roots group working for common sense gun control. I joined my fellow members in contacting legislators (from local mayors and trustees to county, state and National representatives) to ask them to enact common sense gun controls. I believe this is necessary for community safety.
And, like last year, we have been regularly donating to local food banks.

Linda H

In addition to usual year-end contributions have sent periodic donations to World Central Kitchen. So impressed by the continuous efforts of Jose Andres!

Geri Heagy

My husband and I like to surprise out servers with generous tips. (Especially those that are high school/college age.) We received a thank you from the mom of a girl we knew saying her tip was going directly into her college fund. We’ve been blessed and feel led to bless others.

Donna Norris

I knit a couple chemo caps this year, give to local charities. Smile at strangers a lot too. Doing something small for someone else can make a positive impact on that person's day.

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