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December 05, 2022



So very many in-person visits. The experience is always amazing whether I'm looking for help with color selection, color-order, don't know what I want, or whether I need anything, it's always a good time at SSYC>


I think it would be fun to visit Simply Sock Yarn in Fort Wayne from our new home in Fort Payne, The Sock Capital of the World!

All your yarn looks wonderful but I think I'd have the most fun with Hedgehog Fibres.

Thanks for the opportunity!


Yes! Living in the ‘05 and a short walk to SSYC on a Saturday morning as a quick break from the kids is always such a treat! I love getting to drive past the shop almost daily knowing how much joy that you bring to fiber lovers near and far.

As I first got deeper into knitting, SSYC was one of the first brick and mortar shops I went to and I felt so welcomed to be in this community!


Yes, yes, yes! Easy drive up I-69 a couple times a year. Never really *need* things but always find treasures!

yolanda v

I haven't been in person. But it is on my bucket list for a road trip. I want to see the shop! And ALL the yarn!! 💜


Yes, I've shopped in person! I live in CA, and my husband and I were on a road trip, and he agreed to a detour so I could shop at SSYC. I loved it! Good thing we were driving in the truck so I had room for my purchases!!!


Yes. Five years ago we took a trip and also went to the science museum and zoo!

Gaylyn B

Never have been but it is definitely on my list of "Must Go".
I would really like to see Cosy Posy in person. The colors are so very enticing in the photos.


Never been, but would love to see that huge selection, especially all the Madelinetosh colors.


Never been in person. I would love to see Six and Seven Fibers in person. The colors are so pretty online but they are probably much better in person.


No I have never been but would love to go. I would like to see the Freckled Whimsy sock sets in person!


I haven't been to the store yet, but its on my bucket list. I would love to see all the yarn, but especially Walk Collection Tough Sock in person.


I live in Canada, so sadly have not been to your shop. It looks amazing and I’m sure I would have a tough time peeling myself away, if I ever had the chance. I don’t think I could choose just one that I’d like to see, I’d have to take in it all.

Brittany Cook

I have been to the shop in person! I actually live around the corner, and it has become my favorite yarn shop. Everyone is so friendly. All of the yarn is so mesmerizing and I could spend forever in the shop and still not see everything that this charming place has to offer!! Forever a customer here.


Oh yes, on a cross-country road trip, went more than 100 miles (one-way!) out of the way to duck into the shop. I was struck by the smell when I walked into the door--that yarny smell we all know and love! ;-)


Unfortunately, no, I have never made it to SSYC in person…and considering the online orders I have made it’s probably just as well for my bank account that I cannot see all the yarn in person!

If I could be there in person, I would love to touch the Nettle Sock yarn. I think of nettles as prickly/itchy, but I am intrigued by the concept of the yarn— but I’d definitely want to test how it felt next to my skin before buying!


Unfortunately I have never gotten to visit in person - yet. I’m retiring in January which will really free up my schedule. My daughter and I are planning a road trip so I will finally get to see your store. I would love to see your Madeline Tosh section because I just cannot imagine that much of a selection to choose from in one place. I would also love to see Kenyarn because I’ve never had a chance to handle that line in person.


I’ve never been to your physical location though I’ve wanted to for a long time. You’re a very long drive from where I live and I’m told the Chicago Skyway is a super congested and unfun road on which to travel. I’ve wanted to visit the Indiana dunes for years too but my husband just won’t do the drive. I guess I’m stuck with online ordering.


No, have never been to the store. Living in the west I doubt that will happen. But I’d love to see all the Dream in Color and do some squishing of that yarn


I have never been to your store. Maybe this spring. I am a sucker for Madelinetosh yarn so I would live to see all of the colors you have.


I live in Massachusetts so sad to say I have not visited in person. I would love to be able to just walk around ALL THAT YARN! The pictures look so inviting. Happy holidays!


My daughter lives in Ft. Wayne, and when I googled yarn shops in Ft. Wayne, that is how I found you. Whenever I visited her I would hope to come in person, but sadly, initially, I wasn’t in town on the right days. So I started following your blog and signed up for emails. And I finally hit it right and got to visit in person. I was astounded!! I had never seen so much and such variety of yarn in one place and I LOVED it!!!! She had to drag me out of the store, with purchase in hand, of course!! I was amazed at the variety of Madelinetosh, one of my favorites as I had only seen small amounts in other LYS. But your variety “takes the cake” - pun intended……I can always find lots of color ways that tickle my fancy. It is hard not to come home with all of them, but I always have to pick up something from another yarn line as well. Now when I plan a visit I always check your “open” dates and do my best to have a day to shop in person. Most times I succeed, doing my best to adjust my dates for travel and visiting. Thanks for all your hard work to make such a wonderful place to shop, in person, or online! You are appreciated.


I haven’t visited your shop in person (yet). I live in Oregon, and I did meet you at the first Sock Summit, and shopped your booth there. Maybe I’ll make it to Indiana one day. If so, I would love to see some of the self-striping indie yarns.

Kim Payne

I have never been in person but I would love to! I'd like to see the Opal yarn line. Really, I'd just like to see everything you have!

Jan F

I’ve never been to the store - sad. I’d love to see Malabrigo Rios in person! Glorious!

Brenna Delosier

I’ve never been. I live in California. I think I would most like to see all the Madelintosh. There are just so many colors I want to see them all in person. And then all the Opal, I find they are always much prettier than pictured.


I have shopped in person at your amazing store! It’s been way too long—maybe 10 years? But I will plan a trip to Fort Wayne again someday. I bought yarn for a Clapotis when I was there, and it’s still one of my favorite projects/FOs ever.


I have never shopped in person because I lived in Ft Wayne from 2000-2006 and moved to California. I’d like to see Onion Yarn.


I haven’t been to see the shop in person. My partner says he’d bring me but I suspect that his idea of yarn shopping & mine are quite different - he thinks that 20-30 minutes should suffice. I don’t want to have to deal with his grumpiness.

Dana Snyder

I have not been at your shop since I live in Virginia. I love all the yarn so I don’t have anything in particular I look at. I do love color and putting combos together so that is one benefit to shopping in person. It’s rare I get to a yarn shop these days. The closest one is over an hour away. I love your online shop and have been very satisfied with what I get. I know you take a lot of time to photograph the yarn.


I have not been to your physical shop but have placed online orders. Thank you for carrying such a wonderful assortment of yarn. I do fall down the rabbit hole of just scrolling through your selection when I feel stressed at work.

C. Lansing

Yes, before the start of the COVID pandemic, my friend and I made the four hour drive to shop in person. We were amazed to see the huge selections of such beautiful yarn on display. The offerings were well organized and displays of finished objects gave us great ideas for projects and seeing the yarn worked up was so helpful. The staff was welcoming and answered our questions. We also browsed patterns available to purchase and explored accessories. It was such fun to purchase yarn, patterns and other supplies in person. Also there were bargains available. We left feeling happy with our purchased treasures and talked about how we would use them, making the four hour return trip home enjoyable, too. Thank you!


I am blessed to be able to frequent your yarn shop. I love getting to see and smell the yarn... I always say I am coming in with blinders on when I pick up an order. It's hard not to fall in love with it all. I feel blessed that I have a local yarn store I love.


I've visited in person several times and ordered online several times! My favorite yarn is probably Dream in Color Smooshy.

Peggy Pennell

I have not been in your store and would love to visit! I dream of standing in front of your Opal display and just oohing for ages!


I'd like to see all that Madelinetoah in one place!

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