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December 17, 2022



I'm the first to comment? Must be because I was up EARLY and had my one cup of coffee for the day. Usually from a local roaster, not particular which one, but I try to support local small business


I’m a hot cocoa gal with a peppermint tea bag in it this time of year! I make my own mix every morning with organic chocolate, maple syrup and a variety of vegan milks.


I’m a creature of habit: black coffee in the morning, herbal tea for the rest of the day. My current two favorite teas are Rishi cinnamon plum and cocoa mint.


Coffee in the morning. I'm a snob so I like freshly ground coffee in a french press.

Tea in the afternoon 😁


My day starts with green tea, but then I switch to decaf coffee.

Carla Hibbard

Cold coffee, Iced or blended. I like to think I like tea but seem to only buy it and not drink it.


My morning starts with a glass of milk with my cereal but lately it escalates quickly to an energy drink as I drop my daughter at daycare.

Beverly Shearon

For breakfast, I drink Gevalia medium roast, but I enjoy a Starbucks caramel macchiato sometimes. So I guess I prefer coffee over tea

J roth

Hot tea, no milk


Tea! Black, iced, unsweetened.


Coffee. And coffee. And tea maybe 1 out of 100 times.


I drink both all the time in the winter!

Kate s

Tea! My favorite is Yorkshire Gold


If I could only have one:coffee…but I usually drink a double espresso at home, 1 cup of coffee at work and then tea the rest of the day. Iced in the summer, hot in colder months… all unsweetened!!

Brittany Cook

Coffee coffee coffee!! I like flavored coffee and also regular with an oatmilk creamer. I found a coffee cake creamer that smells just like coffee cake!


I try to drink more tea, but coffee is my first love. I prefer flavored coffee. Nothing gets you into any season more than drinking coffee in that season's flavors.


2 cups of coffeein the morning, thentea in the late afternoon esp on a cold winter day. Love the citrus ping of Pike Place Market tea!


Coffee. Specifically Kalamazoo Coffee Backbackers Roast.


I enjoy both coffee and tea, but since I need to choose I’d say coffee. My favorite is a vanilla latte, but if I’m drinking regular coffee I must have cream and sugar. I simply can’t drink it black.


I can't live without my morning coffee! I usually drink it black but lately I've been treating myself to cold brew over ice with Silk's Oatmeal Cookie creamer. It tastes like dessert!

Dana Snyder

I’m a tea drinker all the way! Coffee is ok but I have to have creamer and not all is dairy free. I go through stages but I’m in the tea mood now. I like red rose black tea. I just bought some twinnings Christmas tea and Winter spice. The winter spice tea is caffeine free and delicious. The other is brewing now! I also love the sleepy time tea, peppermint and my new favorite is Lavender Camomile by Bigelow. I always drink tea in the evenings in the winter!

Kim Holbrook

Coffee in the morning, I’m not picky about the brand and tea the rest of the day, hot in the winter and iced in the summer. Perhaps my resolution for 2023 should be to cut back on caffeine!

Nancy M

I can drink just about any coffee if I have cream and sweetener. I like tea, but don’t choose it very often.

Lynda Moss

Definitely a coffee girl. We buy green coffee beans and roast them at home. A freshly ground, home roasted cup of coffee every morning is a beautiful thing!


All the caffeine, however I can get it! But usually coffee in the morning and then tea the rest of the day.

Anne Reaves

Orange pekoe tea!


Neither! I know, I’m weird.


Coffee; I love a good cuppa Joe.

Becky Creighton

A cup of coffee with French vanilla creamer first thing gets me started. And a white peppermint mocha if I go to the coffee shop.

Staci J

Coffee: a nice dark and bold French roast, straight black. 2 cups, first thing in the morning.

CM Leonard

I love both, coffee strong to hold up to oat milk addition. My tea HAS to be Vanilla Masala Chai by Vahdam……transports you into a whole different space.


Coffee, coffee! I am addicted to Javy currently and drink it from black to cream and sweetened. I like iced coffee too. I buy tea but end up not drinking it. I do love my Spice Tea mix I make.


That is a hard question. I have French press coffee every day but I like Yogi herbal tea… yummy. If I have to pick it would be coffee.

Virginia Harnischfeger

I prefer tea - with milk, no sugar. My favorite holiday tea is candy cane. I favor earl grey and like chai as well. Chocolate mint is another favorite. As you can imagine, I have a stash of tea - loose and sachet.

Sheila Hensler

Definitely coffee. Prefer with pumpkin spice creamer.

Teresa Knittingdancer

I am a coffee drinker. I don't like tea. We grew up drinking Folgers coffee.

Diana Rucker

Coffee. I recently switched to cold brew and find it much smoother. During the winter, I like a cuppa tea in the afternoon. My son and husband are tea drinkers, so I just pull from their stash. No favorites really.

Lisa L

I am 100% a tea person. I like Yorkshire Red or Yorkshire Gold in the morning, then usually some flavor of Harney & Son's tea in the afternoon, then a fruit tisane at night.


Either cold ice tea or any kind or any kind of vanilla tea warm. I so wish I liked coffee. I love the smell of coffee brewing

Rose Birchall

Three cups of regular coffee in the morning. A cup of decaf at night.


Dark roast coffee in the morning with oat milk creamer! Black tea in the afternoon with a gingerbread man.

Jennifer Simoneau

Coffee is a must in the morning. Nothing special as long as it’s hot and black. My new favorite afternoon treat is a golden turmeric latte at a local bakery. Spicy and sweet!


The pandemic lockdown made us into coffee fiends. We perfected our coffee-makibg skills using Mr. Coffee and Bustelo brand coffee. Ten cups of water and 5 scoops of Bustelo create a heavenly morning. The coffee is strong yet not bitter. (For every 2 cup increase or decrease of water, use one more or one less scoop).

The afternoons are tine for tea. Bigelow green tea is my favorite. Not Grayslake tasting. And it pairs well with my knitting!


Both coffee and tea! I start with a strong English Breakfast tea (usually Ridgeways) then follow it with a cup of Nespresso decaf coffee. Later in the day I'll drink Ovaltine or Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice tea and sometimes just hot water!

Sara Moening

Coffee and my favorite is Tim Hortons. Whenever we travel north I get coffee from the shop! Tea in afternoon or if I'm sick. Lemon ginger with honey for a cold.


Definitely coffee ….and on special occasions Kona coffee ☕️

Susanna Eve

Coffee in the morning and sweet black tea in the afternoon. I miss coffee shop dates but DH and I alternate homemade espresso and pour over. Foamed oat milk and powdered maple sugar in my espresso and non dairy creamer, cocoa powder and powdered sweetener in my pour over.


Several proper plumbers tea throughout the day. Milk & 2 sugars


I just like hot beverages. I do start the day with coffee, but in the evenings I enjoy knitting with a cup of tea, my current favorite is called Christmas in Paris by Stash Tea.


BOTH. A good cuppa tea is a luxury…but coffee is life! One of my favorite teas is Twinings Lady Grey, but Republic of Tea has some great blends I love as well! As for coffee, a strong cup of Joe (no sugar or milk/creamer) is a must every morning.


Fall and winter are definitely my hot beverage season. Coffee in the morning with cream and then Yorkshire Gold tea in the afternoon ( with milk and sugar) and always a cup of celestial seasonings sleepy time in the evening.


Coffee, coffee, coffee — black and must be hot!

Nothing too fancy.


Tea - black or with a little sweetener in it. Not a big fan of herbal teas. I love the smell of coffee, but never developed a taste for it.



Rebecca Lovell

Coffee - mocha, usually.


Coffee for me.


Iced or hot
Flavored or plain


I like a nice cup of tea, but I love a good cup of coffee. I buy a Sumatran medium roast and blend it with a double dark French roast. It's a little bit of heaven, especially if I also have a scone from Brake Bread Bakery in St. Paul.

Deb Adams

Coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon.


Neither for me. I always wished I had a fondness for these warm beverages and last year I found warmed up cider to be an amazing seasonal drink

Paula Meisters

I like both coffee and tea. My boyfriend blends several coffees together to make a very nice strong coffee that is not bitter at all!! I usually take it with a touch of half & half. Otherwise I have a Keurig and lots of flavored coffees. Tea I’ll have if I just don’t feel like coffee. I love peppermint tea in the evenings. In the morning I’ll have my boyfriends “proper” tea. His blend again and with a touch of milk to smooth the tannins.


Seattles Best Hazelnut Coffee with a tbs of heavy cream in any of my Creative with Clay knitted mugs <3


I wished I could say I was one or the other…my morning routine is a Diet Coke! I know😬!


Coffee, usually dark roast and I take it black. But enjoying gingerbread flavored coffee lately.

Crystal Parker

I love both, but coffee has to be hot and black. But my tea needs to be iced and unsweetened. I'm complicated! :)

Laura  Nixon

Coffee for the win! Java time or French Roast from Aldi. At night when I’m cold, (Michigan here), I will have an herbal tea like Tazo.. orange is my favorite.

Peggy P

Tea all day! Pot of Earl Grey in the morning, Oolong in the afternoon and Constant Comment after supper. I collect tea the same way I collect yarn and have many brands and flavors to try.


I like tea. I love coffee. My kids draw coffee into all of their cards to me and back when they were in early elementary and had to fill out those "All About My Mom" pages they would answer "What does your mom do?" with "drinks coffee." I might also own an absolutely ridiculous amount of mugs. 😆


Coffee for breakfast but tea from then on. Harneys Teas fill my cupboard, Tea Forte and have stumbled on The Spice & Tea Exchange loving their black tea sampler. Love my Earl Greys!

Patricia clonch

Coffee is the best


Tea for me. Just about any kind at breakfast and darjeeling in the afternoon with a cookie is my go to.

Becky Holmes

Coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon. Favorite coffee brand is Intelligencia, from Chicago. Favorite tea is from Ceylon. Love Emma's yarn!


Coffee first! Gotta have my coffee and I brew it in the morning and save the rest by putting it in my thermos. Add chocolate, yarn and I'm one happy gal!

Debra Cohen

I am a very lucky woman! My husband brings me coffee in bed every morning! We have a Keurig and I love to try new flavors, but mostly I like Peet’s Major Dickenson blend.
During the summer I like iced tea, but if I’m drinking hot tea it is usually Tazo Passion tea.


Tea. Tea all the time. And I mean real tea, not that herbal stuff (yuck!). I drink iced tea all day with a cup of hot green or earl grey in the am. One of my favorites is Harney and Sons Passionfruit - a black tea blend served iced in many restaurants in Hawaii.


My first decision every morning is whether to drink coffee or tea that day. I like both but sometimes think I drink coffee (any coffee) because I really like the cream. PG Tips is my tea of choice (though I will drink any Stash tea occasionally). I buy the really big boxes on Amazon. I was always buying it at the grocery in those tiny boxes then a friend was going to England and asked what I wanted him to bring me. I said PG Tips, and he brought me a huge box. It was a joy to have so much so I decided to look on line for it and found it.


For me it’s green tea with matcha first thing in the morning. I add lemon and just a dab of honey. Sweet and just enough caffeine to get me started on the day.

Linda L. in WI

Coffee - specifically, Wide Awake hazelnut blend - every morning or I'm not fit to be around humans.
But tea when I'm feeling crummy. Double spice chai with honey for an upper respiratory infection, chamomile for a sour stomach, apple spice chai when I need some soothing warmth.

Karin Bergstrom

I am all about warm drinks in winter! Black coffee in the morning, decaf coffee or rooibos tea in the afternoon, mulled wine in the evening. It is all about being cozy and warm!


I love Stash Christmas Morning tea. It's a mix of green and black tea and I start my day with it and continue right on through!


Tea for me!
Twining's Holiday blends (there are 4 different ones) in the winter. Summer is now Peet's Mint (the best mint I've found) and Peet's Hibuscus. Those are lovely both hot and iced. NO sugar or dairy in any of them.


Coffee first thing in the morning then tea the rest of the day, mint green tea is one of my favorites.

Sandra Sprouse

I am a coffee addict… I admit it! Don’t send help. :)

Filomena Hack

Coffe in the morning tea….loose tea in the afternoon. Medium roast coffee. Cream of earl gray..sometimes even London fog

Julia Swallow

Coffee in the morning and tea in the afternoon and evening. My favorite tea is oolong.

Terri Kelly

Dunkin Donuts Coffee on occasion. I would rather Hot Chocolate. Never tasted tea, I don’t like the smell of it! Yuck!

Nicole S

That's a really tough question, because I like both. I usually have either coffee or black tea in the morning, and green or herbal tea later in the day.

If I had to pick just one, it might be Earl Grey tea.

Chris Meier

Definitely coffee! Usually, a dark roast, brewed in my French press, served with a bit of creamer. Flavored coffees are my luxury—my treat for myself.

Donna Norris

I'm definitely a tea person. Red Rose tea is my favorite. With two sugars and milk :-). I also enjoy Bigelow Spiced Chai Decaf tea in the evenings. Enjoy an occasional cup of flavored coffee too.

Labrista wadkins

Dunkin’ Donuts decaf coffee!

Diana Byrum

Coffee in the morning and any sort of tea in the afternoon.

Geri Heagy

Never acquired the taste for either. Give me a cold Diet Coke and I’m happy!


Only coffee, but only in the morning. I love a white mocha!

Rose Bunnell

I drink a large cup (half a pot! Lol) every morning. French roast. 2 sugar, flavored creamer. Sometimes tea in 0the afternoon... something herbal with mint, or Constant Comment.


Coffee is a must for me as a mom of 4! Though I do enjoy tea too. And I just bought Emma’s yarn for the first time, from your shop! I got some minis to make into socks for my little ones.



Hilda Clegg

My preference is coffee, black, all the way --morning, noon and night. No problem with caffeine.

Diane Jespersen

Tea and only tea. Apricot Tea is my favorite, and not easy to find.


I make a mocha in the morning (coffee with a Tbsp. of hot chocolate mix) and a chai tea with frothed soy milk in the afternoon. Oh and don’t forget a sprinkle of sugar and cinnamon!

Kathy in Kansas

I am a tea lady through and through. Tried to like coffee in college when everyone esle was doing it and I never liked it. I love love love Constant Comment, a black tea with orange and cinnamon in it. It somehow tastes so warm and refreshing at the same time. In the summer, I make sun tea using a few bags of regular Lipton and a couple bags of Constant Comment. I recently discovered Winterspice tea by Twinings and that tastes like Christmas in a cup.

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