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December 23, 2022



Valentine's Day is my favorite. Nice to just concentrate on one very special person and you can be very naughty.

Diane Jespersen

My favorite holiday is Independence Day. I grew up in a town where it was a huge celebration that lasted 2-3 days with a parade, carnival, water fights, and huge fireworks. Everyone came to our house for the fireworks! Such great childhood memories!


I guess I don’t really have a favorite holiday. I would have to say I like one in better weather when you can travel.


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Love hearing the family stories around the table.

P.S. This year we did brisket instead of turkey. Yum.

Dana Snyder

I love Christmas! I love the carols, the colors, lights and decorations! I also love the advent yarn kits! The stitch markers kit has been awesome!

Gaylyn B

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. I love the fall time of the year with it's cooler temperatures and beautiful colors. We have a great feast. Favorite, must-have recipes are numerous.
It is also, for our family in the orchard business, a celebration of the close of the season. After many months of frantic, overwhelming work, it is truly a time of thanks, gratitude, and peace. We've made it for another year!

Rohna Harkless

My favorite holiday is definitely Thanksgiving. It has all the family and friends time and good food without the stress of Christmas. But Christmas is a close second.

Lynn B

Halloween and Christmas! Halloween because it is fall and
I love the fall colors and weather. Christmas because of family
getting together , the lights and more kindness.


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday as I like having the family together. I also like Halloween - I enjoy seeing the little kids in their costumes. They're so excited.


I would say the winter holidays. It's an extended affair for us, spanning a week or more of visiting with family members, catching up on the little details of life, and so much good food and cheer. And of course a chance to model the latest knitware project!


Most definitely Thanksgiving - food, family, fall! Enjoy your well-deserved time off!

Hilda C

The holiday I enjoy the most is Thanksgiving. Puts me in a grateful frame of mind although I try to be grateful each and every day for all the blessings I have.

Kim Holbrook

My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. Family and food with much less stress! Four days to enjoy my favorite people.

Kris LaVenia

I think my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving, but it might be a tie between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I love all the foods and the cooler (or downright cold!) weather is always a treat for me. One of the reasons I love both these holidays is because we have time off work and school so we can relax a bit more and enjoy a slower pace.


I’ve never thought about a favourite, I just love any occasion that brings the family together.


I like the low-key aspect of Thanksgiving. More about people and less about other stuff. Also, I was born on Thanksgiving.

Barb Logie

My favourite holiday is whichever one most of our family can get together.There are 24of us spread out over three countries, so it isn’t easy. We have tried to de-stress Christmas by only buying gifts for children. The adults just enjoy being together, sharing stories and maybe playing some silly games with little prizes. We sometimes do an appie afternoon, instead of a big dinner, where everyone brings appetizers to share. This could be any holiday, and takes the stress off the host.


Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because we get to spend time with extended family we don’t always see. And I have sooooo much to be thankful for. Christmas is a very close second .


I can't say I have a favorite holiday, but anytime friends and family get together is lovely.


I love Christmas! The cookies, lights, the trees....I like all of it.


Beach Week is quickly becoming my favorite “holiday”. Most of my husband’s family meets up and we have such a good time hanging out. I’m not really a beach/summer person; so my usual response is Thanksgiving or A Snow Day. We homeschool, so we don’t always take weather days off. I will drop everything for a good snow.

Jan F

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday as it’s all about family gatherings and good food.


Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday. When I was a kid it was all about the presents. When I had kids it was all about their joy and fun with the holiday. Now I am old, and have three grandchildren (very long-awaited-for), and I see the future of my family stretching far ahead without me. Christmas will always be a part of it. And every year when ornaments are unwrapped memories will be awakened.

Susan Mercy

For me, Thanksgiving runs into Christening and I love the end of November through the begin of January. My birthday is near (or sometimes on) Thanksgiving, and I love the celebratory feel of the season. As a musician, I am always involved in concerts and shows for the holiday, which means rehearsing and learning Christmas music well before December. This year I even made a knitting countdown that went from my birthday, until I used the last of the Woolstok 27 color bundle 😂

Julie Koss

Hands down Christmas! I start during Christmas in July and basically don’t stop. I just love everything about it….

Filomena Hack

All the holidays are so special spending time with family and giving thanks. But I do love the season of spring. Getting ready for all the planting and mild weather ahead. No more winter clothing.


I do love Christmas best. The time with family and the lights - a season of hope. I love seeing how all of the children have grown and the people they are bect.


Ha and the people they are becoming.

Sandra Sprouse

I love Halloween for some reason. I love the colors and I love decorating!

Jody Laake

I am enjoying Christmas so much this year thanks to the arrival of my first grand baby! It’s so much fun to shop for her and to watch her experience all the wonders of the season for the first time. My second favorite holidays are Thanksgiving and Halloween and I’m not sure in what order they fall. Oh hey wait - does Socktober count? If it does it definitely gets a place in the holiday hall of fame! Have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy your time off - you’ve earned it!


My favorite it thanksgiving. Good food, family, fall weather !


Halloween and Thanksgiving. Fall is my favorite time of the year. Thanksgiving is family and food and giving thanks without the stress. Halloween is almost as many decorations as Christmas around here and a time to enjoy the neighborhood kids!


I love Thanksgiving but Christmas has to be my favorite. I don't enjoy the commercial aspect of it as it seems we have all come to make it but the celebration with family and friends of Christ's birth.


The winter holiday time is my favorite. It’s when we get to take some time off to recharge, and I love that it’s a season of giving, plus the lights and the cozy festive cheer when the winter days are so short.


I like any holiday when we get together as a family, so probably 4th of July as it is in the summer. Having family spread near & far travel is easier in the summer.

Chris Meier

I love Halloween—especially seeing the kids in their costumes and enjoying their excitement. Even though I’m a grandma, I still dress up in a costume. But my very favorite holiday is Christmas because of family and friends getting together and enjoying each other’s joy.

Sabrina Snyder

Christmas is definitely my favorite holiday! I loved seeing the magic in my children's eyes. Now, I get to watch it in my grandchildren!

Sara Moening

I love Christmas! My birthday is close to Christmas and it feels like I get to celebrate extra with the lights and fun. Eating special food and playing games with family during this time of year also make it extra enjoyable. And then there is the snow that I love and wrapping myself in wool garments I've made. Christmas mass has more songs and all the decorations. This is my favorite time of the year.

Tina Niesen

Hands down Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love to give gifts especially homemade ones! Love spending the time with family we make a whole day of it eat, play games and watch the kids open gifts! This year my daughters realize what it’s like to be a parent on this holiday as their children are a bit older to where they know about Santa and are excited to open presents. My oldest said to me now I know what it’s like to say “just let me make a cup of coffee first”


I don't really have a favorite holiday, but I love any holiday when members of my family can gather together!


Halloween! I love the whimsy, the dressing up, pumpkin everything and kitty everything. I find too much obligation and pressure around Christmas.


Christmas — the lights, the decorations, the food, the mob scene that is my extended family . . .

Enjoy your break!


I have more of a favorite season. From mid August when I start harvesting the garden, then school starts and it’s field hockey for my daughter, then the leaves change and Halloween then Thanksgiving and then on to Christmas! The rest of the year just cannot compare to these 5 months.


Thanksgiving - in addition to being thankful for my many blessings it's all about family and sharing food.

Appreciate the giveaways and stay warm!


Thanksgiving. Why? Well, the name says it all. The day is about being with family & friends,sharing home cooked favorites, & most of all just being grateful for all we have while sharing with those less fortunate.


Thanksgiving! i make a few pies and go to a friend's house! But also passover, which is a ton of work and everyone comes to my house :)


I love Christmas! I usually start playing Christmas music in September. I love baking cookies, putting up my decorations and just the whole experience.
Number two holiday is Valentine's Day; probably because of the chocolate!
Happy Holidays, everyone!


Thanksgiving. Together time without as much pressure as Christmas.


Thanksgiving! It's centered around the meal, and I love preparing and providing food and sharing it with others.


My favorite is Christmas - love the lights, decorations, food and the feelings of hope and wonder. Thanksgiving is my second favorite. Lots of food and some quiet time to relax and connect with family.

Teresa Knittingdancer

Christmas is my favorite holiday because my mother love it. Decorating, cooking the big Christmas meal, spending time with family was very important to her.

Brenna Delosier

I’m a Halloween girl. I’m a former teen goth chick and Halloween just makes my heart happy.

Brittany Cook

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. I am a winter person, so being able to bundle up and walk around to see Christmas lights is always something I enjoy. I also enjoy putting up the Christmas decorations.


I dont think I have a favorite holiday. I work in a store and when holidays come it is always busy. I do like Christmas for one reason. I have coworker buds and bosses who love my hand knit socks. So I make a list and knit for these people. They also get socks for their birthday.Never thought I would be so well known for knitting something.


I love Christmas. I love the decorations and lights. Always look forward to putting up the tree, decorating the fireplace , baking cookies, and spending time with family and friends


I think Christmas is my favorite. The atmosphere of the season rather than just a day. It actually starts with Thanksgiving. A day of good eats and planning the seasonal activities.


Christmas is my favorite. The decorations, the food, the drinks, the movies, the music, the presents, and of course, time with those I love. Christmas is perfection!!!


I don't have a favorite. Anytime with family or chosen family is a special time.

Julie T/MI

I love Easter! For me as a Christian, this is such a wonderful day of celebration! Humbled and grateful for His gift to me. 😊


My favorite holiday is Halloween because I’ve always enjoyed the scary and gory side of things


It's pretty hard to choose a favorite holiday.
I love decorating for Halloween and seeing all the little kids ( and their parents) in their costumes. I love Thanksgiving because that's when the entire clan gets together and there's nothing like the smell of turkey and pumpkin pie. I love Christmas because of the christmas lights and decorations, the food, family, the carols, church, (the reason for the season),and it always feels cozy when it's cold outside.


Thanksgiving was always my favorite.


Christmas has always been my favorite. A little less so these past few years...the early commercialization of it all sometimes gets to me. But I love finding the perfect gift for those that I love, and seeing the joy on their face when you know you got it "just right".


Thanksgiving! Lots of friends, family and food. The trifecta! And no gifts, no stress. My favorite holiday!


Christmas is my favorite because we spend 8t with my children and granddaughters. Memorial Day is becoming a close second because they all come to our house for pulled pork, this year some of my son's friends came too and 8t was such fun!

Tabitha Bell Burks

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year because I love celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and I love spending time with and giving to my family and friends!

Lisa S

I think I have to say Thanksgiving, as it’s the one holiday with the most consistent memories. When my now-husband and I first got together (almost 19 years ago), we were living in opposite ends of the state (California), with family everywhere else. So we started a tradition of going to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving. Several years later, his parents started to join us. We had to break tradition in 2020 and haven’t reinstated it yet, but do look forward to it.


As much as I love Christmas I think my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. The family is here, the food is cooked and the holiday season has started. It’s a time of hope.

Pat Phythian

I enjoy both Thanksgiving and Christmas: Time off from work to relax with needlework and reading, spending time with family, good things to eat,and giving and receiving presents.


The Christmas season is my favorite. The music, movies, and getting together with it all.


Thanksgiving is my favorite as we truly realize the blessings given to all of us. Pumpkin pie with whip cream makes it extra special.


My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving. The focus is on gathering, visiting and eating. There are no gifts required, so no pressure to get them or make them. School and work schedules typically allow 4 days, more time and more relaxing!


Christmas is my favorite holiday. I love everything, the silent waiting of Advent with nights getting dark earlier and earlier, the Advent wreath at church, all the lights, decorations and music of the season, the traditional foods each family makes, the traditions of how we celebrate, midnight mass, wood fires in the fireplace, and especially when our families get together and we share meals, play games, watch movies, and spend lots of time chatting over hot coffee or tea. Also the greetings and good will of friends and strangers alike. I love it all!


It’s the holiday when my family is together.


Thanksgiving, for sure. We get to do it twice, after all: I’m Canadian, and my partner is American. The weather is often fabulous the first time, so a turkey seems a bit odd, but we just regard it as the first of many in the fall > winter cavalcade of festive eating.

Carol Rice

There isn't a holiday that I don't enjoy - Easter in the spring, new life and growth all around, the Fourth of July and fireworks, the long and warm summer days around it. Halloween with kids in costumes, candy, and the autumn moon fascinates me. Thanksgiving is also great, a day of gathering just to be together and share time and meal. But Christmas, decorating the house, inside and out, the smells - baking, the tree, the fire in the stove, the smell of incense at mass - this bring it to life for me and makes it my favorite by far!

Amber Jones

Thanksgiving is definitely my favorite. It's relaxed and just a lot of fun, we also like to travel for Thanksgiving whenever possible. Our favorite Thanksgiving trip of all time was last Thanksgiving. We went to Washington D.C. and enjoyed all the monuments and museums. On Thanksgiving Day, we went to the National Gallery and saw a DaVinci Painting!!!

Diana Byrum

I think Christmas is. Or maybe Thanksgiving. It’s all about the food and getting together with family and friends. Plus I love cooking!


Favorite holiday is becoming 4th of July. The weather is warm and sunny. Can enjoy the pool and everyone can get together for a lovely bbq. Days are long and it's just a fun time to be outside!

Rose Birchall

Christmas. I love the decorations.

Ashley Mattes

It's Christmas for me, hands down. Cookies. Presents. Extended family. It's the best.

Linda H

No one favorite. Mostly family gatherings in the summer.


Thanksgiving. It has delicious food without all the hustle and bustle of Christmas festivities!

Sue Garcia

My favorite holiday is Halloween because I love autumn, and the pumpkins and seeing the kids trick or treat in their costumes. Also, it is full of memories of Halloween parties that I threw for my son and his friends .


My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving! Being with friends and family to celebrate things we are thankful for makes this holiday very special, as do the many childhood memories of past Thanksgiving celebrations.


I think the holidays all have their own place. Reasons to be grateful and to have family around and good food.

Labrista wadkins

I love Christmas. Everything about it. The baking, crafting, and decorating. Spending time with family. All of this makes it the best holiday to me.


New Year’s Day for me. It’s a quiet day after the holiday blitz to relax and reflect.

Ruth Swarthout

Mine is Christmas getting together with family and the baking that I should do during the year but I don't. Love all the sweet treats yum. I took like 4th of July being outside grilling and smores and of course swimming at the lake and need i mention fireworks.. its always wonderful to get together whenever the occasion is being holidays or birthdays or just because........ Have a safe and Merry Christmas and be well enjoy your time off.

Theresa Martin

I find Christmas stressful, but I think it’s still my favourite. Lots of activities to enjoy during the season. I love having my decorated tree in the family room. I love all the outdoor lights and decorations.

Theresa Martin

I find Christmas stressful, but I think it’s still my favourite. Lots of activities to enjoy during the season. I love having my decorated tree in the family room. I love all the outdoor lights and decorations.


Definitely Christmas. We spend time baking, watching movies and just enjoying each other. We keep it low stress so we just enjoy the season

Jennifer Simoneau

Gaspee days is a local “holiday”.it Celebrates the first act of rebellion of the colonists against the British crown. There’s a great parade and our home is on the parade route, so we have a big gathering of friends and food and drink and laughter. It kicks off the summer fun!

Alison M.

New Year's Day, because it's hopeful.


I wasn't sure I had one but with little great nieces, it's probably Christmas as we get to spend time with family. Plus, making cookies and decorating.


What a thoughtful question. As a kid, Christmas was definitely my favorite, and I guess it still is but the reasons for this have certainly changed over the years. At this point in my life it's my favorite because of the decorations that I only see once a year and the cards and letters I receive from old friends.


I love Easter. It's all about 1 meal and the baskets and doesn't drive me nuts getting ready for the holiday!!

Peggy P

I love Labor Day - it meant the start of the school year when I was growing up and I liked school. As an adult, it is the unofficial end of summer but where I live there is still lots of hot weather left. And Labor Day introduces many Fall activities and Fall is my favorite season of all.


I think Christmas is my favorite time of year although Easter is a close second.


Christmas is my fav. It’s not just a day, it’s a month of celebrating with all the yummy treats and family time and hopefully snow!

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