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December 20, 2022



Today it's very cold! Was hoping for some snow, but it looks like it will be rain tomorrow and Friday.

Teresa Knittingdancer

Today weather is on and off rain showers highs near 50.


Living in New England we have a sunny and cold day. It doesn’t look like we will have a white Christmas but just wait a minute because that could change.

M Reedstrom

This morning it is -1 and sunny. Another snow storm is in the forecast in the next few days.

Alene Sternlieb

On the east coast of the US, it is cold but clear today. Foul weather in the form of cold rain is on its way in two days.


Cold and clear here in Massachusetts, but rain predicted later this week. No white Christmas for us.


In Baltimore - it's so cold, but no snow yet

Pat Phythian

Spring,Texas- overcast in the 40’s with wind chill in the 30’s.


It is cold and a gray day with snow and colder weather expected in a few days.


It is cold and a gray day with snow and colder weather expected in a few days.


The view from my window is bare tree limbs set against a grey sky. The bare soil is raised in it's frozen ice columns and crystals while the breeze is a mere breath.


Cloudy and grey. Just waiting for the snow to come later this week in time for Christmas!


Today is cold, but with bright blue skies. We have a big storm coming in and the temps will be very cold for Christmas! Just wish we had some snow...


My weather outside is cold and it snowed several days ago and that snow is on the ground not melting because of how cold it is. Yuck.


Out my window I see my husband bundled up taking our extremely energetic new puppy for a walk. There is light covering of snow on the ground and roofs and evergreen trees. Gray skies and 20s. It all looks good to me as a retiree from a windowless cube.


Six inches of snow this morning - very unusual for the far west coast. Cold and foggy outside, but the woodstove is crackling and the lights on the Christmas tree are sparkling.


Living in Oklahoma you never know what to expect. Yesterday it was very nice at 52 degrees and sunny skies. Today it is currently 35 with high to 43 and cloudy. Thursday this week the low will be 0 with snow possible, Friday -1 degree as low, with high of 17. We just go day by day or hour by hour for our weather reports.

Katrina Albert-Filoramo

Today is a classic winter day on the greater Grand Rapids Michigan area. It's cold (22°) overcast with a 7mph breeze. In the last few decades our winters have gotten pretty wonky - lots of rain, ice storms, warm weather. When I was a youngling, winters were always cold and had lots of snow. That was winter. I miss the predictability of that. The first time it rained on my birthday, February 22nd, I knew that climate change was really happening and it was pretty scary.
Boy I got off topic. Oops!
Anyway it's gray and cold. Classic December in lower Michigan 🥶


We’re expecting blizzard conditions in a day or two…so reconsidering some of our holiday travel plans.

Geraldine Scott

It's currently -7F here...feels like -26F, and it's only going to get colder this week! But there is plenty of snow on the ground and roofs to look at...definitely a winter wonderland! We will be very flexible with our family gatherings...the weather is in charge!


Gray with rain today in Georgia. Unusually cold weather coming for the weekend which is concerning, but also a little exciting because I’ll finally be able to the things I’ve knit! 🥶🤭🧣

Paula Meisters

Well, sitting on my couch I can’t see anything but a parking lot. But yesterday we traveled to Denver to run an errand and it was so clear we could see the back ranges of the mountains all covered in snow with the green front ranges. It was spectacular. It’s cold. The lows for the next few days we will wake up to below 0 temps. I’d rather it be in the 20s with lots of snow on the ground. We haven’t gotten much snow yet this year. Happy Holidays everyone!

Jody Laake

It’s bright and sunny in Amelia today but wow is it cold!! We had just a few snow flurries very early this morning but no white Christmas here so far. I’m good with no snow - I hate driving in it and some of our roads here are treacherous in bad weather.


Cold and overcast. Getting ready to run errands and stock the house for a winter storm!


Overcast and 39, a few trees with brown and yellow leaves ready to fall, but mostly fan palms and cypress across the street. It's been a colder, cloudier December than most here in the desert. Another cancelled Christmas Day event due to Covid.Does give me an extra week to finish that last scarf before the New Year gathering , though.

Julie view is about the same as yours: grey and cloudy with brown grass and just a dusting of snow. Can't wait until the days start to get longer!


The view is sunny but it’s cold! Grateful to be working inside!


I can see the snow in the mountains and that’s far enough away to be fine with me.

Maggie J

It's cold but no snow... Yet! My husband keeps saying it's coming but the grey blah-winter vibes haven't produced snow yet. I can't wait. The kids will have so much fun!

Filomena Hack

Cool and gloomy. No sunshine. Enjoying the birds feeding on suet squares. Brings so much joy watching them


It's cold and overcast with a light dusting of snow. As I knit here in my sunroom I can watch the deer passing thru our small section of woods including one small one who seems to prefer running and jumping everywhere it goes.

Becky Creighton

Right now I’m looking at grass with a dusting of snow in the shade where the sun hasn’t melted it away. Fortunately the sun is shining and the sky is a pale blue. It’s a very pretty day outside.

Sue N

Looking out my office window at the Indiana Statehouse wishing I were at home with my knitting! Grey and cool but building up to the big storm at the end of the week.


I'm in Indy, and my view is much the same as yours. It sounds like we'll have snow over the weekend though, so we may have a white (and very, very cold) Christmas!

Barbara J.

It's pretty quiet here in Central NY today (30 and overcast)with a blanket of new snow. Thankfully, I am just south of the area that's been getting all the lake effect snow (by the foot!) It's the end of the week that will be interesting in the NorthEast... a warm up/rain followed by a sudden drop of 30-40+ degrees in a couple of hours - they're calling it a "flash freeze."

Paula Rowe

It has snowed 12" or more and now turned cold. -4 this morning

Gaylyn B

It's cold and gloomy in Southern Illinois today. It is heading to even colder temperatures in the next few days. I had snow alerts on my phone last night but no white stuff do I see this morning.

sherrie mckee

I'm in mid TN, it's 9:30 a.m., 39' and the sun is trying ever so hard to break thru the clouds. The tree is in the dining room and there are unwrapped gifts on the dining room table. Definitely headed in the right direction.


Sunny and zero. Tomorrow… snowy and zero. It’s really winter this year.


It's cold and sunny right now. Earlier this morning it was in the low 30's but it felt like it was in the mid 20's. It was still dark when I was outside, but the sky was clear, it was actually very nice.

Mary Kay

Bright and sunny with plenty of new snow on the ground and coating the trees. Today is the day for errands before very cold weather moves in. 8 to 10 inches of snow predicted by Friday with increasing wind and possible blizzard conditions. Wondering if my plans to see family will be delayed to New Year weekend.


It's in the 20's at the moment with just a little snow on the grass that's leftover from the weekend. But we are expecting a lot of snow in a few days.

Kathy in Kansas

Weather here in Kansas is just cold. I would prefer so much snow. My home will be plenty warm tho as my kids and I are quite busy baking all the cookies for Christmas!


In northern Indiana it’s very cold and going to get colder! At this minute the sun is out and I appreciate that. The snow forecast for the next few days is still uncertain - but we might see a white Christmas!


It is cold here, with a trace of snow. But by the weekend it's supposed to be brutally cold with snow.


It’s snowy and very cold in Walla Walla, WA!

Diane Jespersen

The ground is white, but not very much snow yet. It's coming. Big storm coming through here on 23rd. Luckily, we are not traveling and family lives close. So, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. I apologize to those who might want to travel, but extra knitting time can't be ALL bad! Be safe in your travels.

Janet Miller

My view in Broken Arrow, OK is similar to yours in Indiana, but I suspect it’s colder there. Mostly cloudy, awaiting a HUGE temperature drop from 50s to single digits on Thursday with a chance of snow.


This morning it is gray skies and rain, which is forecast to last all day and evening. Phone weather says we will be below freezing for the Christmas weekend, so Christmas outdoor flowers will need covers. The Christmas trees are lovely and cheerful indoors.


Here in Arkansas it is supposed to be 50 degrees today and it still looks like fall with all the leaves. We are preparing for the artic temperatures this weekend bringing us down to 6!! Friday morning. Definitely not prepared for this!


Today is chilly, but we're getting ready for a deep freeze, and crossing fingers that my state doesn't have an electric grid meltdown like last year

Kris LaVenia

Looking out the window from work in Bowling Green, Ohio and it's sunny with a few clouds in the snow (yet!) but it is cold out. I enjoy the cold, especially for knitting!, but don't like when it's cold and gray out. The sun today is wonderful.

Peggy P

Very cold here, 25 with wind chill of 17 at 11a. Little bits of sun trying to break through today. Going to get worse at the end of the week, blizzard like conditions on Fri - of course!

Barb Logie

In Calgary Alberta it is minus 33c or about minus 27 F..for a west coaster like me that is frigid! But on the plus side I am with my daughter and family for Xmas, and that keeps me warm inside! It’s the great grandkids who are here from the south of France that don’t know quite what to make of it! We hope it warms up to around zero so we can build a snowman!

Kim Holbrook

I’m in NE INDIANA, it’s bright, sunny and 27 degrees. No snow. There’s a tree line at the back of our yard so I’m looking at gray and brown. Our bird feeders are attracting a variety of birds which I enjoy watching. We are under a winter storm watch for the end of the week so perhaps a white Christmas!

Hilda C

I live in the desert SW so no snow for me. Sun is out and the sky is blue. Some may say it's a bit chilly but I was raised in a much colder part of the country so I just smile when I hear how cold it is.


In Southern Missouri right now it is cold but dry, so no snow, but we do have blue skies!

With the $75 I would love to choose some bright yarn to make some socks for myself.


My view is the same as yours. At least until that winter storm blows through later this week. Stay safe and warm!


We are in Montana. The snow is piled as high as an elephants eye!! And Cold! This will be a beautiful Christmas. And remember. Jesus is the reason for the season


Snow in the Pacific NW! Not usual for us, so it is crazy out there. The rain us due today, and it will wash it all away. In the meantime though our husky/shepherd mix is hyper and playful!


Hello from Colorado!
Today it is chilly with grass and clouds and clear sidewalks. Tomorrow we are getting the much anticipated SNOW!! Some Christmases its very snowy and others, (like last year) it arrives around New Years. I love the snow but also enjoy being able to take my dog for walks on a day like today.
Wishing you love, joy and many cups of hot cocoa with Christmas cookies.


My view in NW Washington state is whiteout! We don’t usually get snow, but we got over half a foot last night and I am completely snowed in. We are not equipped for snow, so while it may not seem like a lot to you tough midwesterners, it is enough to grind our world to a halt here. I had to dig out my snow boots and mittens so I could get out and fill the bird feeders. Just beautiful!


I woke up today in Alberta Canada to -30C (which is -22F), and we have tons of snow and it’s still snowing. However the forecast has our temperature above 0C (in the 30’sF) for Christmas Day.


Right now, it is about 50F and sunny with clear blue skies. It should get into the low 60's today.


At my home the temperature is running from the mid-thirties into the forties, with clouds and rain. No snow, but that’s OK. (We tend to stay housebound if there’s snow or ice.)


6 inches of hard snow on the ground and snow still sticking to branches from last weekend. An inch of fluffy new snow last night. Temps dropping from the current 20 degrees to -2 tonight. TV stations are whipping people into a frenzy for the next storm, expected to last from Thursday night into Saturday, ruining Christmas travel plans.


Not terribly cold, no wind, no snow, the Sun almost peeking out. Gearing up for the big Midwest storm predicted for Thursday-Saturday.

Patricia clonch

Very cold in Kansas city. Holding for snow in a few days.

Alison M.

There is snow on the ground, but you can still see some leaves through it. I expect that's about to change.

elissa schoening

Here in NE PA, we have some leftover snow hanging around covering the ground.
Though we are expecting a rain mix in the next couple days 😒

Linda H

Lovely sun streaming in but cold.


Blue sky (for the first time in a while), brown grass, gray trees with a few leaves still clinging on. Semi-urban area, so lots of traffic. Tons of rain forecast for the end of the week (snow everywhere else) and then a cold snap. Good knitting weather.


Snow! About 8 inches overnight and still coming down. So pretty with all the trees dipping down. As a retired nurse, so glad I don't haven to struggle out into it, thankful and worried for those who do.


Sunny and cold with more cold to come...

Dana Snyder

We don’t have snow but it’s cold and partly cloudy here in sw Virginia. The sun is trying to peek out. We are traveling north Thursday so we hope to miss the winter storm.


Cold and surprisingly sunny in Western Pennsylvania. A little left over snow on the ground in shady places. Rain and snow are coming Thursday into Friday.

Brittany Cook

It is sunny here, but cold. I'm super ready for this winter storm headed our way! I love the snow and can't wait to sit in my living room with a project and watch the snow fall!!


It’s cold today but the sun is out. And it is supposed to get really cold
For Christmas weekend and some snow too.


Sunny and mid 40's high. No wind. A nice day. I'm taking a watch vlogmases and check Instagram break.

Julia Swallow

We had a bit of snow yesterday. It’s quite cold today and sunny. Tomorrow the fun begins. Two days of blizzard and temperatures way below zero and high winds. Merry Christmas. I have plenty of coffee, chocolate, and popcorn. 😊🎄

amy g

Today in Minnesota, it is frigidly cold (although it could always be worse). We are staring down another winter storm, so the weekly schedule has been shifted to accommodate the suggestions to reduce travel in the next few days. We have a beautiful, white marshmallow world as the snow this weekend stuck to the trees and is still there.

I am working from home and listening to Christmas music. As the current song says - all is well.


Minimal snow on the ground

Sandra Sprouse

It is COLD and it’s calling for bad weather!


Sunny and cold in central Indiana as we await the winter storm in a couple of days. Have to put a new roof on the chicken coop today to help them prepare for a 40 + degree temp drop in a few days. Hope my son’s flight makes it to Indianapolis Saturday afternoon


It is bright and sunny here in southwestern Virginia, but only in the 30s this morning, high will be low 40s. Hoping to get snow on Friday, not ice. Definitely does not look like Christmas except for everyone’s wreaths, red bows and other decorations. Most of the grass is still green and some of the trees haven’t finished dropping their leaves!


Philadelphia suburbs. Cold (37) but sunny and not too windy. We're expecting an arctic blast over the weekend so I'll be getting all my last minute stuff done on Friday, and then sealing up all the windows and grabbing all the yarn to pile on myself and stay warm. And my son says my stash is absurd. Let him say that on Saturday when it's 10 out and I'm toasty. (He will be too; I've already made him a pullover and socks.)


Oh, so generous! It's in the 40's but it'll be 6 in s couple days

Deb Temple

38 and sunny here today, just took a walk and it’s not bad. Later in the week here in Central Illinois we are to get snow, wind and bitter cold.


It's brown grass here too. The saving grace is that I live three blocks from Lake Michigan so when I want to scream because of how dreary it's been I can walk over and watch the waves for a while. Also my neighbor directly across has one of those enormous Christmas light displays that is set to music so the evenings are quite festive, unless I need to leave and have to fight the constant stream of cars that roll past to watch! I'm hoping this winter storm gives us some good snow this week 🤞

Wendy Chase

Vicariously is the only way you'd want to live where I do lol. -40 F right now. I'm procrastinating getting out of bed. Luckily I work from home and don't have to leave the house much but I do have to keeo a space heater by my desk. The snow makes it beautiful for sure. We only have about 4 hours of daylight this time of year as well.

Brianna Elliott

It is sunny but cold!


Slightly cloudy but cold, for us, in the 40s & 50s. It has been consistently colder this year since Thanksgiving with some rain but more predicted next week. We really need it. My knitted house socks have been a blessing.

Ruth Swarthout

I live in Michigan by the thumb and we do have some snow now and more to come it will be a white Christmas here yay

Tabitha Bell Burks

From my home in Fort Wayne, Indiana, today, the weather is cold and the view is barren with a small patch of snow and ice on the pond in my backyard.

Deb Adams

Southern NH. 37 degrees, sunny, no snow.

Ashley Mattes

I'm in Kentucky and it's seaonably warm today. 45 degrees and overcast. Its supposed to get cold for Christmas though, and maybe even some snow!


Very cold but the sun is out so that helps!

Jenn H

Sunny and cold with heaps of snow left from the other day!

Michelle Mourousias

It is December in Chicago. Always gray with a dusting of snow. There might be a blizzard in a couple of days, so pretty confident it will be a White Christmas.

Sheila P

Gulf Coast Girl here. 52 and overcast but preparing for teens by the weekend. Currently moving all tropical plants from garage into house and yard plant into garage.

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