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October 07, 2022



Check with a group called Adopt a Native Elder for both those categories.


There is a wonderful organization that my friend volunteers with in South Bend called Christ Child, they provide for low-income, needy families. Website is:

You’d have to check with them to see what they can or can’t take, but they provide for children.


Will any hospitals in your area take baby items? I would bet the Salvation Army and homeless shelters could use the socks. How wonderful of you to donate!


Hospitals in my city of 1 million absolutely do NOT accept donated handknits. They can't verify the fiber content, whether or not allergens could be included, the presence of third-hand smoke, etc. For the same reasons, they don't accept donations of clothing or stuffed animals.

There are a couple of church programs that offer baby items to low-income families. Perhaps something like that for baby items.


In Fort Wayne, Food Not Bombs Fort Wayne used to do an event where they would put hand knit items around Freimann Square for those in need to take. They may still do this (as I recall, it was about this time of year). Either way, they may very well take the items to pass out at their meal events.

Fort Wayne Community Schools has a clothing bank and will be in need of hats, gloves, scarves soon.

Shepherds' House for veterans may take items.

Charis House, Vincent Village, maybe contact Retired Senior Volunteers (they're on Lake Avenue best know as RSVP), as I know they had a group of volunteers who knitted and maybe they have some suggestions.

Those are all just local.


For baby items,

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