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September 01, 2022



Thank you, Allison for all your hard work to take those photos in optimal light. I really appreciate knowing that what is pictured is what I will get if I order that. I think anyone would be upset if they thought they were ordering the green Camaleon and received the red/blue-purple skein instead. It’s amazing that they can be SO very different!!! I would think they should give it a new name and number if it comes out that different from the original offering. Thank you again for all the time and effort you put in to make shopping at your store, especially online, very pleasurable!!!

Donna T

It certainly matters to me & I have to say that I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed with the colors in yarn I’ve gotten from you. Like Diane, I can’t see how, if a dyer is aiming for the top, mostly green result, they end up getting the bottom mostly red/blue/purple & why they wouldn’t give a new name if they did. It seems to me that you’ve been working even harder than usual this summer. So have a great, relaxing Labor Day weekend.

Heather Fairman

I appreciate the great photos you take. I always get what I’m expecting when I order from you (and the service is GREAT).


For someone who can't make it to your store in person, this is what I DEPEND on. Thank you for such great photos, I have not been disappointed in getting the colors I was looking for; I can truly just get lost in time when looking at your photos... never enough time...(I think colors are like drugs, they make you feel good)


I learned my lesson early on ordering (not from SSYC) 3 skeins of Malabrigo in the same colorway that all looked quite different. They make beautiful colors but I don’t buy them unless I can choose skeins in person or from SSYC thanks to the photos.

As someone living without a nearby LYS that stocks sock yarns, the care you all take with photos is why I consider SSYC my local even if I’m waaaaaay across the country from you. I appreciate the extra time it takes! My bank account maybe less so…. ;)

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