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July 18, 2022


Anonymous Please

I've been knitting all the socks! My blanket projects are on summer break lol.

COVID hit my household, so I'm recovering. Only one member of my household hasn't tested positive- yet. This was our first time dealing with it.

I have two kids doing summer school, one has a summer job, so lots going on here.


I am shocked you don't have a car knitting bag! I do, even if I can't put my hands on it readily, but that's probably just because I'm so disorganized. I WISH I was knitting right now. I have a commissioned crochet baby blanket to finish and I'm dying to start socks with the Summit Summer color, or to finish a hat I started, or one of the many MKALs that I never finished (ahem, Goldfish Memory)...I just want to knit and I can't right now because I have to finish this blanket!

Dana Snyder

I’ve been working on my Sailaway and planning colors for coastal grandma. I’m thinking of purple as my MC and Fog as the CC. I ordered one skein to check the color and it’s out for delivery! After that, I’ll know for sure! I’m almost finished with my sweater! I’m doing the bottom parts of the sleeves.

I have avoided covid all this time and tested positive after I came home from France and Spain. I used my quarantine time to knit on my sweater! I was delayed going to pick up my dogs in PA. I’m just back home in VA and did my first run/walk workout since before my trip to Europe! I was scared to run but it went well!! I’m still coughing some but it’s on the way out! My husband didn’t get it. I hope to get my DK self striping socks wound and on the needles once I finish my sweater! I’m looking forward to Christmas in July! I tend to knit more in the summer since I’m off from work.


Your boys look so grown up and so happy! I have been working on Christmas socks and also on hats!


I love your sock colours! I’m still trying to finish knitting a blanket, but can’t wait to get back to cowls, mittens and toques (knitting them, not wearing them).

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