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July 06, 2022



About that water temperature: the currents in Lake Michigan can change the water temperature in any one spot dramatically. I remember once, in high school, fairly late in the summer -around mid August- we decided to go to the beach, the same beach we had already gone to several times that summer - Calumet Park beach- around 103rd Street. It’s very close to the Indians state line. All of which is irrelevant; what’s relevant is that we had gone to that beach several times that summer including just about a week earlier. Every time we were greeted with the normal icy feel as we entered the water but it wasn’t really that cold & we got used to the lower than body temperature water in a few minutes. But this day, the water was colder than I’ve ever felt. It literally felt like there must be ice cubes (floes?) in the water. It was colder than the water along the Oregon or Northern California coast. We decided to just bask in the sun long enough to warm up & then leave. A week or 10 days later, the water was back to it’s normal chilly until you get used to it temperature.

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