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July 14, 2022



I also like to do make simple rolled brim hats for babies. I use the Simple Baby Hat pattern from Ravelry.

Yvonne Evans

I would say a scarf of somekind. One I have going is . I have done that scarf with opal yarn and it looks good. ANother scarf that would likely work is a mistake rib scarf.

Jill Balk

Besides socks; I love to do knitted dishclothes while riding in the car or sitting in waiting rooms. I use a circular needle so even if interrupted all I do is slide all the stitches off the ends and shove it in my bag

Sue S

I like to make mittens, both regular and fingless. I have patterns on my phone but I use the same ones repeatedly so I have most of the instructions memorized.


Cowls and hats are small projects good to knit when out and about.


Sockhead hat or cowl or the Manic Panic Cowl pattern, it's a linen stitch, so pretty!


I second the sockhead hat and cowl, which are free on Ravelry!


Long Striped Hand Warmers or Social Cowl are options. But my go to is always Sockhead Hat or Cowl.


I agree about cowls! They are my personal portable favorite, as the knitting-in-the-round lends itself very well to picking up and putting down as needed. The Sockhead Cowl is mindless and great, and I’m currently making and enjoying the Wolkig cowl. Mostly mindless, easily memorized, and lovely!


Besides socks, I'd say one of the one skein shawls by Martina Behm. They are easy to have with you and usually not to hard to work on while out and about.


Socks, cowls, hats are my go-to short projects but will be adding some square blocks from the Great American afghan series (I have 3 of the booklets: Aran, Kids and the one by Knitter's Magazine).


The small shawl, “Anica” by Alina Appasova is a one-skein project that’s perfect for summer knitting. I’m work8ng on my 2nd with yarn for a third! Most of its garter stitch with just a bit of a pattern so it’s perfect for interruptions


Simple Gradient Hat by Jaala Spiro is a great take-along or hot weather project. My boys love fingering weight hats in dark colors and the girls in fun colors. It is a free pattern

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