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June 07, 2022


Cathy Z

I started following you when your younger son was born.


I have been shopping with you from the beginning, back when your store was tour apartment and you posted in the Socknitters group (was it Yahoo groups then?) on Ad Day.


I believe my first order with you was a sock of the month club back around when your oldest was born. One of the colorways was "James Danger" which I thought was awesome and immediately knit up! So how old is he now?


I don't even remember not shopping with you. My first order was before you had your shop. I loved watching you get the old post office ready to become your store! Thank you for being my "go to" site for my addiction!


I had just started knitting socks when I came upon your site. Your shop was in your home, but even then, with such a variety of yarns & such quick delivery, you became my go to yarn source. Hope to get to your shop one of these days.

Rose Birchall

I found you on FB, I think it’s about 8 years.


I can’t remember the year however I think my first purchase was the Patina Test Kitchen Set.


I found you during the pandemic and have been ordering since then. Love your stuff and enjoy your blog.

Nicole Acuna

I’ve been shopping here for about a decade :)


I've been following your blog and shopping online with you since the beginning - it's been so nice to see your business grow and your boys grow up. I love hearing about your family and your experiences as a working mom, balancing the shop and being involved in your kids' lives.


I’ve been shopping online with you for about a decade … someday I would love to shop in person!


I honestly can't remember - probably in the 10-15 year range!


Happy Anniversary Allison!!🎊🎉🎊
I have been shopping with you since my first visit October 15, 2016 in person and since that "Magical Day" online and in person!!!
Wishing you another awesome healthy and prosperous year!
Thank you for all you do for us!!💗


Where does the time go?I’ve been following your blog for a long time, surely over 10 years. You have one of the best websites. It’s so easy to navigates and you have big, clear images. If I were looking for sock or fingering weight yarn you’d be my first stop. I hope your great shop will be around for a long time to come. Happy anniversary.


I found you on Facebook a few months ago but haven't ordered yet.


I’ve never had the opportunity to purchase from you before, but would love to!


I think my first order was placed in 2015. Got to go in person once, that was a bit overwhelming, but fun!


At least 14 years. I can see a sock project on my Ravelry page using SSYC yarn from 2008. :-)


Not sure, but either since 2010 or 2011. Our knit group would meet in the Borders Book Store (miss them) and a new member mentioned your shop. We're fans and have been on SSYC road trips from Indy ever since. Lots of great memories and more to come. Thanks.


I have been shopping with you for at least 10 years - I am lucky as I live in Ohio and always get my orders in 2-3 days. Your shipping is so efficient!


I believe that it has been around 15 years that I have shopped with you. So enjoy the yarns that you carry and all the great service!


I found you shortly after you opened. Was so happy when you moved to the old post office and started opening for in person shopping one day a week. Thanks for 17 great years!


I first shopped with you for yarn for the Find your Fade Shawl. So about 8 years ago I think. You helped me with that and with several other projects. I had been following your blog prior to that but did not use much fingering weight yarn. Your customer service is awesome! I always check your website first when thinking about a new project. Thank you!


I found you on the web during the pandemic. I have been very happy with the quick service that you & your crew provide. Everything always sent that I ordered. I love following you on your blog and keeping up with you on your family news. Congratulations and keep up the good work!


I found you right about the time you moved to your current location. I still hope to make it there in person!!


I started when your shop was in a bedroom, pre-children. Not sure of the date. I think some of your 'competitors' were Yarn4Socks, Sonny and Shear and Woolgirl. You are the only one still in business.

Geraldine Joy Ibarra

I’ve been following you since I moved to Hawaii, so almost 16 years now! You’ve been one of my staple online shops to go to. Thank you so much and congratulations on 17!


Happy 17th Year! I think I found you when you first opened online, and have been following you closely since then. You are my favorite online shop and blog, and you have become my LYS as so many local shops in my area continue to close. You are helpful and responsive and amazing!! Thank you and here's to many more years! I love you guys!


Everything is so yummy! Happy to be celebrating my birthday as well!

Carol Green

I think I foundyou when you moed i to the old post office. I grewup in West Lafayette, and used to drive to FortWayne for hockey games! Now I live on the wes coast and love to see a Hoosier company thrive 😍

Jociel Bowling

Happy Anniversary! I stumbled across your store a little over a year ago and have visited 3 times! I absolutely love your store and could get lost in all the beautiful yarns you have!❤


I’ve been shopping with you since the bricks and mortar shop opened. I wasn’t a knitter until then, all thanks to Lara.


I’ve been shopping with for 5? Years . Who knows. I’ve never had a chance to visit the brick and mortar store but love ordering online


Congratulations on your 17 years!! I found your website in 2014 when I was looking online for Regia Zoofari to make socks for my great neices and nephews. I have enjoyed your blog so much and all the fun things you do to promote knitting and your products (you are a brilliant marketer), I have checked your blog and site everyday since. 🥳


I discovered SSYC in 2012, after I retired and started taking knitting classes (in Virginia) and went online to find out if there were any local yarn shops in Ft. Wayne that I could go to when I came to visit my newly married daughter and her husband. And I found SSYC and it was love at first sight. I came to the shop every time I was in Ft. Wayne when you were open and almost cried the one time I missed your opening by 1 day. (I have to admit, I pouted quite a bit.) Since the pandemic and illness have kept me homebound, I have shopped online these past 3 years and can’t wait to visit Ft. Wayne again and shop in person!!


I wish I have been shopping with you since the beginning. I found you in 2020, when I really started knitting socks for my sanity. Congratulations on 17 years! Love your shop, hope to visit in person one day.

Daphne Jackson

Found you last year and ordered some Regia Silk sock as well as Smooshy with Cashmere for my granddaughter's socks. You are a delightful online retailer that sticks to the business of yarn and not politics.
thank you and congratulations on 17 years in business

Dana Snyder

I’ve been shopping with you since the summer of 2016! My friend and I wanted Hedgehog to make our Building Blocks Shawls for the Stephen West MKAL! The first kits I remember getting were two spring kits, one with bunnies and one with deer antlers. I still love those project bags! I didn’t buy so much back then other than kits and the club cause I worked at my LYS and got a discount. Since they closed in the winter of 2020 before the shut down, I’ve been a loyal customer!! You guys are the best! I love the kits and clubs you offer! Thank you for everything you do and for being so awesome!!

Sabrina Snyder

I think it has been at least 10 years. I honestly don't know. Time flies when your having fun with yarn!


Happy 17! I think it's been about five years that I've been shopping with you. SSYC was the only place I could find a solid sock yarn in the right shade of orange for a project I had in mind, and since I knit more socks than anything else, I've been coming back ever since!


Happy Anniversary! I’ve been shopping with you for almost eight years now. I placed my first online order with you on September 3, 2014, and have been a loyal customer ever since. Here’s to many, many more years of looking forward to your blog and finding those special skeins on the website that you just can’t find anywhere else! 🍾🥂🎉


What a lovely summer of celebrations you are having! Such fun to read about.
I'm not sure of the number of years, but it has to be very close to the beginning, online only. Those of us who lived close by kept urging you to open a place where we could come and shop - and you have done so - absolutely beautifully!


I have been with you since the first Sock Summit. I met you there in person, and bought some of your brand new Simply Sock in the new solid colors. Your online shop is one if my favorite places to shop now.


My first order was five skeins of Opal. I had knit my first pair of socks and was ready for more! Maybe ten years ago?


I found you five years ago, and took a road-trip to visit in-person with a fellow knitter three years ago. Seeing the shop and loads of beautiful yarn and other goodies to fill our carts was awesome!!!! Best wishes for a happy birthday celebration and many, many more celebrations for years to come.


Honestly, I can’t remember exactly. It was at least 3 years ago. I got an SQ of one of my fave yarns—DIC smooshy in Aquajet. Still looking for the perfect pattern😆.


I think I started shopping at SSYC in 2013-2014 or so as I began to really hone in as knitting as a constant in my life! So happy for you to be my LYS!


I have been a fan/customer since day 1....
Watched you move to your current location...
I love your store


I can't remember when I first ordered from you, but it was many years ago! I was able to shop in person in your current location over 7 years ago while on a cross country driving trip with my husband - that was fun! Keep up the good work!


I think I've been shopping here for at least 15 years - I looked back at my old orders on your system, but only see 6 years of buying - maybe you've purged the records at some point? I love your selection of yarns and colors available. Congratulations on your big anniversary!!

Georgia Green

I believe that -- depending on how you look at it -- I have been your customer since 2008 or 2009, though never in person (always by mail).

The one-year discrepancy is because I was introduced to your yarn by a friend who ordered some as a birthday gift for me!

Shall we say 14 years, then?

Happy 17tn anniversary!

Brenna Delosier

I’ve been a loyal fan for all 17 years. So glad to see you thriving!


According to my order history, I placed my first order in 2014! I'm SO EXCITED that I'll be able to shop in person on June 18. I'm really looking forward to it!


In 2015, I started shopping around online looking for 'good' yarn to make a project for a friend. I was exploring Malabrigo for the first time, and I stumbled across some Mineville offerings in your sale section. I was shocked at how quickly the colors sold out when I didn't pounce on them immediately. When I ordered a couple skeins of Malabrigo Sock, I was very impressed by your customer service--a personal email to explain your visual color-matching between skeins despite differences in dye lot numbers. I'm happy to support LYSs all over the country in addition to locally.


I have been following you since your store was in A bedroom in your apartment!

Kat Gatzke

I’ve been knitting for about 12 years and I think I found your website soon after I started.

Deb Adams

Have been a follower of SSYC for 7 years.


I think I've been shopping with you for about seven years, which is how long I've been a knitter. I've crocheted for... five times longer than that!


I checked my account with you and it says I started ordering in 2015. Though I'm not sure if I ordered anything before setting up an account because I have done that before.

Donna Gerber

My account says I first ordered in 2020, but I’m sure I must have ordered before then! I must have ordered without creating an account. I know I’ve been drooling over your yarns for more than two years!

Julie Olsen

I am not sure how long, at least five years, but I sure am glad I found you!


My account says my earliest order was in 2017 but I have yarn in raverly from you dating to 2015. So I’ve been a customer for at least 7 years.


My first order was March 2018!
Can’t believe it was that long ago! I was just starting to knit and fell in love with hand dyed/indie dyers.
Congratulations on your anniversary!

Teresa Knittingdancer

I have been following you a long time. I love all the different colors of sock yarn.


I don’t remember exactly when I started ordering from you. You were still selling out of your home. It was several months before James was born, I think, maybe early in your pregnancy with him. So maybe 15 or 16 years?


I am definitely a fan of your shop! As an avid sock knitter, I am thrilled to sign up for your recent sock club.


It was 2013 when a friend of mine told me about your shop. I visited in person and bought some self striping sock yarn and volia- an addiction was born!


My first purchase recorded in Ravelry is from 2017. I’m not sure how reliable that is, but it’s probably pretty close. I have been able to try many yarns that I didn’t know about or couldn’t find locally thanks to your shop. Dream in Color Colossal Sock (often from the sale section) has become my favorite sock yarn. I’m really excited to see Freckled Whimsey in the shop now. I just heard about them recently and love the stripe combinations.

yolanda v

I've been shopping with you since before your gorgeous PO Store was open.

Sarah D.

I've been following you for a few years!


I don’t remember my first online order, but I did get to shop in person at your beautiful store back in September 2011. Lots of online orders since then, and I hope to make it back in person in the next year or two.


I believe I have been shopping with you for most of your 17 years! I remember well when you were pregnant with your boys and when you remodeled and moved into the old post office. Can’t believe I have been knitting socks as long as I have and still love it!


I’ve been shopping online with you for 4 years now, almost since I started knitting. I wanted to knit socks but my LYS carries only 1 wool sock yarn, so Google or Ravelry brought me to SSYC. It’s been a delight finding many of my favorite dyers through you— Knitterly Things, Six and Seven, Life in the Long Grass, to name only a small fraction. Here’s to 17 more years!


Happy anniversary! I think I placed my first order with you about four years ago. Your selection of indie dyers is amazing, it’s always a joy to explore your website.


Happy Anniversary! I placed my first order with you probably 3 years ago. I love looking at all the great yarns and colors. It's always a tough decision to order just one color for a pair of socks. Congratulations!


Started shopping on line just a few years ago. Have not had the opportunity to shop in person. Website is so easy to maneuver, whether browsing or ordering. By pics I've seen of your beautiful store, I wouldn't know where to begin. It shows the hard work you and your staff have put into it. Congrats...


Not sure exactly what year but you were working out of a bedroom. I have enjoyed watching your business grow! I love all the wonderful and colorful yarns you find for us. And your blog is so fun to read - a mix of ideas and the feel of actually being in the shop. Congrats and best wishes for continued success. You and your team do a great job!

Connie Yount

Friends moved to Portland about 6 years ago. When visiting them I searched yarn stores near me and your store came up. Now when we visit I try to make it on a weekend when SSYC is open. Love your store!

Becky Holmes

It has to be at least 10 years...

Nicole S

Happy anniversary! I've been reading your blog for a while, but I haven't ordered much yet (I keep hoping the exchange rate will take a turn for the better). I'd love to make it there in person someday!

Penelope Pooler Eisenbies

My friend turned me on to you a few years ago (2019, I think). Your sale page is amazing and your yarn is gorgeous!


I just checked my emails and the first order that came up was in 2017. I’m not sure if I ordered before that time or not.


Pandemic shopper here! My first order was sometime in 2020. Just scrolling through all the lovely yarn was pure therapy!

Gaylyn B

I began window shopping your site about the time you started. I loved looking at the colors. I didn't knit socks so I never really "shopped". At the beginning of the pandemic I began to scroll through your website on a daily basis. I still don't knit much in the way of socks but I now know the delight of sock yarn for so much else. Your website, blog, and yarn have been such a delight. Thank you for all you do.


Am I allowed to say “since dirt” for length of time shopping with you? I think it’s been 15 years! And worth every penny!!😆


I have been with you since the beginning, before James was born. I actually thought it had been more like 20 years. I recommend you to everyone! You have by far the best selection for sock knitters. I only shop two sites now, yours and an indie dyer located in Maine. Please don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing. You”re the best! I love it when you offer full-collection deals on Opal, my favorite sock yarn. Thank you for all you do.

Kerry Phillips

About two years. I’d love to visit the shop in person someday!

Jenn H

Happy Anniversary! I found you a few years ago through your bmfa colossal skeins! And try and order when budget allows esp the big skeins of dic!

Pat Phythian

I’m not sure exactly but probably 6-7 years; definitely regularly since the pandemic lockdown in 2020. I ordered a ball of Opal in the Monet color ways to cheer myself up because I couldn’t be with my children on Mother’s Day. Then I just kept knitting Opal socks like a chain smoker- as soon as I finished the first sock I would order the next ball of yarn. I’ve slowed down a bit but I’m sure I’ll still keep ordering from you and hope you stay in business for many years to come. Congratulations on your success.


Happy anniversary! I’ve been shopping with you since 2013.


I discovered SSYC when I wanted to make Harry Potter socks for gifts… maybe 8-10 years ago… I did not know there were 4 houses , but was so glad to find yarn for all of them here! Now this is the first place I look for new and different sock yarns! 💙💜❤️


I found you on an internet search for yarn stores in the area about 5 years ago. Happy Anniversary!


I think this might be my third year? Happy Anniversary!

Sarah S

I've been shopping here since the pandemic. Thank you for all you do to supply us with beautiful yarn!

Lisa L

At least 10 years!

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