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May 06, 2022



yes I do!! I met my dear friend Jan because we were school nurses and she brought her knitting to a meeting and voila- instant friends. I LOVE knitters.


Not only do you meet other knitters when you knit in public, you also bring out fond memories in others you encounter. One time I was on the Chicago Green Line el, knitting a sock. Three young men got on. They looked very much like gang bangers - pants below their butts, head scarves, & scowls. One sat next to me, one sat across the aisle, & the 3rd stood in between. I could feel them surreptitiously watching me. Finally, they had to say something & one asked if I was knitting. I answered affirmatively & said I was knitting a sock. Then the young man sitting next to me said that, when he was little, his grandma knit sweaters for him & another said his grandma crocheted a baby blanket for him. It was a sweet interaction & really reinforced that old axiom that you can’t judge a book by its cover.

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