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May 10, 2022


Jan F

I’m still on Team No Tweed, but in the Cloud colorway, the speckles look like tweed anyway!

I do like tweed, but not on a variegated yarn, I guess.


I, too, am going to be on Team No Tweed.


Another no tweed here. Ok on solid colored yarn, just too much on variegated.

Dana Snyder

I love the tweed! I’m waiting to see what I need for this years 4 day sweater KAL and I’m thinking I might use my Less Traveled Yarn DK tweed I got last year from the special club order. It’s 3 colors so I need to see what else I need to go with it. We find out next Monday!!


As someone else wrote, I want to pick off the nubs…no tweed for me usually


I prefer the tweed option in the first photo but the non tweed option for the yarn in the second photo


Non-tweed for both.

Jody Laake

I’m still in the no tweed camp but these colors - tweed or not - continue to be stunning!


I am team No Tweed. Colorway is beautiful.


Last time I was all about the tweed, but this time I vote NO tweed.

Brenna Delosier

No tweed. Her colors are beautiful on tweed. But the sock makes them shine!


No tweed

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