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April 01, 2022



I have never been to Vancouver or anywhere in Canada. Today I’m choosing an unusual color for me, Sock Tea Party. If I win, it won’t be like anything I’ve stashed,


I have never been to Vancouver, however, I have been to Montreal, Toronto, and Quebec City. Torrent is so beautiful. I wish I could have that talent that the dyer has. This has been such a fun week and it has been great learning about all of the makers. Thank you so much for taking us along.


I haven’t been to Canada but would love to visit Alberta, Montreal, Quebec or Toronto.

I love the grapefruit colorway!


Thanks for the virtual day trips. That was fun! I love the color Torrent. It reminds me of the ocean which reminds me of summer which is hopefully on its way


Vancouver is on my bucket list.
I love torrent.


I have friends in Vancouver and would love to visit them. I just love that color Out of the Woods. It really says 'spring' to me!


So many colors...starting with Rose' All Day; Jam Session; Grapefruit..I so want to do a multicolor project with those three, or a fourth ...I just love all Sweet Georgia's colors!


Torrent callin my name.

Susan Mercy

Alpenglow is absolutely stunning (plus I love things with "alpen" in them) but I didn't want to choose the first color I came to. So, I also like Rosé Day.


Well, really, I want all of them. But for today, I will say Saffron.


Drift is speaking to me today.


I've never been to Vancouver, but it sounds lovely. I love so many if the colorways, but Couldron really stands out!

Gaylyn B

I've never been to Canada. It seems like a trip I need to add to the travel bucket list. I would go to the granddaddy of all rodeos - The Calgary Stampede. Known as the greatest show on dirt.
I am really liking Bubble Wand today. I love the swirl of green in the picture.


In no particular order, I like Pineapple, Saffton, Blood Orange and Grapefruit. Thanks for the travel week.

Jody Laake

Tough Love Sock is another one on my bucket list lol! I think Alpenglow is beautiful!


I would love to see a pair of socks peeking out from my jeans in “Torrent”. I almost got to visit Vancouver when my daughter was considering a job there, but she decided on a different one in the US. Thanks for introducing us to so many sights and experiences all over the map, it’s been a fun week of “travel”!!


I definitely am drawn to Alpenglow. I have never been to Vancouver but would love to go.


Oh you are such a temptress! This is one of my fave dyers. Guess I am feeling purple today: Party of 5 Royals or Quiet time for me!


I've been to Vancouver Island, but not the city. Used Sweet Georgia's "Party of Five" for a just completed (!!!) MKAL and it is lovely yarn.
Her greens are really nice and it is hard to choose; however my pick will be "Out of the Woods".
Thanks Allison for the fun virtual trips.


I have never been there but all the yarn colors are beautiful!

Today I am smitten with the Smitten colorway!

Dana Snyder

I love grapefruit and beach house!!


Starlight looks great to me. Have been to Vancouver years ago when they hosted the Worlds Fair.


Years ago we took an Alaskan cruise that departed from Vancouver. Wish we would have arrived earlier so we could have enjoyed Stanley Park and more of the restaurants.

Difficult choice as there are so many Sweet Georgia colors I love - Starlight is my favorite today.

Susan Tischendorf

SG TL SOCK SMITTEN Is an unusual mix. I really love it.


I was in Vancouver about 18 yrs ago with my father. It was a stop on a cruise as my father always wanted to go on the cruise and my mother was not able to go with him at that time.
I love the sock torrent colorway. So pretty.


I haven’t been to Vancouver in many years, although I have a niece who lives there. I couldn’t pick just one colour, but there appears to be a theme in the ones I would pick. They are “Beach House”, “Drift”, “Mermaid”, “Starlight”, and “Torrent”.

Nancy Mortell

I’ve never been to Vancouver, but would love to visit one day. Sweet Georgia opened up a new world of sock knitting for me when I chose it at my LYS for my first sock class. I’ve been a fan ever since and continue to choose it! Love the Tea Party colorway.


Vancouver is a lovely city and I would enjoy seeing it again.

This morning Jam Session really caught my eye, thanks for the contest.


SG TL Sock Grapefruit

Vancouver is a wonderful city. Only spent one day there as part of a flight transfer but would like to go back for a couple weeks.

Scifi Nerds, if you are ever in Seattle, WA check out Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP). Like all museums they change the exhibits. The first time I visited they had the Battlestar Gallactica costumes which were amazing. I also loved the various scifi author journals, scripts, and notes on display.

Jennifer McCarthy

If I had to pick one I think I’d go with Torrent. So many pretty colors!

linda Scarborough

Midnight Garden is my choice in remembrance of a visit to the Butchart Gardens in Vancouver. So beautiful and to think it came from a restoration of a gravel pit. Take your time on a visit as there are many beautiful things to see.


I have never been anywhere in Canada, but would love to see it some day!


Sadly I have no green socks, so it’s Out of the Woods for me.


I've never been to the Pacific NW region or Vancouver, but I'd love to spend some time there. I feel like there are so many outdoorsy things to explore in the area!
Since it's lunchtime here, I'm looking at the Tough Love colors and finding myself drawn to Pineapple, and Kale Chip, and Mango Ice...


I like the Summer Skin colorway!

I have been to Vancouver as a stop on a cruise. It would be great to back for a longer visit.


I’ve never been to Vancouver, but would be happy to be there right now. Beach House is my color choice.


Wow, what an operation. Makes one appreciate the art even more. Love the purple shawl she wore in video. (Not so overwhelming) I can see why you are so fond of her and her works.I've only been as far as Michigan border years ago...

Debra Cohen

I can’t decide between Drift and Stealth Mode…
I have never been to Vancouver, and haven’t been to Canada for 50 years. Last went on a camping trip with the Girl Scouts and I remember tents on platforms and black flies…but also lovely crepes!

Charleen Ziebell

Summer skin tough love sock yarn is my favorite 😍


I've never been to Canada but would love to visit.
We are big Stargate fans and would love to see and walk around where the episodes were shot.
Love the Stardust color.
Sweet Georgia was the first yarn I bought from your shop. Eight years ago my son and I were busy helping in Wisconsin after my dad had a stroke. As a diversion, I visited your site and craved the Blue Fig color of Sweet Georgia. After much debating, I finally bought it and have socks and fingerless gloves made from it.

Robin V

The colors are all gorgeous! Today, I lean toward Torrent.

(And if I were in Vancouver, I’d look for an authentic Cowichan sweater!)

Kathy in Kansas

Never been as far east as Vancouver, but we've visited Banff a few times. Gorgeous area up there! As for colorways, I really love Magician and Smitten, but my favorite is Out of the Woods. I simply cannot resist those greens!


I’ve never been to Vancouver, but it’s definitely somewhere I’d love to visit— the Pacific Northwest of the US is beautiful, and I don’t think that’s likely to stop at the border :)

Colorwise, I have to go with Saffron— such a beautiful yellow!

G. K. Green

Yes, I have been to Vancouver and really enjoyed my time there ... Favorite things/places include the natural beauty of Stanley Park, the amazing aquarium, the huge VanDusen Botanical Garden (can never resist a hedge maze!) and the more intimate Chinese garden in the center of the city.

Out of the Woods is my favorite colorway of Tough Love Sock. Thanks for the giveaway!

Pat Phythian

All of the colors are lovely, but Sock Seedling is my favorite, and this would be my first pair of green socks.

Jan F

My only visit to Canada was to Victoria, a beautiful city! We visited a totem pole park and the Butchart Gardens and did some shopping, too, on a day trip from Port Angeles, WA. There are many other places there I’d love to see!

I caught my breath when I saw the Beach House colorway!


this is a fantastic yarn!! i would love to try Magician or Basil.


I love Fauna and Smitten. I’ve never been to Vancouver but it’s another city that I’d love to visit someday.


Torrent Please!


Alpenglow is so pretty. And no I’ve never visited Vancouver.

Nicole S

I spent a week exploring Vancouver when I was about 14 - walked my feet off! By myself during the day (went to Granville Island and a lot of parks), with my mom in the evenings (went to museums and galleries).

I love their Candy Apple colourway.

Michele S.

Torrent! It really fits the last few years and how things have changed, rushed by and swirled around!


There were a few I liked, but Grouse really stood out to me. This has been a fun week, thank you!


I have not been to Vancouver. Today I am feeling like Cherry is the one I like best.

Geraldine Scott

Never been to Vancouver...Bubble Wand is calling my name today!

Brenna Delosier

Never been to Vancouver, seems like a neat place. And I like the Mango ice color way, even though I don’t like mangoes.


Seedling looks amazing!

Kim Holbrook

Out of the Woods is gorgeous!


I'd start with some early morning birding on Rifle Island, then go for a long hike on the North Shore, starting in Deep Cove. Then I'd hit the market on Granville Island to stock up on fresh food for dinner. I'd walk on the beaches at Kitsalano after dinner. Vancouver's an amazing city so close to the natural world! TLS in Drift is calling to me, thanks.


So many pretty colors but I’d have to say Mars Rising is my favorite today.

I haven’t been anywhere in Canada but I’d love to visit that side. I’d want to spend my time outside hiking or out on the waters. I don’t think there’s anything in the city itself I’d want to check out. I like nature more, lol


I like the Out of the Woods color! Greens!


I've never been to Vancouver, but I have been to a few pro soccer games. I would pick Mermaid.


I have been to Vancouver. I liked visiting Stanley Park. I really like the Stealth Mode colorway.


I've never been to Vancourver but have been to Canada. My parents had a cottage at a lake and another family's sister lived in Canada and was a big sister and she brought two sisters with her a few times. My graduation gift was a plane ticket and I landed in Toronto and they lived in Oakville, Ontario and we'd walk to the lake and went to Niagara Falls. My favorite color would be Alpenglow.

Heather Fairman

I like Kale Chip!

Diana Byrum

Mango Ice! Sounds like a nice drink to have in a hot day. Vancouver is on my list to visit one day.


I'm going for Drift today - love the blues.
I was in Vancouver only once on a business trip, and didn't get to see anything! It would be nice to return one day.


I haven't been to Vancouver, CA but I do have a friend (a yarny one) who lives there. I like Mulberry!


There are so many colors I truly love that it’d be hard for me to choose just one. I love all the shades of pinks & berries. I think Mulberry might be my favorite although Jam Session, Lip Gloss, & Rainbow Sprinkles are all very appealing too as are the sets of minis.
I’ve been to Vancouver Washington many, many times because I have one daughter, her husband, & 3 children living there. Unfortunately we mostly visit for Christmas when it rains almost constantly or Spring Break when it rains almost as much. Fortunately it’s rarely a downpour but more often a light but constant drizzly rain. But I guess Vancouver BC is probably just as rainy. That typical of the Pacific Northwest. But it’s incredibly beautiful with all the evergreens. It does get a little gloomy with all the rain but that also means they get very little snow. And it rarely gets much below freezing. There’s a good reason that the men who live in the Pacific Northwest dress as they do. Heavy flannel shirts & wooly knitted caps provide just the right amount of protection against the chilly, drizzly rain that’s typical of 9 months of the year there.


The cherry blossom sock blank is beautiful!


I've traveled all over the US Northwest (Washington and Oregon,and Idaho), but I have never made it to the Canadian side. I hope to go some day.That is a beautiful part of the world. The combination of rugged terrain, forests and ocean views is nature in peak form.
My favorite color of Tough Sock changes with the season and mood, but I could love Torrent anytime - the blues and white with touches of green I can always enjoy.


I’ve never been to Vancouver or the Pacific NW, other than the airport in Seattle. I would love to go! The kids and I did a lot of “research” on Vancouver when the Olympics were held there.


I've never been to Vancouver but it's on the list! Really loving the saffron color of tough love sock


I really like Saffron in Tough Love Sock!!!
I would absolutely love to travel anywhere!!! 😍

Janis Fox

Never been to Vancouver but would love to go! I like the mulberry color way. I also like cauldron. I would love to knit a shawl out of cauldron.

Lynn B

Butchart Gardens on Vancouver Island - absolutely fantastic. Wish we had been able to explore the city,too. Lynn


Bubble Wand! How fun!

Abigail Konda

Mango Ice is calling my name!

Michelle S

I’ve never been to Vancouver. My favorite color is probably mango ice.


Would love to knit a pair of Socks using Viridian TLS! In June, we are leaving from Vancouver on a cruise to Alaska but won’t have any time to visit the city! We were there many, many years ago and loved the Gardens and the walking park!


I’ve never been to Vancouver but Butchart Gardens would be at the top of my must see list. I love Tough Love sock! I just finished PaperDaisyCreations’ Midwest Afternoon using TLS in Sage plus 4 minis from a Party of Five—very squishy soft. My favorite color is Torrent.


The Rosé (All) Day would make for a fun weekend!

Teresa Knittingdancer

Beach House is calling me to go to the beach. I love the blues and greens together.


I visited Vancouver years ago, and remember beautiful Stanley Park, and the river otters at the Aquarium. I like the Party of Five Bloom and Blossom.


Starlight is lovely.

Donna Gerber

There are so many beautiful colors to choose from, but I think my favorite is Midnight Garden. I may have to try some Sweet Georgia yarn since I’ve never knit with it.

Rose Birchall

Party of five waterfall

Sabrina Snyder

I like Blood orange!


I was there once a very long time ago. Sadly I don’t remember much. It was just a day trip while we were visiting friends in Washington.

Id choose pineapple. I’m trying to go out of my comfort zone, and yellows are not my color. So pineapple it is.

Chris Goudeau

Stealth mode for me, lovely purples

Cindy Buchite

Mango Ice is lovely!


TL Grapefruit is calling my name- never been to Vancouver but would like to!!


I love the color grapefruit. I have been to Canada but not Vancouver.


I have been to Canada, but not to Vancouver. The Magician color way includes my favorite colors.


Love Vancouver!
Midnight Garden, love it


I have never been to Vancouver but would love to visit! Grapefruit is my favorite color.


Bubble Wand would make a lovely, unique shawl

Peggy P

I have been to Toronto many times but nowhere else in Canada - my color is Torrent ... glad I took a look!


Oooh so many pretties, Magician or Midnight Garden both caught my eye!!

Never been to Vancouver, but I'm a suckered for some good seafood, too!


I love Bubblewand! And Vancouver is lovely!

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