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March 10, 2022



I can’t believe the FAME Festival is still going on! We lived in Auburn from 1988-1996, our youngest son had art work that was selected for the festival! We went to the symphony after viewing the art. Memories…


Knitting keeps me sane, busy, peaceful and in good health, despite the two years of very hard times for everyone, I just hunkered down and mind my own business. Glad to see some light in the end of the tunnel, however slow, it is still some progress. Many things can be written about this past 2 years, I find the virtue of patience and holding onto hope would eventually get us out of the trenches to see the sunlight. Be patient, my friends.

Anonymous Please

I used to be an epidemiologist and took off a decade to raise my three kids. I was feeling depressed about not working in public health during the pandemic. I started a job search, but ultimately went in a different direction. I'm now employed at a very large university in clinical trials research, and I love my team and enjoy what I do. The restoration of my self-esteem has been the best part. I'm feeling more like me again. My kids have adapted to that big change very well.

Remote school was great for one of my kids and terrible for the other two. One of them is still having academic issues.

I am trying to be more assertive about my own health also. I've had insomnia since just before the pandemic started, and I've been advocating for me when things don't work. I still don't have it under control, but I'm not afraid to speak up when a medication isn't giving me any benefit.

One of our bricks-and-mortar LYSs closed for good, one closed for a while then reopened in a different location with a different business model, and one stayed through and didn't change.

At this point, I 90% prefer online shopping!


Hi there. I really appreciate your blog and the stuff you write about. I have been working at home for a few years now, and I don't love it every day. I miss people! I have enjoyed your blog throughout the last 2 years and you are my go to online store. I know small businesses have had it tough but I am so glad you handle your business as a business and you are still around where others may have closed. Thank you for your openness and your great yarn.


Don’t know how I missed this blog post. But I just noticed you mention 14 year old James. Wow! I’m pretty sure you were about 5-6 months pregnant with him when I started buying from Simply Socks. After a short while you became my primary & often only source for yarn. I buy elsewhere only when you don’t carry what I need, a testament to your skill & hard work as a businesswoman.
I love when you post about your family. It makes me feel like a little part of it - as if you’re a distant cousin or niece who updates me occasionally. It’s a nice feeling. You’re getting to the stage where you begin to reap the rewards of parenting. I don’t understand why teens have such a negative reputation. It’s my favorite age for kids. They are no longer mostly parroting our ideas & ideals but beginning to figure out their place in the world & having their own ideas. I still remember the thrill of a meal I had with my younger daughter when she was about James’s age (maybe a year older). I can’t remember why it was just the 2 of us but we went to a restaurant & had dinner while discussing current events. It was so exciting to get a glimpse of what she’d be like as an adult (& she’s exactly how I pictured her then - she’s your age).

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