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March 31, 2022


Jan F.

I’ve never been to Colorado! What a shame!

If we’re to pick a color from Hue Loco, I’d pick Sunny Hunny! Not my usual color choice, but love the sun!


I've never tried Hue Loco yarn, but a pair of socks out of Ygritte would be excellent.


I'm not sure which question we should answer to enter, but I'm gonna go with the last one you asked. I've never been to Loveland :)


I’ve been to Colorado but not Loveland. I like the Blue Splash Wheaten.


I've never been to Loveland, but your photo makes me want to visit - the light looks amazing! And I've never tried out Hue Loco, but the subtle colors of PORCELAIN BANTAM HEN are so pretty. I also love FUTURE TOO BRIGHT on Tweed - it reminded me of a certain donut shop's colors...


I love Midnight Sun! I have never been to Colorado but I have friends who live there!

Kathy in Kansas

Not sure exactly what the contest question is, so I'll say a couple things. I love the tweeds as well, and as a mom of 5 boys, the Master of Disaster colorway really speaks to me. We've been on several family trips out to CO, but never to Loveland. We have family just outside of Denver, and we love the Colorade Springs area, but have never really explored north of Denver. Looks like we need to remedy that soon!


Love that Cracked Pepper! I've been to Nederland, CO

Deb Knight

Oh my Stardust just speaks to me


I’ve never been to Loveland or anyplace in CO, but will be going to Longmont, CO to see my daughter and her family in July! Tweed Whale Song caught my eye today!


I have passed by Loveland on my way to Denver, but never stopped. I would love to spend some time there though.


Oooh, I love that Midnight Sun on the tweed base!

Nicole S

The backyard chickens are so perfect - I especially love the Ayam Cemani Rooster. I also love the tonals, especially Rosehip.

I've never been to Colorado, but I think it would be a fun place to go someday.


So many great colorways!! I like Show Off and Dirty Talk, lol!
Also love CO, visited Boulder years ago and it was beautiful, would love to go back sometime.


I have been to Colorada and absolutely loved it. I have never tried this yarn but I have seen it on the Needles At the Ready podcast. It looks spectacular. My favorite would be Cat Nanny.

Debra Cohen

I’ve never been to Colorado…but it’s on my bucket list. I’ll need my knee fixed before I can go hiking, but it looks beautiful. My nephew raises chickens so I am partial to all the chicken colorways. I like the Pyle Araucanian…


I have a trip to Denver for a conference and was able to do some light hiking at Red Rocks park but would have loved to get a little farther west in the state for more hiking.

I love the midnight sun colorway!

Helen G

I’ve never been to Loveland, but any place with hiking trails calls out to me, so I will add it to my bucket list!

Gaylyn B

I have never been to Loveland. I've skied multiple times and locations but never Loveland. The Devil's Backbone picture is awesome.
Hue Loco is probably my over all favorite line that SSYC carries. I have many favorite colorways. Today I love Merino Firefly or Honey. Both very beautiful.

Diana Byrum

Poppy tweed!! I also have not tried this yarn. But the colors are beautiful.


I too have not had the pleasure to visit Colorado or knit with Hue Loco. But I do like the look of the Backyard Chicken Sock Sets, Phyllis “Moss” and “Stardust”, and the Tweed “Agate”.


I have not been to Loveland. I have only travelled thru Colorado via train and did not get off at any of the stops because they were not for long. A few of my siblings have lived in Colorado but during their time there I was not able to visit them. It appears to be a Lovely state--perhaps in the future.

Kim Holbrook

The Backyard Chicken colors always catch my eye! But I love all the tweeds, Petunia jumped out at me today.


Midnight Sun is the color that caught my eye.
(Sorry I pushed enter before putting the color way I liked).

Dana Snyder

I love HueLoco!! I love the tweed sock and I love the backyard chicken collections!! I would have to go with Poppy. I just love that color!!!

Susan Mercy

Tweed Gnome Garden is my favorite colorway. I need to visit Loveland with my oldest child, next time I go to Colorado!


I've been to Colorado but not Loveland. I have not knit with Hue Loco before but after looking at the colors I think the Grocery Girls color is beautiful!


Hue Loco’s yarn is great. I’ve made two sweaters with these beauties. My fave is Mums the word.


I've been to Loveland lots of times! It's great! I love the bonafide colorway. So gorgeous!


In Your Orbit on Merino Sock is speaking to me today. I've been to Colorado several times - it's a beautiful state.


I've been to Colorado but not Loveland. I haven't yet had the pleasure of knitting with Hue Loco, though it's been on my wish list for a while. The Master of Disaster colorway in tweed sock looks so yummy!

Jody Laake

I have coveted the Backyard Chicken Sets for a while now so I’m excited to see Hue Loco as today’s artisan! My choice would be Grey Cuckoo Rooster. Hope you and your family are having a fabulous spring break!

Susan Tischendorf

hloco-phyllis-gnome-garden/ This caught my eye. What gorgeous colors.


I have never been to Loveland, but you make it sound wonderful!

Did you want us to name a favorite color today? If yes, then I would love to pick Folklore.


I'm a fan of the Chicken sets but today I'm loving the Tweed In Your Orbit.

When we traveled the US we drove through Colorado twice but mostly spent time with our daughter in SW Colorado.

Sabrina Snyder

I love the Tweed Tropic of Cancer!
I have never been to Colorado. The pictures I have seen are amazing.


I live in NM and go to Colorado every couple of years. I love Colorado Springs and Salida the best.


Ygritte is something new I’d like to try. Do love Loveland! Have a sweet nephew there.

Terri B.

I have only been through Denver, in Colorado, but Loveland looks like a beautiful place to visit.


I haven't been to Colorado since I was a kid. Thanks for the photos so I could do some armchair traveling from my office!


Spent a week in Loveland several years back! Great place to spend sometime! Must visits would be Rocky Mountain National Park and Estes! While there definitely get a buffalo burger - best I ever had. Hue Loco is definitely a yarn I’d like to try - Ygritte would make a lovely pair of socks!


Many years ago in a 1956 Chevy, stick shift. no a/c .and no radio, my family traveled West for vacation.
Spending a short time in Loveland was impressive to a 7 year old because of the name. Fond memories of those days gone by.

Solaris is refreshing

Pat Phythian

Cheeky Rhino is my favorite.


I love the tweeds. I'd pick Midsummer today....need something to brighten an otherwise dreary day.


I have been to Loveland. I went to college in CO and spent the following 4 years up and down the Front Range. I miss it so much…the mountains, camping, hiking, skiing, cool evenings even in summer. So many great memories.


Hustle is my favorite.


I have not been to Loveland but looks like an amazing to visit.

Rose Birchall

I’ve never been to Loveland.
Like the backyard chicken sets.


My pick would be Ohana or Ohana that color combination!


I've never been to Colorado. If today's contest includes a favorite yarn pick, I like Tweed Poppy or Tweed Sunny You should Ask.


Sadly, I’ve never been to Loveland. I would love to wake up each day to the lovely Mountain View’s in CO.

Brenna Delosier

I love the Hue Loco Tweed in Sucker Punch. Love me some lime green.


I have never been to Colorado, but I have lots of Hue Loco yarn. I love it.. The Hen collection is my favorite


I love the Mouthy Goldfish colors and I love the name!! I’ve never been to Colorado but it is definitely on my bucket list


A trip out West is on my bucket list……we were hoping our daughter would want to do that to celebrate her graduation, but she chose to spend our family vacation at the beach instead. A very good choice nonetheless! My favorites are: Phyllis Rebel for Kicks, Merino Cheeky Rhino, and Phyllis Sassy Narwhal.

Carmie Anderson

I have not been to Colorado. Love so many of the colors! Todays pick is Merino Elixir. Hope you are enjoying spring break!

Beth L Ruiter

I haven't been to Loveland in 40 years. Your pictures take me back. I love all of the backyard chickens from these folks!


I’ve only been in Loveland once. We were in Denver for something else but took some time one evening to meet a friend who lived in Loveland for dinner.

Susan Ipavec

Outerspace Love is my fave. My sisters in laws live in Loveland and we’ve been up there when we’ve visited Colorado. It is a beautiful area of the Colorado Front Range!


I’ve never been to Colorado, but I’d love to someday! HueLoco’s colors are amazing! I would choose Juniper on her tweed base as a favorite!


I used to live there and go back often! I am actually planning a trip for July! I absolutely adore hue loco and her colors are so hard not to snatch up.


Yas Queen!

Michelle Starkey

I have never been to Colorado but hear it’s beautiful. The marshmallow colorway is probably my favorite.


I have never been to Loveland Colorado although I’ve been through Colorado a few times & camped for several days in southern Colorado when we encountered several days of rain. But I have several skeins of Hue Lock sock yarn - especially the Tweed. I have the neon pink & neon green Tweed yarns. Colors you wouldn’t expect but gorgeous! In fact, I think that’s Nicole’s genius. She makes colors that you wouldn’t think of combining work so well together. I don’t think there’s a single one of the Hue Loco color ways that I don’t love - even in colors that I normally wouldn’t consider buying. If I had to pick one color today it’d be the Tweed Ohana with the Cat nanny a very close second.

Donna Gerber

I've never been to Colorado, but would love to go someday. I can just imagine the scenery is stunning. I also absolutely love Hue Loco's chicken sets. Who knew there were so many different kinds of chickens? One of these days I'll snatch up a set before they're all gone.

Virginia Harnischfeger

I made a scarf with Hue Loco and loved the finished product. Solaris has caught my eye. It captures the coloring of Devil’s Backbone well.


I have never been to Colorado, but it is the one state I have wanted to go since I was younger. I didn't even know where it was!!! I remember planning a trip there for one of my classes later on in high school and all I remember about it now is that I went to Pikes Peak. I also played tennis at the hotel, fun fact, I have never played tennis. It really was a dream vacation and I guess in that dream I was athletic!😂 Thank you for taking us to Colorado. Hopefully I'll get there soon. If your asking, I say that because I'm not sure now, I think Unicorn Hide Out is very pretty.

Charleen Ziebell

Tweed poppy or tweed agate. All of their yarn is so beautiful. I’ve bought many skeins.


I've never been west of Minneapolis :(

Jennifer McCarthy

Three of my sisters live in Colorado and have mountain homes in Tabernash, near Winter Park! Love those chickens from Hue Loco!

Janis Fox

I think the Midnight Sun yarn is so pretty. I would love to knit some socks with it!


I've never been to Colorado. I will admit I love to check out the Chicken colors and love the names of their colorways. I do like the Merino That's What She Said.

Lynn B

Been to Colorado and remember beautiful blue sky! I like tweed Apollo.
Fun to learn about the yarn. Lynn

Peggy P

I've been to Colorado several times but not Loveland - my color is Midnight Sun.


I have been to Colorado a number of times; it is a beautiful place!

I LOVE the chicken sets!


Solaris was expertly captured like the pictures. Absolutely beautiful. Never been but friends and family that have can't wait to go back....

Renee Huffman

I love hiking and Colorado looks beautiful! I also am totally in love with my backyard chicken yarn I got from you a couple years ago!


Colorado is on my bucket list! For me, it’s a close all between Show Off and Space Panda. And someday I’m going to buy a sweater quantity of Fuchsia in her Tweed yarn. I need to stash down a bit first.

Becky P

Colorado is beautiful. I love that Midnight Sun colorway.

G. K. Green

Yes, I have been to Denver, Colorado, and enjoyed my time there. Loveland is memorable to me as the first place outside of California that Hewlett-Packard had a manufacturing plant, though it's been closed for over a decade now, I think.

Hue Loco Tweed Sock in Midnight Sun is a define winner!

Nancy Mortell

I’ve been to Colorado, but never to Loveland. It looks like I should go back for another visit! And that Midnight Sun is so beautiful.


Tweed Eclipse……Oh My Gosh!!!


Almost all of my time in Colorado has been in the center or western parts of the state, aside from one visit to Boulder. I really should explore the Front Range more…

Hue Loco colors are great, but I love getting them from SSYC because the picture is of the whole skein in focus, unlike on Hue Loco’s website. I adore Marshmallow, particularly in the Tweed sock.

Teresa Knittingdancer

I have never been to Loveland but I have been to Denver and surrounding cities. I love the Solaris Tweed Sock yarn.


The backyard chicken sets are so much fun. So creative ! I’d be happy to knit with any one of them.


I have been to Loveland, Colorado many times.
One of our favorite restaurants is Café Athens.
We also enjoy going up to Estes Park to escape the heat in the summer and run Lake Estes.


I love Tweed Unicorn Hideout.I know exactly the pattern to use it with!

Cindy Buchite

I love the porcelain bantams collection. Hue Loco yarn is wonderful to work with.


I love the color Show Off. I have never been to Colorado at all.


I love the Space Panda color in Phyllis Sock.


We went to Colorado once but never made it to Loveland. Next time, we go, it will happen! I love Dirty Talk - those colourful bits within all the darkness.

Robin V

I thought my favorite was Daenerys, but then I saw Folklore, and, well, it has to be Folklore.


I’ve driven thru some of Colorado around the Denver area and it was beautiful. I would love to go back and explore more of the state some day. I love Firefly and Patina in Phyllis Sock.


I’ve never been to Colorado. I really like the Bona Fide colorway.


I've been to Loveland several times over the years, not with it as the destination. Rather as a part of travel up and down the Front Range. There are so many interesting places in this part of the Rockies to see and towns to sightsee. I love all the backyard chicken sets.


Never been to Loveland but that photo is gorgeous! Never thought I would love chicken inspired yarn but I love the backyard chicken sets


Love these Back Yard Chicken Collections!
I have never been to Colorado, bit would love love love to travel again!!

Abigail Konda

Cheeky Rhino is Amazing!!!!


Never been to Colorado, except for the Denver airport. It looks lovely! For the yarn, I really like the merino ion marshmallow.


Apollo has a great color combination. Colorado is my favorite place to vacation, but it has been years since visiting Loveland.

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