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March 30, 2022



I really like Cloud to Ground -- also, a great color name. I love this yarn. I have a skein of All American Hen in my stash right now.


Peacock Shadow is lovely and I love the name


I was thinking I would pick something bright and happy like Hear It Hawaii or Hot Pants (which look like they would go well together), then I saw Brass and Steam. I've surprised myself a little but out of all of the beautiful colorways I choose Brass and Steam as the one I like the best☺.


I had a really hard time choosing one. I think if I have to choose one it would be Tidal.

Jan F

Jilly Billowy - clouds floating by…

Nancy Mortell

I’m really drawn to Blues Highway…gorgeous.


I’ve been to a Tucson quire a few times and didn’t know that is was home to DIC. I loved the Everlasting base which is no longer available. I’m drawn to dark colors yet want to knit with a light color. I’ll, with much difficulty, choose Prince William.


Love The Edge and Iceland! It's been all blues for me lately!


Jilly Brass and Steam... I love Dream in Color yarn... always such beautiful yarn..


This is areally hard one but I'm going with Burr.

Nicole S

Blue Sage (on Smooshy).


I like SC Billowy.

Deb Knight

Totally Smooshy for me and the blues.

Gaylyn B

I really love knitting with DIC yarns, any of them. I have many colorways that appeal but today it's Flower Drum Song!


I can't decide between SC Angelica and SC Blossom. sooooo beautiful!

Dana Snyder

Mermaid shoes in Smooshy with cashmere!!


Smooshy with. Cashmere in Blurry Eyed is my fav but Tex Mex in Jilly is also tugging at my heart. Project ideas swirling in my head.


Aqua Jet!


Ohhhhhhhhhh, this took me FOREVER to decide. But Melon Bomb and Merry Voice (I couldn't get down to one), but I think they look great together.


I have to go with Brass and Steam. I just love those colors together


Mermaid shoes! Love the color AND the name!


I must be needing flowers, because I love Hear It Hawaii


I really like Pinky


Galaxy is my choice.

Deborah Kellar

I could narrow it down to 2…..Leather Wave or Brass and Stream.


I'm a long-time fan of DIC, especially their semi-solids. I love how Chocolate Night is a nice solid brown, but without being boring!

 Betsy Bradley

Riot Girls!

Susan Mercy

I would pick either Hello Dolly (the first show I played in) or Strings & Keys (which is the name of the music series that my mother and I played together for years).

Tracey fucci

My most favorite:
Love the color saturation

Geraldine Scott

Let's try Uptown Electric...totally out of my normal palette, but always catches my eye!


Galaxy is just too beautiful!

Colleen D'Allura

Love Mermaid shoes. It would make beautiful socks!!


Love Love Love ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
DIC SC All American Hen 🐔🐥🐔🐥🐔
💗💗Who doesn't love some Smooshy Cashmere??💗💗💗




Lime on ice!

Katherine S

I love Mermaid Shoes!

Cheri Littrell

I have to say I love Leather Wave!

Carol Paul

Sooo... Dream in Color Smooshy comes in a cashmere blend? Have I been living under a rock? This is a Dream in Color come true! I need this in Bermuda Teal for gloves and a cowl. STAT!


Milky Sprite is my favorite color from DIC. I have it in both Smooshy and Smooshy with cashmere, as well as I got a hat kit a while back with that it! Would love to have another ball of it in DK to make a pair of mittens to match my hat and socks!

Pat Wright

Smoosh in Peacock Shadow. The blue tones soothe my soul, and as an ICU nurse over the past years, I found the “Fire Scorched” title especially appropriate.


I've been wanting to try Kiss Me Kate for a while now - I love it!

Jody Laake

It’s a toss up for me today between Smooshy Dune and Smooshy Loose Gems. I’ve been eyeing Loose Gems off and on for a while now so I’m going to go with it! Although when you get right down to it, you can’t go wrong with anything from Dream in Color! That is just an awesome company and I’m happy you carry such a nice selection!

Kelly Selzle

Love love love DIC Jilly Sonoran Magic!! Touches my heart and soul. I would so love to make a project with that yarn.


Love Belle Epoque!


Smoosh awesome wow. Although everything is sompretty


Peacock Shadow!! But really there was too many colors to pick just one


As usual I love all the blues, but the one that really stuck out for me today is the Smooshy “Burr”.


I'm on a pink kick right now, I think. Smooshy Shy or More than Blush. Both so pretty!!


This one is hard for me because I have used DIC for so many projects over the years. Always a favorite! It's almost like choosing my favorite child...but today I'd pick "True to Life" Smooshy. Guess that's the 'child' on my good side...for now....

Sandra Sprouse

I really love The Edge color that you posted. I’m off to the website now!

Lauralea Bodle

Kyoto Sunset!

Beverly Stegmann

DIC JILLY OUT BEYOND So many projects possible
Thank you for the opportunity.


Tucson is so pretty!

Erica Meske

Jilly Federal Bank 💚


I'm drawn to String and Key in Smooshy with Cashmere. It would make a lovely scarf!

Rose Birchall

Riot Girls

Donna T

It’s hard to pick out just one color way of DIC but Smooshy with Cashmere in Angelica really calls my name! I remember Veronica & Nancy from Fringe, their yarn shop before DIC. In fact, I still have one of the very first skeins of DIC yarn in a navy. They were amazing LYS owners. Fringe was a lovely shop with light just pouring in through the plate glass window in the front & a seating area with toys just inside the front window. They also allowed littles to look at & touch yarn to decide which they’d like for their sweaters. They were my daughter’s LYS & one time we got so carried away looking at yarn that we stayed about 1/2 hour past closing time. When we realized it we apologized profusely but they said it wasn’t a problem because they were dyeing yarn in the basement. The knitting world’s gain of DIC is the loss of knitters in the Naperville - Aurora area.

Lynn B

Hard to decide! I choose Jilly Kyoto Sunset. Lynn

Jessie M

Surf is such an amazing blue!

Beth A.

Smooshy Pinkie! I love it!
Never been to Tucson but they make it very tempting!

Debra Cohen

So many great colors!! I love scarves made with Smooshy w/ cashmere. Right now my favorite color is Hello Dolly, but every color is delicious!
The best time to visit Tucson is off season… the weather is still beautiful and we stayed in a 5 star resort for 1/2 price. Take time to visit the Sonoran Desert gardens…fabulous!


I love all these (and more): SC Belle Époque, Below Horizon, Riot Girls, A Little Night Music. I would love to try a skein with cashmere in it for socks. I’ve been in love with DIC colors ever since I saw my first skein.


Sundance - Smooshy with Cashmere
A one skein shawl, I can just see it now.


I have enjoyed knitting with Jilly, nice soft scrumptious shawls from one ball make a simple inexpensive gift (Something Autumnal), but scrolling down I happened upon Smooshy Cashmere in Galaxy….Wahoo!


Pinky, please 🥰

Virginia Harnischfeger

Flower Drum Song - love the color mix. Kyoto Sunset is a close second.
Love working with Dream In Color for socks.


Clockwork heart❤️

Tabitha Bell Burks

Mermaid Shoes on Smooshy Sock Yarn is my favoite of their colorways!

Christie Bowie

I think I would have to “ eeny, meeny, miney, no” between dune and burr. They both call to me!
And now that I know Tucson has great foodie places as well as being warm…. I really want to go!


Joshua Tree

Arizona is a beautiful state hope you're able to experience it.


American Hen!

Julia swallow

Lovely yarn. Lovely color Surf.

Julia swallow

I love the yarn and the color surf.


Anything Uptown Electric. I love the combination of colors

Jill Schroeder

Windy City is speaking to me today.

Amy O

Hi from Tucson! DiC moved here from Chicago and we are SO HAPPY about it!! I pet the whole wall of DiC at Birdhouse Yarns every time I'm there:-)) Such gorgeous colorways<3. Give me a skein of Brass and Steam (a colorway I haven't seen yet at my LYS!)
p.s.-- Nancy and Veronica are totally fun to hang and knit with!


I think Mint Drop (Smooshy) would make a lovely pair of socks!


My favorite changes regularly. Today it’s Alive…just looks like spring…but Dune always catches my eye


Mermaid Shoes :)


Today my fave is Uptown Electric. 😀


Blue is my favorite color and there are so many to choose from! Rain on Me is my choice today.

Pat Phythian

So many lovely colors, but I choose My Fair Lady.

Heather Campbell

I’d have to say Carousel is my favourite. Such fun colours. Would love to make something for myself with it. Pretty!

Jennifer McCarthy

Blossom in Smooshy Cashmere is beautiful!

Diana Byrum

I live in Tucson! I love DIC yarn and I just kept going back to Brass and Steam.


Looking at the options it is tough to settle on a color mood today. Hmm... let's try something new like a sunny yellow.

In response to your question, "Maybe we need a knitting retreat in Tucson??"
YES!!! Hope someone organizes one.


Mermaid shoes!


I really like Victoria in Smooshy.

Susan Ipavec

Federal Bank is my fave! I love the tonal greens— makes me think of spring!!

Kim Holbrook

Smooshy Mint Drop is to die for!


Billowy speaks to me.


Kyoto Sunset but it was a hard choice they are really unique.

Brenna Delosier

I really like Cloud to Ground on Smooshy.

Robin V

Oh, Sundance really strikes my fancy!

(For some reason, I thought Dream in Color was based in Chicago. Where did I get that idea?!?)

Diana Brewer

Windy City is beautiful! Love the blues!

Elizabeth o

There are too many beautiful to pick just one or five! Here is a few, Galaxy, Rain On Me, True To Life, Lime On Ice, Carousel, and More Than Blush.

Alene Sternlieb

Dream in Color SC Carousel!

Twylia V

They're all great. If I have to choose only one, I'd pick Tidal. Love the mix of colors that mimic nature.

Deb Adams

DIC SC Absolute Magenta


Cloud to Ground is perfect on any base!

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