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March 29, 2022



I love Ink! I was in London in 1978 so I'm sure so much has changed since then but I loved wandering around the Victoria and Albert Museum. It was fascinating!


That Toffee Apple is gorgeous, but I'm also drawn to Ink. Such pretty colors.

Pat Phythian

It was hard to narrow it down, but my favorite is Monsoon.


My favorite color is Kaleidoscope. I would love to go to England someday - I would definitely do all things touristy LOL!


I really like Requiem!

Tracy May Adair

Dust and Sylvanas are my faves, with Dust just slightly edging out Sylvanas.

Renee Anne

No London for me. Florida, yes (Winter Park, even)....but not London. Someday. Maybe. Probably. We'll see what life brings.

Colors....oh, colors....Ibiza Breeze, Cha Cha, Euphoria, Candy Crash, Shindig.....I could go on :)


Love stormrage! I've never been to London, but hopefully someday!


Requiem, I think.


Aargh - too many choices, but I love Shinding the best.

The London Eye is a perfect way to get a great view of the city. I'd recommend catching a show on the West End.

Dana Snyder

Snorkeling caught me eye!! It’s gorgeous!


Hard yo choose. I like Biscuit, Ink and Juniper.

Jody Laake

It’s a hard choice. I’m torn between Honeycomb and Toffee Apple, but I think Honeycomb is the winner for me.

Susan Mercy

Single Requiem is my favorite color. I have not been to London or the UK...but it is definitely a bucket list. I would like to go to different cathedrals and listen to the choir and organ in those cathedrals.


I really like Qing Super Soft Sock Biscuit.

Kim Holbrook

I love Requiem and Ink. It’s hard to choose! London has a lot to offer, as does the rest of the UK (Edinburgh stole my heart). I loved the British Museum and could have spent days there.

Kathy in Kansas

I like Requim, but my favorite is Juniper. Gotta go with the greens. Never been to London, and as a fan of Call the Midwife, I'd love to visit some of their locations, rather fictitious or not, like the wharves.


I would pick Kaleidoscope. I have been to London twice. It has been a while, I would love to go back. Don't think I could pick a favorite place. I loved everything about it.


Requiem and Penguin (Qing sock) are my top 2 favorites. I would love to go to the UK because I was born in England when my father was in the military service and I would love to see where I was born (on an Air Force base), museums, gardens, London and the countryside as well. So I did visit the UK (ha-ha) but came back to the US as an infant so no memories of it.


Favorites are Ink, Antique Rose, and Toffee Apple. In that order. Have seen London from an airplane. Looks crowded to me!

Gaylyn B

I went to London for my job in the 90's. I had time to do multiple tourist things. One of my favorite tours was Kensington Palace. Beautiful! One of the creepiest places was the Tower of London. Gave me the shivers more than once.
Favorite Qing colorways is Ibiza Breeze, though it edges out at least a half dozen others by a mere nose.


I like Ink and Norahs both a lot. I'd pick Ink if I had to choose.


I'm stepping outside my comfort zone today - Rambutan looks fun!

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do but haven't been across the Atlantic yet. Not a fan of cities but love to visit museums and historical sites so I suffer the crowds and chaos. I'm guessing I could spend a few weeks in London if I can reward myself with time in the countryside as well.

marianne griffith

London is wonderful. I went with 4 girlfriends for a week. It was a blast. Afternoon tea and walks in the gardens were great but the high light was Downton Abbey.
All of the Qing fibers are beautiful. I love crackle


A beautiful yarn collection. Finally narrowed it down to QING SOCK REQUIEM.

Spent a brief day in London 14 years ago and would love to return for an extended stay.


I love Ophelia and is a toss-up, but can't wait to see the new colors on the way!


Rambutan is amazing!


Salt is such a lovely color. I've admired it for a while!

Geraldine Scott

So many lovelies...Shibuya seems to be calling my name...


I used to travel to London annually for work, and one time my hotel was within walking distance of the Tower of London, where I went to see the Crown Jewels!

The Qing colors are all so complex! I'm really drawn to Crackle and Salt Marsh and Nest


I like the Snorkeling colorway.

I have been to London before. My brother and his family lived there for sometime and my father wanted to visit--this was about 17 yrs ago. So my father and I went and my husband came a bit later.

We went all over the place. Just wandering was the greatest thing for us. That is how we saw things that if you followed a guide you would not see.

I do hope that you are able to visit London in the future.

Mary Jacques

I am trying to knit out of my normal wheelhouse but‘snorkeling’ is beautiful. I have knit with Qing and it is delightful.
I went to visit my aunt who was living in London. She took me to see the Crown Jewels- OMG amazing. Just going by the palace is amazing. I also went to Harrod’s which was overwhelming. A whole block store and the third floor was entirely china and crystal. Ooh, what if they had a floor of yarns???

Nicole Doyal

So many colors! I think I like Requium. But of course, any of the ones with Purple look amazing!


I'm a sucker for any Donegal tweed, so the favorite has to be Donegal Juniper.
I was in London in 1976 and the most memorable things were visiting the Tower of London and the crown jewels, St Pauls and eating at a fast food chain called Wimpy Burgers. Think Popeye.


Snorkeling on Qing Sock is my favorite of their colorways!


Haven't been to London, but it's on the list! I'm drawn to both Norahs and Salt Marsh.

Terri B.

Antique Rose would be my choice, but all of her colors are beautiful! I have never been to the UK, but my husband went about 15 years ago. Maybe someday we can go together.

Jan F

This one was hard as I kept saying “wow” as I scrolled through! But I choose Requiem. I’ve never been to London but the Royal Botanical Gardens look amazing!


I would go with the Snorkeling colorway, on the Qing Sock base, of course. I have never been to the UK, but would love to go some day.


Oooh, that Snorkeling is really something! I’ve also admired Shusui in the past.

I got to study in London for a summer, and I loved it. I’d love to go back someday. I loved day trips from the city like Leeds Castle, Kew Gardens and Bath. Thanks for the chance to win!


I really like the Candy Crash as I received this Beautiful Colorway in a Sock Club Kit...then when visiting the SSYC in person I was able to acquire a 2nd Skein!! It Knits up Beautifully!!

Ashley O'Malley

Salt Marsh! Love that soft blended look!

Diane Cox

Juniper is my favorite! So many lovely choices. :)


I love Qing yarns, and I’m very happy you are getting more! Of the colors you currently have in stock, Rambutan is my favorite. But I am crossing my fingers for Furling, Narwhal, and/or Shell Beach to reappear (and go straight into my shopping cart haha)

Debbie L

How am I going to pick just one. Its a unfair task in that I am in love with 90% of the whole line. If I have to pick one it would be snorkeling. I have never been to London but I would head to any of the museums


I would love to go to London, or anywhere else in the UK and Ophelia is definitely my favorite.


Honeycomb is my favorite color way. I have never been to London, but think I would spend all my time at the museums and historical sites.


Requiem is so pretty!

Sabrina Snyder

I love the Qing sock Shinding! It looks like an abstract painting!

Nancy Mortell

Love the muted tones in salt marsh…so pretty.

 Betsy Bradley

I like Stormrage - but really how can you choose!


Love so many of the colors, but juniper is speaking to me today

Brenna Delosier

I think I love Punjabi. I have her color from the sock club and just love it too. London is a dream that would be awesome to see someday.


Slate was my first thought, followed by Ink. The Norahs photo you posted also called to me. I have not been to London since the late '90s.

Jennifer McCarthy

Berry Milkshake would be perfect for a new project I’m planning!

Carmie Anderson

I would love to go to London someday. For now only in my dreams and books I read. Love the colors Norahs and Requiem! So many beautiful colors hard to chose a favorite.

Kimberly Wiggin

I love the Ink colorway. I have a skein of Rose Gold and I really want to pair it with a dark blue in a two-color shawl!

Mary Glancy

Sock Ink or Super Soft Sock Ink because blues are my very favorite colors.


Beautiful!! Datura, Pond and Requiem are my choices. There are so many lovely ones!


Juniper is definitely my favorite today!

Elizabeth o

Qing Donegal Snorkeling and Antique Rose 😍
I've always wanted to go to London to see the Queens castle, and Big Ben.

Sharon Oliver

My favorite is kalidiscope.


I’m torn between the Juniper and Penguin color ways!


The double decker tour bus and it was sunny!


I like the salt marsh color. I have never been to London.

Janis Fox

I like sock ink. All of the yarn colors are pretty!

Nancy Hughes

Juniper has to be my fave, followed closely by Snorkeling. Or the other way around! 😜 What I love best to do in London is to go on London Walks. When we visit, we plan one each day in a different part of London.

Katrina Albert-Filoramo

Qing Fibers has some interesting and beautiful colors! There's quite a diverse selection which is lovely and not as common as one would think. My choice would be Requiem with Norahs coming in a mighty close second. Thank you for having this contest and thank you for your business! I love Simply Sock Yarn! ❤️❤️❤️

Diana Byrum

Shibuya speaks to me. I have never been to London but someday I might.

Rose Birchall



Ibiza Breeze is so pretty and happy!

Lynn B

I really like Donnegal Datura. London about 16 yrs ago. Enjoyed Tower of London, Tate Modern museum and Kensington Palace. Great place to explore.


Lovely colors. I think Sunflower Maze is my favorite.

Robin V

So many colors! Dirt is my favorite, but Crackle is a close runner-up.

My husband and I went to London years ago, when we were young and could walk all day. Our best day was just that - walking around London. Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, a Shakespeare play, a concert at Albert Hall, walks thru the parks - it was all lovely.


Donegal Datura!

Michelle Starkey

Another hard choice but I think the dew colorway is my favorite. I’ve never been to the UK. But, I have been to Ireland, France, and Belgium. Ireland was by far my favorite! I just loved looking out the window while my dad drove the winding roads. Exploring the castle ruins is also a fond memory. I would love to go back!


Obsession and Datura. Love both but they're all fabulous.

Van Black-Winhaber

I went to London in 1976, right out of high school with my Dad. Seeing plays, plays and more plays were some of my best memories. And the yarn shops! I love the color CRACKLE!

Kerry Phillips


Heather Fairman

I really like Ink—pretty blues! I’ve never been to London, but I’d love to go someday.


Ibiza Breeze looks like the beach to me, love the vibrant blue


My favorite is QING SUPER SOFT SOCK BISCUIT. I’m into solid-ish colors lately.


I just love Requiem - the colors are so vibrant! I've never been to London either but would like to go there some day.

Beth A.

I have always loved Antique Rose😍🥰!
I have never been to London but I definitely would love to visit!


I love Shinding!


I like Ibiza Breeze.


I like stormrage today but if I won, it could be something else that day because there are many very interesting colors.

Sarah S

I like Salt Marsh, but it was hard to choose. The color combinations are quite unique!

Peggy P

I love Crackle - the color and the name.


Such pretty colours! Shibuya!


My fave color of theirs is Punjabi. I went to London in 2018. I absolutely loved it. I adored going to Liberty department store. The facade is beautiful timber and just as beautiful inside. Plus lots of beautiful fabric and even some yarn sold there

Teresa Knittingdancer

I like Shibuya colorway.

Nicole S

I think my favourite is Ink.

I’ve never been to London except if you count a few hours’ layover in Heathrow airport. I was too tired to notice much there.

Terri Lambard

I love monsoon!

Debbie Cohen

I love the colors in Shindig…also love the name! I have been to London a number of times…but that was almost 40 years ago. I’m sure a lot of things have changed in that time, but the historical sights must be close to the same. Especially enjoyed touring the Tower of London and watching the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.

Cindy Buchite

My favorite is Shinding!


I'm drawn to Juniper sock. Never been to London but would love to go!

Deborah Downey

I love Juniper, looks like spring. I have been in London several times and the Victoria and Albert Museum is the best!


I've knit a lot of the Super Soft Sock. Right now I'm really liking the color monsoon.


Tweed sock in Monsoon.. something about that brown and pink!!

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