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March 28, 2022



Although I’m not usually a fan of yellow or orange, “It’s Sherberthday” is so pretty that it’s my favorite today.
Thank you!!!

Sandy Rice

Love Mexican Wedding Dress. It just reminds me of Easter and all the Spring colors.


Ice Ice Baby calls to me. I love turquoise as a summertime knit.


My choice was going to be Calypso, but then I saw Stiletto! They are all beautiful, but right now, Stiletto is my favorite.


Fame and Fortune, Floor is Lava, and Remote are my favorites, at least for today. Have fun on spring break!


Any of the greens.

Jan F

Nailed It!


I love the Bohemian Market color.


"Wish you were beer" seems like it would be perfect for socks for the men in my life!


My favorite is Everglades. Husband a close second. All gorgeous!


Mexican wedding dress is a dream!!


Calypso for me


Mexican wedding dress is a dream!


Fame and Fortune keeps calling my name, so pretty!

Debi Lyles

I'm loving Floridian Zest ...


It's Sherberthday is such a beautiful spring/summer color!


I love EY Sock hammered. I also used to love going to Winter Haven when they had Cypress Gardens. My folks wintered in the area and we would go when I visited.


Mexican wedding dress. Love the name.


Oh I live for a classic Jackie O, but that Aloha shawl kit sure gives off all the vibes of an awesome spring break!


Fame & Fortune. Thank you! Love their yarn

Lisa Nycz

Tropics Like it’s Hot is my pick but both are gorgeous!


I'm really drawn to red right now, so Floor is Lava or Stiletto are really speaking to me.


I love Bohemian Market, but after that it's gotta be Mexican Wedding Dress or It's Sherberthday!


I love Mexican Wedding Dress, it’s so fun!

Dana Snyder

I love Ice Ice Baby and Iguana! I think that they would go great together!


Mermaid Tavern caught my eye. Thanks for the giveaway!

Teri P

Today my favorite color is Stolen Dances. But my favorite name is Fun Guy!

Beverly Stegmann

I love EY SOCK IT'S SHERBERTHDAY. So many possibilities.


Everglades is singing to me today :)

Kathy in Kansas

Oooo, I cannot decide between Farmer's Market and Hammered! Hubs and I lived in Dade City FL for 10 years and had our first 3 boys down there. This yarn store is going on my list to visit next time we drive down there!

Christie Bowie

Everglades really speaks to me!
We are going to have to give Winter Park a visit. We have done the Orlando stuff enough that I am ready for a change of pace when we get there, I am glad you shared those pics! Enticing, for sure.


Fame and Fortune calls my name

Kim Hollenstine

It’s Sherberthday is my favorite color!


I like Glamping!


Hammered is a favorite color but Wish You Were Beer is a favorite name. ❤


I love them all but Himalayan Salt is one of my very favorites!

Rose Birchall

The reds and purples are so vibrant


Today Floor is Lava is speaking to me.. love the color.. would be so fun to knit with..


Something about Everglades just speaks to me. And so Florida!!


One favorite is Cash Hammered. Very difficult to choose one.

Rose Hoornbeek

Both are beautiful; but I'm partial to blues so yarn Husband.


Fame and Fortune is gorgeous! Have a wonderful Spring Break!


I love Mermaid Tavern! What a great name


Fame and Fortune is stunning!!


Floridian zest! It is perfect.


Everglades has captured my attention. Blues and greens what a great combination.

E Kroll

Love,love Tropic Like Its Hot!


It’s a toss up between “Fame and Fortune” and “Just Add Salt”


I’d be happy with any one of the colors, to tell the truth. But I’ll say Fame and Fortune.

Diana Byrum

Mint To Be is for me.


A tablet full of movies is a God-send! I don't know how my mom dealt with me and my brother in a small car on road trips.

i LOVE the Remote yarn. It's beautiful!


Florida Zest. Although I almost picked Wish You Were Beer, just because of the name.


Tropics Like It's Hot is Awesome!!!!
What a fun week ahead!!
Thanks for letting us share in your Spring Break Vacation!!🌞


Mermaid Tavern looks amazing

Sue Boisvert

Its Sherbirthday, or Mexican Wedding Dress, or really... all the colors!

Carmie Anderson

I love the Tropic like it's hot. Reminds me of summer


Ice Ice Baby and Iguana!!!! 😍


Loving the color and the NAME of Yarn Husband!!


I love the Tropics Like It's Hot.


Favorite color is Freshly Cut— what a perfect vivid grass-green!

Beth Fulton

Yarn Husband for would go with so many skeins i already have! 🥰

Susan Tischendorf

Farmer’s Market. Gorgeous

Kim Holbrook

My favorite is Bohemian Market!


I have purchased several skeins of Emma's yarn, but would love Mexican Wedding Dress!

Kay O'Callaghan

Love the grey scale, my favorite color. Everglades reminds me of the trip there a few years ago. Farmer's Market is lovely. Have a friend selling some of my knitted wash cloths to go with her goat milk soaps next week. I hope they sell well for her.

Christine Newman Aumiller

Wish you were beer


Wish You We’re Beer !!! Love it!

Susan Ipavec

My absolute favorite Emma’s Yarn colors are Mexican Wedding Dress and Legal Tender— impossible to pick just one. This is one of my favorite dyers.


Love the pictures. We aren’t a vacation family. I did spring break twice in Michigan for senior year in high school and freshman year in college. Maybe that’s why I love bright color. Bring the joy home in fiber ways.

80s rewind is a favorite of mine. I think they have a Barbie color I have admired too.


Love them all! But especially Farmer’s market!

Nicole Doyal

Loving the Everglades color way!


Love them all! Farmer’s Market really catches my eye.

Deb Adams


Virginia Harnischfeger

It’s Sherberthday is calling my name.


It's Casual

Megan Bessey

It’s up between the Navy, Fame & fortune, and it’s sherberthday! (Slight bias towards Its Sherbirthday because today is my birthday!)

Alice Glassen

Love the greens and blues…as well as the others lol who am I kidding they’re all great colors

Diana Kelly

Yarn Husband is perfect medium neutral. A lightweight sweater would be perfect in this.

Amber Chenoweth

Loving Calypso! The colors remind me of the water.


Mermaid Tavern is really fun.


THe COOL ocean colors of Remote are for me


Tropic like it’s Hot is my favorite colorway!

Jody Laake

You had me at Tropic Like It’s Hot!

Gaylyn B

Today the skeins with aqua are making me dream. Mexican Wedding Dress, Mint to Be, and Happily Ever After. All that summery, lighthearted aqua!

Sue Jehl

Yarn husband is just the color I need to go with a Find My feed sweater. Even though this is a spring break contest I’m still knitting sweaters. It’s chilly here today.


Mermaid Tavern

Geri Heagy

Farmers Market! So hard to choose!

Jennifer McCarthy

So many beautiful colors! Everglades really caught my eye! Enjoy spring break!

Barb Gibbs

Have to go with 80s Rewind. Such fun colors!



It’s lovely, and the name also evokes spring breaks of old….


Yarn Husband both for the color and the name!

Pat Phythian

I like Happily Ever After

Colleen D'Allura

Hammered is just beautiful!!


80s Rewind!!! I love the speckles of color.

Cyndi Jimenez

I love the Yarn Husband! It reminds me of being able to knit all winter long and gifting to the men in my life with pride and lots of love! 💙


Love to knit with Emma Yarns! For a favorite I’d pick Tropic Like It’s Hot!

Linda L. in WI

Floor is Lava! My sisters and I used to play that all the time.:)


Freshly Cut is really speaking to me today. enjoy your vacation!

Melissa Friedrich

How fun to learn about various indie dyers with these virtual visits! Emma’s Yarn looks so beautiful, Yarn Husband color way is my fave. Love the family photos around Winter Park FL.


I love the Iguana color way with Yarn Husband a very close second.

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