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March 24, 2022



Beach vacations are always the best for young families. We would rent a cottage on Lake Erie in Canada and stay for a week. Enjoying swimming and walking on the beach, volleyball in the yard, board games at night and long, lazy days.


Since finances were always tight when the kids were younger we enjoyed spring break at home. We made numerous trips to our local library, checked out a lot of books and movies to watch together as a family. Sleeping late and watching a movie in pjs or having popcorn and movie afternoons or evenings were some favorite things to do. Playing board games was another favorite thing to do, and card games as the girls got older. Baking cookies, brownies, going out for ice cream or having sundaes at home, going to a park, hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains (my husband would take a day off to go with us), biking on a bike trail, getting together with friends were favorite activities. Everyone was quite relaxed when the break was over.


My husband and I used to go to Ocean City, MD every year or 2 because his mother lived in Maryland. We would stop and get her to go with us. My dream vacation has always been to go to Hawaii though.


Somewhere secluded and quiet! Nothing to do! No one to see!


My dream spring vacation is somewhere warm where I don't have to plan or make any meal for anyone!! That sounds like bliss!!


I’ve never had a spring break vacation that I recall. I usually visited family on my travels. My dream vacation is Greece and for a longer time than a spring break.


The last family vacation we took was to Washington, D.C. in Feb 2022, right before things fell apart. My daughter was old enough to walk long distances without complaining (much) and appreciate the museums and history. We'd love to go back!


Oops - Feb 2020 :)


My favorite Spring breaks were when my children and I would go up to our summer cottage. It was usually cool and rainy... but we had so much fun.. No TV reception, no internet..
Lots of board games, walks, exploring..
Just down time.. I miss that...


Spending time at our cabin in the Rocky Mountains.


My favorite spring break vacation memory was when I went on vacation with my best friend and her family when I was in 5th grade. We drove from the Texas panhandle to Corpus Christi, Texas, stopping along the way at some fun places. My favorite stop was a Aquarina Springs, a water amusement part with gondola rides, glass bottom boat rides and an underwater submarine show with mermaids and a swimming pig! We also stopped in San Antonio and went on the river walk which was beautiful that time of year. We had a blast!

Gaylyn B

While living for years in New Orleans, spring break was to go to the winter. We went skiing for the week. At the end of seven days you had had your fill of cold and back to the warm we would go.


My family never went on spring break vacations, unfortunately. I have quite a few siblings and all our schools rarely had the exact same week off.

I did twice get to go to my best friend’d grandparents’ “farm” which was in Missouri somewhere. It was really just some land in the woods with a little house, a lake to swim in, and a few horses. But to be 11 or 12 and get to ride horses through the woods, then swim in the lake, then stay up late drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows and watching videos…heaven!

Patty Valdez

The LA zoo and the Natural History museum. my kids couldn't get enough -so we would go multiple times!


One of my favorite spring breaks was to go to Northern California. I went during college and visited an aunt of mine. We went to many different places but one of my favorite places during that trip was along the American River in the mountain area East of Sacramento.


I haven’t been anywhere for spring break and growing up we never took family vacations. During the summer, all the extended families would drive three hours down to Kansas City to go to a large amusement park but it would only be for one day and we’d drive back home at the end of the day.

As an adult, my DH and I have went lots of places but rarely the same place multiple times. But most places are definitely to warmer/sunnier locations like Arizona, Southern California, and Mexico.


Spring break vacations were strictly a college thing when I was young - and I only went once while in college. A group of us drove from Penn State to Myrtle Beach and proceeded to have fun in the sun. Sunburn and sand was the name of the game!

Pat Phythian

I'm a "staycation" kind of gal so I enjoy being home during spring break. I like being home and having the time to do the things I like: reading, quilting, knitting, working in my yard. I give myself a break from cooking and order take out or go out to eat.


Staying Home!,


When I was a kid we took summer vacations but not one for spring break. I think my favorite vacation was a cycling trip in the Dordogne region of France.

Jody Laake

We always enjoyed Cocoa Beach, Florida. When the kids were really young, we liked to go in the fall to miss a lot of the tourist crowds. It was right on the beach and close enough for day trips to Orlando and Tampa. We had all our favorite restaurants and shops to visit and once even watched a space shuttle launch from our balcony.


Never took a spring break vacation. However once on a trip to visit a college friend in Texas I accidentally found myself on a plane filled with spring breakers. LOL!

Dana Snyder

We never went on spring break when I was growing up and I never got to go in college either. My previous job used spring break as the first snow make up days so I think we got a break once in the 14 years I was there. I’ve now been at my new job for 10 years and I think I’ve been to Florida about 7 times for our spring break! My parents now have a winter home in North Port, FL so I go to visit them. It’s south of Tampa on the Gulf side near Sarasota. We go out to the beach a lot and each year we do something different. We went on a cruise one year before Covid. I’m looking forward to going again! We leave April 9th for a week! I can’t wait for the warm sun, good food and all the knitting time!

Jennifer L

We went to Austria and Italy for spring break 9 years ago. It was amazing!

Erica Meske

I homeschool, so spring break we like to just relax and do crafty stuff!!


When I was in college in Virginia, our favorite spring break trip was to go to St. Petersburg, Florida, home with one of my roommates. While there we usually went for a day-trip to Disney World.

For several of my adult years, I was teaching graduate classes and for our spring break, we would travel to Palm Springs, California. About seven years ago, we bought a condo in Palm Springs about a block over from the resort we used to visit. So, I guess, now, I am living the spring break life!

Christie Bowie

My favorite vacation so far has been Hocking Hills Ohio. We rented a giant cabin that slept 25 people and the kids (mostly young adults) could go hiking, we used a hot tub or just sat on the giant wrap-around porch and listened to the birds. It is a beautiful area.

Rose Birchall


Donna Kuehl

Spring break - best at home. We live on a lake and if the lake is thawed everything starts happening! Love watching the ducks and geese in the water and listening to all the other creatures. This year my grandson even went in the water last weekend (do not recommend!!)...


My dream spring break? Going on a yarn shop tour with an unlimited budget.

Karen N.

I always had to work during Spring Break weeks in college, but I take them now -- Spring Training in Arizona. My dream Spring Break would probably be to someplace like Fiji or the Seychelles.

Janie H.

My favorite vacation was when I took my daughter and niece, ages 13 and 14 to Florida for a week. Lots of fun and adventures, including a very memorable visit to Lion Country Safari.


I don't get spring break. Lol. I haven't had a spring break in... 20 years?

Jenn H

Oh gosh it's been so long since we've had a vacation! But going to the lake I went to as a child but being able to take my kids was wonderful!

Lisa Anderson

I always worked thru spring break. Not sure where the young me would have wanted to go, but the adult me wants a cruise to Alaska.

Cyndi Spear-Duncan

Favorite of all time is going skiing Steam Boat Springs CO. So beautiful and beautiful blue skies, the clothes and hot chocolate!

Lynn B

Trip to Chicago to Field Museum and then downtown
shopping and eating. Wonderful! My family would
trip to Cancun.

Diana F

Enjoyed reading about yours. It wasn't exactly a spring break trip, but we traveled to Big Bend Natl park in Texas. We spent a lot of time hiking the trails. We've returned several times, but never for as long.

Paula Gehring

Going to Grandma's was a favorite spring break. Going to Ben Franklin's and getting craft supplies then having a huge (you know they always look so big) chocolate rabbit to nibble on for dessert.

Jana Ames

Definitely camping at Nason Creek near Leavenworth WA such great memories and the campfires ❤️

Becky Creighton

I’d go to Jekyll Island and walk the beaches at sunrise and sunset.


My favorite spring breaks took place on Mother's Day: helping friends shear their sheep and picking the fleece i wanted to personallly process and spin into yarn. It was hard work but also a lot of fun.


I remember going to Monterey and Carmel in California with my family as a child. We had so much fun visiting the aquarium and the beach.


My dream spring break would be visiting the redwoods in California.
Maybe next year?

Elizabeth DeLong

Awww, your boys are growing up so fast!
I grew up ( for the most part) in A suburb of Chicago. My father was A very busy doctor so we hardly ever got to go anywhere. I never heard of Spring Break until we moved to Indiana! Also I am from A family of 10 so traveling with that many kids was not A vacation for my Mom!
Fun trips to my great grandparents farm was my favorite vacation, but it was usually Thanksgiving not Spring!


My favorite Spring Break trip was to Outer Banks. I spent the week driving to all the lighthouse and shopping at all the little shops. Ate at Sam & Omies almost every day!


We were never able to take a Spring Break trip due to kids year round sporting activities. But one year we took a last minute trip to Cancun and literally just parked ourselves at the beach or the pool all week. it was glorious!


My ideal spring break would be camping somewhere quiet (like on a lake) and hanging out with our 3 boys. And of course, getting lots of knitting and crocheting done!


Growing up, we often took a long weekend in Chicago for spring break, and I’m excited to do that with my son once he’s a little older. Sometimes we’d visit my grandma in Florida, spending a day at Disney. I’m excited for a family trip there, too!


I've never taken a spring break vacation, but if I did, I would love to go to San Diego!

Patti Fricke

I’ve never been on a spring break vacation, but I need one this year! Would like a beach vacation, with good seafood every night! Maybe Sanibel?

Jennifer McCarthy

My favorite spring break trips were traveling from our home in NC to Venice Beach, FL on the Gulf Coast to see my parents. So much to do and I love the turquoise Gulf water!


Spring Break was not a big thing when I was growing up but for a 1972 Christmas vacation my family drove from NJ to Maryland to visit relatives, then caught the Auto Train in Virginia and stayed at the Contemporary Hotel at Disney World a year after it opened. Very exciting!


I’ve been to Disney twice and Myrtle Beach once and by far my favorite trip was Myrtle Beach. There wasn’t miles and miles of walking or rushing to get anywhere and there were great local places for seafood, pizza, whatever. Plus a stay in a rented home vs. hotel stay is so different. Disney resorts are great, but nothing like having a full kitchen and so much seafood to buy and prepare.


My favorite Spring Break was spent in Punta Cana DR 20 years ago. My oldest son was in 2nd grade and when he returned to school the teacher asked all the kids to share their Spring Break experiences. He told them he went to the topless beach, drank Bahama Mamas and went to the cockfights. I promptly received a call from the priest and told him it was all true but they were virgin Bahama Mamas and the cock spurs were covered. He was NOT impressed.

Deb Adams

Dream spring break would be to Sedona, AZ

Alene Sternlieb

Asheville, North Carolina. Great music food and fun


My favorite all time spring break was my senior year of high school a long, long time ago. We lived in NJ, just outside NYC. My best friend from elementary school in Michigan had the same week off and came to visit. We went to museums, a musical and just hung out in NYC a lot in the days before Times Square was Disney-fied.

Barbara Good

Charleston South Carolina. Walked around the whole historic district, had coffee in a courtyard, coconut cake in a French cafe, sat in a park along the Battery, and found a wonderful bookstore.

Geri Heagy

Hilton Head Island, South Carolina is my all time favorite vacation spot. Everyone is laid back and courteous to each other. It’s a great family spot with the beach, bicycling, water sports, etc. we go every single year!


My favorite memory of Spring Break is from over 20 years ago, when our children were in middle school. My husband had earned enough frequent flyer miles through work to fly the whole family to Washington, D. C. We visited the Smithsonian, the National Zoo, the White House, and for our daughter the highlight was the Supreme Court (where her younger brother dozed off). It made a real impression on her, and she later went on to attend law school, become a lawyer, and is now a federal prosecutor!

Kerry Phillips

Sitting by the lake and knit!


Spouse and my vacation times never coincided so Spring Break wasn't an option...but give me the mountains any day. Now that we are retired Spring Break isn't a big deal. Recently met our daughter who is a teacher and on her break in the mountains times are the best anywhere you are!


For one spring break, I went to San Diego and got to see the most beautiful beaches, it was the best!

Teresa Knittingdancer

Every year during spring break we would go visit my daddy’s sister in Mobile,, Alabama. It was a 6 to 7 hour drive from North Alabama. My aunt would cook us chocolate gravy and biscuits every morning for breakfast.

Patsy Coats

Spring break when I was a kid, was the week my Mom did spring cleaning. We took the mattresses outside to air out while we washed the walls in all the bedrooms. Ha, ha.


We didn't ever really do spring break trips when I was a kid. But now with my own family, we like to go to Orange Beach--not too far from Pensacola.


I grew up in SE Michigan and going to FL for spring break was thing there too…except for the fact that we never went and neither did any of my friends. My favorite spring break trip was in college. I went to school in Colorado and we would get a bunch of people to chip in to rent a condo near one of the big ski slopes whenever we had a long break. It was awesome…hang out with friends, ski, eat, gorgeous scenery. Those were the good ole days!

Amber Jones

I would love to go to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington D.C. Our family loved our vacation there last fall, but I imagine it is even better when all the cherry trees are in bloom.


My grandparents bought a condo in Juno Beach, Florida in the 70s and later a home in Jupiter, Florida so we ended up spending our spring breaks with them each year. It was affordable for our family as the lodging was free and we got to spend time on the beach in a non-spring break destination so it wasn’t crazy busy. I have so many nostalgic memories there and can’t wait to share this special place and attractions with my own crew in a few years!


For spring break I often visit my parents, on Hilton Head Island. It is a great break from reality!

Susan Mercy

I've never gone on a spring break vacation, but if I did, I would totally map my route around: LYS, good restaurants, and brew pubs.


Dream spring break is a whole week of uninterrupted crafting!


I have never gone on a spring break trip. When I was growing up back in the stone age, we only got a long weekend at Easter. No week off so no trips.


One year we took up the kids to Disney World in Florida! It was so much fun, adults and kids. My son still has his Goofy Hat!


Was fortunate to take a trip to Peru one year for Spring Break! Was a once I a lifetime trip.

Diane Jespersen

I have two. Disney World with my daughter when she was 14. Such fun with her at that age! And our first "we're retired" trip to Arizona last year for the month of March. Oh yes, now we're going every year!! Found a great yarn store in Tucson so it's just like being home (Iowa) only with shorts on!


Growing up I would spend spring break in the mountains of Virginia with my grandmother. It was beautiful - we would hike and play outside and help get the garden ready for summer. Now that I live in those mountains I dream about visiting the Florida Keys or some other beachy spot!

Karen Gordon

My favorite would be anywhere warm with all my kids and their families. As a kid the best vacation that we had was with my parents best friends and their kids, our age! We went up one side of Michigan and came down the other side of Michigan. We had a small camper that dad towed. Our family was 10 and our friends had a family of 7. Holland MI and Mackinaw Island.


My favorite vacation was last week! I got to visit my daughter and her husband and my grand kids who relocated to Tampa. I loved getting to see their new house and neighborhood pool and park. We also got to see Tampa Zoo and Clearwater Beach. But my favorite part was spending time with the grandkids! Now 8 and 12 - so fun to see them grow!


When our children were young, we used to take our pop-up camper to Seashore State Park (now First Landing State Park)for in VA for 2 weeks. Located on the Chesapeake Bay, it was ideal swimming for the little ones. Some days we'd drive over to VA Beach and enjoy the ocean waves. We all learned how to use boogie boards and to this day everyone still loves going to the beach!

Mary Kay

I live in the land of 10,000 lakes so don’t feel the need for a beach vacation. One of best vacations was Washington DC when cherry blossoms were in bloom. So many great museums, bookstores and restaurants! Great walkable city!


I did take my girls to Disney World for one spring break. But mostly, since Chicago has so much to offer, we had staycations. One of their favorite things to do (which hasn’t been possible for many years) was to go to O’Hare airport. We’d have (very overpriced) lunch, maybe find a souvenir at a gift shop, &, best of all, go by up to the area where you could watch the planes take off & land & talk about where’d we like to go. Then we’d take the el home & have dinner from the House of Eggrolls. It was a favorite neighborhood restaurant. They offered about a dozen different egg roll fillings. It’s a great idea for a restaurant & I’m not sure why they didn’t start a chain. Other days we’d go to Water Tower Place to see a movie & go to the Ghirardelli ice cream shop, to the zoo & down to the Diversey Harbor rocks to feed the ducks.


I would love to go to a tropical beach!


As I think of it now, my dream Spring break would be somewhere outdoors with beautiful scenery where I could be active. Maybe go for a hike or a nice walk with the weather at just the right temperature and the sun giving off just the right amount of shine :). Yeah, I think the outdoors would do me good.

Chris Goudeau

After more than 3 years of no vacation, we’re going back to the Outer Banks, specifically Manteo, NC. This started over 20 years ago with my mom, her sister and my friend as a knitting week at the beach. This continued until the pandemic, now we’re back.


We didn’t vacation much growing up, usually driving long distances to visit family. One year though, we spent several days at a cabin in Lake Tahoe and went skiing every day! Total opposite of a beach vacation, but it was so much fun!

Carmie Anderson

I've never had one. I would love to go where Poldark or outlander is filmed.

Christine Maddy

My favorite spring break is HOME. I am a nurse and mom of five big kids and the idea of just being HOME is what appeals to me most.


Road trip to the Badlands!

Pam Hunter

With 5 kids my parents never took vacations but once. We went to the Wisconsin Dells. It was fun for all.


We just took a spring break trip to Disney World! My kiddo is 3 so it was our first real vacation with her.


When I was a teenager, there was one spring break when my grandparents took me and my brother to New York City (it was our first time visiting there). We soaked up a TON of experiences, but mostly I look back and remember feeling so lucky to get to spend the time with my grandparents on such a fun adventure.


No Spring Breaks for me but I would LOVE to go to Hawaii. One day...


I don't have kids, so Spring Break isn't a thing for me. We like to go to a state park for a week in the late winter/early spring just as things are beginning to wake up and green. I also would love to go on another cruise! Umbrella drinks, the ocean, and warm sunshine sound amazing right now!

Susan Will

Living in Myrtle Beach we have vacation every day. Lots to do here and lots of beach. We moved from Iowa recently and have enjoyed the experience. There are some cool days and nights so we still get to wear warm sweaters and wool socks.


We didn’t really have spring break in PA schools growing up. We were lucky to get Good Friday and Monday of Easter off!

I’m college I went home. Being four states away it was the right thing to do.


We never really traveled on Spring Break when I was growing up. But I have a trip to Las Vegas next week. Does that count?

Francesca Winfield

Fave Spring Break....Newport, Rhode Island...the best renowned restaurants..seafood especially. Many small inns, B&BS..small
boutique to the larger chain hotels...all price points...casual to posh!

Highlight: take the tour of the many mansions of the Gilded Age moguls , Vanderbuilts...Marblehead..RoseHall...Astors..Kennedy' fave is the Astors, Beeches..with living history performers. Spring is a little to early to swim & area is rocky...but down by FT Adams area park etc...bring a picnic basket with goodies from one of the many delivrestaurants...enjoy & take the spring Sun on a flat rock..or at the park adjacent to the might catch a seal or two lounging Sun bathing on a rock...& great open area for kite flying at the park...they also hold annual kite flying festival. & of course this year after pandemic..I believe this summer the Newport Mass Festival will be held. As you move away from downtown area past all the restaurants..continue past park etc & full circle come up to the Blvd. Where the Tennis Hall of Fame is...worth the trip I
if you're a tennis buff..try a game of tennis as the original game was played with a very small racket & ball off of the walls... a round at the best course along the water The Newport National Golf Club...

Then travel along take a stroll Ave of America.
...strollin town among the many restaurants & shops...along the wharfs with its many famous seafood landmark Christie's ..& the Black Pearl...

also stroll up to where the old jail house a quaint B&B...& the many wonderful seafood, ethnic, electric restaurants ..famous White Horse Tavern.

& then there's the shopping....Nautical & New England cottage types decorations & attire.

....Newport with its many yachts..races..home of the Americas Cup..

& nightlife...

Explore the area around Newport & Narranganset Bay area...& coastal area...if time permits...just getting to Newport over that bridge is a thrill in itself!

I look forward to returning soon if not this spring....when so many events begin...then hopefully later in summer or fall.


I'd take a spring break at Longwood Garden in Pennsylvania. All those flowers! and the trees leafing out. Such a treat after winter.

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