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February 23, 2022



I made a cable hat and scarf for a friend and another friend liked it and I am in the midst of making one for this second friend. The pattern for the scarf is the Irish Hiking scarf that I do not remember where I got as I wrote down the pattern a number of years ago. The hat is the same.


I always have socks on my needles. And also a bag hat and baby blanket for charity.


I am currently working on my 2nd No Frills Sweater by Petite Knits and am down to the last portion of the 2nd sleeve of my Birch Pullover by Andrea Mowry.


I am working on finishing a baby blanket that I probably started and abandoned over 15 years ago. I’m hating it because it is acrylic yarn which I have come to despise (it is so staticky). I love and knit almost entirely with wool now, and I have so many beautiful ones in my stash. It will be hard to give this blanket as a gift, when I have so many nicer options to choose from.

On that note, your new HiKoo Madrona looks intriguing.

Melody Monte

Ugglevante by Solveig Larsson which is available from designer on Ravelery.


I'm working on finishing up Casapinka's Secret Lives of Cats and Dogs and a hat out of Malabringo. I switch back and forth depending on where I am and how much concentration I have available. I also have some rainbow socks in Urth that I'm mixing in.


I'm working on striped socks.


Just finished a pair of Marino yak socks by Regia. Love that yarn so much and going to order more. Now working on a Musselburgh Hat.

M Reedstrom

Chevron hat

Kendra Yerian

I will be working on socks (5 currently on needles) or finishing a sleeve to a sweater.


I’m working on a baby blanket. Winter Cuddlers Throw with just a bit of tweaking.

Yvonne Evans

Last night I finished a pair of socks for a friend. I made her a first pair of socks for xmas and she loves them so much she said she wears them everyday, so I figured make her another pair to give the 1st pair a break. I now have another pair going for my boss at work for her birthday. She loves my socks so why not. This new yarn I can see getting some for these people and myself

L Kroll

Working on the "Tumbling Ivy Shawl" pattern from Ravelry--a sock yarn pattern, enjoying so far!


Socks.. I know it's hard to believe... but I am knitting socks. A co worker is leaving and I want to give her a pair ...


I’m starting the Lyrical Knits As You Wish MKAL so I can have another unfinished shawl in my project bags LOL

Gayle King

I am currently knitting with Less Traveled Yarn in the color Crimson. It is a tweed yarn and I am really enjoying the way it works up. Because it is a tweed, I was inspired by the pattern Rufus Socks by Very Busy Monkey. She mentioned in the description that the two went together very well.


I am working on socks for Easter gifts.


I'm working on a pair of socks!

Julia swallow

I’m working on socks with a beautiful Madelinetosh euro sock yarn in the color Sabine! Woohoo!

Jill Balk

I am working on socks, just a plain vanilla sock. I have 4 nieces, 1 nephew, their spouses, and their 10 children I am making socks for, as Christmas gifts.


I finally went back to some fingerless mitts that were all done except for finishing the thumbs. These have been sitting in my UFO pile all winter. Of course I'm getting them done when winter is almost over! :)

Lydia sullivan

Interesting blend of working on socks and hat

Marrion Beers

Hello! I am doing the second sock to my latest pair. Grey and I will be glad when done. Need more color in my next pair. The Madrona looks wonderful


I am working on the second sock of a second pair of Wisconsin Winter Socks, an oldie-but-goodie design by Cottage Creations (1986!). They're really warm knee-high socks knit holding one strand of worsted weight yarn with a strand of sock yarn. I wish I had knit them sooner this winter but I'm ready for the cold snap forecast for this weekend.

Deb Adams

I have a Dean Street Hat on my needles.

Kim Brittain

I should complete my very first pair of socks this week. I taught myself with the help of the Crazy Sock Lady tutorial on YouTube. My yarn is Cascade Yarns Heritage Silk Paints. I also have an ongoing project of a knit a square blanket. I am making three for each of my children.

Becky Enneking

Always have socks going plus making a dishrag a week to use up a bunch of yarn I was gifted. Also trying to make one sweater a month to reduce my stash of sweater kits I had ordered several years ago. Love trying new sock yarns.


I'm slowly plugging along on my Cabled Trellis Shawl by Stephen West, I have a cabled hat, and a sweater test knit that I am all currently working on.

Madrona looks like it would be oh so soft and I can't wait to check it out!


I am knitting Cozy Eve with the Lorna’s Laces you hade on sale. It has unique stitched, for me anyway. Also started the As You Wish MKAL.

Beth L Ruiter

I am working on a cap from left over sock yarn for the "Socks for Soldiers" charity. The group makes regulation and leisure socks and caps. They are sent to military units all over the world.


I am knitting a shawl from yarn that was a Christmas present from a friend. It's a gradient of greens.

Sarah Dalton

Currently working on The Odyssey shawl for the #ShawlLaLaAlong hosted by the gals of the We Share Needles podcast. It’s a free pattern on Ravelry if anyone is interested 🙂


I am working on two pairs of socks after taking a class over 7 years ago and not knitting socks since then. I am relearning how to do them on dpns which was what we did in the class, using YouTube for guidance and also to experiment with two short circulars, and hope to try magic loop with yet another pair to decide which method I can get most comfortable with so I can call myself a sock knitter. That’s my goal because you have the most gorgeous sock yarns and I want to be able to make my own socks - all the time, in all those beautiful colors you have!


I am working TAAT on a pair of socks for my son-in-law.
It is the PB & W pattern by the late, great Adrienne Fong:

This pattern has a feminine, lacy version, and a more masculine version where the increases are M1s instead of YOs.

My SIL has HUGE feet, so I have some solid contrasting yarn for the heels and toes. I just got to the heel flaps last night.


I’m working on a striped sweater, socks & a hat.


I'm working on KnitPicks Split Back Tank by Allison Griffith using Lindy Chain when I'm sitting at home and Chinese Waves Dishcloth by Margaret Radcliffe as my waiting room knitting.

I've learned that my superpower is managing to achieve biasing with a chainette linen/cotton yarn while knitting stockinette in the flat. I didn't question biasing when knitting Euroflax Sport in the round - but didn't expect it with a chainette yarn!


I’m working on socks and it’s so relaxing!

Lisa B

I'm working on a sweater and love the colors together -

Sandy W

Knitting my sixth Vanilla Sweater using #4125 (gold) Rauma Garn Finull. Two of them have been gifts. Love this pattern!

Tabitha Burks

I am working on the Coroman cabled cardigan by Irina Anikeeva!

Debra Cohen

I have been working on a pair (I knit two at a time) of toe up socks…Alternating Slip-Stitch Socks. I usually knit top down so these are a bit of a challenge…I’ve ripped them out and restarted a few times. I am determined to finish!!


I've worn out 5 pairs of wool socks this winter so I've been stash diving and knitting my own pattern to replenish my sock drawer.


I wish I could come to your store and shop until the socks I'm wearing get knocked off. I know I would have a tough time leaving at closing time. I'm working on a pair of socks for a friend. It's Opal (one of my all time fav's) which I bought from you. Love that Opal yarn and your store. All my local stores have closed and I refuse to shop at the big box stores, but you are still there for m

Jody Laake

I’m knitting socks to stash for Christmas presents while I wait for Hat Club to start.

elissa schoening

Haven't started it yet but getting ready to cast on my second sweater, newleaf by Jenn Steingass


I am waiting for my most recent order from Simply Socks (I should not
Go there, but . . . I do) so I can start the Red Radish Socks:


I am currently working on the Uptown shawl, this is a combination of sock yarn and mohair and is so light and squishy.


I am working two projects at the moment:
- finishing the second sock of a pair I started a year ago (oops) using Hunter Hammersen’s Mood pattern and Malabrigo Sock in the beautiful Las Fiestas green
- my second Marlogram cowl using marled Freia ombre lace

Lynda Yinger

Just finished slippers for my BIL - simple jamma slippers and simple fingerless gloves. Started a si pale granny square baby blanket for a baby shower. Never made a granny square before and using Bernat Pop - hate the yarn but going to someone who would not take care of any other yarn. Always have socks and mitts on the needles - good project for traveling and group knitting. The colors of this yarn look amazing. Will the yarn content wear well for socks?

Jennifer McC

I’m working on socks, just a plain vanilla pattern, and just starting a color work sweater called Eventide.


I've got several projects on needles, but the one I'm most excited about is Norse Socks.

Here's a Ravelry link :)


At work am working on a knitted sampler afghan. At home working on a scarf using cashmere


I am working on the legs of a pair of socks, two at a time, toe up. First time I’ve done them this way.


Working on socks.... still! 🥰
I am also trying to get back to work on my Temperance much knitting...not enough time!


I am currently working on DK Vanilla Socks, I'm using a pattern by the Crazy Sock Lady

Kathleen N.

I am currently working on the Leafy Baby Blanket for my niece’s first baby. The pattern works up beautifully and it is free on Ravelry.

The link (I hope it works!) is


Working on a sock, contemplating a sweater.


Increasingly, I depend on the yarn and not the pattern to entertain me. I'm knitting a pair of simple ribbed socks in Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic Dégradé. (The yarn is pretty but SPLITTY.)

J okura

I am embarrassed to say I’m still working on matching neck warmers that are Christmas presents for my sisters! Made of a soft velvet yarn. Send wishes my way to help me finish before it’s too cold for them to wear this year!! ☺️

Sue Buttram

Working on the Kiki Mariko rug in the heather colors from MDK.


It's been a while since I've done anything in currently working on this (but also always have a pair of socks going too lol)


Madrona looks like fun! I’m currently working on a hug, a 30” x 60” rectangle, adapting a pattern by Mary-Ann Lammers called Peaceful, in bulky weight.

Alyce Luff

I’m working on Summer Wind Cowl by Irish Girlie Knits.

Joan Brown

I am working on the Baa-ble hat. I love it!


I’m working on simply sock yarn chevron baby blanket. But I’ve added suggested 24 stitches to 225 sets and am making Afghan for my husband. Am using malabrigo Rios. Love the softness and it’s working up just great. Was -20 this morning so it will feel toasty warm!

Geraldine Scott

Finishing up a toe-up fleegle heel sock by Knit Freedom, and working on the Malabrigo KAL...beautiful project, but challenging!

Mary Kelsheimer

I am currently working on a fair isle cardigan sweater and a yoke sweater. These are patterns designed by my knitting instructor teaching me how to knit sweaters..The Madrona sock yarn would be beautiful in a shawl which I am going to learn next!
I love your yarn and especially your excellent customer service. I live in the St Louis suburb.

Nicole Wenner

This week I decided to give magic loop two at a time socks a go. I started toe up socks for the first time. Going slow, but going well.

Kelli L

Business casual socks and working in a mohair newborn hat for my sister in law!! Of course busy looking at patterns to start a new project! Lol


Knitting the 'Mousseux' pullover from espacetricot

Dana Snyder

Hello! I have so many projects!! I love the colors in this new yarn! I can’t wait to try it! I’m currently working on weaving the ends in my Fiadh sweater by Marie Greene. It was a project that took me over a year cause I put it down a lot. I used Malabrigo Rios in Las Fiestas and it is gorgeous!! The other one I’m working on is Quindici by Casapinka. I’m using pinks with Less Traveled Yarn in Tweed Me Sock. Vice is my main color and it’s lovely!! I have a Ravelry link for this one but I need to update the pictures. I will in a minute.

Question- Did I miss who won the prizes for the 12 days of sock yarn? I just thought about that and don’t remember seeing the winners. Thanks for everything you offer us from your amazing shop!!

Carmie Anderson

I'm working on socks and booties for a baptism that coming up.


I am knitting baby sweaters. Patches from one skein wonders, sock yarn edition, also available on Ravelry…. When you use a self-striping sock yarn, a block pattern Is formed! Not enough left for matching booties, so Madrona might be the answer!


I'm working on a Sockhead hat and a Joji shawl.

Deborah Kellar

I am working on spiral tube socks for a new grandson and shorty socks for me. I am trying to clear out scrap yarn. But there is always room for new sock yarn.

Janis Fox

I'm knitting 2 pair of Vanilla socks.One is on Opal Memories 11008 and the other is on Madeleine Tosh Twist Light. I usually knit socks with a heel flap and gusset. This time I decided to try a shadow wrap heel. It was fun learning something new! I enjoyed reading what others are knitting. 😊

Virginia Harnischfeger

Looking to start the Little House Shawl for granddaughters. Hoping to use Cascade Heritage Silk - Snow. Took their measurements today to decide which size to create.


I'm working on a Hitchhiker this week, and hope to finish it up soon. Just a few more teeth and I can get back to my Antler cardigan.

X Elixer X

I'm working on my Radvent Throw.

And Golden Horizon


No knitting this week, I’m finally doing some visible mending, stitching over a patch on some linen pants, such fun. But … I’m wearing hand knit socks on this surprisingly chilly California day.

Linda L. in WI

I'm between projects right now. I finished my Olympics knitting during the closing ceremonies on Sunday. Trying to decide between starting a snuggly Gofleidio by Janica Carter Designs or a Harvest cardigan by Tin Can Knits.


Finally using up all those little balls of leftover sock yarn with the Cozy comfort throw. I am really enjoying it

Rebecca W

Currently working on some warm up socks for upcoming Sock Madness.


Three projects right now - Shawlography by Stephen West, Cornicette socks by Penrose Knits, and Vanilla socks on 9" circulars by The Crazy Sock Lady.

Diane P

I am knitting a pair of bed socks for my brother, he has been asking for them for years. Just knitting a plain sock. Also working on some baby socks for a friend from church. This week I’m knitting a mock cable pattern.


Knitting The shift for me. The first one I knitted
Was claimed by my daughter.


What lovely yarn! I’m finishing up Quindici as well weaving in ends on Koi Pond and The Scotlander, all by Casapinka. And then it’s on to As You Wish, the latest Lyrical Knits MKAL. Lots of fun!

Deb Downes

I’m working on my second sock yarn blanket. Almost always have socks on my needles, but between projects today.


Working on my Campfire Cozy before Sock Madness begins next week.

Teresa Knittingdancer

I knitted a mosaic hat called Check Mate on Raverly. I am knitting on a pair of Rhinebeck Roomies Socks by the crazy sock lady on Raverly. I am using a Mardi Gras colorway.


I’ve just started knitting up a pair of thrummed mittens from the kits you offered last winter that I was going to have finished before the holidays…oh well, better late than never.

Sara Moening

Working on my gnome for February for the year of gnomes. Also finishing a set of fingerless mitts that I'm making it up as I go.

Mary Carrion

I am working on a sweater by Arne and Carlos and socks, of course!

Deborah Silkey

I have a beautiful shawl that I am test knitting. I also have a gorgeous cable sweater that just needs to have the second sleeve done. My at work project is a very pretty pair of color work mittens. Needless to say, I love knitting!


I'm working on a CC Beanie with the Valentine's Day kit yarn.

L. Miiler

I'm working on sock #2 of a pair I started months ago, and the Lyrical Knits MKAL. Telling myself I cannot order that new yarn until I finish this pair of socks🙂

Lisa L

I'm knitting Jamaican Me Crazy Socks designed by the late great Adrienne Fong.

Deb C

I am a loom knitter (looms with pegs not weaving) and I am currently working on The slip stitch hat (pattern by Premier) using Felici worsted weight yarn.


Hi Allison - these colors are all beautiful. I am knitting socks, and combining a few colors for these socks, not only heels and toes, would really make whimsical socks!

Teri P

Hey there Allison! This week's a busy one: I finished my test knit of I Heart Sheep cowl by Stephanie Lotven, am still working on a pair of DRK Everyday Socks, and have started knitting my La Mondiala Wrap in earnest.

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