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February 21, 2022



I've been working on a Wurm Hat or myself since I gave away the first one I made. Don't know if it will get finished for this winter. Here's a link to my project for the first one I made:


After finishing the Year of the Cowl for Christmas gifts I started on summer selfish knitting.

All of these were fun projects:

Nougat by Susanna IC
Sea Wave Infinity Scarf by Amarela Stitch
Petals & Picots by Swift Yarns
A Mermaid's Tale by Elizabeth Finn
Project Peace by Christina Campbell
Trellis Cable Cowl by Adele Michelsen

Currently I'm working on Split Back Tank by Allison Griffith. I had to substitute a textured stitch for the stockinette to keep the linen yarn from biasing but I think that just adds to the beauty of the top.


On my needles:

May, Bristol Ivy

Oban Cardigan, Thea Colman

And blocking and will be sewing together this week:

Kobolt, Sarah Solomon

And a bunch in my queue.


I picked up a crochet hook instead of knitting needles and am working on the Harbour Blanket by Lucy of All of her patterns are free and are located down the left side of her blog. The Harbour Blanket is super bright and colorful with all of the colors of an English harbor.


If you like Malabrigo yarns or want to give it a try, Malabrigo March is in the works in the Malabrigo Junkies group on Ravelry: C/KALs by yarn weight or pattern categories. There's one this year based on using leftovers (which could tie into your request for scrappy ideas). Lots of inspiration and lots of good company. And prizes supplied directly by Malabrigo! I've participated for the past six years, and highly recommend it.


I like knitting stripes or different stitches and you can learn new techniques and use multiple colors that you have. Keeps it interesting as it changes,
See Mosaica and Cozy Eve for sampler style shawls
See Lisa Mutch for fun striped.


It's "winter" here in Oklahoma! 70's one day and 20's the next, from sun and cycling to ice on the roads. HaHa. I have been making hats for my grandchildren for this last part of winter. They are so cute and the kids love them. I have gotten the hat kits here at Simply Socks and have like knitting the yarn and the pom poms are so cute!


Sockhead hats and vanilla latte socks with hedgehog fibres yarn and crocheting granny square hats and a granny stripe blanket


Hats! After my year of cowls hats and minis. Right now Maroo Mitts are on my needles and am trying to learn to catch floats on the little bit of color work at the top of the mitts. This could be good for a scrappy project.

Susan Mercy

So far in 2022:

A lacy table runner.
Two gnomes, as I am participating in the Imagined Landscapes Year of Gnomes KAL.
A pair of fingerless mitts for my 24 year old, knit in the colors of the non-binary flag (black, white, purple, yellow...yarn dyed by KnitCircus).
More pieces of the Advent blanket that is my long project.
Currently knitting a lacy scarf for a friend.

I think that's all? I'm always dreaming of knitting so lots whirls through my head!


Here’s a link to free scrappy sock patterns.

In addition, there are many supportive groups on Ravelry - my favorite is stitchnerds - much inspiration, other sorts of patterns that are scrappy, and lots of helpful folks!


I have had a few friends who have had birthdays and yes it has been chilly in the Midwest. I have been making knitted hats and then cabled scarves to go along as a gift set.


I'm stuck in simple sock mode. I keep knitting easy, 3x1 ribbed socks, preferably in self-striping yarn. I am planning to knit another Mini Mania Scarf ( with some of my vast store of sock yarn scraps!


Hats, hats, and more hats all with faux fur pompoms. And then the occasional pair of vanilla socks with self striping yarn. Guess I'm in a bit of a pattern/rut, huh?


I am starting the "As You Wish" MKAL with Lyrical Knits. It's a four color shawl that promises to have some interesting design elements. First clue dropped 2/22/22.

Also, sockhead hats for some yarns I didn't want to hide in shoes as socks.

I have a few Casapinka patterns going: Snark-o-meter, Sharon Show.

Fingerless mitts have been another thing this year.

Finally, I've been crocheting stuffies. I just finished a Charlie Brown and am working on a blue-footed booby.

Renee Anne

I am a terrible person to ask, particularly right now. We just moved from California back to the Midwest (southern Wisconsin) so most of my things are still either packed up or in total disarray.

Because of that, I've been working on fairly simple WIPs: a couple pairs of vanilla socks and a linen stitch scarf (which will become a cowl once I finish and whip-stitch the ends together).

My Year of Projects "want to make" list, however, is pretty varied. So, we'll see how things go.

Melissa Friedrich

I’m knitting my first color work sweater, Arboreal by Jennifer Steingass and it is soooo fun! Lots of great ideas for cast ons in this thread, thanks everyone!

Diana Byrum

I am knitting socks with 3-1 rubbing for my son. In a self striping yarn. I have sooo many projects I want to start but not until I finish these socks.


Participating in The Year of Gnomes KAL over on Ravelry/Instagram. Knitting one Gnome a month from Sarah Schira of Imagined Landscape’s patterns. It is fun and inspirational as modifications are allowed. Knit from stash, use scrap yarns, or buy gnome yarn kits.

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