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February 04, 2022



Yesterday I knit on a shawl with some sock club yarn, read, made beef stew and chocolate chip cookies, kept the bird feeders full and of course, cleared snow.


I'm so happy to see your son cooking! Not only is it a great family time, but this is a life skill so many kids just don't have. You go Henry!!
I was lucky enough to knit and cook yesterday. We dug out this morning. (your neighbor in Roanoke, IN)


Oh, goodness, I wish we lived in Roanoke, IN instead of Roanoke, VA - we’ll take your snow anytime!! We’ve been lamenting that we’ve had 2 gloomy, very rainy days and we keep saying, “If only this was snow!” But it has been too warm here the last few days, and although it will get cold tonight, the rain will be gone!


Animals come first here. Then we have to be sure the drives are clear, water lines don’t freeze, etc. last night a computer monitor acted flakey. No clue why it is always seems to be more in the cold and snow.. During the day I was lucky enough to crochet. And rip out and crochet again


Glad you took a break. Sounds like time well spent.

Spent the time reading and knitting (so the usual).


I was able to work from home for my full-time job on Thursday and Friday, which is when Columbus, OH got hit hard by the snow. We still have a level 2 snow emergency, which means you shouldn't go out unless necessary.

So I stayed home and worked. My kids had a planned day off school Wednesday, then calamity days Thursday and Friday.

I did have some extra crocheting and knitting time since I didn't have to drive to work and back each day. I did some cooking and baking, too.

I'm glad you stayed home and safe and warm, and I'm excited to get my order!

Donna T

The snow doesn’t make things much different for me since I’m retired. We got just about 9-10” because the storm shifted a bit south & missed most of the Chicago area for the 2nd day. All the cooking will be good practice for when you have a couple of teens in a few years. My daughter had 3 teens (one of them turned 20 a few months ago) & it was almost impossible to keep food in the house. A few months ago she bought 24 large homemade tamales from a neighbor. When they were delivered, she brought them in, put them away, & went to feed the cats & dog. When she went to get one to eat, they were all gone! But she did teach the boys how to cook which eased the cooking burden for her but not the food bill! One of them is really good. I’m not sure about my granddaughter; she didn’t seem very interested last time we saw them at Christmas 2019. We’re hoping there’s a break in Covid so we can go visit this spring.


Snowed in? Never had the pleasure! ;-)

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