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January 10, 2022


Beverly J White

A hat club is not a bad idea. Hats are small projects and usually don't take forever to knit. If they are knitted this spring there will be some really nice gifts for some lucky people next fall and winter.


I love the idea of a hat club. Holly’s hats are gorgeous, especially the first 2.

Dana Snyder

I love the idea of a hat club and I love the sock club so it’s a really tough decision. I’d probably do both. Lol


Love the idea of a Hat Club. It will be so much fun. Holly's hats are fantastic. Just bought the pattern on Ravelry. I've knit three so far from your previous release. Used twisted rib for the brim and then just knit a few rows, purl a few rows. They turned out terrific. Mine have a bit of a snug fit since the pompoms are fairly big and I like them to sit a little firmly on my head.


Hat club sounds like a fun idea! Holly’s hats are beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


I love the idea of a hat club, but I also love the sock club, so why not do both?


Holly’s hats are great! Thanks for letting us know what pattern she used, I think my daughter would like it. The hat club idea is great too!


Both lol!

Jody Laake

Hat club is a great idea!

Deb J

I think a hat club would be awesome! I’d love to see the combinations you would create!

Patty Morais

I like the idea of a hat club

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