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January 19, 2022



I got 4 of the hat sets for my grand girls and have knitted them all using Citrus Hat. My grandson I just got some beautiful red yarn to knit. They look cute and work up easily. Mindless knitting which I love. But I believe that was one pattern that Allison suggested.

Anne Dorscheid

I haven't made too many hats lately but the kits are starting to make me want to shift to hat knitting!

Some stretchy patterns I like as I am always worried about fit:
DK patterns I have made: Cheering Hat (Helen Stewart), Classic Ribbed Hat, Hermione Hearts Ron
Worsted made: Boyfriend Hat, Copy Cat CC Beanie, Rib-a-Roni

Hope you find some you like!


I love to make hats.

DK - Cheering Hat, Michele hat

Worsted - Rocky Ridge Hat, Graham Hat, Luuk hat - all sizes. Bankhead hat, Water hat.


I'm a simple knitter with socks and hats. For hats I use the twisted rib for the brim then I go to knitting and purling. I'll knit several rows and purl several rows so there are ridges. Sometimes I just knit about half way up I'll put in a couple of purl rows and go back to knitting. Then I do decreases for crown and add pompom. I knit socks the same way. No pattern. Just plain vanilla socks with rib for cuff and then remainder of sock. For me it's all about the beautiful yarns. I get many compliments so I guess my simple knitting is successful.


I love the Citadel hat by Beata at Hedgehog fibers. I've made it in worsted and DK and with and without the lining. It's simply an amazing pattern.


I’ve knit the “Feathered Hat” by Flock Fibre Studio (free pattern on Ravelry), for my sister, sister-in-law, niece and now making one for myself. They have all received compliments and people asking where they got their hat (we call them toques in Canada). The Flock Fibre Studio wool is really nice and available at SSYC.


I just spotted a nice pattern called “Who Watches the Watch Cap” by Jennifer Myrick on Ravelry. I have not made it but it was recommended by someone who knitted a couple of them.

Margaret Paschal

I just finished Who Watches the Watch Cap. Lovely knit though it does use more yarn than most. Currently have Irma, Brimmish and To Catch a Fish on the needles. I knit a ton of hats, mostly for Hats For Sailors. Their Rav forum is good for inspiration. And there are a ton of really good free patterns out there. If you want something to purchase, I can recommend anything by stitchnerd, aka Susan Ashcraft or by Very Busy Monkey.


I knit a lot of hats, and I've tested a lot of hat patterns. For one-color mostly somewhat variegated skeins in either DK or Worsted weights:

Jelenka by Maria Socha (
Zyga by Maria Socha (
Playful Purls Reversible Hat by Knitwise Design (
Otellu by Marie Petra (
Into The Meadow by Kelly Menzies (
Clever Cables by Susan Ashcroft(
Cushy hat by Susan Ashcroft (
MaxiMAL hat by Susan Ashcroft (
Ondas Hat by Beatriz Rubio (
Field of Wildflowers by Joji Locatelli (

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