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December 24, 2021



Strangely, I often lose my knitting mojo in January. I haven't figured out why. The pace has slowed after Christmas. Often I have new knitting-related presents from the holidays. One would think I'd knit more, but I often don't. I've learned to accept it as part of the cycle of the year and not get worked up about it. It'll pass. So, when my knitting mojo leaves, I read more books and wait it out.


I will usually start a new project. The hard part is trying to go back to the original one. This can lead to several UFOs!

Kristina Dew

When I lose my knitting mojo, I take the opportunity to learn a whole new thing or I return to other fiber arts that I've been neglecting. The mojo always returns so I never worry about it. Something always snaps me back.

Brooke Smith

That's a tough one! I'm currently in a mojo slump, both knit and crochet. I'm planning to attend an in-person knitting workshop to jump start my yarning. Learning a new technique tends to draw me back quickly!

Renee S

I think I am always obsessed with knitting. Sometimes I will work on easy things and other times something more complicated. I was taught to knit by my mom when I was a child but I wasn’t very good. Then I took lessons when I was in my late 20’s and I have been knitting ever since. Merry Christmas to all!


I have never lost my knitting mojo, but if I did, I think I would knit something small and fast, most likely a hat, to get instant gratification.


Eventually I revert to stripey socks and that usually works for me. Potato chip knitting...


I just keep knitting vanilla socks they keep me going.

Cheryl Bach

Whenever I lose my knitting mojo, I either put knitting aside for a while until I’m ready to knit again, or pick up a really easy project in yarn that I’m excited about. Thanks for doing the 12 days of Christmas!


I take a break. It's okay to not be knitting all the time. If it's been a bit, I either go back to a WIP I loved or start a new project I'm really looking forward too - something to get me excited about knitting again. Working on a project where I see lots of progress quickly can help sometimes too.

yolanda v

When I lose my mojo, (like right now), I look at patterns, I go through my stash, to see if anything speaks to me. I also go to other crafts beside knitting. Crochet, Cross Stitch, Spinning, Sewing, Embroidery. Today when the house is finally quiet, I may reach for some embroidery, or my spinning wheel. Merry Christmas or Just Happy Day to all.


I wind up a new skein for colour inspiration. Usually knit up socks

Joyce Correia

I get excited about knitting when I pull open the drawers and look at my stash of yarn or else when I start looking through my binder of patterns and then through the stash drawers. And I will do that later today. Just finished a scarf and matching fingerless gloves in Mineville DK. Need something on my needles.


Usually starting a new project helps me get my mojo back. Or, browsing Ravelry! Nothing quite so motivating as seeing all the wonderful things others have knitted!


I don’t tend to lose my knitting mojo often, but I also always have half a dozen projects going at once. If I’m not feeling one, there’s always another :)


A new colorway will catch my eye and that will prompt me to pick up the needles! So usually the yarn but sometimes a new patter on or KAL will spark interest. But my problem is usually that I have more projects that I want to make than I have time for

Wendy Chase

I haven't lost my desire to knit since I picked it back up about 5 years ago or so. I have a very long que of projects and requests from family, so I can always switch to something else if I get bored.


I learned to knit and crochet in elementary school from my grandmas. I dabbled with crochet again in college and early married life. Not until my husband was working a late shift did I teach myself to knit again. Since then I have had no issues with losing my “mojo”. If anything I have to remind myself that I have adult responsibilities to attend to and can’t knit every waking minute.


I usually start scrolling through Ravelry. All the patterns and ideas gets me wanting to cast on something new in no time.


Sometimes it is low tide, but I just wait it out. I have been knitting for more than five decades and it has sustained me through many many times, both good and bad. Sometimes I knit more than others when I don’t feel like it or my hands need a rest I take a couple of days off but that’s about it. I am more on the other side of having to realize that I will not be able to do it all, to knit all the things that I want to knit in this lifetime.

Kara Williams

I haven't really hit a lull in my knitting passion or energy yet, and it's been 9 years, but I do slow down in the summer. It only takes finding a new pattern or a new yarn that I love to get rolling again!


I'm sort of ashamed to admit it but guilt gets me out of those times when I lose my knitting mojo. Usually when I'm working on a big, never-ending project, I get to the point of never wanting to see it again and never want to knit another stitch. I pause what I'm working on and focus on my stash. I feel guilt over having so much and not wanting to knit any more. Gradually something comes together that catches my interest or challenges me so I finish the never ending project and can start my new one. I feel energized and excited to knit. Case in point, I just finished the Kuschelig wrap that seemingly took forever--seven balls of Noro Silk Garden Sock on size 4 needles. I am now happily knitting a hat. 😀


I usually knit more and am more excited about knitting when my fingers and hands aren't having spasms and getting all wonky. I put the knitting down when I'm just not feeling great like if I get an infection or bone pain after the chemo I just can't seem to concentrate even on simple ribbing

Stephanie Gordon

When I look at knitting books, magazines, Ravelry, or Instagram (I follow mostly knitters, designers, and dyers), I often find inspiration.
Merry Christmas!

Stephanie Fraser

I haven't been knitting long. I started knitting at a time when I was lower than I have ever been. I've had times when I don't feel like knitting but my mental and physical health usually pushes me back to my knitting.
This Christmas i really didn't feel like knitting, I'm slow and it felt like everything takes to much time to finish. So, I got some chunky yarn and a quick pattern. I finished the quick projects and now I feel like I am ready to tackle my knitting again!


Needing to knit baby burp cloths for gifts usually gets me going again when I'm in a slump.


I knit socks. The repetition of knitting the sock's circumference helps me to monitor my progress. If the pattern and the yarn do not seem to be a good match, I will select another skein of yarn or pattern. I do not force myself to finish a project that is not working. Unlike life there are always "do-overs" with yarn.

Dana Nellums

I have several WIPs, so when I lose interest on one, I work on a different project. Plus, most of the projects are gifts with deadlines, so they have to be finished.

Martha Pomilio

Knitting has been my obsession for the past 20 years but my desire to knit has occasionally dropped off. I’ve learned to just ride it out and wait for the mojo to return. I subscribe to many YouTube knitting channels and they’ve always inspired me to pick up the needles again and make something awesome.


Rare that I lose my knitting mojo but when it happens I take a short break and then start a project that excites me!


I knit a dishcloth. It’s mindless, I’m knitting and quick gratification!


I've had other hobbies over the years.
My mom taught me and my sisters to sew. One sister has a quilting talent that she enjoyed with mom.
The other sister kept sewing and has done tailoring as well. My mom taught me to knit and I put it on hold for a while as I was interested in cross-stitch. However, ten plus years ago I picked up my knitting needles and have really enjoyed it. I love to make socks and shawls. This year, I learned to make sweaters and have begun teaching classes. It has been a lot of fun. My charity would be Cervical Cancer as I lost my mom to that disease this year.

Peggy Pennell

When in a knitting slump - I read. When in a reading slump - I knit. And when all is well - I knit and listen to audiobooks!

Joan M.

I honestly haven't lost my knitting mojo - but I think switching from socks to wash/dish cloths to something else helps. Socks would be my go-to but my sock drawer is full!

Pam Bacci

When my knitting mojo goes south, I turn to You Tube for inspiration. I like to find a new knitting podcast and that ALWAYS gets me back interested in something new to knit :)


I sometimes lose the urge so move on to quilting until it comes back. But often just looking through Ravelry will pique my interest again!


I knit something comforting and uncomplicated like simple socks in striped yarn. The results always make me feel more inspired.


I started knitting when I was 16 and I'm not in my 70s. I've never stopped knitting and never lost my interest. It's the beautiful yarns that keep me motivated to create something new.


When I notice I haven't been knitting as much, I usually notice I am not sleeping well either. I need a nice mindless knit-plain hat or socks to get me back into the swing of things. And then I sleep better too.

Virginia Harnischfeger

Besides knitting, I crochet and do various types of needlework. For the moment, knitting is front and center with cross stitch waiting in the wings. What has kept me focused on knitting has been gift requests and the projects I have lined up, to be completed for spring. I hope to spend some time on the cross stitch so I can complete the nearly completed work.

Laurie Bowman

Buying new yarn or a new pattern always helps me get my knitting mojo back!


The best way for me is not to try to get it back. Instead I read even more than usual and find that the knitting mojo reappears when it is ready to do so. It is fun to find knitting references in my reading.

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