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December 24, 2021



Knitting quite literally keeps me sane on many days. It’s not lack of mojo that makes me knit less but rather hand or finger pain. On low energy days where I have lots of pain, I knit less and choose a project that is in the round and plain uncomplicated knitting.


I knit something simple and mindless. The finished object usually gets me excited again.


I almost always have a project on the needles. 2020 was not a good year for me to knit although there certainly was time. 2021 was more normal. I look at patterns and try to think of stashed yarn that I could use, or I look at my yarn and try to find a pattern that would pair up. I favorite patterns on Ravelry and when I have yarn in mind I queue it. New yarn always gives me a restart.
Thanks for your contests, sales, choices, and and always fun blog.
Merry Christmas to anyone reading this,😀🧑‍🎄🎄


I started knitting back in 1983 after seeing a Vogue Knitting Magazine. It started off slowly since I was self taught. Now I can't imagine a day, without doing something knitting related. Though, I will admit that in the summer I spend less time knitting and more time gardening.


I tend to either just take a break until I miss it or start yet another project. 😂

Hilda C

When I have a slump in my knitting, I try to find a pattern that I'm really excited to try. That helps sometimes. If not, then I focus on my quilting for a while. Switching between to two crafts helps.

Lisa Barrett

Ah, boy, I'm REALLY looking forward to reading these comments. I've been in a knitting funk for quite a while now and I'm s-t-u-c-k. I had several projects going and none were fitting correctly and I'd been frogging and re-doing, got incredibly frustrated, and just stopped. I have a favorite scarf that I've always enjoyed knitting - - so I'm considering starting a new one to see if that helps.


I've never lost it or my crochet mojo. I've been knitting for six years and crocheting for 34 years.

It's gotten me through some very tough times and lows. Just squishing yarn and waiting for the next speckle or stripe keeps me going.


I simply buy new yarn with colors which excites me , this keeps the interest and motivation to keep on knitting !

Diana Byrum

Browsing Ravelry and KAL’s keep me knitting.


When I don’t feel like knitting, I rotate through other crafts for a while. Tunisian crochet, weaving, and cross stitch are the main ones right now. I would like to learn how to spin because it seems like a natural complement to knitting!

Carol Rice

I don't really know how to respond, because I am typically either working on something or looking forward to another project. I suppose I keep it up by looking at my stash, looking at potential projects, either on line or in books/magazines. There was a time (long, long ago, seems actually like another lifetime - lol) that I moved away from knitting, but thankfully, knitting found me again, grabbed hold and sent me back in the right direction. I haven't put it down again!! :)


When lessened, I kick start my mojo again with a quick knit project for gifting or donation. Using a colorful variegated or self-patterning yarn adds to the fun for me.


I typically just let the slumps take care of themselves. Sometimes I have to stop because of repetitive use issues with my hands. That Live Technicolor is calling my name!

Mary Kay

I learned to knit so many years ago that I feel it's always been a part of my life. My Mom was accomplished in most crafting skills so I learned many from her. When I wanted to learn more I would go to a class at my local shop. Always seemed to be a group of knitters around the table willing to help. I did counted cross stitch for a few years, but my daughter wanted to learn to knit so it drew me back. She is now an accomplished knitter.

Jody Laake

I look for a pattern that catches my fancy and then check my stash to see if anything there will work with that pattern. It’s always fun for me to go through my stash because I have been known to actually forget what all is in it lol. If that doesn’t work, I hit your website and search the store for something I just can’t live without - now that never fails! Happy Holidays to everyone! Stay safe and healthy!

Pat Phythian

I never really lose my enthusiasm for knitting, but sometimes other interests take up my time. I might have a quilt I’m working on or a crochet project or a book I can’t put down. Sometimes it works the other way—I don’t quilt for a while because I’m more absorbed in my knitting.
The yarns from West Yorkshire spinners are all so beautiful, as well as the Opal Van Gogh coming out, so those are what I would spend the GC on. If no GC I’m sure I’ll still get some.
I’ve enjoyed reading all the posts and good luck to everyone and a Merry Christmas and happy New Year to all.


When I have a knitting slump, if I really can’t get going, I switch to cross stitch and do some simple/repetitive knitting, like working on a sockhead cowl for a few rows. But the best inspiration is to look at the yarn on your website, go through my folders of patterns, and dream of how I would use all the skeins that are calling my name. Then I load my shopping cart in your store with huge amounts of beautiful yarn (as if I didn’t have a budget), look at them daily, try to make some firm decisions about what I would want to use, and either place an order or go stash diving with all the yarn I’ve bought from SSYC and some from “yarn crawls” to LYSs in our area and choose a new project that I’ve had in my queue for a while.


When I get a little tired, or a bit of a knitting block, I try changing up the type of project I’m working on. If I’m doing something a little more complicated, I go back to basics with a simple socks with fun yarn. If I’m working on something super repetitive, I’ll try something that requires some cables or color work. It’s also the reason I’ll often have many projects going on a once!

Kim Holbrook

I sewed and quilted for years before I finally, at a friend’s prodding, started knitting about 10 years ago. I haven’t been in a slump so much as I get frustrated with a pattern. When that happens, I switch to an easier pattern, usually a cowl, or I buy more yarn!!


Watch some knitting video blogs. It makes me feel like knit group, especially during the pandemic when getting together is a problem.

So thank you all YouTube knit podcasters!!!


My grandmother taught me when I was young. As a young married I took a knitting class in our local high school, unfortunately they no longer have classes. I made sweaters for the family and hats and scarves for gifts. Then life got in the way as I brought my children to various events . I didn’t knit for years then my grandchildren’s other grandma made them socks. She said “oh you can do it” With her help and you tube I learn how to make socks in 2010. I haven’t stopped knitting since . I make toe up, cuff down experimenting with different heels and patterns. My favorite is toe up. Through 2020 and 2021 have made many things as well as socks.


Time is the only thing that gets me out of a knitting slump. I don't try to fight it, just move on to other things. Then a few weeks or months later, a knitting project calls to me.

Denise Walsh-Horowitz

My grandmother taught me to crochet and knit when I was 8 years old, and I still have the pair of knitting needles I learned to knit with. I started to really crochet alot in my teens, then got on the needlepoint and embroidery bandwagon, but went back to crochet and knitting. For the past 15 years, I think I can say that I have knit everyday, anywhere from 30 minutes to hours, and everywhere, too!
I don't know where I would be without it!


My mojo shifts between the several fiber arts that I enjoy - knitting, crocheting, sewing and counted cross-stitch. For me it's never a matter of losing my mojo but which activity is being emphasized. Lately knitting is at the top of the list because small projects can be carried to waiting rooms (we're caregivers for my 90 year old mother-in-law).

Thanks so much for all the contest opportunities - Merry Christmas!

Lynn B

Knitting makes me happy! The only problem I have is time, sometimes.


I look at patterns I’ve purchased, but never made or at some fun yarn I have in my stash.


When I lose my Knitting MOJO....I play with my Stash Yarn until
something inspires me to knit it up!! Works every time!!
Merry Christmas❣🎄❣🎄❣🎄❣

Labrista Wadkins

Look for a new pattern or watch knitting videos.


When I lose my knitting mojo I usually switch to other activities like reading. Sometimes I just scroll through Rav or other knitting sites and something inspires me.


I either look through my Ravelry queue or re-explore/organize my stash. Starting a quick, small project, is another a great way for me to reset my knitting mojo. And sometimes just taking a little break and exploring other things like reading a book or baking!


It happens. Then I paw through my stash and queue, hopefully finding a new project!


My knitting mojo typically deserts me when there is great stress. Eventually it comes back by itself as my hands get itchy to craft, and I realize that crafting helps me cope.

Any color-changing yarn, tonals, variegated, etc, helps me love my crafting. And being in helpful, loving groups, both online and in-person, helps as well.

Thanks for the contests! You’re a great human!


There have been times when I have taken a break from knitting. Then I find that "FEEL GOOD" yarn and am back at it again.

Dana Snyder

I learned to knit about 11 years ago from a local yarn shop owners I met through a friend. I took off with it and had been wanting to learn. When I moved to where I am now, I took every class I possible could to learn everything. I have never put my needles down! I have never lost my mojo! It’s a rare day I don’t knit on something!


I learned to knit when I was 9 from my grandmother. My knitting stays pretty constant but I am distracted sometimes with embroidery. I enjoy that in the summer when it's sticky. Merry Christmas to you and yours and wishing you a wonderful new year!!


I switch to crochet or needlepoint for a while. Knitting breaks don't last long.

Merry Christmas.

Sarah D.

Sometimes I will get bogged down by a project so I give myself permission to start on something new that seems more exciting and fun. I'll get back to the other project eventually. Also I never pressure myself to feel like I *have* to knit. It's not fun if I don't have a choice. So it's always something that I'm choosing to do, and if I don't feel like it, I just take a break for a while.

Cheryl Strand

I learned to crochet on my fingers when I was seven and the language of knitting terrified me until I was in my late 40s then I tackled it and fell in love. When I get in a funk I love to spin on my spinning wheels, dyeyarn, weave, quilt, embroider, any of the fiber arts and I always come back to knitting and crochet. I’m never without a project. I used to teach now I just enjoy.

susan baum

When I lose my mojo, I look through knitting books and reorganize my yarns and tools. If I really can't come up with something to make I'll start another BSJ, whether there is or there isn't a baby, one will come along eventually. By the time I've finished with that, I've often dreamed up my next project.

Carrie Thompson

Your website and Facebook page are so wonderful! Every time I look at them, I'm inspired. So many beautiful yarns! I have never gone looking for sock yarn and not found what I'm looking for from Simply Socks! Thank you so much for stocking so many wonderful options! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone at SSYC!!


I have many other interests that my problem is more a lack of time for them all than loosing my mojo.


I found knitting after losing my father. Knitting seemed to ease my anxiety and grief. Knitting became such a big part of my life. However there have been a few times that I went into a knitting funk. I would just rest and not dwell on it. I would look at patterns and talk to my knitting friend. The love of knitting always came back to me.


I always have something on the needles. Knitting is both stress-relief and a creative outlet for me. But there are sometimes when I feel like I'm in a bit of a rut, and I'll look for a KAL or MKAL to join to spark my imagination, or I'll knit a toy! Stuffies are always fun to knit.

Deb Adams

I learned to knit when I was 10 years old by a woman from Finland who lived in our little town. I’m sure when I was younger with children and working I didn’t always have time to knit every day. Thankfully now I am happily retired and knit each and every day.

Amanda Swanson

I play with my stash yarn. The beautiful colors usually bring an idea or some inspiration.


Not a good thing, but I usually just cast on something new!

Maggie Hume

When I am less interested in picking up my knitting project then I know to switch fiber crafts for a while. I will start crocheting or spinning at my wheel and just enjoy those crafts. The next thing I know I‘ve found a new knitting pattern to try. I just just need to play with yarn and fiber and the craft doesn’t matter!

Nicole S

I usually either just take a break or knit something very simple like a dishcloth.


When knitting doesn’t catch my interest (very rare) I start sorting through my yarn. Something almost always grabs me.


Knitting is pretty constant in my life these days but in previous years, when my interest waned, I let it! I love to read and spend time outdoors so I indulge those interests. Beautiful new yarn or stumbling over the perfect pattern always bring back knitting mojo!


When I lose my knitting mojo, I usually make something for someone else. The “window shopping”(internet surfing) to find just the right project ideas leads to many possibilities!

Lisa L

I start a new project. I always have lots of things I want to cast on, just from browsing Ravelry and knitting blogs.

Susan Mercy

When my MOJO wanes, I give myself an incentive by planning the next project. Or I'll take a break and make a small quick item, then go back to the longer project.

Brenna Delosier

I’ve been knitting since I was 21. I’m 43 now. My love is always there but sometime my production wants. Usually looking for a new pattern and then trying to find a yarn in my stash excites me again.


The answer is simple--buy something new that jazzes you up (new color, new base)!


I've never lost my love of knitting. My mother taught me when I was 6 years old and I have been knitting ever since. I still feel a connection with my mom when I knit even though she has been gone for over 25 years.


I always have something going, knit or crochet. Sometimes the projects sit a bit as I get distracted by reading, but if I go too long without "yarning" somehow I get cranky. Rolling a beautiful skein is always inspiring, too.


I never stop, unless my fingers hurt. Then I crochet or pain!

Teri P

Watching a knitting podcast on YouTube (or two or three) can jump start my mojo, for sure.

Tabitha Burks

When my knitting mojo diminishes, I take a break from knitting to come back to it later to get excited again!


Starting a new project usually breaks me out of a rut.

Sabrina Snyder

When I feel like I have lost my knitting mojo I wind balls of yarn or dye yarn. Both of these things help restart my knitting mojo


I don't remember any extended time of not knitting though when I'm sick, I sometimes may go a few days without knitting. I usually want to start all the things though during the pandemic, I have been more into finishing what I start and usually rip out on New Year Eve anything I don't plan to finish. I have to shawls on the needles now that I plan to finish in the new year. I also have a hat I plan to finish and may fit in one more headband or hat next week. Merry Christmas!

elissa schoening

I wish I knew the answer to that. 😞


I don’t think I really ever lose the desire to keep knitting. I’ve been knitting since my teens (I’m 60 now), but sometimes life gets in the way. If I have a big project like a blanket and start to get tired of it, I’ll take a break from it and knit a toque or something quick then I’m more motivated to continue and get it done. New patterns and wools are always a good motivator too.

Thanks, this is always enjoyable every year. Happy Holidays to all!!!

Sarah S

I browse Ravelry until something strikes my fancy. Or I give myself a break until I miss knitting again and I'm eager to start something new :)

Lisa S

Fortunately I haven’t lost my knitting mojo. In fact, it’s been more important to me in recent years, providing some calm and relaxation, helping me focus, and yielding lots of fun knits! I just have to have new projects planned out and ready so I don’t lose momentum once I finish something. But there’s always lots of inspiration with nifty patterns and pretty yarn!


I usually take a little time off by quilting. Both are my faves, but knitting is on the top. But a little rest goes a long way for energizing my mojo


When I lose my knitting mojo a brioche pattern really gets me ready to start knitting again.


When I lose the urge to knit, I just give it a break or start a different project. I have a sweater that’s been on my needles for years. Generally I will see a new sock yarn and start a new pattern for a “small” project.

Carolyn Zewe

There are times when life gets in the way for whatever reason and I just don’t have time to knit. I try to make it a priority because it is something I enjoy so much. If I lose my mojo, sometimes watching podcasts helps inspire me again.


I knit and crochet every day and take it everywhere with me. once when I had a fever and was too sick to craft I had my project next to me in the bed.

sherrie mckee

What happens when I lose my knitting mojo? I usually have too much going on in my life. I make a mess of my craft room and living room. I spend too much time on Ravelry looking, but not deciding. I get out too many patterns and magazines to look some more. I get out way too much yarn and stir, stir, stir, the mess. I start lots of projects and reject them. Finally, the mess exceeds my comfort level and I started putting things away. Then, and only then, I am inspired with the right yarn and pattern. ❤️


I knit a hat or something simple.


It has been a hard year with the loss of my mother. I had planned on an afghan for her but she passed towards the end of June. I did not knit for some time. Knitting had always been a comfort to be --no matter the time of year. This year not so much until I picked up knitting little things and I realized the comfort was there again. I guess I needed the time to grieve. I am still but now it is comfort. In the past when I do not feel like knitting I just give it time and it is like an old friend.

Teresa Knittingdancer

When I lose my knitting mojo I start looking at new patterns and yarn to see if something excites me.

Jessica McConnell

I didn’t start crocheting and knitting until I was in my early 30s. My mom taught me to crochet as a kid but it never caught on. It’s been almost 20 years and I’ve never hit a slump. The feel of the yarn between my fingers is pure contentment. Makes me sad to think someday I might not enjoy it.


When I lose my mojo, I let it go and do other things for a while. It might take a few months, as it did early in the pandemic, but that’s OK. No sense in forcing it, and having it come back happens in its own time.


I learned to knit at a young age from my grandmother and knit sweaters sporadically throughout the years of my career. I took it up again after retirement about 20 years ago, and haven't put it down since.


I have been knitting every day for a long time (15+ years??) and haven't had the misfortune of losing my knitting mojo. I do occasionally, like now, have a project that I just want to finish and am not enjoying the process and am afraid that if I start something new it will never get done. So I have to force myself to finish by not allowing myself to cast on something new until I finish the current project.


A vanilla sock helps me keep going when my mojo is low. A fun gift that I’m excited about knitting also helps me get down to it.

Yvonne M. Evans

I dont think I lose my knitting mojo. I think in this age of covid it has been more important to me. I do look around Ravelry and knitting groups on facebook to get ideas. And knitting socks and other stuff for coworker buds and managers keep me interested.


Right now with all these pandemic issues and concerns, I think I’ve lost my knitting mojo for complicated shawls and intricate lace work! During this time, I have found a renewed love of sock knitting - just simple sock knitting! Very calming - just what seems to be needed right now!

Nancy Hughes

Yes, sometimes I do go into knitting slumps. It’s hard to believe I’ve been knitting for 52 years — since my freshman year in college when I discovered a tiny yarn shop with a lovely owner who taught me how to knit. So, I do taking knitting breaks periodically and crochet or needlepoint or learn a new craft. But I always come back to knitting, usually by knitting hats for my family, especially my grandchildren. And having taught my granddaughter to knit, I find she draws me back to the craft.


Sometimes I end up working on a different craft for a while. Last year I hand pieced a quilt and did less knitting. But I always have a sock on the go!


My knitting wanes usually only due to required busyness taking over my life. When life settles down, it's back to the passion.

Jennifer McCarthy

When I start to lose interest in knitting, I usually try to hook up with a knitting friend, or pay a visit to my LYS. And looking at all of the beautiful yarn shops online helps to get the mojo back, too!

Brenda McBride

I never not knit. I take more projects than clothes on a trip lest I finish something quicker than I thought I would. I even have a bag with a project ready to go if I end up in the hospital.

Deborah Kellar

I started knitting as a child and would knit every once in a while to do baby blankets or Afghans. I then found a local yarn store and my interest increased. Then I found knitting podcasts and my mojo exploded. I am so addicted and love all that I have learned.


I like to look through patterns I’ve saved in my Ravelry favorites and organize my stash. I usually find inspiration there, and then start on a new project. After knitting multiple pairs of socks for gifts, I’m looking forward to starting something for me on 12/26!


I enjoy participating in KALs, and they always re-energize my knitting mojo. Seeing photos of other people’s projects helps me think of things to make and yarns to use. It works every time.


My mojo's mostly disappeared this second half of the year. Maybe it's lockdown fatigue? Anyway, I just roll with it and spend time doing other things. I've been catching up on reading.

Merry Christmas Allison!

Sara Moening

Haven't lost the desire to knit yet. Knitting is fun, relieves stress, and gives me something to do with my hands while waiting. There are so many beautiful yarns and patterns to enjoy.


Usually it’s more a matter of not having time. If I don’t start another project just before I finish one there may be a long lag as I make up my mind.


All I need to get me started is a skein if yarn I like & off I go to make a pair of socks. I gifted 11 pairs socks this Christmas, so it does pay off. I especially like to do this after finishing a large or complex project (sweater or color work).

Rachelle Price

I just let myself take a break but often I find planning a new project or scrolling Instagram that I get more ideas. I’m not yet at the point where knitting isn’t a process for complex processes but I love planning!


Usually, it's a new pattern that gets me interested. I love looking at yarn but I've decided to try to stop buying yarn unless I have a project planned for it. If I'm really in a funk, I switch to a needlepoint project.

Donna Gerber

I’ve felt like I’ve lost my knitting mojo for a little while now. I’m slowly working on getting it back by looking at all the wonderful things others are knitting and all the beautiful yarn being dyed by all the independent dyers. Looking at all the new patterns coming out helps too. I know I’ll be picking up my needles again soon and will enjoy my knitting even more.

Melissa Friedrich

When I lose my knitting mojo I usually head to my yarn stash and squish some yarn. The collecting of yarn is as much fun as knitting and one tends to lead to the other. Love the self striping go-to as I’ve been really loving those this year and plan to continue on in 2022 maybe with some Van Gogh color ways.

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