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December 15, 2021



I think it's different for me every year. Last year, nada. This year, putting up the decorations and participating in the secret Santa at work, which has REALLY gotten me in the holiday spirit, I'm enjoying it so much.


Gathering of family at Thanksgiving.

Pat Phythian

I have 3 rituals that begin the holiday season for me: Grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, putting up my Christmas tree the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and when we have our first cold front I cozy in and re-read _Little Women_.


Spending an evening driving around looking at Christmas Lights.


I think once Thanksgiving is done, my mind turns to Christmas. I enjoy Christmas cards as much as you do, but this is the second year of not sending a card with pictures of my son. He is 19 now, so I guess he is not a kid anymore. Christmas is much more exciting with little ones around.


My dad had a rule: No Christmas music until the day after Thanksgiving. I follow that rule — so the first playing of the first CD from one of those English cathedral choirs (Cambridge, Oxford, etc) marks the beginning of the Christmas season.


Our tradition starts on Thanksgiving, when by each plate is a little Christmas gift. Inside each wrapped package is a new Christmas ornament chosen for each individual or couple at the table. If we have extra guests besides family, they get an ornament too. For me, this starts the holidays!

Lisa L

I teach college, so finishing fall semester grading makes me feel festive!

Carolyn Zewe

The start of the holiday season for me is when we start putting up our Christmas decorations.


For me it is when the holiday yarns start to arrive .


My Christmas holiday starts after Thanksgiving when we put up the tree and decorate.

Sabrina Snyder

That's a hard one as I force myself to wait until Thanksgiving to start listening to Christmas music. So, I guess I will say Thanksgiving gets me started on Christmas.


The Friday or Saturday after Thanksgiving the grandkids come over and help put up the Christmas decorations. Gets the season off to a great start.

Lynn B

Definitely preparing Thanksgiving meal and putting up Christmas tree afterwards. Extra special this year, since family could be together!


Putting up my Christmas tree over Thanksgiving weekend kicks off the season for me and really puts me in the holiday mood. (I love making a family photo card, too.)


Filling my window boxes and front porch planter with winter greenery and lights is the "sign of the times" for me. We have 9 cats and an energetic Lab/Border Collie dog so most of my decorating is OUTside.


Getting out the Advent Cabin to start the countdown.

Lisa Long

The day after Thanksgiving is when the lights go on the outside of the house, and decorating the inside starts too! Then we break for turkey leftovers for lunch, and then keep going!


For me, it's when I can pull out my winter decorations and start getting holiday cards in the mail!

Debra Cohen

The holiday season starts for me when I take down my pumpkin wall quilt and put up my snowman quilt. Then I take out my collection of snowmen and put them in my fireplace mantle…and spread throughout the house. The nice thing about snowmen is that they are holiday neutral and they stay out til Spring!


I usually (read: every year except last year) spend Thanksgiving with my folks. Over that weekend, we go and pick out their Christmas tree and I get it set up and get the lights on it for them. (They still use clippable C7s.) My mom makes spritz cookies and my dad and I decorate them. (A portion of them return home with me for my own tree-trimming party the following weekend.)


Setting up my Chanukah menorah.


Chanukah and setting up our reuseable tree on Dec 1


For me Christmas starts when I watch Miracle on 34th Street on Thanksgiving. It has been a tradition in my family for many years.


A cousin whom I haven't seen for almost 20 years lives across the country from me in Colorado. Every year she sends me a Colorado calendar and a beautiful hand-made card which I treasure. My Christmas season begins when she messages that my gift is on its way and gets into full swing when it arrives. I think of her and her family every day when I glance at the calendar.


Baking cookies and other treats!


I feel the beginning of Christmas at Thanksgiving but the first snow is the ticket for sure!!

Gail L.

The day I decorate the trees and put my special African baubles up. I have 2 trees, my small 2ft one is my favourite and is the one where I put extra special decorations.


Listening to A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I haven't had a chance to do that yet this year, perhaps that is why I'm not in the full Christmas swing of things yet! I plan to do it this weekend.


For me is Thanksgiving!


I read Skipping Christmas every year. My granddaughters coming over to help decorate the tree. They are 18 & 15 and still want to help. So blessed.

Labrista wadkins

When we start getting out ornaments and decorations.

Dana Snyder

Hearing Christmas music really gets me going and I’m the holiday spirit! Also, planning my knit gifts and seeing all the lights people decorate their houses with. All the SS holiday goodies really gets me in the mood to make gifts!!


I start with a list of who I’m gifting and what I’m giving them. I include a few holiday birthdays on the list.
You are so creative in so many ways. I don’t know how you do it all…and with such joy,


My mom always put an advent wreath on a table in the kitchen. Not super religious but before dinner we would light the candle say a little prayer to ourselves, or not. But that wreath meant the season had started!!

Rose Birchall

Shopping for the perfect Christmas tree!

Geraldine Scott

They may be up a bit earlier, but the season doesn't officially start at our house until the outdoor lights get turned on December 1!

Amy G

I follow the calendar method - the Christmas season doesn't start until after Thanksgiving.
I am not a Black Friday shopper, but with the exception of choir rehearsals, I don't listen to Christmas music or go to Christmas events before Thanksgiving and then it is all-in until Dec 31.


The start of Christmas is putting up the tree. It gives the house a warm feeling & glow.


The tree going up is always the beginning. This year it was up a week before Thanksgiving, the earliest it’s ever gone up, and that was after leaving it up until February! The twinkling lights make me happy ✨✨


We start the Advent/Christmas season by putting candle lights in the windows, lights outdoors, and a Christmas village with lighted houses and people amid “snow” on the fireplace mantle. As soon as those are up, the tree goes up and various decorations all around the house to make it festive. Being seriously ill and debilitated last year, I did far less decorating because I couldn’t do all that I usually do, and I found the meaning that “less is more” because the house still felt very festive.


For me it’s mid-November as soon as I get back from a big annual work event because I’m in charge of all of our corporate cards and gifts! This year an early start to as even more important because of shipping issues.

Teri P

Setting up the tree and decorating the day after Thanksgiving signals the start for me.


Putting together a custom advent calendar for my husband and him opening the first package is the start of the holiday season for me! This year it was down to the wire and I finally got the last few little gifts on the 29th!!!


The thing that marks the start of the season for me is the first Sunday in Advent. I won't decorate the house until then. That marks the transition for me.


Thanksgiving gets me in the mood!!


For me it starts the day after Thanksgiving - that's when we go choose a Christmas tree (we get a live one every year) and put up our decorations

Jessica McConnell

This is going to sound crazy but August 1st starts the holiday season for me. I’m a gardener and it’s harvest time then we roll right into fall and Halloween, cruise though Thanksgiving and scurry around for Christmas! January is such a let down after all that activity!


Lighting the first Advent candle.

Brenda Babcock

It starts on Veterans Day when I bake fruitcakes.


Thanksgiving really kicks it off for me. It marks the end of fall and the start of seasonal foods/cooking.


Making my Christmas shopping list signals the start of the season!

Hilda C

Christmas season starts for me when I do Christmas cards.

Carla Bell

First Sunday of Advent at church starts our Christmas season. :)


Pulling out my snowman dishes after Thanksgiving dinner is over is what signals it for me.

Jessica Lietz

Getting out the ceramic tree!


The start of the season for me is making the Christmas card and receiving the first one from friends.

Kimberly Napier

Mine is when we get together to decorate the church.

Rene' Bowman

I start the season off with a weekend of themed tree decorating. This year I have 9 indoors and 6 outdoors

Melissa Friedrich

What kicks of the start of the holidays for me is Thanksgiving weekend when I start to address my handmade holiday cards while watching Elf! Its' awesome to see your past holiday cards with photos, what great memories to share!


The start of the seasons begins around my birthday which is 12/12. We start putting up decorations and the tree. When I was little we always waited until after my birthday to start celebrating the Christmas season!


Christmas baking


December 1st when I put the Christmas Tree up and put out all my Christmas decorations!

Deb Adams

I enjoy taking out treasured Christmas decorations that we have had over the years. Many handmade by children and grandchildren and favorites that have been hand carved by my husband.


Usually we decorate the house (inside) the day after Thanksgiving, putting up a Nativity advent calendar my mom made a lifetime ago. The tree goes up the first Sat of December.


A big part of my holiday celebrations is celebrating the Winter Solstice. I have a large book on the solstice and it is the first thing I get out after Thanksgiving and start reading it. It signifies the start of my favorite time of year.


Christmas is Christmas for me when my adult sons make it home. Christmas is Christmas when I get to hear my husband complain for the bazillionth time how much he dislikes the movies It’s a Wonderful Life and The Sound of Mucus. Christmas is Christmas for me when I get to take some time off work, watch the snow and knit by the fire.

Susan Mercy

For me, the holiday season starts when I begin rehearsing Christmas music, whether it be solos, orchestra music, or music theater. So really, that was back in October, in the case of theater!


Putting up the Christmas tree by December 1 is my tradition to beginning the season. That alone brings cheer and happiness to our home and sets everything in motion.


For me, it;s about pulling out my Christmas jewelry, baking Christmas cookies and all the planning for visiting with my family.


For me it’s really when the weather changes from fall to winter. That can happen some years in late October. I usually wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate. :-)

Susan Boisvert

Start of the holiday season:
July Christmas knitting commencement
Hobby Lobby adds the Christmas stuff
Getting real when friends and coworkers celebrate Haunukkah
What?! Christmas is next Saturday?????


This year it started with Thanksgiving bc my hubby surprised me by flying my parents in. I haven’t seen them in 2 years due to covid. It really boosted my holiday spirit!

Agatha Gallion

The holiday season for me begins with thanksgiving day. Between naps, I try to do all my online shopping


It’s Christmas time when my daughter has her house decorated and grandchildren mark up the toy catalog with their favorites


I think it’s when I start seeing Christmas lights around the city.

Debbie Graves

There are no fresh cut Christmas tree lots where I live, so we go out in the woods and cut down a tree. We try to do this before the snow gets too deep which is typically early December! That marks the beginning of the joyful season for my family.

Rebecca Lovell

It's usually the kids and I starting to open our Advent calendars.


For me, the start of the holiday season is hearing holiday music—on the radio/TV, in stores, school holiday programs, concerts, etc. Those beautiful traditional carols always touch my heart.

Jenn H

I think for us it's getting the tree! My kids love decorating the house so it just so suddenly feels so festive here. I tend to turn on the holiday music as soon as thanksgiving is over so it just feels warm bright and cozy. We celebrate christmas and solstice so it becomes a whole warm bright space and a wonderful break from the cold dark winter!

Colleen Grogan

Putting away the Thanksgiving decorations and pulling out Christmas marks the start of the season. I often try to do this while watching the Thanksgiving day parade from Macy’s. But most of the time it happens the weekend after


Thanksgiving morning, making a special breakfast for our family to enjoy while watching the Macy's Day Parade.

Ritu Batra

Well I start for my holidays early, I celebrate Diwali the Hindu festival of lights, which is during the end of October or beginning of November. So I start will fall decorating with beautiful fall colors , pumpkins ,mums all over my home , going in to Halloween then Thanksgiving and finally the Holidays !


For me, Christmas starts when Santa brings up the rear in the Macy's parade.

Becky Creighton

Christmas starts when I bakes Christmas cookies and make my mom’s fudge recipe. I love the smell of fresh cookies in the oven.


I grew up with a later start to the Christmas season than is common in the US— the idea of Advent, then the twelve days of Christmas actually starting on Christmas and ending in January with the feast of the magi.

So although I’ve usually started making or buying gifts, sending cards, and baking holiday goodies earlier, the part of the holidays that feels real or meaningful to me are those two weeks between ~Christmas Eve and January. Time to be with family and friends, eat delicious food, and enjoy and appreciate the gifts we’ve been given, both tangible and intangible.

sherrie mckee

Wow, this is a hard question. I don't think there is any one thing that's the same each year. Sometimes, it's weather, although that happens less since we moved further south. Sometimes, Christmas lights, sometimes planning the food. I'll go with Thanksgiving, the beginning of the holiday season.

Martina Norelli

Early December I find my box of Christmas cards and start looking for something to refresh the card selection. This year I started earlier due to the dreadful slow march of mail delivery. I think I'm done as of today. Also I watch the card sales for something new for next year!


Seeing the annual Bunny Staplus card exchange thread in the Ravelry Completely Pointless and Arbitrary Group start up. ;) It's weird. It's wacky. It's fun. It's become a holiday tradition for us.

Digging out the decorations and the tree.

Buying the Christmas Eve dinner ingredients ahead of time so I don't get caught short!

Kim Monfils

On the Friday after Thanksgiving we always start to decorate. The tree goes up, the lights are strung around the tree and then my kids and grandkids put the ornaments on. As each one is unwrapped it’s a mini surprise and then a memory of where the ornament came from.

Tabitha Burks

Getting a real Christmas tree marks the start of the holiday season for me!


It begins when our local radio channels start playing the holiday music. Then I gather my hand crafted cards, print the mailing labels & organize. Christmas is about showing kindness and giving "thank you" gifts to friends that fill our hearts.


Making Christmas cookies with my daughter.


Starting advent calendars! That's when I know it's really time.


When it begins to get cold and there are lots of sales.

Jody Laake

Has to be Black Friday and all the awesome sales followed closely by getting all the decorations out of storage and planning what to put where!


The season starts for me when I hang up the felt Advent calendar that my mom made when we were kids (the crafting genes are strong...). It's a little worn some 40+ years later, but I'm happy to be able to share it with my daughter


I love to see the neighbors outdoor decorations go up - they are so cheery when the it starts getting dark at 5:00 pm. It seems everyone is on board this year with the holiday spirit! We are only missing snow - which is a mixed blessing.

Kelly Holler

We always set up our tree and decorate the mantle after Thanksgiving. A little garland and some Christmas lights go a long way to feeling festive! Christmas movies on Hallmark and Lifetime are always such a fun, festive way to start the season as well! And of course, that last minute rush to get all the Christmas knitting done. Every year I swear I will start early, but I find myself scrambling in mid-December!

Leslie Simon

Each year my garden club decorates the Van Wert Brumback Library just after Thanksgiving. That’s my holiday kick-off. Always gorgeous!

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