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December 22, 2021


Rachel Braho

I got an advents worth of mini skeins this year and am making sylvan afghan. I also have plans to make a sweater and a tee in the future with other skeins but haven't picked the patterns yet.


I had only used mini skeins for toes and heels until I used the Yarn Love Jingle Bell Rock set for a hat. I really like how it turned out.


I have some mini skeins, but I haven't used them yet! (I'm trying to figure out what they would be best used in.)


Have some but have never used them except for toys. Need to broaden my horizons! By the way, that blue speckled set is gorgeous!


love minis for long handwarmers and knee-highs ! sometimes I make them so they don’t match.

Laurie Bowman

I bought one this year, but haven’t had a chance to knit with it yet!


I haven't this year. Last time I think was 2019 when I did a mini skein swap and made 2 cowls with some. I do have some mini skeins but haven't found anything I really want to make with them.


Yes! I used mini skeins from Miss Babs to make the Neutra wrap by SweaterFreak.

Rose Birchall

I haven’t used minis. I’m always the last to the party.

Tabitha Burks

I used mini skeins in a weaving project!


I adore mini skeins and have collected a lot- lol. This year I have used them in my socks and also to knit my first Gnome!!

Deb Adams

I have not used mini skeins and am unsure of a pattern that would work properly with them.


I have several sets of mini skeins. In fact I was just looking at my 4 sets of Unicorn Tales from MT. I’m thinking of using at least 2 of them to make a shawl or wrap but I’m trying to decide on a neutral color to use with the mini skeins. I think I’d like a light go medium fawn color to go with 2 of them & perhaps a charcoal or almost that dark gray to use with at least one of the other. The other thing I’m thinking of is a long cowl that can be worn around the neck & pulled up over my head if needed. I think I might also have to get a dark brown of charcoal wool dress coat to go with them.

Lynn B

Have never used. Have not had a pattern calling for them.


No. I haven’t found a use for them. (I don’t do socks.). I’ll be reading all the comments.


Yes! I’m currently opening two advent calendars with all sorts of fun colored mini skeins. I’m making striped leggings with mine. Changing color every 12 rounds to have a nice stripe with enough leftover to add to my beekeeper hexies.

Terri B.

I have used several mini sets this year for hats and cowls. I have really enjoyed them and plan on doing some small shawls with them.


I made a Spice It Up shawl with five minis plus a whole skein!


Most of my minis are used for contrast heels, cuffs and toes for socks. I have a new set I may use for a cowl.


I’ve made a cowl, a hat, and a pair of mittens. But I mostly just love collecting minis, lol


I haven’t knitted with mini skeins before, but I think they would be great with Ambah O’Brien’s ADVENTuresome Wrap.


I haven’t used a set of minis but will use a single mini for toes and heels on socks. I’d love to make a shawl with a mini set.

Deborah Kellar

I just finished the Around Every Corner shawl using a gradient mini set. It is a simple pattern but the gradient colors really popped.

Beverly Shearon

I have never used minis. I’m not comfortable changing yarns on toes and heels. It would be a new experience for me to figure out what to do with minis.


I used a couple of sets this year in some basic shawls. I love that I do not have to think about colors when I use a mini set.

Jennifer McCarthy

I mostly use minis with socks, to add in contrasting heels and toes or add in some stripes. I’d love to try a sweater using a mini skein set!

Theresa Martin

Love them! Planning on a striped cardi from one of last years advent calendar sets .

Marilyn H

I haven,t used mini skeins ever!! I'll be scrolling through these comments looking for suggestions for a pattern. The skeins that are assembled in a fade are so tempting.


Ive used them as heels for socks.

elissa schoening

I haven't revisited the project, but I'm bought some minis to fair isle some Christmas themed socks for family Last year. Barely got one sock made, then plans and motivation failed 😞

Ellen C,

Mini skeins look really cute. I haven't used them yet because I need to have a plan before I accumulate any more yarn. There are some people have mentioned today that I will have to investigate.

Cara Brooke

Yes! I used mini skeins to make a pair of ombre-style stranded fingerless mitts for one of my daughters.


No not yet but maybe next year for a pretty cowl or shawl


I have only need used minis for heels and toes. I think it would be fun to use a set for a pair of socks.


I haven't, because I've been shopping my stash this year. I've considered subbing leftovers for some of the cute shawl patterns out there.

Nancy Hosford

I have not. I have bought a few sets but never used them. I never found a pattern that spoke to me. me. I am hoping to use a couple sets with some left over sock yarn for a baby granny square blanket.


I’ve only used them for heels and toes on socks


I’ve used minis for cuffs, heels and toes, and I used a gradient set for a shawl. I have plans to marl my sock yarn leftovers in a blanket in 2022. Also, I have a neck light I really like—it’s less intrusive than a head lamp, IMO.

Rachelle Price

I have a decent number of mini skeins and I’m going to make scrappy socks by Summer Lee Design Co or a scrappy cowl

Teresa Knittingdancer

I have used mini skeins on cuffs, heels, and toes of socks, in a scarf, and a cowl this year.


I love mini skeins! I’m currently partway through a pair of Icinkles socks— you use the mini at the cuff for a gradient fade plus slipped-stitch little icicles. A little more intricate than what I usually do using minis for heels and toes!

Nicole S

I haven’t used mini skeins specifically, but I’ve used leftovers for colourwork in socks and I’m currently working on an advent gnome.


I haven't used any this year. I love to see how creative people are with minis.

yolanda v

I own one beautiful mini set. I'd like to purchase more. I'm sure the perfect project will come along...once my stash grows! Some lovely ideas up in the comments!

Patsy Coats

Yes, in the Habitation Throw by Helen Stewart.

Chris Goudeau

Not yet, I’m waiting on opening all my advents. Plan on making the Radvent cardigan.


I haven’t really used mini skeins a lot. I was gifted several to start a scrappy blanket, and I’ve used bits and bobs of leftovers in my stash for heels and toes on socks, but that’s about it. I’d love to dive into the world of mini skeins, though!


Yes. For a cowl


I haven't used mini skeins yet, though I did buy some this year. I ended up changing my mind about the project I'd intended to use them for, so now I'm not sure sure what to do with them. Loving all the ideas in the comments though!


No, I am not super confident about choosing and blending colors.


Never bought mini-skeins. I have so much leftover yarn Ilike to use up.

Paula Vail

No, I have not. Need to use down my stash first.

Sarah Sundt

Used them for a shawl (that I'm still not done with)

Jane Cadwell

I don't have many minis because I don't know what to do with them. Looking for some awesome suggestions!!

Geraldine Scott

No, I have not used mini-skeins. I think it requires a lot of vision and creativity...that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it!


I, too, have only used mini skeins to knit heels, toes, and cuffs on socks. I’m tempted to incorporate a set in a larger project!

Becky Creighton

I have purchased mini skeins to make advent socks but haven’t gotten around to it yet.


I have not used mini skeins this year but using them for a fade shawl would be awesome! Merry Christmas!


I have not but I have a bunch I want to try working into projects!

Kim Spolarich

I've made the chevron hat from mini skeins that I purchased from Simply Socks! Love minis.


I really started falling in love with mini skeins late last year. I toyed with the idea of purchasing a mini Advent and decided to just get a few and see what I could do with them. Turns out - everything!! Of course they are perfect for contrast heels and toes, but I have had fun making colorwork hats, using two or three different mini skeins and having fun combining colors. And they are also great for lightweight blankets or throws, it adds to the fun to grab a new color here and there!


I haven't used mini-skeins but I would use them for a nice, multi-colored hat.

Kat Gatzke

I have not used any mini skeins this year. But I’ve got quite a few sets and have several scarves and shawls I would like to knit with them such as Ambah O’Brien’s Adventurer scarf.


I would knit a shawl or a cowl with a mini skein set, probably one of Ambah O’Brien’s patterns.


I have some sets but haven’t used them yet. I was thinking using one in a jennifer Steingass design

Carolyn Zewe

I haven’t used minis for anything other than heels and toes for socks but I do want to make a Full of Minis hat. It’s on my list. I would love to make a scrappy blanket but I don’t have enough minis saved up yet.


My resolution this year is not to make any….the universe always has plans of its own


My mini skein sets are primarily decoration! 🤣

sue swartz herr

I have NO mini-skeins. At all.


Mini skeins for mini projects? I know that's not right. Lol. I love the color fade sets & how beautifully coordinated others are but haven't used any. I'm primarily a sock knitter & just since Autumn I've purchased 2 spectacular sets with coordinating mini skeins. It's a start moving out of my comfort zone. Maybe this will be the year I start creating outside my box!

Kara Williams

I sure have! I love minis! I made a beautiful cowl and then a shawl. More to come in 2022

Susan Dobrowney

I have never used mini sets. I find them intriguing and often love the colours blends, need something to knit with them.

Wendy Chase

I have a couple sets of mini skeins from Hue Loco. They are beautiful but I don't know what I'm doing to do with them yet.

Brooke Smith

I have not used mini skeins, but as I get more comfortable with fair isle, I hopento use them to make some hats

Amanda Swanson

Oh, I've been using mini skeins to make Sarah Schira's gnomes! I am working on her current mkal right now. Next year she is doing a year of gnome knitting.

Agatha Gallion

I used mini skeins to make my Kueschelig wrap

Alexis H

I used mini skeins to make a Crooked Ewe Cowl. It is beautiful! Love the pattern and the minis I used! Next up: Chevron Love Hat.


I want to make a Cookie Cowl with Koigu KPPPM mini skeins or a linen stitch scarf.


I have yet to use minis it looks like an awful lot of weaving which I'm not great at hiding those ends so winning would def allow me to practice this skill.

Susan Snyder

I used minis to make a lightweight blanket.

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