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December 22, 2021



I'm always tempted by mini sets but I never know what to knit!! Maybe this is the year!!

Lisa L

I haven't used a miniskein set yet. I usually choose a gradient yarn or use leftovers if I need a small amount of a color - and I have lots of sock yarn leftovers! I'd like to try a miniskein set!

Teri P

I love minis as well. I've used them piecemeal the last year, culminating with an entire set in Stephanie Lotven's Around Every Corner Shawl. I do hope I finish that one in the next week or so!


I love mini skeins! I use them for Evo or Girly Feeling socks or in shawls like On the Spice Market and I'm thinking of making Moonraker with a set of minis.

Pat Phythian

I’ve never used mini skeins. They’re cute, but unless I work on a design that specifically calls for their use, I’ll probably never purchase any.


I have never used mini skeins because I don’t have a plan for how to use them, but whenever you have them in stock, I always want to buy several sets of them. I have in mind the Anne of Green Gables cowl or the Harry Potter one that you’ve shown. I would like to do either one of those with mini skeins.


I have only used mini’s in sock knitting. I would enjoy knitting something like spice market.


I have used minis for cuffs, heels and toes for the sock and made a couple pairs of sock using them in a gradient scheme .


I haven't used them yet, but bought some to use for knitting baubles and gnomes. Hopefully I'll get to start on those after the first of the year!

Yvonne M. Evans

I have never knit with mini skeins. Just havent. I am thinking if I did maybe a scarf or cowl of somekind. I think I would look on ravelry. If nothing else maybe a couple of colorful socks


I’ve never gotten into minis UNTIL I saw your sprocket socks and now I want a mini set to follow you’re lead!


I've used mini skein Party of 5 sets for the shawl patterns Summer Brights and Starburst, and gradient colored mittins and cowls this year. I enjoy working with them and watching the colors blend together.

Joyce Correia

After seeing so many of these mini skeins, I was inspired to make my own out of leftovers. I made a scarf that was grabbed quickly by a shopper at our yearly boutique. Mini skeins are the way to go!


Tempted by the mini skein sets but haven't used any recently. The last set I used to make a baby blanket.

Renee S

Yes I have used mini skeins. A group of friends did a mini exchange for Christmas so I made some scrappy socks. I also used minis to make some ornaments. I am also making a Coziest Memory blanket. I think they are great fun.


I discovered them this year and I LOVE them. So far, the few I have, I just look at and admire. But I want to make an Ice cream social shawl, a Harvest hat, another Around Every Corner shawl, and some Color Pallet socks. They are just so pretty and inspiring, they make me a little giddy.


I’ve knit with Wonderland in a few projects.
This year I knit Veiled by Lisa Mutch with Urth Merino Gradient that I bought from you.
Look here
if you’re interested.
I have more ideas if I win.

Dana Nellums

I use the mini skeins for heels, toes, and cuffs on socks.

Maggie Hume

I have been using lots of minis this year to knit tiny Christmas stocking ornaments. I’ve been using all different colors but they all have white trim at the cuff. I really enjoy playing with minis!

Gail L.

I love mini skeins and have been using them in my Jelly Roll Blanket this year. I also used them in a previous Mitred Square Blanket project - the more the merrier in my opinion.


I love mini skeins! I use them for heels, cuffs, and toes. I also have a few scrappy projects in my queue on ravelry that I would love to use a set or two of mini skeins for.


I haven't used them in 2021, but in 2020 I knit the Iron Maiden pattern by Marisa Hernandez in The Unique Sheep Verve in the Japanese Garden colorway. It's a mix of pinks and grays.


I haven't used many...but I've bought a bunch! Planning to make a Bits and Bobs blanket.


I made a “Sockhead Cowl” out of 5 coordinating mini skeins (my first mini skein project) and I love it.


I have not used mini skeins, but I want to! I really like the Sprocket Sets that you are posting about on Instagram so I think I could definitely tackle those with the set!!!


I have not used minis yet, but would love to do so! I’m guessing I’d use them in a hug, a 30” x 60” stole. Probably multiple mini sets at once.


This year I have not used minis. I had large projects in mind when knitting and while I do have a project in mind for minis I have not worked with any this year. Hopefully this coming year.

Jody Laake

I haven’t used mini skeins yet but I’m itching to try! I think they’d be so nice to have on hand for toes and cuffs to add that little extra something to socks. And there are also so many gorgeous shawl and cowl patterns out there that just beg for a mini skein set!

Sara Moening

I have not knit with any minis yet, but they are on my list in 2022. I'm going to knit some gnomes with patterns by Sara Schira.


This year I have focused on sock knitting and have found that using mini skeins for the cuff and toe add interest to a plain vanilla sock. I especially love the DIC sock sets and have ordered every one! My go to patterns are Helen Stewart’s Simply Curious Socks or Attitude Socks!


I haven't used them this year, although I have a couple of sets in my stash.


I have used part of a mini set for heels and toes. It's nice to have a set of minis to pick from when knitting socks.


I have not yet knit with my mini skeins but I have bought quite a few set... I do have my Anne of Green Gables in a project ready to go for 2022 with a patterns for a shawl that I think came with it.. I am super excited.


I am working on a gnome MKAL with minis. I loved D'aeki Wrap as soon as I saw it and started a subscription to a mini club, but I haven't started the wrap yet...

Dana Snyder

Squeeeee!!! I’ve been eyeing up Fiberstory gradient set for a while now! I just haven’t bought it cause I find other things. I’m using the Yarn Love minis for Casapinka’s Pinions. I’ve only done one row but I’ll get back to it once I’m finished with gift knitting. I’ve been using minis for gnomes. I love gnomes and will be participating in the year of gnomes so I’ll needing lots of minis! I use minis for heels and toes too! I was thinking of getting some of the Fiberstory minis for gnomes!


Ooh this would be a hard choice! Lol. I have not yet worked with mini skeins but would love the opportunity. Right now, I am sticking to a basic vanilla sock pattern since I’m so new. But I am hoping to start playing with pattern a bit to practice color changing and maybe some patterns (hearts, snowflakes, etc). These mini skeins would be perfect for that!

Peggy Pennell

I have used minis on heels and toes on the last 8 pairs of socks and I love them. But now all my other socks look kinda plain to me!

Sabrina Snyder

I love mini skeins! I use them in hats, mitts, socks and blankets! I think when I pass away someone will find a billion mini skein squares that need to be put together for a blanket.


I have not used minis, but keep looking at them like I used to look at toys in the Christmas Catalogs (some of you remember them). Anyway, they are so "drool" worthy. I would probably do a scarf or sockhead cowl.

Carolyn Ensminger

I haven't used the mini skeins yet but would love to make a shawl with a full set, maybe using a neutral yarn with a set to make a marled yarn? I think that would be just beautiful!


I have used a mini set on a shawl but nothing else. I think they are beautiful and would definately use them if there were a pattern specifically for a mini.


I have used mini skeins to add some stripes to a couple of Hitchhikers, and I'm still looking for the perfect pattern for a set of minis (like that gorgeous Sweet Georgia set)!

Melissa Friedrich

I LOVE buying minis, so helpful when I can’t decide which colorway of a regular size skein to get so I get all the colorways with the minis. I’ve been using them for contrasting cuffs and heels for socks and contrasting cuffs and the tips of fingerless gloves.
I would love to know some patterns with just minis as well.


I used mini skeins to knit the Adventurer wrap by Ambah O'Brien.


I've bought mini sets but can't seem to find the perfect pattern so I haven't knit any. I'm thinking of knitting a fingerweight version of an Elizabeth Zimmerman hat that ends up being a two-layer hat. We'll see if it happens but I am hopeful.

amy g

I have not ever used a mini-set. I just have never purchased one. I did a shawl/scarf this year that would have been great, but I decided to use stash instead.


I’ve used mini skeins to knit striped socks

Pam Bacci

I have not used mini skins yet. I do, however, want to try them in the toes in heels of my knitted socks.

Mary Kay

I have bought them for gifts but haven't knit with them myself. My daughter loved getting them as a gift.


I haven’t used any this year but am thinking about another Shift Cowl or a blanket


I've used mini skeins when knitting socks for heels, toes and occasionally cuffs.
I enjoyed making the "Lille Skov" socks this month (which work really well for using up small amounts of yarn).
I have also used mini skeins as a border for a shawl.


Oh yes, I love using the Mini Skeins of yarn. My first project with them was the Anne of Green Gables Cowl!! I made several of them using different mini sets. Then I would take the remaining yarn from the mini skeins and knit a matching hat, usually the Stones on the Beach pattern!! All thanks to yarn purchases from SSYC!!
Hugs and Happy Knitting to All❣
❤💚🎄💚❤ Karla


No I’ve never used them, yet I’d like to try.


No I haven't used mini skeins, but always admire them. I would love to make a striped sweater in some of those colors.

Susan Mercy

This year is the first time I've used minis and I am loving them! Earlier in the year, I made a light shawl with a mini set of Bridgerton colors from Lady Dye Yarns. Currently, I am knitting an Advent MKAL with a mini set from Road Trip Yarns. On deck, I have the Stitch Together minis sold by SSYC for the week between Christmas & New Year's...which will be my vacation project and I think I am making a cowl with them.


I haven't used mini skeins before. I sometimes get excited when I see certain sets but I've never purchased any. There are some sets that I like but there is usually one or two colors that I don't like. I guess I also get turned off by the idea of having to weave in so many ends, but I did learn the no jog method so there's really no excuse. Maybe one day. I'd really like to make a pair of scrappy socks and a scrappy sweater. The sweater pattern is by Summer Lee Design Co. As it stands I don't actually have enough scraps for either project.


I am in love with minis! This year I made Dangling Conversation and also Talk to Paw with minis. I have also used minis in the Social Cowl.

I also want to use mini's or leftover minis at the end of Maroo Mitts.


I used a mini skein set this year to knit a beautiful Casapinka shawl that was a mystery KAL.
I also like them for ImaginedLandscapes’ gnomes, although I usually use sock leftovers.

Sarah d

I have not used any minis this year but I’d love to do a shawl with a face set!

Kristi Petersen

this coming spring, my knitting friends and i are going to knit the Perfect Blend shawl by Casapinka. i can't wait to see what colors everybody picks!

Donna Gerber

I haven't used any minis this year mostly because I didn't work on any patterns that they'd work in. I have used them in the past in a Casapinka mystery knit along several years ago. I have a set I've paired with a Hedgehog speckle that I want to use in something I design myself. It just hasn't happened yet.

Hilda C

I have not used a mini set because I didn't know how I would use all the different colors. Your post has given me lots of ideas so maybe in 2022 I will try a mini set.

Denise Walsh-Horowitz

I have been using mini's for sock heels and toes, but I just gathered all my minis and left overs to knit a hexagon afghan!


Haven't used any minis this year. Have a plan to make some leggings for my aunt which will involve minis.

P.S. Gave her pair of store-bought leggings to wear in bed to keep warm and she loved them. So now going to make her a special pair.


I love looking at mini skein sets. I haven’t ever purchased any, but I made some of my own this past summer with bare yarn and food coloring. That was fun. I have used these for gnomes and contrast colors on small projects.

Kimberly Payne

I am addicted to mini skeins! I’m knitting the Coziest Memory blanket. This is a very long-term project for me. Almost two years now. Something I put down for a while but always go back to.


The mini sets are so tempting! Especially the gradient ones. Your plan of breaking them up is great.


This year I used a set of mini skeins for the pattern First Rays, It was a really enjoyable knit, and now I'm waiting for an opportunity to wear it!


I haven’t knitted with actual mini skeins this year. Instead, I hoard my leftovers and use them for things like gnomes and colorwork socks.

I would love to try out a set of mini skeins in the new year!

Kim Holbrook

I love minis, they are often too gorgeous to knit and I just want to admire them. I have managed to get into a gradient set of minis though and have started a Magnolia Shawl.

Diana Byrum

I have in mind for using a mini set. Soon.


I have not used minis yet but would like to. They look like so much fun, but I don't know what to make with them.

Labrista Wadkins

I love using them for heel cuffs and toes of socks.

Brenna Delosier

I have used minis in two ways this year. Gnomes! And and adventuring scarf by ambah O’Brien. I seem to have a lot of them floating around though that need to get used.


I love the minis from all three of these companies! So addictive! I have used them in several Casapinka patterns.


This year I used one mini skein as an accent in Together Apart. I want to find a set of 10 (2-5’s?) to make True Colors by Melanie Berg.


I have never used any mini skeins. I’d like to try tho!

Gail fairman

I made a beautiful beryllium shawl with a full skein of fingering weight yarn and a mini-set. The saturated colors of the mini gradient show wonderfully


Yes, for the first time. I tested Susan Ashcroft's Just Wiggle It cowl pattern (, and it was by far the most fun thing I knit all year.

susan baum

i've not used mini-skeins although i think they are beautiful. i tell myself that i'm bad at mixing colors and generally stick to solids. (i'm probably not as bad at it as i tell myself). looking forward to one day leaping into the mini-skein pool.


I haven't knitted with any mini skeins. I have seen the Mini Solutions Scarf completed in mini skeins.
The answers have given me some new ideas on what to knit with the mini skeins. Thanks everyone.

Nancy Hughes

I've been using my Wonderland DK miniskeins to knit fingerless mitts for my grandkids for christmas. I stripe them up, and it goes faster than sock yarn!


I have never used a mini skein set but I love how the colors fade and match in the ones I have seen! I would love to try one on a hat or baby sweater


I have not used mini skeins, but these beautiful combinations are tempting. Always looking for a new challenge or idea in knitting.


Love mini sets but haven't used them because didn't know what to knit. I knit a lot of socks so I think it's time to start using those minis for heels and toes.


Love mini sets but haven't used them because didn't know what to knit. I knit a lot of socks so I think it's time to start using those minis for heels and toes.


I'm just about to start a gnome using my first ever Mini skeins.


Yes! Heels and toes! Almost all of my socks have contrast from a mini.

Beverly J White

I love using mini skein sets. I use them for small shawls and scarves. The Mini Solutions Scarf is a good pattern and there is the Mad Mini Wrap.


I used a mini skein set for the Knights Who Say Knit mkal and I often use minis for an advent knit of some sort. 🙂


I've never used a mini-skein set - I don't look for them when shopping online. I only get to a LYS a couple times a year and they get lost in the abundance unless there is a special display.

It would be fun to use them highlight various details of a shawl.


I typically use them for heels, toes & cuffs but my collection is growing.


I would love to use one of the Wonderland sets to make Ambah's Adventurer Cowl!


I’ve never used mini skeins, but right now I’m working on a pair of Christmas socks using red and green leftover bits from past projects. It’s got me thinking I’d like to do another multi-yarn project.


I have been using mini balls bonbons by lion brand for doll scrappy striped blankets.

Jessica McConnell

I used my Madelinetosh minis from Christmas 2020 to make a really cool color work hat! This year’s Tosh minis don’t really work together but I’m glad to have them for working on other projects.


I made a cowl out of mini skeins this year but I want to use some for a colorwork sweater.

Nancy Mortell

I used a mini set to make the Aeque cowl. Would love to try some scrappy socks.

Margaret Paschal

I love mini skeins. I have mostly used them for Casapinka designs. Have done 2 Anne of Green Gables and have a 3rd lined up. Plus there was Talk to the Paw. I got distracted this fall by knitting Hats For Sailors because we had a huge goal and very short time frame. But I will get back to the shawls in the New Year.


I've used them for heels and toes of socks and for making the Snap hat from Ravelry.

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