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December 18, 2021


Jody Laake

I have knit much more with hand dyed variegated yarn this year. I just love watching the colors pattern up - or not pattern as the case may be - as the sock knits up. And you’re absolutely right about all the awesome Madeline Tosh you’ve been getting in the shop. It definitely makes it easy to run wild with the colors of your dreams. BUT with the Van Gogh Opal series on the way I might have to switch back to self patterning!


I love Mad Tosh for socks. Whatever color. Whatever paint. It is all so wonderful to knit with


Stripes! And that's nothing new. I'm always all about stripes!

Melissa Friedrich

I think my first hand dyed yarn was Madeline Tosh sock yarn many years ago and I’ve been a collector of hand yet yarns ever since! Like you, I buy what speaks to me and then look for a pattern. I have been into self striping yarn this year, I love knitting just one more stripe and then I will clean house/make dinner/ do laundry etc. usually I cannot stop at just ONE stripe! ImLOVE the Van Gogh color ways shown above!


Love self-patterning for socks (plus I have a lot) but others for the rest of the things.

Nicole S

My favourite yarn is nothing new: hand dyed semi-solids. They have all the benefits of solids as far as showing off patterns that are interesting to knit (I love cables), plus the slight variations in tone that really make things pop.


I am really loving bright, hand dyed yarns right now especially if it has some speckles. I don’t wear a lot of bright colors but I like being able to make my socks that I knit extra colorful and happy. I think we can all use a little extra cheer too!

Hilda C

This year it's been hand dyed variegated sock yarn but it may be different in 2022. I love trying new things.


Interesting question. Most of this year's projects involved hand dyed yarns from my stash but I enjoyed knitting with the solids/tonals more.


I think hand-dyed and semi-solids. I've added a few self-striping, too. Actually, I just love sock yarn and can resist if it's pretty. Like you, I buy and stash, and try to match up with a good pattern later.


This year I have discovered hand dyed speckled yarn with a solid mini skein for cuffs and toes! If I have a lacy design, I go with a solid or semisolid yarn so stitch definition shows! Just got back into sock knitting this year after several years of just shawl or cowl knitting! I love the simplicity of sock knitting!


I like Baah LaJolla, West Yorkshire (the Christmas colors), Malbrigo,and Dream in Color.
I like variegated and self striping yarns. There are some semi-solids I like, too.

Mary Kay

I've truly fallen in love with the many hand dyed varigated yarns. Have also snuck in some with speckles. Back in early 2000 was knitting baby hats, mittens and booties with Opal yarn. This new Van Gogh collection is pulling me back to Opal yarn.


I am liking solids and semi-solids more this year. Easier to put two yarns together on a computer screen and easier to wear!

We moved to a more rural area a couple years ago and grateful to travel a good on line yarn store! Thank you, SSYC!


My first sock was done with Opal self patterning, and I love watching the pattern progress, but this year I've been enjoying hand dyed yarn with the mini skeins for toes and cuffs.

Brenna Delosier

I am liking solids and Tonals this year. I have a huge stash of self striping and patterning but this year I’ve been making shawls where solids are really what is needed.

Marsha Riggs

I am enjoying hand dyed and watching the colors go by as I knit

Alice Perrey

I’ve used a lot more solid and tonal yarn this year. I participate in Sock Madness, and the beautiful patterns call for a simpler yarn to let the stitches star in the production.

Theresa Martin

I love hand dyed semi-solids but I have also been experimenting this year with natural hues in un dyed yarns.


I’m enjoying hand dyes right now, but I’m hoping to use some self-striping ones next year.


I love veriagated yarns, self striping. Tweeds, sel-patterning yarns. I don’t use solids much.


I love hand-dyed, speckled yarn the most! Mad Tosh's Holi Festival/Umbrella Sky is my favorite.

Ellen C.

It all depends on what I'm planning to make. I love the hand dyed, such pretty colors and patterns. I love the tonals because sometimes I'm not keen on mixing too many patterns/colors together. As always, too many pretty yarns and not enough time to knit them all. :)


I try to avoid yarns where the colors will pool - I've been knitting with speckled, tweed and hand-dyed variegated sock yarns lately.

Susan Mercy

I enjoy hand-dyed yarn the most. I like the creative vision that the dyer visualizes and translates into beautiful fibers. I also enjoy seeing my knitted piece come to life with the blend of colors.


Always a fan of the hand-dyed, especially self-striping. I love the rhythmic nature of letting the yarn do most of the work. There are so many talented artists out there. I like to let the pattern and color shine.


I’ve been knitting stripes so mostly knitting with solids this year.
I think the self patterning yarn knits faster😀though


I use mostly hand-dyed yarn. I love singles yarn and knit sweaters and shawls, hats and scarves, so don't worry about the yarn holding up to the wear and tear of socks. I do think the self-striping yarns are appealing though, so I may get back to some sock knitting for that!


I am so ridiculously faithful to Tosh sock or twist that’s what most of my stash is, but I just ordered a Christmas striping yarn from Desert Vista Dyeworks that I can’t wait to get my hands on. Oh, and Yarn Love yarn too, I bought one of her three month clubs this year that included and awesome set for Halloween.


Half and half: hand-dyed and commercial yarn!


I've been loving tonals and speckles lately. I've always liked tonals, but speckles are newer - not sure why.

Labrista Wadkins

Love the self striping. It’s very therapeutic!

Deborah Kellar

I have used Patons Kroy and Opal for socks in the past. I am currently using Malabrigo yarn to make socks for my adult sons. I love how they feel and will be making more in 2022!


So far I've knit with tonals and I really liked the way they knit up, but the yarn pilled so easily and right away. Lately, I find myself drawn to speckles for no other reason than they're pretty. Really all yarn is pretty! I haven't knit with hand dyed yarn yet but I keep looking at it online and having a difficult time deciding which to get because I want to buy a sweaters quantity so either I can't decide on the color or there isn't enough in stock. At one point I thought of dyeing my own but it was too overwhelming at the time so I put it on hold for a bit.


I'm liking speckles!!


This year I have been using more solid sock yarns. Sometimes I make solid color socks, and other times I use it for colorwork socks.


Solids this year but want to try self striping next year.


I've been loving self striping yarn this year! I am planning to do stash busting scrappy striped socks in 2022 :-)

sherrie mckee

I am addicted to all yarn. I'm knitting a hand painted yarn now, but the next one will be solid. 🙂

Paula Vail

Too hard a question. It totally depends on the yarn for me. First I choose a yarn I really like, then I choose a pattern that will highlight its best characteristics. I can make them all work.


This year, I’ve sought out several skeins of self-patterning and variegated yarns to enjoy. I, too, often am tempted by wildly colorful skeins before seeking out a pattern to use with them. Sometimes locating complimentary solid or tonal skeins (or partial ones from finished projects) helps in mosaic, slip-stitch, or standard patterns to tone-down a wildly colorful skein. What fun!

Tabitha Burks

I’ve been enjoying hand-dyed variegated yarn more this year because I find these yarns to be just too pretty to pass up sometimes!

Nancy S Rodgers

I'm enjoying semisolids because the color changes are so very subtle and captivating.

Kimberly Dzingel

I love hand dyed for sure, and if I can get it in a self striping all the better!


I usually use hand dyed variegated for socks. I have some striped yarns but haven't started any socks with them yet.

Jennifer McCarthy

I’ve been knitting a lot with hand dyed variegated yarn and I recently discovered self-striping for socks which makes it so fun to knit them!

Teresa Knittingdancer

I love knitting socks with self patterning and self striping yarns because how the yarn changes colors.

Diana Byrum

Knitting socks was my first goal when learning to knit. Now it comes fairly easy so I like to use nice variegated or self- striping yarn because it just makes them more special.

Peggy Pennell

I am a Opal collector - I have always loved this yarn and have about 30 skeins stashed but keep looking at the Van Gogh pre-order, it is so pretty! Lately I've been knitting with speckles, especially love stripes with speckles too.

Amanda Swanson

I'm loving tonal variegated yarns right now. Surprise color changes and speckles make knitting socks more fun. I recently knit socks in Dream in Color yarn's Mermaid Shoes colorway. I loved all the fun green and purple pops.

Lynn B

I am a loyal Opal self patterning sock fan. However, I have tried a hand dyed this year for first time and really liked.


I usually go for hand dyed. I also pick out the year first and then find the best pattern for the yarn.

Yvonne Evans

I have enjoyed the stripe and self patterning yarns this year. I like the simple knitting which lets the yarn shine and also I have knitted a few pairs of socks for friends and coworkers. So the patterning yarns show the socks great :)


Love hand dyed and love knitting socks. I've always loved stripes. I use the same sock pattern for all of my socks. It's always about the yarn.


I am only on my third pair of socks so far but I have enjoyed the self striping yarns.


I love both hand-dyed & self striping & use them equally & depending upon who is going to get them.


I love seeing how hand-dyed variegated yarn knits up. It’s so fun to see where speckles and different colors land. But, I will admit that I caved and just pre-ordered the Opal Van Gogh collection because I’ve been dying to get my hands on it. So, I guess I just love knitting with both hand-dyed variegated and patterning yarns. (I almost never knit with solids though!)


I love hand dyed variegated yarns, but I'm really fond of Opal yarns. I can't wait to try the VanGogh series.


I'm infatuated with striped or self-patterning yarn, but also use a solid on the heels toes and cuffs.

Kim Holbrook

I love, love, LOVE hand-dyed variegated yarn, as well as speckled and tonal. So much yarn, too little time!

Dana Nellums

Hand dyed by far.


I like using hand dyed sock yarn from my stash. Mixing up colours for cuff heel and toe.


My favorite yarns for knitting socks are hand dyed, self patterned and speckled . I love seeing how the colors and patterns grow as I knit. It makes me knit faster to see how it’s going to turn out !

Maggie Hume

I love all the sock yarn! But this year I‘ve really enjoyed working with West Yorkshire Spinners yarns, both solids and patterns. It was fun to try something new.


Self patterning socks are it for me these days! I love just being able to knit automatically and have a handsome sock without much thought.


I definitely love the hand dyed, I make a lot of cowls and toques so I really like seeing the effect of each. It’s one thing that drew me to your website, was the selection of hand dyed yarn. My local yarn store doesn’t carry much of that sort of thing. You’ve brought my attention to a few Canadian hand dyers, that I’ve become a fan of (Mineville Wool Project and Flock Fiber).

Becky Creighton

I usually get self striping or patterning sock yarn. I really want to try socks in dk yarn.


Thinking I have have knit with more hand dyed and am always amazed at the different color combos. But I also want to knit self pattering yarn. I just need more time to knit!!

Renee S

I love all sock yarn. Striped is great, old Opal stash is great everything is so beautiful it is hard to have a favorite. I recently knit a Kitchen Sink in sucre because of a pair you knit years ago. I have been buying sock yarns from you for years so I have done a lot of stash diving. You are still a favorite!


speckled is my fave right now works up so pretty in crocheted shawls


Self stripping and hand dyed variegated, do one pair with self stripping, the next in hand dyed yarn with a simple pattern or just add contrasting cuff, heels and toes .


I enjoy self patterning or self striping. I enjoy watching the progress of the pattern as I knit!


Usually hand dyed yarn is my favorite, but lately, I’ve really been enjoying knitting socks in Trekking and West Yorkshire Spinners self-patterning yarns.

Rita Goshorn

my yarn choice is based on my pattern choice. . .and i keep a great stash to pick from. love all yarn!


I can hardly resist a self-patterning yarn, especially because the patterning always motivates me to knit just one more row!


I like them all! But I tech to gravitate to the self patterning yarns


I love tonal yarns, but I also enjoy the stripes and contrasting heels/toes like in the Dream in Color sets!


I like it when there seems to be a pattern to the yarn. I like the varigated patterns that usually show.


I love hand-dyed yarns and often buy one or more skeins if I fall in love with a particular color way even if I don’t have a pattern in mind. I enjoy getting ideas from the blog, from friends, and browsing on Ravelry. But a friend just gifted me with a pair of striped socks and I’m going to have to branch out and try some self-striping yarn for myself.


Hand dyed, and at Christmas, sparkly! I do love self striping too...

Beverly Shearon

I love hand dyed variegated especially for socks


For me, it's always self-striping yarn that I enjoy the most. There's something so gratifying about putting in so little effort and achieving complicated look.

Color me lazy!

Denise Walsh-Horowitz

Hi Allison - I love self patterning yarn. My husband receives most of the socks I knit and it is his favorite. I love Opal yarn, too!


I love almost any yarn. Such talented dyers out there. Hand dyed, self striping , tonal…..they all seem to have a place in my knitting


Hand dyed/variegated. The colors just make me happy while I knit! I've mostly always felt this way (although I'd rather WEAR solid socks, haha).

Deb Adams

I enjoy tonal yarn for socks and like to watch the colors and shades reveal themselves. This is a change for me from self patterning yarn.


I like both self patterning and variegated yarn for socks. I think it’s all fun!


I LOVE self-striping sock yarn. I love to knit it, and I love wearing striped socks!


I've gone back to knitting socks with self-patterning yarns, especially Opal. I love that yarn and can't resist buying it but then save it. I decided to use it this year. But I have knit some hats with hand-dyed yarns as well.

Teri P

I've been knitting with and buying more solids this year than I ever have. Partly so I can knit a sild skein from stash with a semi-solid. Also because I think in garment terms for than ever before, and for me, a solid color garment seems more practical.


I am loving using self striping sock yarn this year. I’ve made four times more socks this year due to its addictive nature and beauty. That’s up from 1-2 pairs in previous years.


Hand dyed, speckled... I haven't been knitting socks much so colors I can hold double for dk weight patterns like hats have been getting more use.


Definitely hand-dyed. Malabrigo Sock has to be my favorite, but madelinetosh is always lovely too.


This year I’ve been doing more intricate patterns on socks, so I’ve been using more tonals or solids to show off the stitch patterns, instead of my usual yen for hand-dyed speckles, stripes, or variegation.

I did get a skein of sock yarn— Wonderland Yarns in Rainy Day Rainbow— that was a really nifty style, with a short run of color on an otherwise semisolid yarn. I need to knit my existing stash down before I order more, but I’ve got my eye on the black/neon rainbow one.

Patsy Coats

Self striping because I love to see the different colors.


I love hand-dyed self-striping. I'm using more of it this year than last, I think. Do love the self-patterning too.


I've been knitting mostly solids and semi-solids this year. I love striped and hand-dyed too though...

Dana Snyder

I really love all sock yarn and I have never been disappointed in colors I’ve received from you. This year, I didn’t make many socks except for self striping for myself. I think I’ve made 4 pairs and have 2 more on the needles from the Bridgetown DK. I really love the Tweed me sock and have made a couple shawls from it. I also love the Bridgetown DK I got from the sale room. I made a sweater from it and have made socks for my husband and for my dad. My dad says they are the warmest socks he has! He wore them hunting. I made them with yarn held double on a 9. I loved the Jollyville so much from Madeline Tosh! I ordered the hat kit too! I’m so excited for the Van Gogh sock. I have mine pre-ordered and will have the needles ready!!!

Cindy Buchite

I mostly use hand dyed for socks. Recently used self striping.


My favorite pairs of socks are made with Paton’s Kroy or Dream in Color Colossal Sock. Patons Kroy is accessible and a solid yarn, but DIC is beautiful. Of the two DIC wins hands down. I have purchased a few skeins to “try” and I just love the semi-speckled, blotchy variegation. It just makes such interesting socks. I do like self-striping a lot, but with these DIC skeins the color doesn’t just change every few rows but every few stitches. In both cases I like that the yarn isn’t overly soft or slick. They wash up well and hold their shape. The super soft sock yarns make limper, slouchy socks, blah!

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