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December 19, 2021



Oh this is an easy one~~
Close to You Shawl by Justyna Lorkowska!!!


I love the sockhead hat, and have the cowl on my list. Casapinka has a One and Done pattern I want to try.


Here's the link to the pattern
Close to You Shawl


I would love to knit myself a Wurm Hat with this shown yarn. I've knit dozens of hats for others this Christmas and I'm ready to knit something for myself!!


Usually, socks. I've got two people in addition to myself, who like my hand-knit socks.

Beverly Shearon

I love the Fractal Danger Shawl -it’s on Ravelry. It works up nicely on variegated or striped fingering weight yarn

Yvonne Evans

Hmm interesting question. The impulse buy skein of yarn that I have gotten if it looks good as socks I go with a plain gusset heel sock by Wendy D Johnson she has both fingering and DK weight. Also I am currently working on a scarf called the Long Stocking Muffler by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas Website and also recently discovered a scarf called workday scarf by Sue Flanders. Also my fav scarf pattern is the one row handspun scarf by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. I play with various patterns likely why my Queue page on ravelry is so long. LOL Gotta have some fun. :)


I knit socks with them. I have a tried and true plan vanilla that works for me. I tend to knit while watching TV at night, so it is nice and mindless.

Virginia Harnischfeger

Depending on the yardage - either a scarf or socks.

Deb Temple

I love using Basic Socks that Rock. Plain vanilla sock that shows off the colors. It is a Ravelry pattern


Usually socks. But Close to You is a favorite. Sock head cowl & hat run a close second. Hitchhiker is also in the running. Any hat pattern is great too

Heather H

Hitchhiker, Close to You or Sockhead Cowl!

Laurie Bowman

I like just plain vanilla socks with FLK heel - my go to!

Linda McLaughlin

I like the Snap hat from Tin Can Knits, it uses several strands of sock weight yarn.


I will make my own generic sock pattern, though I made some Woven shawls by Casapinka to use as scarves to gift.

Deborah Kelar

I have knitted The Storm shawl by Joji a few times with those special single skeins. It is a pattern that works well with varigated yarn and is completed quickly.

Deb Adams

Alli shawl pattern. I am partial to crescent shaped shawls.

Carol Stadler

Sock head hat and Hermoines and Vanilla for socks.

Marilyn H

My vote is the 3 colour cashmere cowl by Joji. There is a lot of room for modification according to the yarns you've chosen. It doesn't have to be cashmere or three colours. You could make 2 cowls or more with three full skeins, changing up the order of colours and the size of the bands of colour. Great way to use the leftovers from knitting a pair of socks. Have fun!


I have several skeins of sock yarn that fit the impulse buy target. When I dip into the stash I'm either gonna knit a plain vanilla sock or some fingerless mitts. Sockhead is always a good one too.


Socks. I especially like the Mercury pattern They look great in a solid, variegated or striped.


My go to is always socks- I prefer a vanilla pattern but also love the one you shared that is knit 3 purl 1. Especially for male socks!!

Rose Birchall

Close to you shawl
Sockhead hat
Bristlecone fingerless mitts by Nikki Wagner
Ribbing on the side socks by Jane-Marie Wright

Amanda Swanson

Broken Seed Stitch socks are fun for busy yarn, just pair with a solid color. I would use a black or dark grey with brights.

Carolyn Zewe

Reyna, Close to You or socks are my favorite one skein projects.


I made a Vary the Gate with a single skein. It was a fun knit.

The Sockhead hat is fun if I want to make a hat.

I hope to make a Musselburgh hat next year.

Kimberly Dzingel

Cowls. Cowls, oh and cowls. Did I mention cowls? Lol. I’m a sucker for a nice cowl. 😀


I like sock yarn because since I live in southern California, it’s the most wearable. I rarely knit the same pattern twice unless it’s requested so enjoy finding new patterns to go with new yarn.

Mary Kay

Most recent pattern that I discovered on Ravelry is the Wild Bees pattern. And thinking I need to find fingerless mitten pattern if they don't turn up the heat in my office soon.


The Sockhead Cowl and Hat are my go-to patterns, thanks to you. Allison. I want those beautiful knitted items to be more visible than socks.

Jenn H

The sockhead is my go-to for busy yarn! But usually my kids claim those wild skeins for socks or mittens (they like how palmistry mitts fit!)

Diana Byrum

I have in my queue Sofi Socks and Glastonbury Socks. I have also knit Close to you.


Usually just traditional socks but sometimes a cowl or hat


I love these suggestions! I have a serious weakness for beautiful hand dyed skeins,but don't always love the way they knit up. I find I like garter stitch for them -- I just did a Get Garter Beret and loved how it turned out.

Susan Ipavec

I like to knit Hermione’s Everyday Socks or hats (Sockhead Slouch) with those impossible-to-resist impulse skeins.

Dana Snyder

I love making socks and using the skeins in shawls but I love the Pensive Cowl!
I’ve made four so far from colossal sock! I’m giving toe as gifts this year!

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