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December 21, 2021


Sara Moening

My mantra for all the years that I can remember came from my grandpa. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing right. This went from the smallest chore to the biggest and no chore was unimportant if it needed done. He was a farmer and lived this every day.


My mantra is, "Not only am I enough, but I am FABULOUS."


Flow has been my intention this year. As a way to remind myself that I can't control many things and sometimes all you can do is go with the flow.


Mine is similar along the integrity line. I’ve definitely had to rely on God to let the truth be shown in certain situations and to make sure I have been as upright as I can be so that my character stands as a testimony when these things come up. Kind of hard to explain without going into all of the details. But, it was a definite reminder to do the right thing no matter who is or is not watching.

Renee S

Life lesson from my mom…If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.

elissa schoening

Mine is not suitable for public publishing😁

Yvonne Evans

I dont think I have had a mantra for this year but this year of covid where its working in a store and then home because of things have been closed and or canceled I think it has shown me how important my knitting is to me. Keep my sanity I guess. Getting alot of ideas and even making socks etc for gifts for special people.


Just keep swimming.

Carol Rice

Less stress. That's it, just less stress. Or maybe Stress Less. The message is the same, either way.

Labrista wadkins

Baby steps.

Laurie Bowman

Keep on keeping on!


I know this isn’t politically correct but if you understand that I have spent much of my adult life trying to keep people healthy you might understand. The only way I can wrap my brain around what is happening in Indiana with COVID and keep this whole situation from driving me bat shit is to realize that I can’t fix stupid. Sorry if it offends but you aren’t walking in my shoes.


this too shall pass.


I’ve been reminding myself that all things are temporary. It helps get through the tough times, but also a reminder to appreciate the good times!

Beverly Shearon

Mine has been to take a long slow breath and to remember this too shall pass


My prayer is to gain wisdom and to be more compassionate

Kila Day

My Mantra this year has been to Inspire not require! Just do your best and take the time to reach out and lift up others and help them.

Patty Sheridan

Do not criticize. Show acceptance instead.

Denise Walsh-Horowitz

Very simple,"Be kind"!

Sharon Randolph

I think for the past couple of years my phrase has been let it go. We get worked up over such inconsequential things and let them stress us out when it really isn’t necessary.

Diana Byrum

“Get back to nature” I walk, hike, garden and camp for the love of nature. It centers me.

Jenn H

"designers, make it work" (to be read in your best Tim Gunn voice. So much went awry that we had to just roll with it, make to, and get creative. We're just making it work!


Be kind to one another. Take time, slow down and be in the moment.

Rose Birchall

Kindness matters

Jodie Walton

Mine has been “Just keep swimming”. It’s been a tough year at work this year, and all I can do is just keep going. Hopefully the New Year brings a fresh start!


Doing nothing is ok.


Everything is fine


Two come to mind. I keep telling my kids, "we'll make it work" and my two yr old constantly says, "oh well, now what?." Both have come to represent our 2021.


Taking a deep breath and trying to find peace.

Lisa L

Life is suffering.

This is one of the four Noble Truths of Buddhism, and I find it easier to deal with the COVID times when I recognize this truth of human existence.


My mantra this year has been all about my job..."Just keep your mouth shut". I work in a very toxic environment for those who are not fans of our last president (I'm the only one) and my boss hired an assistant for me (without my knowledge) who follows along with his beliefs. When she came in for an interview I was blindsided, especially when he said, "Leave your coat on, this is your replacement". Every day I tell myself to keep my mouth shut, as the office becomes more toxic and he tries to get me to leave, praising everything she does and finding fault with everything I do. Apparently after 10 years I suddenly know nothing and after 7 months she knows everything. I will be handing in my resignation on Monday and retiring.


I have really struggled with doing emotional work for others in the past. This year I have really tried to embrace the Polish proverb "Not my circus, not my monkeys." It reminds me that not everything is mine to solve.


Do the best you can and love one another. That is all anyone can ask for.

Dana Snyder

This year has been better than last year. My school schedule last year was a nightmare. I got out of having to travel to three schools. I only have to travel to two. I just go with the flow. That’s what I tell my students. You just have to take it as it comes and go with the flow. It makes for less stress and a better attitude! I’m excited to see my new students in January! They’re not new, actually but I’ll have them again! I’m really optimistic that the second part of the year will be fantastic! Remember…. Go with the flow!!!

Gail L.

For everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know absolutely nothing about.


Always come back to the breath. The Calm app has made me a better person

Susan Mercy

Take care of myself, so I can give of myself to others.

Teri P

"Remember to breathe."

Lynn B

Be grateful every day! It works!


Do the next thing…I.e. just do something. I get caught up in the mindset that if I can’t do “it all” or do it perfectly then I don’t do anything. Doing something is always more than doing nothing. Can’t walk 30 min today, then instead of not going out at all just walk for 10 min. Knit one round, respond to one email, pull one weed, make one family dinner. Whatever it is, just do a bit of it instead of doing nothing because you can’t dedicate a certain amount of time or energy or money.


I've been focusing on "Progress, not Perfection"


I sometimes realize, to my dismay, that I'm more patient and pleasant to strangers than I am to my own family! Family loves us unconditionally and are witnesses to all the good and bad and hard in our lives, so perhaps that's why I find myself not always treating my family in the way I really want to. I've been working on it, though, and improving. My mantra is: "Be a patient, kind, positive person whom your family loves."

Jessica McConnell

Flexibility! Boy did I learn to be flexible. I swear things changed at my job and life by the hour during the past year. And railing against the system was utter useless.

stephanie prigoff

Don't get in your way. Sometimes just take the win. Not everything has to be hard to be successful.

Donna M Norris

Several have mentioned this already - be kind to others. Smiles are free to pass on :-). Now back to frantically knitting last minute Christmas items!


Do not judge because you have not walked in their shoes!!❤
Treat each other with kindness and respect!!
This too shall pass!❤❤❤

Lisa Anderson

Be kind or keep your mouth shut. We all have problems to deal with. It’s too easy to be critical when we could all use decency and kindness.


I don’t think I have a mantra, but my Grandmother always used to say “Waste not, Want not”.

Deb Adams

“All I see is green lights” was my Sagittarius sign for 2021.


Be kind.


These days, it's "Knit what and when you feel. And if you don't knit, that's fine too."


My mantra has been "You are enough"

Marilyn H

I'm better at respecting others' opinions and activities, particularly in the face of Covid. Along with that is practicing patience with myself and others. For me, this is going to be life long learning and I do see the value on working on these things.


Be kind and one day at at a time.


My son has reminded me many times that we agreed on "No Fussing" this year. I'm still learning, but it's beginning to make a difference!


I have been doing a lot of deep breathing and reminding myself of past obstacles I have overcome and comparing them to obstacles I now face. I shall overcome.


Do what you need to do to stay healthy.

Elizabeth Oswalt

Take it one day at a time.


My mantra, especially when someone or something is upsetting me way too much: don’t let _____ rent space in your head.

Kimberly Payne

Right now it would be “Don’t sweat the small stuff.” There are too many things happening in the world right now that matter to let little inconveniences bother you.


Reset expectations.

Surges in virus, newly diagnosed autoimmune disorder, incivility of others...these are all out of my control.


Mine this year has been "Take the pause" pause before I speak, think about what I want to say, and be mindful of my words...


My 96 year young mom tells me that,"this too will pass". Sounds right to me,so, no need to stress about it.


Mine has definitely been “just do it.”


Put one foot in front of the other and breathe into the difficult positions.

Lisa Smith

"Deep breath"

Kim Holbrook

This too shall pass.

Linda L. in WI

My mantra is also my Six Word Memoir:
"Everything changes. Crap, it changed again!"
My entire adult life (almost 40 years now) has been dealing with the fallout of other people's decisions, so all the changes wrought by the pandemic are just par for the course for me. I've survived everything so far; I can survive this!


‘One is better than none’ (from bowling), but also equates to ‘every little bit counts’. Being somewhat paralyzed by grief, it’s helped me move slowly along to get things done and recover some joy.

Kevin Griffin

The mantra of the year has def been " you can't control it so just let it go, let it go! Repeated to self with good rhythmic breathing.

Jennifer McCarthy

Keep smiling and be kind!

Kara Williams

This is a harder question to answer than I expected, apparently I don't have a mantra. I guess it's just find and offer joy.


Everybody, always. It's also the title of a book by Bob Goff. Basically it boils down to treating everyone, especially those most challenging, with love, respect, and kindness. It is always a good message but especially over the pandemic when we can all use a little grace and reminder of giving grace too!

Jody Laake

Patience, patience, patience and This too shall pass have worked for me.

Hilda C

Take a deep breath is what I tell myself. It helps me step back from the situation and do a re-think.

Brenna Delosier

No new, only stash. I have succeeded in stashing down some this year because of it.


Just keep swimming 🐡


Hope that we all learn to appreciate the reminders and lessons this event is teaching us about how important everyone is, especially the everyday hidden workers who make our lives livable.

Carolyn Zewe

Just keep swimming (or knitting)!

Donna Gerber

My workplace has become even more stressful during the pandemic. My mantra has become, "Let it go. It's not your problem." It's taken a while to sink in, but I have finally learned to let a lot go and to not waste time fixing others' mistakes. Between that and my knitting, I've felt much less stressed.

Pat Phythian

For more than 20 years this quote from Linda Sue Park’s novel, A Single Shard, has helped me face times and tasks that seemed overwhelming: “One hill, one valley, one step at a time.”


Set clear boundaries to support my own wellbeing, and don’t feel guilty about it.

It’s easier said than done after a lifetime of being told, explicitly and implicitly, that doing this is selfish, unkind, or hurtful to others. But I’m getting there, and I’m healthier both mentally and physically as a result.


I've survived everything else up until now, I'll survive this too!


I do like your mantra about integrity. Mine is not as lofty. Actually, I have two: "shut up legs" (I've been cycling a lot more since Covid hit) and one known to most of us "take time for yarn everyday". both have served me well this year.


It's a wonderful life!

My father died fifty years ago (aged 36, when I was 12) and when I was just out of college I adopted this as my motto. It reminds me to be happy that I'm getting older and experiencing all that life has to offer. And it puts a smile on everyone's face when I use it as a response to that common, mindless question "how are you?"


If I can count on anything, it's change.

Mary Kay

"Look for unannounced angels. They bring the message of God's compassion, kindness, thoughtfulness, and solace. These angels are everywhere if the eyes of our souls are vigilant enough to notice." A quote from Walk in a Relaxed Manner by Joyce Rupp

I don't always get it right every day but her words bring me comfort in these challenging times.


That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.


This has been a hard year for so many. I know I am not special in that. I lost my mother this year. But I remember a saying that she would recite to each of her 7 children. --learn as much as you can as because it will serve you well. things can be taken away from you but what you have in your head in the way of knowledge will serve you each day. My parents also told us that you will never be disappointed if you worked your hardest and that no one goes thru life unscathed.


“We live the life we choose” has been my mantra for a while, it helps get me through a lot.


Slow down. Enjoy all we have been given. Give to others with a great full heart.

Nicole S

Changes run faster than plans.


Whatever, lol. I don’t know how much of a mantra that is but it seems to fit most things lately.


"Choose to be happy and find joy in every day."
Not new for this year, it has been mine for a
very long time while going through difficult times.

Virginia Harnischfeger

We can get through this.


Focus on the positive.

Cheryl Bach

"I guess we'll find out." I keep saying this at my crazy and chaotic job that I started in August. It's my way of saying I'll roll with it, whatever comes my way!


Take a deep breath. No need to stress, especially about those things of which we have no control.


For the past two years really, I’ve been telling myself “We can do hard things.” I originally got it from Glennon Doyle’s book Untamed, and then she made a podcast titled it. On the podcast she teams up with her sister and wife and other to talk about life and everyday hard things and how they get over it. It was also the quote I put on my graduation cap for my commencement this past may.


My mantra this year has been, “God has a plan, I don’t know what it is, but that’s OK.He’s got everything under control and is allowing it to unfold one day, one moment at a time.” After being diagnosed with widespread, aggressive cancer at the start of the pandemic, my life underwent a radical change. I was home bound due to a combination of the pandemic and having a terrible time with the chemo regimen I had to undergo. I learned to enjoy the simple pleasures in everyday, watching the holly berries go from white to pale salmon to deep red as spring turned into summer, then fall. I learned that what is most important in life are the relationships we form along the way, in our families and with our friends, not everything else that we spend our days on. And over the course of the year, throughout much medical intervention, I discovered that God has put angels on earth in our path in many different places (from the medical clinic, to the hospital, to the grocery store, the wellness center where I now have to exercise, and everywhere), and they are willing to reach out to us even when we try to walk right by. It’s truly amazing and with everyday I am still alive I discover new angels and relationships as God’s plan subtly (or not so subtly) unfolds. So the last part of my mantra is “Life might be far shorter than you ever could imagine, so treasure every day for the gift that it is, and all those you meet within it.” It has really lifted my mood, attitude, and resolve as the pandemic continues.

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