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December 16, 2021



I've started a lot of Casapinka patterns, they're a lot of fun, but my best makes were actually crocheted amigurumi, specifically a flamingo and a Ralphie in the bunny suit from Christmas story. I LOVE Rasta, my favorite cowl is made from it.


Completed half and half triangles wrap by purl soho. Gorgeous!!


For me, 2020 was the year of the sweater! I made my first sweater in 2019, but in 2020 I knit a Weekender sweater, a Flax sweater and a Harvest cardigan. I love them all! And they fit my plus sized body! I am very proud of myself as a knitter.


I am definitely most proud of the Kuutar tee that I knit. I hope to make a few more of the tee and the sweater!

Geraldine Scott

Knitted three pairs of seamless booties for my new grandson! So stinkin' cute and clever to make!


Definitely the sweaters I knit that actually fit.

Jody Laake

My most satisfying knit this year has been actually finishing my Christmas projects on time (well except for closing just a few more toes lol)! Everyone’s getting socks - they’re the most requested gift ever! I really enjoy watching how the colors of each yarn work so beautifully together as my knitting progresses and I love seeing what different patterns do to those color shifts. Lately though I am feeling the urge to knit up a few hats - this is undoubtedly fueled by the hat sets and pattern ideas you’ve been releasing! Have a safe and happy weekend and thank you for these awesome contests!

Kimberly Dzingel

I switched from toe-up socks with a short row heel, to cuff down with heel flap and gusset. Wow what a difference in fit. Never going back, lol. 🙂

Beverly J White

I made Close to You by Justyna Lorkowska out of a pink and green yarn that I got from SSY. I don't remember which yarn it was, but I got the last skein. It turned out so pretty. I have made this scarf several times and this pattern turns out great what ever yarn is used.


I finished a mini sock garland to enjoy it this season.

Brenda Babcock

I loved knitting heart ornaments and surprising those special people in my life with a small token of my appreciation.

Laurie Bowman

My most satisfying knit of this year was a pair of Christmas socks I finished in time to wear for the holidays!

Heather Bucci

My most satisfying knit this year was the Vertices Unite shawl. It was knit from my own handspun yarn!!!! This is my first project using my handspun. I'm so in love with it.


I began an afghan that I was knitting for my mother at the beginning of the year and I was giving myself until this Christmas to finish it. I stopped in June. Not because it was hot but because my mother passed. I was halfway finished and I had yarn. I waited all summer because it represented my mom. I finished the afghan in November and thought who to give it to--I sent it as a Christmas gift to one of my mother's sisters and her husband. This aunt was the representative of my mother's family when my mother passed. I received a call from them stating it was received earlier this week and they appreciate the reason behind the afghan and who was originally going to receive it.
I was thrilled that I wanted to finish in honor of my mother.


Probably convertible mittens for a friend because I started them in lockdown in 2020, made a ton of mistakes, tried to keep going, eventually put them in timeout for over a year but came back to them, ripped them back to the cuff and finished them both very early for a Christmas gift this year.


I'm really proud of this dress I knitted for a friend's little one:
The main color is from a local dyer that I found at a farmer's market, and the contrast colors are Dream in Color Classy from my stash, and they matched so well!

Cindy Buchite

All of the sticks that I was able to make this year!

Cindy Buchite

That should say socks not sticks.


I'm most proud of a scarf I crocheted (does that count?) for my granddaughter this year. She asked for a hot pink scarf and I decided to wing it. Figured out the width I wanted, chose a stitch pattern, made sure I had enough stitches in my starting chain to make it work and crocheted away! I had it done in a very short time and she was thrilled with it, so of course I was too! When my daughter looked at me and said, "I can't believe you actually made it and it's done already!" I was very proud!


It’s probably finishing the blanket that I knit for my niece, for her 50th birthday this month. I knit one for all my nieces and nephews when they got married, but she never married and asked once why you had to get married to receive a hand knit blanket from me. So I figured she’d waited long enough and surprised her just recently by sending it in the mail. I actually started it last year, but had thumb surgery in January so couldn’t finish it until this fall. She was so thrilled and surprised, which was very satisfying to me. It makes all the time and effort well worth while.

Diana Byrum

I knitted Eri Shimizu’s “kareno”. It looks complicated but it wasn’t. I knitted it up in 2 months and I wear it all the time. The cable pattern always makes me smile.

Geri Heagy

I knitted Andrea Mowry's Night Shift and Shift Along. They were a lot of fun and it was nice to learn the mosaic knitting. Something that looks so involved ended up being simple!

Pam Bacci

I switched from DPN's to a 9" circular needle for knitting socks. Made a huge difference to me and made for faster knitting. Love this new way of knitting socks!

Rose Birchall

Probably fingerless mitts. I’m knitting them for Christmas gifts next year.

Sarah S

My most satisfying knits were a sweater for my niece and a vest for my nephew. They're small so I was able to finish these projects relatively quickly!


I finally figured out how to do contrasting toes and heels while working in the ends as I go. I made a really cute pair of socks from a DIC kit and I’m really proud of them.

Carol P

Although I’m not finished knitting it, I have really enjoyed making the Moonwake Cowl by Andrea Mowry. It’s colorwork, which I’m not great at, but it’s fun. I also love knitting hats with Rasta. Talk about a satisfying knit! Thanks for offering their yarn. (Baah Sequoia looks like it would also be fun to knit because it’s a super bulky yarn, I believe. Hint, hint. 😉


I knit a blanket for a dear friend who just retired. Seeing the look on her face when she pulled it out of the gift bag was so special.


I did several successful mosaic projects, but my most satisfying project today is the Antarktis shawl I’m wearing in “Long Dog Slub Sock”. I have escaped to some warm weather and it’s perfect!!

Kimberly Payne

I made a sock yarn scraps cowl and fingerless gloves. Of course it can’t really be considered scraps because I keep buying new yarn!


I’ve knit a lot of things I love this year. The most satisfying is a wool cardigan that I recently finished. It was a pattern from an Interweave magazine (Verbena Cardigan) and I used yarn I had in my stash. I have been trying to use patterns I already own rather than look for new ones, so that was a win. It called for bulky yarn, but all I had was a ton of Wool of the Andes worsted, so I held it double. Another win. It was a fun knit and it fits great. I have been wearing almost every morning when I get up.


I finished a hat in some super special stash yarn.


My most satisfying knit is the one I just finished. 😀

Dana Snyder

I love everything I knit this year, I finished the Fireworks pullover by Marie Green in 3 weeks using Bridgetown DK! I’m working on Fiadh still with the holiday SS Las Fiestas color and just have the pockets left but I’ve been busy knitting gifts and doing advent projects so it will have to wait till I’m on vacation. That starts tomorrow at 12:30!! I’ve made sweaters, socks, shawls, hats and gnomes this year. I especially love a mystery knit!!

I love super bulky yarn and I love Rasta! I started a hat with what I bought but only made it half way. I hope to finish it while I’m on break. I know I can finish it in one afternoon but I need to find my bigger dpns. I love sock yarn but I also love that you are offering more weights of yarn too!

Peggy Stirling

I made five different baby blankets for my first grandson Stirling who jus turned six months. It has been such a pleasure to watch him snuggle in each blanket.

Becky Creighton

I love my Bee’s Knees sweater that I knit this year. It was a challenging knit and it fits! It feels great to wear.


I knitted a color work sweater for myself, and the yoke took forever. But having a finished sweater I’m proud of is super satisfying.

Amber Hartenbower

I made a Tunisian crochet sampler afghan from all Malabrigo Rios. It's gorgeous! (And most of the Rios was ordered from your website)

Terri B

I did a cowl pattern that I really liked with a mini skein set that was a lot of fun also. Very satisfying, lol!

M Reedstrom

Hats and more hats.

Rebecca Garza

We have a secret Santa drawing at work and I always knit fingerless mitts for the person I draw. This year it was my boss and she love hers. She said she had been waiting 18 years for me to draw her name so she could get some mitts.

Diane and Ken MacMillan

I knit a Norwegian inspired sweater that I designed in worsted weight yarn. It was a quick knit, was custom fitted and turned out to be exactly as I envisaged it. That was extremely satisfying.


Inspired by your copycat hat, I knitted one too!

Pat Phythian

My most satisfying project was a crocheted retro granny square vest that I worked on during the summer of 2021. This is the first garment I worked up without a pattern. I looked at pictures of Paul Mccartney's vest from the 70's to get ideas for the construction.

Sarah Hogan

I finally was brave enough to try out some sweaters this year, and am itching (haha) to wear the latest one I made on New Years Eve, but both of the ones I knit this year were entirely from yarn from SSYC!! :)

Yvonne Evans

The most satisfying knitting for me in 2021 has been knitting I have done for gifts for friends. I have made socks for friends and a boss they love the knitted gifts. My one boss has gotten several pairs of socks from me and is now getting socks for xmas .


I only knit socks this year . I finished the last of 13 pairs this morning! I recently retired and am looking through patterns to find a bigger project once the holidays are over. I’m planning on having lots more time to knit !


My most satisfying knit recently was a sweater for myself that fit perfectly!!


I finished a throw with half yarns from stash and half new so that each could fade into the other. I also used different stitches to show off the yarn in different sections. I can't believe I started and finished in the same year. I'm not the fastest knitter.

Linda L in WI

My most satisfying knit of 2021 was actually started in 2020: a 60" x 60" version of the Knit Picks Cloudy Day Throw, in Milwaukee Brewers colors for my nephew. He loves it!


My most satisfying knit this year was the “Together Apart Shawl”, my first Melanie Berg…. Purple with bright blue accent… I was a little late to the party, but it came at a time when we were asked to take a step back and be more careful! Very Satisfying!


I just cast off the second Christmas stocking. Very satisfying and just in time!


My most satisfying project would be any that I managed to complete this year. Very hard to find my knitting mojo. I did make 4 Christmas stockings for new family members, so I feel good about that. Would love the satisfaction of making some hats with fuzzy poms using that Rasta!

Lynn B

For me, it was the Nightshift shawl. Relaxing knit and love wearing it.


My most satisfying knit was a simple garter stitch shawl, but it was the first project I completed after having a baby. It represents getting a little time to myself.

Emily Siebert

My most satisfying knit this year was a “Find Your Way Cowl” by Rosie Posie Design Co. I knit it and gave it to my Mother in Law. The happiness that it brought her brought me so much joy and satisfaction.


My most satisfying knit this year was the Daydreamer pullover I made for my little grandson, Rowan. It fits him and he loves it. That gives me the most satisfaction of all.

I made a lot of other things I am happy with, too, but pleasing my grandson was the BEST.


My most satisfying knit has been a Glamping Blanket (Casapinka) that I made for a baby whose parents I don't know and will possibly never meet. A woman in my online group works with asylum seekers (I've never met her either!) and she asked if anyone would knit up a few blankets for some of "her" families that were expecting. I used some colors that are not your typical baby colors but they reminded me of African textiles. I recently received a photo of the baby all wrapped up in the blanket and it made my day!


I think my most satisfying project was the Strawberry Mountain cowl. It was my first mosaic project. I decided to use buttons instead of seam it and a friend helped me find just the right buttons that matched my yarn perfectly.


I've been knitting socks for my niece and sister-in-law. I'd say that they are my most satisfying knits as I know that they are really wanted. Also, I like turning the heel.
I've also made scarves and children's sweaters.


Six of us did Headwaters by Jill Zielinski together. This was done over Zoom because of Covid. We now all can wear our shawls when we are together. It is very fun!


Socks I find that since I started knitting socks they are most satisfying for me

Tabitha Burks

My most satisfying knit of 2021 was my 2nd Tecumseh sweater!


My most satisfying knit this year was a baby blanket for my 2nd grandson- born on Dec. 7th. Seeing him wrapped in his Nonna blanket makes my heart very happy


I made a hat every day the last week of my pregnancy this Spring. That was fun (properly distracting). But in the fall I managed 3 pair of socks in 3 weeks. First socks in a long time and I'm hooked again. (It's also how I found Simply Socks. Yay!)

Susan Mercy

My most satisfying knit was a Chunky yarn with a fun color...and making a cowl that I actually really do like.


making little blankies for my cats - love to see them snuggled up in them !


I made my first pair of stranded socks (Tweed & Dot socks) and was very proud that they actually fit properly :) I’d only done stranded hats before and more than a few had been too tight.

Teri P

Hmmm, hard to choose... I guess it would be the Curvette by Stephen West. I knit it as a sample for an indie dyer, and get a kick out of seeing it in pictures on their website.
Wait! Maybe the Sherbet Fizz by Ambah O'Brien. It's so pretty and was a delightful knit.

Barbara Morgan

My most satisfying knit was finishing 2 Christmas stockings for an acquaintance. Her grandmother had started 3 years ago, but only got as far as the names. After she passed away, another relative attempted to finish them, but couldn't figure out the grandmother's instructions. After seeing me knitting at a Special Olympics event, the granddaughter asked if I would be willing to try. I finished the first in 2020, the other two this summer. I didn't use the grandmother's pattern because I couldn't read her handwriting (!) and prefer to work Fair Isle in the round rather than intarsia. They turned out beautiful and the owner was over the moon.

Kim Holbrook

I started and finished my Botanique shawl!
It took me awhile but I love the finished shawl!


That Copy Cat beanie is in my queue but I wanted to make socks again. I took a class about 7 (?) years ago and made only one pair of socks bc I found dpns daunting. The process of the sock was straightforward, I just struggled with the needles. I pulled the pattern out and I am working on a sock and want to keep going. I just finished the heel flap, need to pick up stitches. I’m no longer intimidated by the needles!

Paula Vail

I enjoy knitting socks and made a pair for my husband from the Regenbogensocken (Rainbow) Socks pattern. It was a fun knit.

Sharon Randolph

I am a weaver mostly but in the past couple of months I have started learning to knit. I love Malabrigo Rasta and would love the chance to try my new knitting skills out with it.

Annette L Martig

My most satisfying knits are all the vanilla socks I've made in 2021. My next favorite are scrappy projects. Malabrigo Rasta is definitely a beautiful yarn and Ive completed several quick projects in various lovely colorways.

Susan P

Most satisfying knit was finishing a beautiful pullover for myself! I love it to bits!

Labrista Wadkins

My favorite has been the blanket that I made for my bed.


Socks, socks and more socks. I love to knit them because they are quick and so portable. I'm running out of people to give them to!

Sue McConnell

I made a very large shawl with a slip stitch pattern, a technique that I had not done before. It was an interesting knit!


This year I made loads of cowls and they were all fun. But for most satisfying knits we’re scarves/shawl with the minis. Both fiberstory and Stitch Together have such great colors! So for me the minis have it!!

Kaycee S.

I haven’t done much knitting this year. We lived with our son for 6 months while our house was being built and with 2 boys, 7 & 5, as well as a newborn in January, things were too hectic. I did manage to make 5 crochet ripple afghans for them, something I found easier to keep track of.

Mary Beaverson

I just finished the Rasta ponytail hat you listed in a previous post. I’d love to make more!


I knit a Wonderful Wallaby for our nieces 2nd birthday and seeing her immediately put her hands in the kangaroo pocket made me so happy I chose that pattern!


Honestly, I knit so many pair of self-striping socks this year. It was all I had the mental bandwidth for.

Denise Walsh-Horowitz

I am so proud of myself because I knitted 26 pairs of socks, from Opal and Dream in Color sock sets. Everyone loves them! Thanks, Allison!

Kim Monfils

Most of my projects this year have been socks. Most have been given as gifts and it feels so good to see the smiles on the faces of those who ive given a pair to. Nothing finer.


My most satisfying knit of 2021 is probably a cream-colored cable knit sweater I made. I call it my “Knives Out Sweater” because I took inspiration from the iconic Chris Evans sweater from the movie. When it was done I had fun and did a slightly knives out-themed photo shoot with it and when I tweeted it out the director, Rian Johnson liked it!! It was fun from start to finish.

Maggie J.

I finished a knit tee this year with a very little one in tow. It was a lot of late night knitting but I actually finished it.


I finished a hug (30” x 70” stole) in a smooth worsted held with a boucle. I ran out of both yarns, and had to find compatible yarns to finish. It turned out beautifully.

Kristin Taylor

I have loved knitting socks for my family as gifts!!


Donegal sweater for my husband in Malabrigo Rios in Sand Bank. It’s almost done!


My most satisfying knit of 2021 was actually a cowl knit using Rasta. I loved that it was something warm and squishy that was finished so quickly.


A scrappy striped 18” doll sized blanket. Cheap acrylic yarn, dubious gauge but the finished blanket looks so nice and made the recipient very happy.


A sweater and a cardigan for my mom.


I my made my first cardigan for myself this year!!!


A Norwegian stranded colorwork cardigan that was steeked down the front that I also wove the inside decorative band for.

Brenda Lund

My most satisfying project this year was a pair of socks that I gifted to a good friend. Second was a baby blanket using yarn I have had in my stash for many years.


A full spectrum rainbow sweater. I used a mix of stash minis and added colors to fill out colors. It was a test knit with a really unique construction and it was so fun to be a part of!

Virginia Harnischfeger

I had extra skeins left over from Vintage Tosh that I used for sweaters earlier this year. When my daughter asked for hats for her two daughters, I had wool at the ready and found a pattern that knit up quickly. I was also able to create pompous with my newly purchased Pom Pom maker. All completed within a week.

Mary Kay

I want to make the hat kits in every color! Just finished baby blanket that had been patiently waiting for my return to finish it up. Hoping to win Minnesota Lottery Raffle on New Year's Eve so I can retire and knit lots more.

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