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December 23, 2021



I don't usually make resolutions. This time around, I'm just hoping the year will be better than the previous one.


My resolution is to walk more and try to finish some of what is on more than one set of needles!


I don't make resolutions any more. My knitting goals are to finish some works in progress, to make a few late winter gifts, and to make things for me!


I don't make resolutions because I never follow through.

Donna Wingfield

My only resolution is to learn two-color (or any!) brioche knitting. It’s been my resolution for three years now, but I’m determined to do it this year😊


I resolve to resolve some things.


My new years resolution is to try to knit what I have before buying more… or adding a new skein with an old one to make something better than the original plan. I also need to focus more on learning to weave…

Debra Cohen

This year my resolution is to use more of my stash… in yarn and in fabric…and start to downsize my possessions a bit. We were a mile from a tornado during hurricane Ida and my basement sewing/ craft area was flooded. There’s nothing like moving and stacking boxes and bins from a sopping wet carpet to make you realize just how much you’ve accumulated!


I don’t make resolutions, but I’m looking forward to trying new knitting patterns and projects. I’m also trying to focus more on enjoying the moment.


I don't think I'll make any resolutions. Just doing the best I can to get through the pandemic is enough for me.


I want to learn how to crochet.


I don't usually have any resolutions. Just hope and pray we get over this pandemic and everyone stays healthy. I do usually challenge myself over on Ravelry to a number of projects I would like to finish by years end. I think I have made it this year! So on to 2022.

Teresa Knittingdancer

I don't make resolutions but I am going to try to finish all of my wips this year.


I have 2 resolutions:

1. I am going to get in the habit of exercising regularly.
2. I plan to knit my first ever pair of socks!

Advice welcome on where/how to start on this knitting project for an intermediate knitter!


My New Year resolution is to clean up my knitting pattern closet and organize the patterns. They are stacked all over the room, lol.

My knitting goals for the year are to finish some sock wips needing mates, to curb my startitis (lol, that may not happen), and to make a few knitting Christmas gifts early rather than waiting until Dec 1st to start them.

Renee Lepley

I resolve to use more of my stash to knit every day.

Carla Kempert

I'd like to learn more new stitches in 2022. This year I learned mosaic knitting (isn't as scary as I thought) and I love how it looks! I'd also like to use more of my stash in 2022 before I buy more yarn, but we all know that's not going to happen. There's too much pretty yarn out there and not enough time to play with it all! I'd also really like to get back to running in 2022; all this sitting isn't good for me. Happy Holidays!!


Resolution...this year is to knit what brings me joy, and what will be used!


I don’t make resolutions because I end up beating myself up mentally when I don’t follow them
Just one day at a time that’s it


No resolutions; nothing to feel guilty about! That's the best way.

Renee Ladd

I'm definitely making a resolution but I haven't settled on one yet. I make one achievable resolution every year and I'm usually pretty good at keeping them. Last year it was to go to bed when I start dozing off - I tend to like to knit way past my bed time and when I take a cat nap I'm up all night!

Julie Olsen

No resolutions. Just knit more!

Jody Laake

I don’t make resolutions - they always sound like such great ideas at the time but I just don’t follow through with them like I should.

Linda L. in WI

Repeating my 2021 New Year's resolution for 2022: Have absolutely no expectations at all. It's worked so far!

Hilda C

I don't make resolutions. I try hard to make improvements in my actions towards others such as trying to have more patience with others or myself since I tend to be a perfectionist.


No New Years' Resolution but I am serious about using up my yarn stash so I can buy more! I have hats on the brain for Christmas and charity giving. I figure anyone can use a good knit hat! Been trying out new patterns and looks on the family.

Susan Baum

I resolve to do more charity knitting. This year I learned about the "Hats for Sailors" program a bit too late to participate. As a dyed in the wool Navy brat, this project really speaks to me. I'm going to use bonus $$$ I received from work to buy yarn for it.


knitting more legwarmers that I can wear with my flip-flops

Carolyn Zewe

I don’t really make resolutions but I do try to set goals. Life got in the way of meeting them this year. I would just like to finish my WIPs.

Jessica McConnell

I’ve ordered a 48 cylinder for my circular sock machine and want to attempt some boots socks and leg warmers with worsted weight yarn. I’m also resolving to start my Christmas cards and gifts way way earlier this year.


Not a resolution maker (never can keep them) but I do have a goal of making at least one pair of socks every month! At the end of next year, I have at least 12 new pairs of socks!


I don’t have a resolution but maybe it will be
Don’t offer advice

Mary Anne Stailey

I need to knit a shawl for a friend. I got the yarn a couple of years ago, but the moths thought it was yummy. I replaced the yarn and just need to get busy knitting!


I've never been a maker or keeper of New Year's resolutions. I make to-do lists periodically to keep myself motivated to do some chores - sometimes that works and sometimes not!


I quit making resolutions years ago because I always failed--even when my resolution was not to fail. 😞 I now try to focus on being as good/kind/thoughtful/patient/whatever as I can in every situation. It sometimes works, sometimes not, but I am trying and aware so it's as good as can be in that moment in time.

Vicki mathews

My goal is to be more balanced and focus on being productive.


I am going yo restart my weight loss. I just need a jumpstart but slow & steady has been my plan for almost 2years & almost 50 lbs gone and I feel great! Plan to sort out my wpis & make decisions to knit, frog & repurpose the yarn. Oh and move some of my yarn to the spare room. Wow. A lot to do.


My crafting resolution for 2022 is to finally learn to crochet!


Too be honest- I have not even thought about this. I work in the health care field snd have been so busy. I usually set a couple of goals and at least one is in knitting! And hope to think about this next week! Merry Christmas!!


I don't make New Years resolutions, but using up some stash yarn before I buy more would probably be a good one to make if I did.


My goal for this year is to change from being by a yarn buyer to a yarn knitter. The stash is out of hand & I have trouble bypassing all the new, pretty things!

Sharon S

My resolution, if you can call it that, is to let myself buy yarn that makes me happy without feeling guilty. It doesn't need a project. I simply love being surrounded by the colors. And please let us know if Santa brought you that LED headlamp for knitting with dark yarn. :)

Virginia Harnischfeger

I hope to get started on a sweater I have waiting in the wings after I finish all gift knitting and crocheting. I am hoping to accomplish a fade - a first for me.


My resolution this year is not to make any resolutions. The universe has plans of its own

Jane Jerger

My resolution is to finally retire. I ended up working part time for my company this year to finish a project. This year will be full retirement!
My second resolution is to actually visit the store. Over 30 years ago we lived on North Anthony between Lake and State. I want to learn how to do interesting toes and heels, so there are a couple of good reasons.


Staying healthy and happy and enjoy every day


The closest thing I ever set to a new year resolution is a reading goal. I like shooting for 52 books in a year, but that’s flexible too. I like being super flexible with my knitting and any related goals because I don’t want it to become a source of any stress.

Susan Ipavec

My resolution is to keep as healthy as I can, fit in more exercise and self care, and knit more. I kind of lost my knitting mojo a bit in 2021 but have gotten it back. Another goal is to get better at crochet. I want to start making amigurumi!


I don’t usually make resolutions.
I just want to stay healthy, along with all of my family, and avoid the pandemic.

As for knitting, I am looking forward to making some sweaters for me in the new year, and a new gnome each month.


No resolutions for me, just continue to find and spread joy where I can.

joyce hancock

My resolution is to loose weight so I can have knee surgery.


I don't make New Year's resolutions, but I have a goal to get started on a sweater. I've had the yarn and the idea for years.

Susannah Morlock

I'm planning to learn and practice (and practice and practice!) knitting stranded colorwork using both hands. Love the efficiency of it! Happy Holidays to all!


I don't make New Year's resolutions, but do resolve to evolve every day!

Kim Spolarich

No resolutions, I don't really do that anymore. But I am planning on knitting a sock a month from stash yarn. I put 12 skeins in paper bags and choose a bag each month.


I don't need rules or pressure either. But I'd like to set aside 30 minutes to read each day, work hard on my stash.


Last year, I resolved to start taking adult learn how to swim classes, and I did! This time around, I'm resolving to spend less time on social media. I've unjoined/unfollowed a lot of things, and that has made it easier.

Teri P

Nope, no resolutions for me. I just want to keep doing the best I can, every day.

Kimberly J Payne

I try not to set myself up for failure, so I don't make a New Year's resolution. I did a tree of knit ornaments last year. I would like to learn more crochet and add crochet ornaments to next year's tree. Always working on my Coziest Memory blanket!

Jerrilynn Bayless

Organize and downsize everything but my yarn! I would pick my favorite non-profit KSDS,Inc. They give assistance dogs to people who need them free of charge. I raised 12.5 dogs for them.

Pam Bacci

My personal goal is to exercise a little more and lose about 10 pounds! Probably just like everybody else :-). As far as my knitting, I would like to make sure I put a little time aside each day for knitting. I always tend to leave that for the end of the day when everything else I need to do is caught up and then I don’t get to knit near as long as I would like to. Need to prioritize that a little bit more!


No resolutions here. Just hoping and hoping for this pandemic nightmare to end!


My top goal for the New Year is taking better care of myself. As a Laboratory Scientist the past two years have left me drained & neglecting my own healthcare. Knitting helps my mental health but it's time to focus on the rest of me. I urge all who haven't been kind to themselves to make a point to do so this year. Best wishes for a healthy new year.

Tabitha Burks

My goal for knitting in 2022 is to use some of my stash to design my own patterns!

Lisa S

No resolutions for me. Just to stay positive and be thankful for all the little things. The past two years have shined a light on things taken for granted.


My resolution is probably the same as a lot of people...Knit my stash. Also finish my kids' blankets, as well as go to bed earlier so I can get up & workout.

Brenda McBride

My resolution is to get 3 boxes of books back in my kitchen bookcase. And to start using my stash yarn.

sue swartz herr

No New Year’s resolution, but I’ll think soberly about what it means to enter another year. I’ve lost some friends recently, and I’m likely trotting behind them a little too closely. But—today is mine. Tomorrow may not come.


I retired after 40 years in the technology business. I resolve to exercise more, knit more, and do more yoga.

Beverly Shearon

I am going to try to do the Nora heart intarsia scarf this year. Trying to boost my knitting skills


Not really a resolution but more of a swift kick in the pants to work on projects around the house - the previous owner's gold and sage green walls really need to become our preferred almost white pale pink so our decorating choices make sense!

And along the way I'm hoping to knit a few linen tops for summer - swatching is done so once the Christmas gifts are finished I'll be starting.

Mary cronk

This year has been nothing but awful events. I just want to think positive thoughts.

Susan Mercy

I like how my life has been the past two years...a nice mix of professional freelance music, and time for myself in the form of knitting and creating journals about my activities. My resolution is to continue doing what I've been doing! And definitely, to knit as much as possible!


No resolutions.


I will be retiring in May - so big changes - and hopefully more knitting time. I do want to continue going to the Y that I started this summer - doing some cycle and yoga classes. And I would like to do some volunteer work but will wait until pandemic slows a bit more.

Labrista wadkins

To start spinning again.

Kara Williams

No specific resolution here, but plans for LOTS of knitting! My ravelry queue is very robust :-)

Yvonne M. Evans

hmm I never make New Year's Resolutions but maybe a crafty goal. Try to do more difficult stuff in knitting and learn more about crochet. I enjoy making stuff for myself and to give to friends and family so learning more will help that.


I don’t do resolutions. I just try my best to keep exercising and knitting.


I make one resolution a year, and it’s always something fun — for instance, one year it was “see more movies.” This year’s resolution is to knit a sweater for me, probably the one I’ e had the kit for since 2011 . . .


I’m not a huge resolution person but for the coming year I have put a lot of thought into setting better boundaries both for myself and for others. I’m a yes person and struggle to say no to people but I have realized over the past 6 weeks that I am absolutely exhausted and haven’t given myself enough time to recharge. Hoping to be better about this next year.


I normally resolve to be a better person and to go on a stash diet. Hopefully I am more successful at the former than I am at the latter.


We're moving into an over-55 active community and I can't wait to meet the fiber artists in the (already established) group. Looking forward to meeting new knitters. Want to knit us stash rather than store so much. Maybe even give some away to new knitting friends.


I’d like to finish some of my WIPs, many of them Casapinka shawls. I don’t know what I’d do with the gift certificate, but I’m willing to try :)


Continue building good habits and spend as much time as I can with my wonderful husband and toddler.


I'm hoping to help my daughters work through some beginning crochet that they want to try after some tears and struggling through a basic chain. ;)

Lauren less?


Some goals I’m setting for the New Year are to knit my first sweater, limit my social media time by setting a timer, making time to knit and listen to an audiobook or podcast everyday, and to use as much from my stash as possible. I’m definitely not going on a yarn diet, but I’d like to get through some projects I have planned for some of the yarn I have in my stash.

Sara Moening

My goals for knitting are to make gnomes and whatever else I feel like! Keep enjoying knitting sounds like a great goal too.. The Gabriel Project is my charity.


I detest New Year's resolutions. If something needs doing or changing, start immediately. I plan to continue with my knitting as always--as much as I can, and don't ever have empty needles.

Carri Ray

While I want to get back to my goal weight, it isn’t a New Year’s Resolution because those so often fail. I will say, knitting all of the VanGough socks would be a cool goal. If I win the gift card, I would most likely use the yarn to make a blanket to be auctioned at the West Texas Rehabilitation Center’s annual telethon. The funds for the non-profit would also go to WTRC.


I do not make resolutions, but try to live life with more kindness, to both others and myself. My knitting will be what I want to knit, but about half of my knitting is charity related. Happy New Year!!


I usually don’t make resolutions but I would like the lose weight, enjoy life and knit down my stash down.

Mary Kay

I have been working on my retirement plan throughout 2021. I wanted to gradually ease into it by cutting back my hours but wasn't able to come to a solution that worked for me. Hoping this pandemic is resolved in the new year so I can retire at the end of 2022.

So many books to read and so much yarn to knit up.

Cindy Buchite

My resolution for the New Year is to really think before I speak.

Kim Holbrook

I don’t make resolutions anymore since I never kept them and then I would feel guilty. I want to focus on walking for my health this year and at least contemplate knitting down my stash. :)

Jennifer L

No resolution this year. Just keep knitting and writing.


To be kinder to myself and to stand up for myself more!!
And to enjoy life to the fullest as the Special Gift that it is!! ❤💗❤


My knitting goal for next year is to only knit for me! I have so many projects planned for myself, but I never get to them because I'm knitting gifts and requests for other people. Next year will be my year of selfish knitting

Diana Byrum

My New Year’s Resoltion is to reduce my stash and consume minimally.

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