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December 20, 2021



I’ve bought less yarn this year. More so for trying to be mindful of my consumption but I have still been gifted plenty of yarn. I’ve knit quite a bit this year but it’s mainly been sock knitting so I have lots of partial skeins left and need to find some scrappy stash busters now. I’m excited to hear Onion is back!


I try to use stash yarn in a chosen pattern however it seems that i don’t have exactly what I need for that project so my stash isn’t going down. My best opportunity to destash is to choose yarn from my stash and find a pattern for it.
Another reason my stash grows is the excellent products and sales you have!

Ellen C,

I bought less yarn this year and did less knitting this year. I used some of my stash, but had other activities going on so less shopping, less knitting. Supply chain did not influence my purchases.


At the beginning of the year- I was doing much stash diving... but recently I have been on the buying yarn bandwagon... Primarily through you!!

Jane Cadwell

Definitely used my stash and swapped with close knitting friends

Yvonne Evans

I have been able to get the yarn I want. Only issue I see is looking at the different website stores some yarns are there like they were at the beginning of the year. I have tried to knit more from my stash but I have seen yarn on sale and gotten it. It comes down if I see something get it you likely wont see it long.


I actually have bought more yarn in the last year, asks to your inventory, but also picked through stash


I've been mostly able to find what I want online or at my LYS, or at other LYS around the country. Small business owners (SSYC included) have been offering really great customer service, as my growing stash can attest to...
Although I don't have a local knitting group to swap with, I've been able to do some trades/sales through Ravelry too - knitters helping knitters!

kathleen kaliszewski

no problem for me to get yarn


I am trying to convince myself to do more stash diving and I managed some this past year. But sometimes I see a colorway on your site that calls to me. And I do love Sock Club and anything Mineville!


I have been enjoying and very thankful for my Stash this year. But I have also wanted to support You and Your shop as I am so very grateful and appreciative of all that you do to keep us all in fabulous yarn! This year I have also been super blessed by a "Very Special Friend" who has secretly send me yarn treasures from SSYC!!
Thank you Allison and your amazing staff for the Blessing you are!
Hugs to you all!!

Pat Phythian

I purchase yarn as I need it for each project and I’ve been able to get the yarns I need. I don’t have a stash except for the yarn that’s left from the projects I’ve knitted.


Knitting from my stash for socks scarves and hats but also been knitting blankets and not a problem finding yarn for those projects

Jody Laake

I have been really happy to have a nice stash of yarn to pull from and have used it whenever possible. I also used some stash yarn to knit projects that were always on my to do list but I hadn’t gotten to them until covid. I would say though that it’s probably been about 50/50 for me when you compare stash use to new purchases. For example I had to buy a lot of red yarn this year - it was the most requested sock color and red is not a color I tend to stash. And then of course you have to replace what you used from your stash lol so definitely a 50/50 split for me.


Thankfully, Allison has had available the yarns I needed to purchase. My stash did get regular use this year also, including enough for a sweater that is almost ready to gift to a very special lady.

Hilda C

Earlier in the year I purchased a few balls of yarn from you but mostly I've been trying to use up my stash. (Don't ask why but I keep having this vision of my stash being tossed into the garbage when I die. No one except my sister knits in my family and she's older than I am.)


No supply chain issues for me, my stash is like my own personal yarn shop. If I use something from my stash, I have no problem restocking.


I’ve used this year to knit down my stash a little, as it was starting to climb out of the drawer where I store it. More time at home meant being able to knit up more gifts for friends this year. And next year I will get to resupply my stash drawer!

Pam Bacci

I’ve been knitting both from my stash and purchasing a few skeins here and there. I have a new grandson so that has given me a chance to try some new patterns and use up some yarn from my stash.

Lynn B

No problems getting yarn that I want. So glad to have knitting and knit group!

Susan Mercy

I belonged to a yarn club that was impacted by supply chain issues. I canceled the club...not because of the supply chain issues, but because their yarns were kinda boring and I kept getting colors that I would never wear. (I also used 3 of those colors in a gift for someone who does wear them, so it all worked out well in the end!) Aside from that, I've only experience one other delay and it wasn't the end of the world because I have plenty of projects in the queue!

Patty Sheridan

I have been able to get yarns that I have wanted. But have had to shop online more than I like as we do not go out to stores much during this past almost 2 years.

Patricia Elbrecht

Acquisition of yarn and knitting are two different hobbies; I am much faster at buying yarn than knitting it up! Online shops have kept me in yarn!


I’ve had no problem. Finding anything & everything that I have wanted


I have used my stash more this year. I have ordered some yarn and you have always had it in stock. So a big Thank You for working so hard to keep yarns in stock during this time. Merry Christmas!!


I've been knitting a ton from my stash. I started it in 2020 because I felt like my stash had gotten out of control. I continued it in 2021 because I only had the bandwidth to knit simple socks and hats; I already had yarn I could use to do that. It's been good in terms of stash management, but I do miss shopping in person at a lys.

Susan Baum

I use both stash and some new yarn. I work in healthcare and recognize all too well the potential perils of shopping in public. I'm thankful for wonderful mail order companies like yours who make keeping up my supply possible (on next year's to-do list is travel to Ft. Wayne and touch as much of your yummy yarn as I can!). I've knit up and given away so many items last year and this that I doubt if I could account for them all! (p.s. pick me!)

Elizabeth Casciano

I've been knitting and crocheting from my stash

Need to feel a bit more righteous before I buy more.


I have been very grateful for my stashing tendancies in the last 21 months, but SSYC has tempted me more than once anyway! You guys have been doing an admirable job distracting us at home with shiny new yarny temptations this whole time.

I've been trying to keep an open-minded attitude when it comes to finding things in general. Once we got through the toilet paper fiasco of 2020 (there's no way to face a lack of tp with an open mind), the supply chain issues can be seen as more of a creativity challenge. And knitters are all about creativity! Maybe you'll find a new product, or food, or way of doing things, etc, that you'll really like. I've had this happen several times. OK, sometimes it takes more of a forced smile than others, but that's my story and I'm sticking to it!


I've been trying to knit down my stash, but I haven't had any issues trying to find the yarn I want when I need to purchase. So basically I'm not making much of a dent in my stash!


I've been doing more stash enhancement than knitting from stash and the worst part is that I have been buying sweater quantities so the increase in size is not...good!

Dana Snyder

I haven’t tried the Onion yarn yet! I’ve been using my stash and buying more yarn. I haven’t had any trouble getting what I want and the shipping has been fast this year for everything I’ve ordered!!

Renee S

I have definitely been trying to use my stash more. I still get swayed by the pretty colors but I have done pretty good this year. I just finished a sweater with yarn I bought in the 1980's LOL


I have been able to get yarn when I wanted it but have also knit from stash.


I have quite a stash (including some Onion which I bought when last available & am going to cast on soon),but also bought online (which thanks to you, I always find tempting). How fortunate I am—lots of yarn & vaccinated X 3.


Unfortunately for me, my LYS closed in July of 2020 so when they went out of business I bought a lot of "solid basics" to work in with the few spectacular yarns I have been intrigued to try in the time since. I've branched out into some new dyers because a lot of the folk I used to shop with have retired. Buy yarn online takes a lot more faith that the yarn will have the feel and the color that I am looking for. Y'all have not disappointed!

Jenn H

For the most part I have gotten what I've wanted yarn wise though I knit a lot from stash this year... A favorite Dyer of mine (bmfa) restocks so rarely and with the pandemic on top of that I haven't seen a restock at my lys in over a year!

Elizabeth A Durand

I did knit a lot from stash, but I also bought yarn -- primarily from independent vendors whose income was damaged because they could not go to the big, in-person shows where people buy like there's no tomorrow. I figured it was the least I could do to pay back for all the fun I've had thanks to them... I a few cases I had to wait for a long time for something to come back in stock, but I've never been the kind of knitter who has to finish a project before starting another.

Peggy Pennell

I am very happy to have a large stash. Over the years I have made efforts to give and donate yarn but just enough to keep husband quiet about it. Always glad to pull something out of stash that is "just perfect". But I still purchase yarn when I see something I just got to have!

Kimberly Payne

A little of both. I’ve been using my stash but I’ve also bought online and traded with a group on Ravelry.


I have a huge stash but since I haven't been in a yarn store for 2 years I've succumbed to every shiny beautiful yarn various shops have posted online. It has certainly made me more focused in my knitting!!


Supply chain hasn't really been a problem but I have been really making an effort to knit down my stash this year but I also wanted to help the makers & manufacturers where possible.

Stephanie V

I have been trying to use stash. I have also found some wonderful yarns in my local thrift shop. It forces me to be imaginative in how I knit them up. Sometimes they even need a dye pot. Fun!


I have been able to get the yarn I want…but have also been knitting from my stash more! Thanks to the wonderful designers who have continued to create beautiful designs…..

Beverly Shearon

I have been diving into my stash!


I’ve knit more from stash this year, but greatly supplemented the stash from donated yarns. A full large tub of donated Mountain Colors yarns. And lots and lots of other donated yarns. Has given me many more options.

Thank you for the contests!


I have bought yarn but mostly on sale or special deals and acrylic for a baby blanket.


Had to wait a bit for some yarns, but now our yarn shop has plenty and a good variety.

Sabrina Snyder

I have been knitting more from my stash. Not because of the supply chain issue. I have so much yarn. I am a collector of beautiful yarn. I told myself that I needed to make things and show off the yarn this year. The world deserves to see these yarns.

Kristina Dew

I dye most of my yarn so I had a harder time earlier, when covid first shut everything down. But I always do at least one stash project a month.


I've used yarn from my stash but I have also bought a lot of yarn this year.

Beverly J White

I have been trying to use more of my stash. But the stash keeps growing because I keep ordering from SSY.


Fortunately you have maintained a good inventory of sock yarn, so I have no problem ordering yarn to keep me busy knitting socks! I have also used some stash and we have some local dyers that have maintained supplies! Certainly have been lucky in that regard!


Long story, but after a cross country move all of our household items have been in a storage unit in another city for the last year+. We couldn't fully complete our move due to the pandemic and work closures. So...all my stash has been stored far away from me! I've been buying yarn this past year locally and online (like from you!), but I haven't been affected by the supply issues...there's so much yarn to try and so little time!

Brenda McBride

I've been able to get the yarn I "need". And have used some stash too. But I could use a skein of Tosh Twist Light in Onyx 🙃.

Venice Guntharp

I have been working exclusively with yarn from my stash, which is far too large. There have been occasions when I have wanted to buy a specific yarn, only to be faced with "out of stock" issues. This has forced me to think more creatively, and economically, by foraging through my stash. Since the pandemic, I have tried very hard to limit my in-person shopping, so have also relied upon delivery.


I really planned on stash shopping during covid and did knit several projects (socks and a Casapinka wrap) using stashed yarn. But SSYC sang its siren song, and I ended up buying more yarn than I thought I would. That's the "problem" when one is an impulsive yarn lover. 😀

Kara Williams

For the most part, I've been able to get yarn. and while I did do a little stash diving, mostly I was trying to support LYS's and independent dyers so my stash got much bigger in the last 18 months! Sorry not sorry :-)

Mary Kelsheimer

I have been using stash when I can because I cannot find the yarn I need or colors that I want due to supply chain issues. Also we have lost 3 yarn shops in St.Louis with the pandemic and only have one remaining. With being disabled the one remaining yarn shop is not easily accessible.

Cheryl Bach

I've bought more yarn than usual this year and have been fortunate that I've been able to get it all without any problem. Now I need to try to find the time to knit it all!

Jen E

I've been able to get most of what I needed. Some colors were on back order, but came in a timely manner.

Becky Creighton

I stocked up when my lys closed in September last year. So I’ve been working on those project. And I’ve been getting worsted for hats from a variety of sources.

Rose Birchall

More from stash because I need to get it under control.


I've really not had any problems with buying yarn this year but I have reevaluated my stash and realized that there is some beautiful yarn in it and I've been knitting it up this fall.


I haven’t had problems getting yarn. I’m part of a sock club so buy yarn from my LYS but I’ve also used stash yarn.


This year, I have been knitting mostly from my stash, but also try to make my LYS the first place I go to seek additional yarn. If the shop doesn’t have what I need, thank goodness, SSYC usually does 😊.

I am sad to see many LYS that do not have a strong on-line presence closing. I understand that supply chain issues are also a major challenge for them. Our knitting group members make promoting and supporting the one remaining yarn shop in our town a priority.


I’ve been trying to knit from the stash this year and spend less on yarn


I haven't had any issues. I've purchased from US dyers and I've used some stash, so I've been fortunate. Haven't been in any local shops though, since I moved pretty far from the only one I knew of, so don't know what they have been able to get. I am so glad there are such good shops online!


I have been using my stash but mainly because I was trying to use it up. I will pick up yarn at local stores as I see it so I haven’t noticed supply chain issues.

Kim Holbrook

I have been able to get lots of yarn, thank you SSYC! I’ve knit some from my stash. I need to knit much more from my stash but I’m often tempted by something new.


I've done both. I've bought yarn from SSYC and my LYS as well as using my stash. But all things considered I think I increased my stash!

Gail L.

I have an amazing LYS to visit, and if they have had supply issues, they haven't affected me. I also have a stash which I usually shop from first before visiting my LYS.


I've bought yarn and haven't had any problem getting it. Also used some at home time to organize my stash and set aside some for donation. If I have something that I feel like I will never use I try to donate it.

Gaylyn B

I have done both -- buying and stash use. And I too, am very grateful for my yarn collection. It has come in handy repeatedly.

M Reedstrom


Geri Heagy

I've purchased yarn and haven't had any problems. I've also tried to use what I have in my stash. (which is much larger than it should be!) :)

Jessica McConnell

I have been doing a lot of stash knitting. Sometimes I think I’ll never knit it all


No problems getting yarn but I’ve been knitting from the stash


I have plenty in my stash, so have been able to use that along with supplemental purchases when something special caught my eye. I do really love some of the international dyers I’ve come across via SSYC, especially Life in the Long Grass and Walk Collection, but haven’t been able to get much of it these last 2 years.

That said, kudos to all of you at SSYC for working so hard to bring in new yarns, expand colors, etc to adjust for what yarns or brands are held up by supply chain issues. I work in the outdoor retail industry, which has also been heavily affected by supply chain issues on top of massively increased demand as more folks got into biking, hiking, camping, etc during the pandemic. Not all of our buyers have been as nimble and creative at finding replacement items or brands as you all, for sure!

Linda L. in WI

I haven't been able to buy as much yarn as I used to, not because of supply chain issues, but because we have continued to limit our outside-the-house trips to work and grocery shopping, and I don't like to shop online.
Fortunately I have a large stash, so my needles and hooks haven't stopped clicking!


I haven’t had a problem buying yarn. If I did, it wouldn’t be a problem since I’m probably at about 6-7 SABLE !


Most of my yarn purchases were from my LYS. However, I had no problems with my online purchases. Of course, there's stash for some things.

Lisa L

I've been buying more online so somehow my stash has managed to grow.


I've always tried to knit half the time from stash - so I haven't had to make extreme changes during these bizarre times.

When I'm able to visit the LYS (an hour away) I can always find something nice to squirrel away in stash or that inspires a new project. And when I've decided that nothing in stash will work I've been able to order online.

Luckily I rarely need a specific yarn at a specific time - so many great options available for knitting.


I've had no problem but I also haven't gone looking for anything in particular. Most of my knitting is for charity and I use what I have or what I can find--usually on sale. I love the yarns SSYC carries and take advantage of the sale section more often than I should! Thank-You!


I have a plentiful stash and have been mainly knitting from it. It makes me feel virtuous, and opens up the possibilities of getting more yarn in 2022!

Mary Kay

Have bought all my yarn from Simply Socks during the pandemic. I've seen several of the yarns that I used to buy from directly on Etsy and elsewhere at Simply Socks so I saw no reason to shop elsewhere. The less stress the better. I work in health care and experienced shortages of supplies and staffing. So my stress reliever needs to be smooth.

Mary Kay

Have bought all my yarn from Simply Socks during the pandemic. I've seen several of the yarns that I used to buy from directly on Etsy and elsewhere at Simply Socks so I saw no reason to shop elsewhere. The less stress the better. I work in health care and experienced shortages of supplies and staffing. So my stress reliever needs to be smooth.

Tabitha Burks

Luckily I have been able to get the yarn that I have wanted this year!


I've been able to get the yarn I want this year, but I've also been knitting from my stash more.


I’ve been using my stash more this year, even though I see lots of yarn that I would love to buy in your online store. I did order some yarn and a Magner bag, but I really want to hold out (if possible) until I can make it in again and touch and see the yarn up close and personal. I know I won’t last that long, but it’s nice to think of traveling again, as I’m out of state. I’m “dangling the carrot” of placing an order soon to motivate myself to use some of the yarn that I’ve stashed every time I visit but haven’t yet knitted.

Deb Adams

No supply chain issues from any yarn vendors that I have used.


I am using my stash yarn, but everytime I go by my local yarn store which is about half hour away I stop in and buy at least a ball of sock yarn so that her small business can stay in business,

Melissa Friedrich

I have bought more yarn this year in general, mostly from US indie dyers and small businesses like your awesome yarn shop. I would love to branch out and try those from across the pond like those shown above. Thank you for this generous giveaway and for your amazing selection of yarn goodness.

Diana Byrum

I have been diving into my stash this year but I still have bought several skeins to complete a project. I have had no problems getting them.

Laurie Bowman

Supply chain issues haven't affected my knitting and yarn buying this year - That's a good thing, right?


I've been able to get the yarn I wanted, but last year I was determined to use up the yarn in my stash because I was tired of it watching me! I unravelled an unfinished item that I started years ago and reused that yarn in a mega project that used up so much yarn. Afterwards, I felt better about purchasing more yarn as I needed. I currently have a sweaters quantity of yarn that I purchased this year to get through. I started working on the sweater but ripped back a couple times before completely taking it out because I wasn't loving the fit. It will be my first adult sweater that I hoped I'd be wearing by now. It's currently the #1 project on my list to get done as a sweater or if that doesn't happen, I'm thinking it will become a blanket. Anything to keep me from looking over my shoulder.

Sara Moening

I have been able to get beautiful yarn and make some lovely presents. Couldn't ask for more than that!!

Brenna Delosier

Mostly stash this year. I have curated my perfect yarn museum.


I’ve been knitting mostly from stash this year.

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